December 31, 2007

Cleanup Duty

Crystal is 5′7, 145lbs., long brown hair green eyes, and a 38D. She has known for a while of my interracial fantasy. She lets me tell her stories about her and black dick while I jerk off. She acts interrested during the stories, and sometimes even joins in and helps me, but when I ask her to do it for real, she says no. Anyhow, last weekend, we stayed at a local hotel, just to get out of the house. I went next door and got some drinks, (we hardly ever drink). After a few drinks we went down to the pool. She looked so good in her 2 pc. the pool was empty for a little while, then a big family of black people came in, about 12 of them, men women and some kids. 4 of the men seemed to be single. I started getting those horny butterflies in my stomach. I grabbed her wriste playfully and said “get your eyes back in your head!, you’re not messing with those guys!” She squeezed her huge boobs and acted like she was swimming toward them. She had an evil grin and said “Are you sure that is what you want?” I figured she was messing with me like usual, so I said, “You do all 4 of them, and I will clean up their mess.” I knew she had drank a little, so I didn’t take anything she said serious. She started toward the other end and said, “Are you coming?” My stomach completley flipped! She swam right between them, then rolled over to back stroke with her big titties out of the water. She went to get out of the pool, then fell back in. One of them helped her up and asked if she was ok. She said she got dizzy, and asked if they would help her to the sauna. They looked at me, so I acted like I hadn’t seen anything, and started over to them. I asked what was wrong. She said,” this is my husband, honey, I don’t feel good, so these guys are going to help me out since your back is hurting,(she winked at me while talking). I couldn’t believe anything so I just nodded.

I followed 2 of them on each side of her to the sauna. Once inside she asked if they were married, they each said no. She said she wished there was a way to repay their kindness , I couldn’t take it anymore. I said “Hey, aren’t you suppose to get undressed in a sauna?” They both looked at me, then at her. I wanted something to happen so bad I couldn’t stand it. She looked at them and smiled and said “I will if you will.” Without hessitation, they both stood up, and pulled down their shorts. I almost came in my shorts, my beatiful wife sitting between two at least 9″ black dicks. She stood up, dropped her top and bottom, she took one in each hand and said it was my turn. I dropped them and took my own in my hand and started squeezing it. I set down and said “Do it baby, I want to watch”. she sat back down and started licking the heads, she ran her tongue up and down the front of each one. Her hand slid behind their asses and she pulled them in closer, sucking deeper and harder. She stood up, grabbed a towel, and said, “Come on, we have to go back to the room.” She told them our room number and said come on. On the way out I motioned to the other 2 guys to come on. We got to the room, she downed 3 or 4 beers really fast. When they got there, she dropped her towel, jumped on the bed and said, “Somebody fuck me!” All towels came off, now there were 4 guys standing around the bed. I sat down in the chair beside the bed , started slowly jerking off and said “Come on guys, I have waited a long time for this, don’t let me down!” Two of them climbed up by her head and dropped their dicks in her mouth. One was fingering her and climbed between her legs. I got up and told him to put it in slow so I could see it go all the way. He took small strokes, a little deeper each time. His cock was huge for what she was used to. I could see it stretching on the sides. I reached over and pushed her onto her side, with one leg straight and one bent. he grabbed her top leg, (the bent one), and put it in again and began stroking. I felt like I could cum just watching. The other guy continued fucking her mouth. The one in her pussy started going faster, I told him “Hammer her, harder, tear her pussy up!!” She had grabbed a pillow into her face and was screaming, “FUCK ME”! They all 4 took turns in her pussy and mouth. One sat on her face, he was stroking his cock while she licked his balls and asshole. She was sticking her tongue in his ass and biting at it, then started fingering him. He raised up and started fucking her mouth with his ass, back and forth, faster and faster while stroking his dick. he let out a grunt, pushed his ass down on her mouth and shot a huge load all over boobs, down to her belly button, then leaned forward to fuck her tits to get the rest out. The dude fucking her leand forward, pulled in deep, gave a few last hard thrusts, then pulled out and shot an even bigger load all over her still gaping cunt. He rolled off and another rolled on. With cum dripping on and in her pussy, he shoved his 10″ dick in her, and was almost fucking her like he wanted to hurt her. The other guy smiled at me and said, “He’s the married one”. The one that had came on her tits layed on the bed and some how worked his way under her while the one was still fucking her. He reached down and slid his cock slowly into her ass. I didn’t want to cum yet so I was just squeezing mine and rubbing my balls. Here was my beatiful wife sandwiched between two huge fucking black guys, one in her pussy, one up her ass, and cum dripping from her chin to her asshole. This was truly a dream (fantasy) cumming true! The fourth guy climbed up and squated over her face. She usually has a gag reflex, even on my 7″, but these guys were all over 9″ and were fucking her deep in the throat. The dude on top of her started groaning,” I’m gonna cum, you little white motherfucker, I’m gonna tear your little white bitch pussy up!!” He started pounding her really hard, he pulled in deep let out a yell then pounded a couple more times. He was cumming inside her. she started yelling back that she was cumming. the guy on bottom was cumming again! The one in her mouth grabbed her face and released a load in her mouth. They all rolled off of her, got their things together, said their thanks and goodbyes and left the room.

I was standing up, in total shock. I hadn’t even came yet, and here was my wife laying in front of me, twitching on the bed, cum everywhere from her nose to her asshole. She focussed in on me. She said why are you just standing there with your dick in your hand. I said, “I don’t know what to think”. She smiled and said “I do, we had a deal, I do all 4, and you clean up the mess!” I crawled on the bed beside her. I couldn’t believe the smell of sex was so strong. Her entire front was covered with cum, her pussy was still laying wide open and dripping. She leaned over and spit a huge cum load in my mouth. She grabbed the back of my head and ran my face down her neck, across her tits, down her front to her well pounded pussy. As I rolled to my back she possitioned herself on top of me for 69. Her pussy and asshole gaping, and dripping. She sat back into my mouth, when I put my tongue in her a massive load of cum hit me in the face. I tried to pull away but she sat down harder, making me take it in the mouth. Then she put her asshole over my mouth and did the same thing! She had just got gangbanged HARD by 4 huge black guys, and I swallowed more cum than her! I turned her around, and fucked her untill I came. I came harder than I think I ever have. The next morning, we went down to the pool, the same family was there. Two of the guys got up and headed for the sauna. They turned around to look at us, but my wife had already got out of the pool and was heading to meet them! I just
stayed in the pool and let her have her fun!! We had another party that night!!

Submitted by: Bill


December 29, 2007

Tiffany Fucks Around

Here’s a preview movie gallery from the amazing hotwife Tiffany, she’s done a few homemade movies through Bronxtails who specialise in releasing movies with real amateur hotwives playing around. She loves getting naughty and especially blowing strangers at the gloryhole.

Tiffany Too
Tiffany’s next movie is another awesome outing and she sucks a few cocks through the glory hole again but this one focuses on her getting fucked in this one! Her body is superb and she fucks like an animal! She gets to ride as many as ride her and she cums repeatedly throughout the whole movie. It’s amazing to watch her knowing you’re not quite sure if she’s someone you know or not because of the sunglasses and/mask that she wears through most of the movie! It’s another homemade masterpiece.

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December 27, 2007

A Christmas Treat

My hot Vietnamese wife and I have really been getting into the whole MFM thing for a few months now but we just haven’t been able to find a real stud “bull”.

That all changed last night. We had some Christmas shopping to do so we headed to our local XXX-mart. As we were walking through the parking lot to the store a pick-up pulled into a spot and parked and out stepped the type of guy we had been looking for. He was about 6′5″, bald, mid 30’s and in Mai’s words “just totally hot”. I could almost hear her pussy juicing up as she watched him walk to the store. As we went through the store we kept “accidenty” walking down what ever isle he was on with Mai flashing him a smile each time she passed by. After a little while of this I waited until he was close enough to hear as I told Mai that I was going to look at CD’s and would catch up with her later. I actually went back and looked at CD’s for about 15 minutes and then went looking for her. I went back to where I had left her and there was our shopping cart and his but they were gone. So I called her on her cell and asked where she was. She told me to come out to the car. I walked out of the store and quickly realized she had moved the car to the far back of the parking lot into a dark area. As I walked to the car I had a hard-on that I’m sure anyone would have noticed if someone had walked past me. As I got closer to the car I could see his him sitting in the backseat but I couldn’t see my wife so I pretty much knew what to expect as I got to the car and climed into the front seat. I looked into the back and there was my lovely wife with her mouth and hands on the largest and thickest cock I had ever seen. She was able to pull herself off long enough to tell me to drive home.

It took about 20 mintes to drive home and she was sucking on him the whole way. By the time we got home Mai had all her clothes off, she jumped out of the car and ran to the house telling us to follow her to the bed room. As we got out of the car I introduced myself and he told me his name was “Dan”. We both went in and went on up to the room. Mai was laying on the bed with her legs spread wide open like a bitch in heat. Dan looked at me and I told him to go ahead, that I was just going to watch. He quicky stripped out of his clothes and climed on the bed and began kissing my wife. I watched as she took his cock in her hand and guided him into her hungry cunt. For the next 2 hours I watched as Dan fucked and came in my wifes pussy. When he was finally done I told him I would drive him back to his truck as soon as i fucked and cleaned up Mai’s pussy.

Submitted by: Brian - VA


December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

Wanted to say Happy Christmas and Holidays to all our readers, hope you all have some horny fun over the festive period. I certainly intend to with some great parties lined up hehe…

After loads of requests here’s a Christmas treat for you. Another movie of hotwife Jackie getting fucked hard and milking dry yet another guy. Enjoy.

Video Clip - Jackie fucking around yet again

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December 23, 2007

Santa Visits

I have been telling my wife about my fantasy of watching another man fuck her for the past two years but she usually just blows it off. But here it is.

My wife who is 41 years old, blonde, 34 dd tits, and has a nice round ass told me to get out of bed and go down stairs so that she could get all of her Christmas presents to me and put them on the bed. So I did as I was told and walked down stairs. After about 5 minutes of waiting I heard her scream with a quiver in her voice to come back to bed. As I walked up the stairs I could hear noises coming from our bedroom and as I opened the door I saw a complete stranger, dressed as Santa, fucking the shit out of my wife. His cock was huge, almost 10 inches, and all of it was being slammed into my wife’s pussy. She was screaming and moaning and I instantly got hard. My wife started to scream fuck me harder, harder and Santa did. He had her ass in the air and was fucking her with long fast strokes all 10 inches penetrating my wife as hard as he could. I just sat back as this man used my wife like a slut for over an hour fucking her in ever position possible and cumming in her many times. Finally he told my wife to suck his cock to finish him off then while my wife stared at me out of the corner of her eye he shot his load all over her face and in her mouth. He then left and I never saw him again.

My wife told me it was the best fuck she’s ever had as I handed her a glass of water. I then climbed on top of my wife and started to fuck her, I could feel how wet and gooey she was inside, I have never cummed so hard in my life. Best Christmas ever.

Submitted by: Mike - North Carolina


December 21, 2007

India Summer in LA

Some of you may recall my interview with hotwife India Summer some time ago, I first came across this hotwife when my pal Rick Lee from Hotwives and Girlfriends sent me pics of when she came over to see him in LA, I’ve really been missing seeing more of her and Rick was kind enough to let me know about his first experience with this amazing brunette and share some of the pics. Here’s Rick taling about India…


India is a hot wife from the Midwest that emailed me last month about coming out to California for a vacation and having some fun. She has been married for several years and they pretty much have an open relationship, where India can pretty much have as many lovers as she wants on the side. In fact, her husband told me she goes out on regular dates with her boyfriends while he stays at home doing something else. She told me she had couple of boyfriends back home and that she was always looking to add more, as India really loves to fuck and simply can not get enough cock in her.

So when India finally made it to California, I invited her and her husband to come over. We talked for a bit about the lifestyle and what not, and after an hour or so of being there, I started to fuck her while her husband watched. I did my usual interview and my cock was all hard by the time I pulled it out, she got on her knees and gave a nice sensual blow job. She would suck my cock tonguing it slowly up and down while looking at me and then her husband and after a few minutes of that, I couldn’t wait to be in her anymore. So I turned her around and put my hard cock inside her beautiful tight pussy. She enjoyed every stroke of my cock going in and out of her and I could feel her pussy wrap around all over my cock.

I then took her to my room and I kept on fucking her there for a while more, until I couldn’t hold my cum any longer and shot all over her. She then grabbed my cock sucked the rest of my cum out.

India Summer

India Summer

India Summer

India Summer

India Summer

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Here’s the pics and details from India’s 2nd trip to LA to fuck Rick

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December 19, 2007

What if…

Several years ago, my wife was out drinking with a friend of hers. She was out later than I had expected and I went to the bar to see what was happening.

Much to my surprise, I found her passionately making out with a guy in his car. Their lips were locked. He had one of his hands on her breasts. she was very drunk and i know they would have ended up in a hotel room if i hadn’t caught them.

I was angry at this time. Now I fantasize about what might have happened if I didn’t show up!

Submitted by: Wimpy Hubby - California


December 17, 2007


Some more galleries for today.

On top today is a movie gallery of Raven Black being brutally fucked by two black monster dicks. Then we’ve got Layla, the latest shared wife from the website of the same name to be fucked in front of her husband. Lastly we have Jillian, a hardcore swinging wife who loves to be gangbanged. Check out the creampie she gets from Rick Lee at Hotwives and Girlfriends

Raven Black
Movie Gallery - Raven gets 2 big black cocks

Husband watches his wife ger fucked

Jillian receives a hot internal cumshot to take home to hubby


December 15, 2007

Wife Teases Workmate

This is a true story about my hot wife. This is all going to sound like I’ve been watching too many porno’s or something, but believe me it’s all true. Lets start with my wife she is 36yrs old and she looks 25 and every body always comments about that all the time. Her name is Brandi she’s 5 5, blonde hair and blue eyes. Brandi has got beautiful long legs and a great ass, I don’t mean to brag, but a really great ass and 36 D tits which are all real. Brandi’s personality is total sexual, sensual, and just yum. Ever since I met her, men and women have both come on to her many times, in fact every time we go out someone comes on to her. How ever the way Brandi dresses it’s no wonder, she likes to wear very tight jeans, well she wears very tight everything she looks like a little pornstar. Sometimes she wears these white pants that are so short you can easily see her tiny little thong and sometimes no thong.

In the summer she lays nude by the pool alot, but when she goes out shopping and doing errands she struts her stuff in little shorts that always show a hint of cheek and a little tshirt stretched over her big tits and for some reason her nipples are always hard. She is a secretary so she wears alot of little dresses and mini skirts to work which her boss loves and these shelf bras that just hold her tits up in the air like she is trying to feed them to some one.

Any way on with the story. After we moved in together I would tease her about how she was dressing like her boss was fucking her. She smiled and said that it was one of the guys at work. As I watched her get dressed I dared her to tease this guy at work. She laughed it off at first, but then just as she was going out the door she stopped and said a dare is a dare and she reached up under her little skirt and pulled off her g-string and tossed it at me hitting me in the face and with a playful giggle she went to work. I couldn’t believe that I was actually excited about this, but really I thought about it all the time. When I got home Brandi was already there. She told me right away that going to work with no underwear and a short skirt made her feel very horny even before she got to work, she said that the dude at work saw her drive into the parking lot and was watching her get out of her car. She could feel his eyes checking her out so she pretended to get something out of the trunk. She said she could feel the cold air on her freshly shaved pussy as she bent down to look in the trunk, She said that she knew he was looking at her so she opened her legs a bit and really bent over so he could see her pussy.

After she went to her office after a short period of time there was a knock at her office door, it’s the dude and he wants to do lunch and I think he wants to do my pussy she said and then told me how she got up and sat at the edge of her desk right in front of him and opened her legs slightly so he could get a glimpse of her smooth pussy. She wanted to check with me first so she said maybe tomorrow. As she is telling me this she is stroking my very hard cock and my fingers found her wet pussy very easy due to the lack of panties and she was very wet indeed. Brandi could see that I was turned on by all this and she was too. She started sucking on my cock right away and playing with her pussy then she was begging for my cock. Something came over me and I threw her on the couch and started fucking the shit out her and telling her to get her ass to work tomorrow and try to get this dude to fuck her or she should suck his cock for him. Well that kind of talk made her cum with this sexy little smile.

So tomorrow I’ll make sure she dresses like a slut for this dude and lets see what happens. I’ll keep you posted.

Submitted by: Becker - Canada


December 13, 2007

Mary’s Hotel Creampie

Got some rare video clips for you today. One of my first inspirations to start hotwife blog was the amazing Multi-Orgasmic Mary. She was one of the first hotwives to release movies which showed her lifstyle fucking black guys, letting them cum in her and then getting her husband to clean her creampie. With classics such as her motel series and her gloryhole series this material is totally real and considered classic in the hard-to-find cuckold movie market. This is a must see for all cuckold fans.

We have 5 clips each from 2 of her movies, enjoy…

Multi-Orgasmic Mary’s Motel Series 15
Mary’s description: This guy was fun, nice and easy going, and had a cock that could do some serious damage, no fooling, it was not only long, but thick, and a perfect uncut specimen, I could suck it all day long. We kissed and touched, did a little exploring, than he straddled me and shoved that big black beauty in my face. A little pussy eating and then some kissing while hub goes back to work on keeping him hard for me and it was time to mount him. Hub guides him into me, and it doesn’t take too long till I manage to work the whole thing in, right down to his balls. We try many different positions, ending up with him cumming in my pussy doggie style. The camera moves in for the creampie, hub eats it a little, then dips his wick for a bit, while I suck my lover. I can barely feel hub, so I go back to doggie with the big cock again while sucking on hub.

Multi-Orgasmic Mary’s Motel Series 16
Mary’s description: I hope to have something a little different in all my videos, but since they are truly amateur and totally unscripted, all you can really do is hope. Fate stepped in and handed me a prize this time, something that has never happened to us before while we were taping. While my husband was preparing my lover, he popped his load, and poor hubby had to lick it up. Another first for me on this tape, was have my hub fuck me while my lover kissed me, I’ve done it the other way around dozens of times, but it felt emotionally different doing it this way. Anyway, besides the load my husband stole, I managed to get 2 more in my puss where it belongs. Of course this video has hub guiding my lovers cock into me, and some creampie eating.

Read Mary’s Exclusive Interview With Hotwife Blog Here

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