August 29, 2007

Emma Starr Euro Tour

Emma Starr Update… European Tour

Hi guys,

I am back in the US now and have to tell you about my exciting European adventure.

Friday, Partytreff Osnabruck - Now here is one hell of a way to start a wild vacation. This club is in a small city a couple hours north of Frankfurt. As soon as I got there, I new it would be a mind blowing night for all. I did 3 shows which consisted of strip tease, dildo show and one very fun gangbang with many men. This was a great way to get the trip started.with a Big Bang!! I think there were around 70 guys there with just a few girls. Sai Tai and Candy are the girls I played with here. I filmed a couple scenes with Candy. You will see them on my site…

Next it was of to a big club where I was to do one Gangbang. It was so cool there and there where about 30 other girls working that will fuck you as much as you want. I did a hot strip show with this dildo Brad got me. It must have been 9″ long and 8″ around. This was the best thing to get my pussy ready for what was to cum. It started with about 15 guys and before I knew it, there seemed to be about 80 guys in the room. Brad told me the count was 82. I got fucked so hard, one cock after another. They could cum in me, on me, anywhere they want. At one time, I was on my knees getting fucked and licking the cum off of the mat.

Gina is a girl that I filmed quite a bit of content with. She is a lot of fun and very hot!! Gina actually put together a private party gangbang for the two of us. She really took good care of me. I was in the middle of the room on a bed that was a star. There were 13 guys that CAME that night. This was fun. The guys just fucked me one after another. It was a lot more relaxed than the big club. I was so into the gangbang that I stayed and got fucked for one more hour while Brad, Juergan and Gina cleaned up the place.

I shot lots of content that you will soon see on my website. I also now am going back in December to do two more gangbangs with Gina. We are going to film one of them so you will be able to see just how fun they are. I am also going to start having Gangbang parties in AZ, Las Vegas and LA. So, if you want to cum to one of these parties, go to my website for more info.

love, Emma

Emma Starr

Emma Starr

Emma Starr

Emma Starr

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August 27, 2007

Emotional Involvement

Turning a Wife Into A Hotwife

Part VI - “Confronting the Issue of Emotional Involvement”

Sex without love or at least strong emotional involvement is new for many, if not most women, and this issue needs to be brought to the front and center of discussions. Once the hotwife door is opened, it should be agreed that if she suspects emotional involvement on the part of her sexual partner or herself, she will break off the liaison. Not to do so almost always results in major problems all the way around. In short, avoid this kind of trouble!

By regularly seeing just one man, emotional involvement can easily result. For this reason most cuckold husbands prefer that their wives make themselves available to more than one man. Sex with one man outside the marriage constitutes an “affair,” which can be a threat to a marriage; regularly enjoying and being open to safe sex with different men constitutes a “hotwife.”

By: Dr. Cherry Lee

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Next Week: How A Husband Copes

A Hotwife Was Here
The smell of a bedroom after she’s been with a lover is something you’ll never forget


August 25, 2007

Hotwife Movies

Some brand new movie galleries for you today.

First up another great set from Please Bang My Wife. This blonde cutie is just dying for strange cock. .

Please Bang My Wife
Husband watches his wife take two cocks


August 23, 2007

Delta’s Progress

A good friend of my husband’s recently got back in touch with him. He has spent a lot of time at our house since they’ve gotten back in touch. The first time I met my husband’s friend I felt an instant attraction with this man and my husband noticed right away.

I admitted to my hubby that I would like to fuck his friend….and thankfully, he told me that he immediately noticed my attraction to his friend and encouraged me to act on my sexual urges and fuck his friend. My hubby also made it very clear that he was turned on by the fact that I was attracted to another man and that I was open with my desires towards this man. My husband was immediately turned on. As I’m naturally flirtatious and sexual, his friend quickly picked up on my “subtle” advances. Not long after I met my husband’s friend I began to reveal my attraction for him (both to my husband as well as to our friend). My fantasies about getting fucked by this man and he was responsive to my advances, so a couple of months ago I text messaged him….and to make a long story short, I told him that I would love to fuck him….. Fast Forward to last night……our friend came over for a little party we were having at mine and my husband’s house. Me and my two gorgeous girlfriends were trying on lingerie and sexy costumes and, of course, invited the boys to come watch our “fashion show”. Suddenly my hubby’s friend decided to leave. :( And, although he was being manhandled by 3 hot-ass naked women, we were all hugging, rubbing, and kissing all over him, he decided to leave.

However, about two hours later he reappeared on our doorstep…. and I, of course, hoped that the reason was me and my tight young fuck hole!! We partied all night and promised our friend that I would wake him up for work in the morning…..after he passed out and my girlfriend went home and my husband and I talked all about the possibility of me and his friend hooking up with a “special” wake up… which we are both into and had talked about since the first time I met him. So… I woke him by rubbing on his cock and licking his neck. We kissed passionately and my pussy became instantly soaking wet!!! I deep throated his cock while he tugged on my long blonde hair. My husband’s sexy friend finger fucked the hell out of my pretty cunt and I took his wet, cum drenched fingers out of me and made him suck my pussy juice. I came so hard that he wanted to make me cum for him again and then I sucked my cum off of his fingers. I kept my cum in mouth and kissed him and licked my sweet cum all over his hot tongue. He was already 2 hours late for work, so I didnt get the pleasure of having his cock inside of me, nor did he get a chance to get off…. what a gentleman to take care of me so well!!!

The best part of it was that my husband was less than 20 feet away from us, waiting and listening in our bedroom stroking his fat cock the whole time as he imagined what his wife and friend were doing. I tend to get LOUD when I cum hard, and my husband could hear his friend make me cum and the second orgasm he gave me was so intense that I couldn’t control myself or my “volume” that it woke up my brother-in-law up…oops. I think it was a perfect icebreaker and I cant wait to get down and dirty with him, neither can my man, and hopefully our friend is too!!! ….i’ll let y’all know all about our next encounter, hopefully soon! very soon ;)

Delta Dawn

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Submitted by: Delta Dawn - Memphis, Tennessee


August 21, 2007

Wedding Night

I have been a cuckold since our wedding night. Our best man was staying on the couch in the honeymoon suite until he took us to the airport the next day. In our separate room we were at the beginning of making love for the first time as a married couple. She called to him as I was eating her. She made me move to the chair and watched as she pulled his cock out and slowly started to suck it. She moved me to the bed into a 69. For awhile she switched between our cocks. When I brought her near orgasm she told him to fuck her. I started to move but she would not allow it. She ground her clit into my face as he slid his cock into her. When he came in her she made sure I cleaned her out and made her cum again. I watched as he fucked her all night.

I finally got to fuck her on our honeymoon… but I wasn’t the only one. She’s had dozens of lovers in the 16 years since and it still turns me on as much as the first time.

Submitted by: Dave - Indiana


August 19, 2007

Mother and Wife of 6

Black Bachelor Diary Update:

I just had to let everyone know that the Jane Goldberg Black Cock Documentary was voted the hottest download within our nasty black cock community. If you have not seen Jane’s only hardcore movies, you are missing out on a great Interracial classic. Mr’s Janeberg is a happily married mother of 6 kids. Her husband works double shifts to support the family. Jane works as a computer technician. Her boss is an arrogant black man with a hard cock for making white wives betray there husbands by taking hot black sperm in their pussies!

This slut wife movie is fucking crazy! Check the pictures and linking information to refresh your memory.

Black Bachelor

Jane Goldberg

Jane Goldberg

Jane Goldberg

Jane Goldberg

Jane Goldberg

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August 17, 2007

Hubby Away in Army

Post removed by users request.


August 15, 2007

Party Girl Kelly

Here’s a quick snap of me and Daisy meeting the lovely Kelly and her top husband Shawn in Miami last weekend. Although exhausted from a non-stop business and partying we still found the energy to lead them astray for a little fun up in their room. I’ll post some more pics on the fun soon. Kelly is just great, really down-to-earth and easy to chat to, and definitely my type of party girl. Here’s some more pics and details of one of Kelly’s recent escapades. Enjoy.

Kelly Anderson


Shawn and I attended a swinger’s party at a hotel not far from our house. When we first got there, I really wasn’t feeling it. I was kind of tired and I had a slight headache. Shawn wanted to stay so I decided to try and stick it out for him. After a few drinks, I was feeling much better and I ended up on the dance floor with this really cute guy named Mark. He was about 25 years old with a really nice body. We were dancing real close and he was grinding his cock into me. I saw Shawn watching us from the bar. He likes watching me seduce men on the dance floor. I ended up dancing with this guy all night. We were making out over and over again. He even went up my dress and fingered my pussy and sucked my nipples. All this was happening right there on the dance floor. Shawn watched the whole thing.

While me and Mark were making out I slid my hand down his pants and grabbed his hard cock. It was so big. He whispered to me that he wanted to take me to his room and fuck me. I have never been so hot! Hearing him say that got me so wet. I grabbed his hand and pulled him over to Shawn and introduced him like this, “Shawn, this is Mark. Do you mind if I run up to his room with him for a few minutes because I really want him to fuck me”. Shawn could see that I wanted to go without him. He pulled me to the side and asked if I would at least take some pictures for him and I agreed.

When Mark and me got into the elevator, he got down on his knees and ate my pussy until we got to his floor. We were all over each other all the way to his room. When we got to his room, there were a few people there. There was a couple and another single guy. We grabbed a beer and Mark asked them if we could have some privacy for awhile. While they were getting ready to leave us, me and Mark were all over each other on the bed. They weren’t even gone yet and I was already sucking Mark’s huge cock. Mark snapped a picture of me with my camera and then I heard his friend say, ”Do you want me to snap a few”. Mark gave him the camera and he started taking pictures of me with Marks big cock in my mouth.

Then I felt a hand rubbing my leg and all around my ass. It felt really good to be touched because I was already so hot. Mark asked me if I wanted his friend to join in or if that would make me uncomfortable. I didn’t even answer him. I just slid off the bed got down on my knees. They knew just what I wanted. They both took their pants off and stood in front of me. The other couple was sitting on the bed watching as I sucked both of their hard cocks. Mark asked them to grab the camera and snap some pics. I’m glad he did because that was the last thing on my mind. I was to busy sucking these two nice big cocks. I was just taking turns sucking each one. While I sucked one cock I was stroking the other. I even let them both put their cocks in my mouth at the same time. I loved giving them head, but I was also really hot and I needed to be fucked. I looked up at them and asked, “Who wants to fuck me first”. Mark immediately stood me up and bent me over the bed. I moaned so loud when he shoved his bare cock right into my pussy. He didn’t even take my dress off, he just lifted it up and started banging me. I was so wet that he had no problem fitting his big cock in me. He fucked me really hard. He kept asking me if this is what I wanted and calling me a slut and a whore. No one has ever talked to me like that before. I loved it. I wanted to be his slut. While he pounded me, I kept saying, “Yes, I’m your slut, fuck me! fuck me!” I told the other guy to shove his cock in my mouth while Mark fucked me. They continued to fuck my pussy and my mouth while I screamed in ecstasy. I had an amazing orgasm all over Marks cock. Then, I turned over so his friend could fuck me. I spread my legs open for him and told him that I wanted him. He began fucking me har, just like Mark did. He threw my legs over his shoulders and pounded my pussy until I came for him too. Mark knew when I was cumming because He felt my mouth tighten up on his cock. Plus, my legs were shaking and I was clinching the mattress. After my second orgasm, I knew Mark was about to cum and I was right because just then, he pulled his big dick out of my mouth and came all over my tits. At the very same time, his friend pulled his cock out of me and also started cumming all over me. I just laid there and enjoyed having these two studs jerking their cocks off all over me. I was rubbing their cum right into my tits. It was so hot.

When they were finished with me, Mark got a towel and cleaned me up. I thanked them and told them that I had to get back to my husband. I don’t think they minded because they were finished with me anyway! The pictures that were taken are great but not as great as it was to be fucked by Mark and his friend. Shawn looks at them all the time. He loves when I tell him all about my experience that night. I hope you liked it too.

Kelly Anderson

Kelly Anderson

Kelly Anderson

Kelly Anderson

Kelly Anderson

Kelly Anderson

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August 13, 2007

Spiritual Advance

I believe the hotwife-cuckold lifestyle could be more than a handbook or a way for selling sex toys. I think it is a great opportunity to complete spiritual advance through love and pleasure.

For the woman it is finally a way to achieve sexual empowerment which is related to access to power. It is something necessary for our society since men have oppressed women sexually and politically. For the man it is an opportunity to achieve humbleness and a spiritual progress; letting go of what we love the most and have been taught to keep as a possession. It is an opportunity to let fear behind. It is a mayor spiritual progress. We have been educated to be lenient with the promiscuity of men but a woman who expresses and takes action to fulfill her desire of more than one man was a slut to be executed. The woman, even in Christianity, has been seen as a possession, just like a real estate property or as a horse.

When a couple decides to embark in the journey of swinging they will face their own fears and insecurities. But I think it could be easier for the woman to accept that the person she loves could have sex with somebody else since it has been something very common in many marriages of our ancestors, considering man’s promiscuity. On the contrary, the man who acknowledges his wife’s freedom to have intercourse with whoever she wants, experiments a major turn in history. Furthermore, the fact that many men embrace this desire is a remarkable social episode. As example of this, it is great to have a space for expression of such ideas like hotwifeblog.com

It is hard to say but to see the person you love as a free human being and not as a possession you get for your own pleasure, benefit and convenience is something we are not trained to be. To let freedom, friendship and true and unconditional love be only things that stand between man and woman is quiet a struggle. Once you let fear and selfishness behind both of you will fill this space in your soul with friendship, confidence, security and true love, which bind you together with a stronger and more advanced relationship. A little bit of pain and pleasure could be the stones which this path is made of but enlightenment is at the end of it.

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Submitted by: Gabriel - Puerto Rico


August 11, 2007

Barbi’s Baseball Team

OK back from Miami and back in blogging business.

Here’s a horny update from lucious hotwife Barbi

This woman is just superb, a common fantasy of hotwives and their husbands is the wife doing the baseball team, trust Barbin to go all the way. Love it… So here’s the pics of Barbi doing the baseball team… Keep them cumming Barbi.






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