April 29, 2007

Macy’s first mfm

I’ve recently been in touch with a lovely couple from Tampa, Florida. Macy and Brad have built a great hotwife site called right here with stories and related material on the lifestyle. They’ve also sent me a hot story of Macy’s introduction into the lifestyle as well as some rather gorgeous pics of Macy. mmmmmmmmmmm

You can grace my pages with your beautiful images anytime Macy. Good luck with the site.


I’m not much of a writer, but I’ll just let you know about my first mfm experience into the swinging lifestyle. My husband has always been kinky in the bedroom and wants to try new things. We lived in Germany when he was in the Army and had watched a lot of different kinds of sex movies. One night going into the bedroom after watching some videos, we laid down on the bed…. He began to eat my pussy. It felt great as usual, but he then suggested something totally off the wall-he asked me if I thought I would enjoy 2 guys doing me at the same time. It just sounded so off the wall that I snapped at him, and said, “No,.. Your outta your mind…. but deep in the back of my mind, it kind of turned me on. He stopped talking about it from there and we just done our thing….sex as usual.

I noticed over a period of time he talked to me about it more and more, and I began to use my imagination during sex… and he noticed it really turned me on. My pussy got really wet, and I began to really get into it. I just got nastier the more we talked about it in the bed. This went on for a few years…actually about 3 years.

Once he got out of the Army, he started a construction business and things just went on as usual. He had one guy that worked for him that he became really good friends with…and honestly…I thought he was kind of cute. One night while we were having sex, he suggested that we have a threesome with his friend… I agreed while imagining getting my holes filled with both of their cocks. After we had sex, not too much was said afterwards; but it was still in the back of my mind.

A week later, I was invited to have a girl’s night out with my friends which don’t happen too often. I told my husband about it, and he told me to go enjoy myself…and he and his buddy would be back at the house waiting with their dicks out.. I told him…”Oh, shut up.. quit being stupid. …. But the thought of it really turned me on. What I didn’t know is that my husband all along had been talking to his friend about us wanting to try a threesome.

Later that night I went out partying with my friends and did have a little too much to drink… I didn’t know what to expect when I walked in the door, but definitely knew what I wanted to happen. When I got there; my husband and his friend were sitting there watching a porno.. and of course I made a smart ass remark, “what the hell are you two doin’? My husband said, “Watchin’ a porn and waiting on you.” It really turned me on… he must have seen it in the look in my eye. Suddenly, he got up and began kissing me…. (I knew exactly what he was doing..it really turned me on). He reached down between my legs and began to feel my croch. My pussy got so wet so fast.

He took me to the bedroom and took off my pants… and immediately began sucking on my pussy…I almost came right then and had to stop him. He yelled out to his friend, “Hey buddy, come on back here.”.. His friend almost had an amazed look in his eyes..

Bill came in and dropped his pants. I began to suck his fat cock as it grew bigger and bigger. It was like a nice present for Christmas that I couldn’t wait to open up. He had a nice thick cock… it wasn’t super long, but just right.

Brad looked up from licking my cunt and asked him if he’d like to try fucking me…. “Of course.”, he replied. Bill got on top of me and thrust his thick cock up inside me… Ghad it was ecstasy having two guys at once. He began to pump his cock in and out of me..and it might have taken me 30 seconds to cum the first time….and that was just the beginning.

After about 10 minutes, Brad jumped on and began to fuck me…while I sucked his friends cock. Brad made me cum a few more times and I couldn’t believe that I could cum that much. At the most, I’ve came maybe 3 or 4 times tops during sex… but I’d already came 4 times in a matter of twenty minutes of sex. For some odd reason, I just kept cumming. I don’t know what it is.. the mood, or the thought of 2 guys fucking me.

Two and a half hours went by of them two switching off and on me, they finally came. We continued to party with his friend for about 6 months until he had to leave (he was in the Army). We’ve only had a few experiences with a few individuals since then, but I believe the key thing is to have something in common and some friendship there before actually fucking. It makes it all more fun.

Brad and I have been talking about it for awhile now. and I’m ready to take on some big black cock if there is any available out there. Yeah, I will still do white guys… so don’t feel that you’re left out. Key thing is, make sure anyone who contacts us has a good personality, and is ready for friendship. Don’t be pushy.. We live in Florida but will be in Ohio if you’d like to get in contact with us. We would like to continue posting our adventures to the hotwife blog.. especially if we have that BBC experience.

He wants to watch while I get fucked really good. : )

Fucks and Kisses.






April 27, 2007

Blowjob Before Home

Black Bachelor Diary Update:

Meet Linda, mother of 3 kids and a cock hungry black dick lover from Detroit Michigan. I had the pleasure of bare backing this unhappy wife over the holiday season and enjoyed every nasty minute of it. She just can’t get pleasure from her man, so I had to step in. Linda is a nasty girl, likes licking black assholes. She loves swallowing black sperm after being ass fucked while soft music plays in the background.

Linda can also make one hell of a egg omelette. She came over one night recently too and gave me a fantastic blowjob in the bathroom, got dressed in the morning and went back to Hubby with cum still on her face. Great hotwife.

Black Bachelor

Black Bachelor Meets Linda

Black Bachelor Meets Linda

Black Bachelor Meets Linda

Black Bachelor Meets Linda

Black Bachelor Meets Linda

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April 25, 2007

Meet Julie

I’m a 38 year old married woman that LOVES being a hotwife. I have 2 steady boyfriends that I meet several times a week. I absolutely love being on my back, legs spread, a man between my thighs, pumping in and out - until he fills my willing pussy with a load of hot cum.

I LOVE your website.


Hotwife Julie

Submitted by: Julie - Peoria, IL


April 23, 2007

Sara Swirls Cuckold Pics

Wonderful cuckoldress Sara Swirls has sent me a stack of her content recently, so I’m going to be doing a regular update on the horny brunette and her black cock slut life.


I was feeling like a wicked animal when a huge sexy black man started hitting on me right in front of hubby! Hubby told me he was not comfortable with the guys advances. I told hubby too bad, because my mind was made up that I was bringing this black stranger back to our hotel room to fuck right in front of him! It was one hot session. I got him to help out while I was screwing this guy and Hubby cleaned up all the sperm like a good little cuckboy! This is the best cuckold session ever captured live, Period!”

your number 1 black dick loving slut!






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April 21, 2007

Role Play Night

I never ever get the time to post my own stories on the blog, too busy publishing everyone else’s fun but tonight I’ve stayed up late to finish an article for British magazine Parade on the hotwife lifestyle and I reflected on a recent experience I had with my partner Daisy Rock so I thought now’s a great time to get this on my blog.

A couple of weeks back me and Daisy went to this bar in Brighton and decided to play a little game, we pretended to be flatmates and made sure we introduced ourselves to everyone we met as two good friends living together.

It didn’t take long for Daisy to get chatted up by these two good-looking Spanish guys. I stood by the bar watching her getting more and more comfortable with them, she kept making eye contact with me and winking. I was smiling and trying not to constantly look in their direction. It wasn’t long before they were kissing and making out. Things progressed smoothly for Daisy and at the end of the night we all left together and I drove home with Daisy in the back of the car with the two Spanish guys, I was torn between watching the road and looking in my rear-view. I couldn’t believe she had ’smash’n'grabbed’ them both.

Still believing I was the flat mate, we arrived home and I then told them I was very tired and heading for bed (the spare room), I then got in bed and spent the whole night listening to Daisy in the next room getting it on with these two guys. It was so horny and felt so wrong. At one point I even managed to sneak outside and have a peek through the blinds on the window, which I made sure I asked her to keep open before and was rewarded with an amazing site, Daisy on all-fours on the bed, one cock in her mouth and the other fucking her pussy from behind. I nearly came on the spot.

Back in the bedroom I was listening so intently to the wonderful noises I could actually tell when the guys had cum. I had already made myself cum twice by that point. And then I heard them all settling down for some sleep.

I was awoken at about 8pm by Daisy growning, they had obviously worken up and were back at it. An hour or so and a few more orgasms later I heard Daisy calling a cab for our new friends. As soon as I heard the front door close I was out of the bedroom and on Daisy like a shot. Our bedroom was a right state, it looked like a tractor had ploughed through it, clothes all over, bed sheets covered in gush and sweat and condoms strewn all over the place. I was so horny, I pushed her down and we fucked like crazy over the residue of her previous nights fun and indulgences.

I love our nights out.


Daisy Rock

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April 19, 2007

Jenny Loves Cum

An update from the ever-fantastic hotwife Queen Jenny Seemore


Dear Friends,

I was a little lazy on sending out Newsletters in the past three months. This was mainly because I used most of my time fucking and sucking and updating my pages. As you know, the Come Depot is updated every 48 hours, so there is always some computer work to do.

Right now we do have around 120 long movies with up to 15 minutes each, five full movies with up to 185 MB each, over 300 small clips, over 300 photo series with more than 10.000 pics, over 1.000 vintage- and art photos, over 320 erotic stories and 35 full erotic books in pdf format online. But there is more. Hubby’s little section about how to turn your wife into a slut that contains even some hypnosis files now gains more and more popularity.

Below is a selection of pictures of my latest erotic escapades, or should I say kinky adventures? The past three months were mostly under the motto “cum”. Cum eating, rubber slurping, cream pies, and gang bang. There was a lot of sloppy, cummy, cream pie-filled action going on at the Come Depot. But there is more to cum!

Many of you have been asking about more cuckold pics and vids lately. This is not easy to do for me because I have a hubby who persistently tries to chicken out of his responsibility as a husband of a hot wife. I promise I am going to change this. We are going to see some more face sitting, cream pie eating, and may be even strap on fucking soon. I just need to get things going. I also need to work on a big bukkake party with lots of cum to swallow. My dilemma here is that whenever I announce bukkake I keep getting lots of mails from guys who want to fuck, and whenever I announce a gang bang most guys who come just want blowjobs????

We are going to get it done, though! Life is so great and so beautiful. I wish I could share my happieness with all of your in person. Feel free to mail me with your kinky ideas, and feel free to pop in and post at my free message board at www.comedepot.com As you all know, I always answer my mail myself, as fast as I can. So keep it hard for me!

I do know, however, that life sometimes can be unfair and road hard, and there is one more thing I want to say before I leave your guys. I am talking about some of the bad things that have been going on in this world, lately, and in particular about the latest shootings in Virginia. My heart goes out to all parents and relatives of the poor kids murdered in cold blood. It is a shame.

Love Your # 1 Big Tit Slut

Jenny Seemore

Jenny Seemore

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April 17, 2007

Fantasy Becomes Real

I have always been excited when I can get my wife to tell me the details of her past lovers while we are having sex. While erect, I love to hear about the other men who have come in her pussy. After I would cum, I would realize it was just a fantasy, that I would probably not be able to think of her fucking another man, Recently though, she had been more and more willing to tell these stories, and seemed to be really enjoying it.

Then it happened. As usual, while having sex, I mentioned how exciting it was to talk about her fucking another man when she said she would tell me something if I could handle it. Thinking she was going along with my fanatasy, I quickly agreed. She then said her first ever boyfriend, Phil, had been around lately and that she had bumped into him and had been fucking him for the last few weeks. I really started to fuck hard at this and she said, “really, I’ve fucked Phil and it is great”. My heart started to pound and I must have cum a quart. Afterward, she again said she had fucked Phil, and then I realized she was telling the truth. She said she loved me and wanted to please me by fucking someone else to fulfil my fantasy, and I was more than a little shocked, and a little excited. My wife was fucking another man because she thought I really wanted her to, and said she was glad I felt this way, because she had always loved the way Phil fucked. She said she could “have her cake and eat it, too”. I decided to be a man and not confide in her that my fantasy was over after sex and decided to see where this led.

Then, I came home one day to find a strange car in the driveway. I had already reached the conclusion that she was in our bed fucking this guy before I opened the bedroom door. It just happened to be my fucking birthday, and I was about to catch my wife fucking another man. And there they were, her on the edge of the bed, and him standing there with the biggest dick I have ever seen, looking a me grinning, as if they were expecting me. They were! She had talked him into fucking me while I watched! I got so excited I got dizzy. She told him to fuck her, and he wasted no time at all, seemed to enjoy fucking my wife in front of me. She motioned me to come over and grabbed my now naked cock and started to suck it. It was absolutely to most exciting thing I ever did, and had to pull it out several times to keep from cumming too soon, as Phil just kept pounding the hell out of her pussy. Good thing for him she was not tight, because he sure as hell would not fit every pussy. Even with the AC on he was sweating like hell, and my wife was screaming and moving around like some kind of whore. She came a couple of times while I watched her being pleasured by another man. I don’t think I ever made her come this hard. Phil finally came, filling her pussy beyond it’s capacity. I can still see the cum dripping from her.

She then asked me if I wanted to fuck her pussy with another man’s spunk in her. I had never done this before, and was very eager to cum myself, so I agreed. I’d be lying to tell you I was able to fill the now stretched out pussy, or that I lasted very long. I also did not make her cum, even after being fucked so hard by such a big cock. I did, however, cum harder than I ever have before or since. I can’t wait to see where this will all lead. And maybe next time she will allow pics so I can share more than just the story.

Submitted by: JohnnyO


April 15, 2007

Vicky Vette Loves Us

Hotwife swinging pornstar, the Viking Vicky Vette graces our pages once more.

Vicky and her husband Frank have been swinging long before she got into making movies so the transition wasn’t that hard, so they didn’t have any of the jealousy issues that other couples in the same situation would encounter. When they got married Frank told her “My dear, you are going to experience every aspect of sex you want to, every way shape and form, I will never hold you back”. And he never has.

Thanks for the pics Vicky, I hope the fan sign paper creases mean you’ve been rolling about on the bed on top of it beforehand. Yum.

Vicky Vette

Vicky Vette

Vicky Vette

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April 13, 2007

From India to Atlanta

My wife and I have been swinging for four years now at first she wasn’t into the idea of it. My wife is very pretty and her record deep throat is 10 inches. After a few mfm and mfmf (she is bi too) we went to New Jersey for a vacation in Ocean City, all was going good and one night we decided to get on the internet and find a man for her to fuck and suck .

After hours of searching we found one he was like 2 hours away so while we was waiting for him I ate her pussy the whole time and even slow fucked her. He finally arrived and he was a skinny light skinned black guy. We sat around talking like we normally do and finally I said to hell with talking I want to see her suck his dick so I pulled her shorts off (no undies) to reveal her awesome wet pussy, the dude was very pleased as he took her down on the floor in front of me and started eating her out.

After a few min it was his turn to take his clothes off and to both of our surprise he was about 10″ and my wife started to suck him real good just like a porn star would!!!! Then she went all the way down on his long shaft and that’s when they got down to buisness and started having sex with my wife. He brought her to a good orgasm 3 times that night and after he left we had awesome sex!!!!


Submitted by: Rits - New Delhi, India


April 11, 2007

Interracial Barbi

According to hotwife blog hits this wife is one of the most popular on my blog at the moment. It’s not hard to see why. Barbi is just amazing and she’ll be hooking up with me in a few months, so get ready for a sizzler this Summer. She’s just sent me some pics from her interracial gangbang. Love the wedding ring in the last pic.


It has been a while since I did a gangbang, so I decided I should end the year with one. I told Jimmy what I wanted to do, and as if I didn’t already know what his reply would be, he asked me when did I want to do it and with whom. I didn’t really have much planned yet, so I asked Jimmy if he could set it up for me. It’s so nice having a husband that would set such a thing up for his wife! What I didn’t know was that he would set it up with all black men, making this my first interratial gangbang. I have never swallowed so much CUM in all my life! What a way to end the year!

Love, Barbi







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