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March 12, 2007

Condom Play

My wife has been living the hot wife lifestyle for 2 years now. She is stunningly beautiful. Everywhere she goes she gets the attention of men. We never have a problem finding guys for her to fuck. She often goes to local bars with her friends and ends up bringing back a good looking stud to fuck. She gives me a 20 minute cell phone warning to get clear for her. I then hide somewhere in the house and listen to all the erotic play unfold. I’ve been in cupboards, wardrobes and even under the bed. It’s the most erotic thing in the world for me to hear my wife get fucked. The sounds of her groaning, the sound of slapping skin on skin, along with a strange male voice grunting, knowing this strange guy is fucking my wife is just the ultimate for me.

When she’s been truly satisfied with her new fuck, that night or maybe the next morning, she asks him to leave and calls for me to come and see her. I then spend ages savouring her body, licking every inch of it, the smell of sweat and sex on her is divine and when we eventually have sex it is so intense with some of the best orgasms I ever have.

Lately we’ve been having naughty fun with her lovers used condoms. She usually takes it off her lover after he cums, ties a knot in it and puts it under her pillow for later use. Sometimes in the middle of sex with me she’ll reach up, grab the condom, break it open and pour the contents of it onto her body or drip it into her mouth, other times she has undone it and carefully while not spilling any, placed it over my cock and got me to fuck her with it on. The effect is an amazingly erotic squelching sound thats feels fantastic. It seems so wrong, but the sensations are incredible.

It puzzles me sometimes, why do we find a sexually active unfaithful wife so appealing, maybe because it is so taboo? I think that’s why I find it so stimulating.

Submitted by: Brett - Miami

13 Responses to “Condom Play”

  1. NB said:

    OMG!!!!!!!! I have never thought of playing with a used condom in such a way! That is incredibly hot! WOW! You are one lucky guy! ;-)

  2. dfr7us said:

    Yes it can be embarrassing if the word gets out that you share your wife. But now that more of us are open minded,
    we can share such thoughts with our wives or girlfriends.(we are both 50yo)
    You are not alone, it was the most wonderful feeling- when a new girlfriend of my, explained she is very happy with me- but she “knows” I an going to leave at some point in time (I was on a one year contract out of town). She needed to “keep in touch” with a past relationship and would be going on a date Sat night.
    I said “ok” and she said ” your not upset”.
    I got on my knees and said its your pussy and you can “do” anyone you want. It was a huge relief for her - followed by her big smile- then my huge hard on.
    I had no interest in dating any other woman- and loved sharing her.
    Sunday mornings were very exciting to me- when she returned. I have a full size penis(bigger than his) so that was not an issue.
    We are all happiest being married, and then to have sexual freedom and be married- makes us even happier.
    So don’t be puzzled, accept this sexual gratification we achieve from sharing our woman and all will be happy.
    Hey Brett, will you try what I did (on your knees and tell her its her pussy etc.) and let me know what she says?
    I live in Boca - how old are you guys dfr7us at y
    Another question- do you feel any need to date other woman?

  3. Dan said:

    Well enough broken English. Used condoms are so hot and nasty that’s why it’s so erotic. Putting on a used condom filled with her lovers cum and fucking my wife with it the ultimate turn-on.

  4. steven clarke said:

    All so dam hot? Surely the ultimate serivitude to your wife must be being made to drink her lovers cum out of the condom? Any one tried that?

  5. clive anthony said:

    my wife has collected loaded condoms for some time now and in the past given them to me saying this is last nights gift and i then have to cut open the condom and drink its contents .this can be when we are at friends or at a bar and some of those men realy pack a load

  6. Wifesharer said:

    Great story !! I can’t believe I had never thought of that. I guess because I usually like the guy to cum all over wife so I can then take my turn while she’s still sticky and smelly. I may have to try that though…I remember the first time I slid my cock in my wife after another guy had just cum in her…incredible feeling ! I imagine it’s about the same. Another thing I LOVE, especially if she’s been out alone and come home well fucked of course is to tell me about her night while I eat her pussy, but then when I stick my cock in her I ask what his name was and tell her to call me by his name. Makes me shoot like crazy !!!

  7. PAUL said:


  8. stevn69 said:

    I also loved the feeling of sliding my cock into her already cum soaked pussy. My buddy was slamming into my hotwife from behind while she was on all fours, so i slid under her and after his last shot of cum deep in her I pulled her pussy down on my cock. Her pussy was so hot and slippery i shot mine deep in her. She lay on top of me kissing while she squeezed both loads of cum out down my cock. It was so hot

  9. sarah said:

    i do that all the time, it started when i found my dads used condoms in his room, ever since that day i will get my boyfriends to cum in it for me to use

  10. jimmielee61 said:

    My 54y.o. wife likes to fuck younger guys and has a few regulars that do her bareback and like the rest of you I luv to stick my little dick in her stretched fresh fucked pussy and feel their cum all over my dick and have it running down my balls. Makes me cum almost instanly especially when she is telling me how good their big hard young cocks had felt in her and how much they cum. She recently let a young black truck driver fuck in his sleeper. Since she didn’t know him she made him use a condom. On the way home she pulled the used condom out of her purse and poured some of the cum onto her wedding ring and had me lick it off. It made me so hard I could hardly wait to get her home and fuck her. She put the condom on me and about 4or 5″ of it hung off of me cock, she said she it was completely unrolled but didn’t even cover all of his cock. She then took it off me because we didn’t want to lose it in her but she poured all of his cum on my dick before I stuck it in her as she told me how good his big young black cock had felt in her and made me cum almost immediately.

  11. Slammin Sam said:

    My wife likes to fuck anyone she is horny all the time. She goes to bars and picks up guys and fucks them. She brings the filled condoms home to me and shows me how much they came. Some times she will fuck three or four guys in one night. Most of the time she will pour some cum out of her saved condom on her tits and make me lick it off for her pleasure. For my pleasure I spread her legs wide and make her spread her pussy lips open and pour the used condom in her pussy. I always cum in 2 or 3 seconds. felling a large load of strange cum inside my wife is the ultimate turn on.

  12. joe lowe said:

    My wife is a total control freak. She say’s she can have sex with anyone she want to but I cannot. She also brings condoms to our bed. She goes out on friday nights and has sex with different guys and makes sure they always wear a condom. She never stays out all night. She usally comes home at 2 or 3am And she wakes me up when she gets home. She makes me drink a few drops out of the condom or she puts some in her mouth and makes me french kiss her. she tells me if I want sex with her I have to wear one of the condoms that someone else already came in that she save from one of the guys that she had sex with. It feels strange at first but then after several sex sections you get use to it. I really like it when she takes all the condoms she has collected that night and pours them in her and tells me to eat her out and then fuck her hard. It makes me cum really fast. She wount let me pull out of her pussy untill I cum 2 0r 3 times in her.The cum gets all over the sheets when were done. The cum makes a huge wet spot that she makes me lick up.

  13. Harold Eichmann said:

    This is a very hot topic. I have wished to share my wife, and this is one way of reaping the rewards a second time. Very hot. Would like to have it happen for real.

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