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February 22, 2007

Meet Kelly

Some of your hardened hotwife fans may have had the fortune to already have seen todays hotwife in action. I just have and am quite simply amazed. This time next year I can predict Kelly Anderson is going to be a major star in the amateur website world.

I love her, just been looking through her site and blew a load in seconds all over my desk lol. There’s a lot of good blowjob and cum scenes with her husband Shawn doing POV, but what I really love is the videos featuring Kelly and other guys and what makes me laugh is on some of the movies Kelly apologises like, “Here is a clip of me fucking Matt. The lighting is bad because we never planned on sharing these videos.” but no Kelly this is what we love, real amateur hotwives showing us their home videos, camera in the corner of the room showing them fucking random dudes.

I’m pleased to say we’ve got loads of Kelly treats coming, including an exclusive interview lined up with Kelly and I can’t wait to get her feedback on her personal life and wildest experiences.

Kelly as in the Air song, watch the stars, because you’re gonna be a big one. As well as having very cute feet ;)

Kelly Anderson

Check out Kelly Anderson aka Barefoot Wife Here

3 Responses to “Meet Kelly”

  1. Michael said:

    Damn woman. You could be the twin for my ex. I came on her in so many ways it’s unbelievable. Her only flaw is she did not swallow. Oh Well.

    Such is life and it’s sacrifices. Make your man happy and be happy.

  2. Mike said:

    I’d love to tie ur husband up and make watch me use ur cunt

  3. Christine Brehm said:

    She doesn’t want lil white limp peter, she needs Superior Black-Seed Deep inside that fertile pussy,,it;s her Birthday. Yes feed her,Now/

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