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February 20, 2007

Cuckold Sub

We are a very happy dom/sub couple for 9 years now. Because, I always listen to her orders and do them asap. She is my lover, wife and dom. This is the way I treat her. I always help her with house work like, cooking, washing dishes, cleaning wash rooms, gardening, washing, laundry and ironing her clothes. This is the way I serve her and being a happy sub/slave husband. I am always caring for her health. I massage her feet, body, her breast and her pussy area every single night. She always asks me to massage her big nice breasts, 36D. This is my fetish. She is like a Goddess, very beautiful, perfect body, perfect butt and legs. She loves me very much and treats me like a slave. This way she is keeping me happy. My wife is 34. I am 38.

One day I asked her if you are not satisfied with my cock, I can arrange for a big one and you can have it whenever you want. She liked this idea. One day she asked me to find one. I went to a nightclub for few days running and finally found a person who was a white handsome man, 25 years old and called Steve. One day I invited him to my wife’s bithday party. Me and my wife were celebrating the party in our bedroom when we heard the door bell. I went to open the door and Steve was there. I took him inside and closed the door and asked him to sit our sofa. I went to bedroom and told my wife I have ordered a gift for you earlier today and asked her if she wanted to see it. She said yes. I took her through to the living room and there was Steve. I said this is my birthday gift for you. She was very happy and kissed me, then he asked me to sit on a chair and took Steve to our bedroom. She told me not to move until she called me. I did not move, I knew if I moved, she would not be happy and most likely spank me. So I sat on the chair for almost an hour, then Steve suddenly appeared and said goodbye and my wife sent him out and locked the front door and came over to me. She was in a very happy mood, I asked her what happened. She said it was a secret and we went to bed and straight to sleep.

Then every day after that Steve came to our house and straight into the bedroom with my wife I always had to sit outside of the bedroom. This went on for a full 2 months when one day Steve came to the house when I was already in the bedroom. She did not say anything but did not ask me to leave and suddenly I was watching what is gong on. She kissed him and removed his clothes one by one and started sucking his cock. Then he lifted her and put her on the bed and started to fuck her hard. So from that day on I was able to watch her fuck. I am a very happy husband now and I still love her very much even though I know I am no longer able to fuck her.

Now Steve is like our family member, I have to do all of the house work and massage her feet, lick her feet and pussy without touching my with my hands. When she takes a bath, I always help her wash. One time after a long sex session with Steve, I bathed her and washed her pussy and she asked me to save all the bath water. She then had me bath in her dirty water and then collect some water in a container for me to drink.

I love my wife and will serve her for the rest of my life.

Submitted by: John - Canada

5 Responses to “Cuckold Sub”

  1. Alex Zander said:


    Did your wife put you into chastity? You said you are no longer able to fuck her. Does she now deny you?


  2. John said:

    Hi Alez,
    Yes.she always put me into chasity when she have fun with steve.but i enjoyed this way.i can fuck her.but she denied me .she said 1 year i can not toch her..its a controling my sex lefe. john.

  3. jon said:

    as a fellow cuck.. i love to hear other guys stories. I do still get to fuck my wife. But only with a condom..Her lover gets her bareback and she loves to remind me of that fact..

  4. John said:

    Last sunday,
    My wife allowed me to fuck her.But i could not keep it long time.because, sheused to put me into chasity, I think the reason, i did very quick.she was not satisfied my perfomance. she ordered me to bring steave same night to fuck her. I phoned my friend but no answer.she spanked me and verbally humilated me as i spoiled her sex mood.she ordered me to find some one asap that the night. I called another friend of me ,but he also married but very handsome.i explained my siuation and asked him to come my house.he came within 20 minutes.He(mike) also very familiar with my wife. so no problem to do interduction.she hughed me and kissed me with very happy mood.then she took mike upstairs and asked him to do sex infront of me. he remover her all the cloths and his cloths and started to do a erotic massage to her all over her body.she was enjoying.then he lick her pussy and breast. Then he started to fuck her very deeply and hardly. i was very embrased,because i could not satisfy her that noght.but i also enjoyed.when he was fucking her, she humiliated me saying to my friend that your friend john has a small cock and worthless.he is not a man.that is why i asked him to callyou. You are perfect man. I am going to stop steave, you are perfect for me. can yo come every week whenever you have time. Mike said OK.I am ashammed. But i have to oeby her.because our life style and contact like this.Now mike is comming very often and go with her out and go to her bed room very often.after the incident she not allow me again.My bad luck i could not performed taht day.This is my real stories.


  5. PAUL said:

    we call men like you hen peck .l have agirl friend who try to control me, i told her to fuck off . now she is angry, and do not speak to me, but is getting a lot of stress ,as she is angry ,and iam happppppyyyy.

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