February 28, 2007

Wife Paige Creampied

Here’s an update from the Bulls at West Coast Gangbangs Paige was a hotwife that had never tried 2 guys at once. This is a great set, after the first guy cums inside her the next guy continues to fuck her sloppy hole. Love it. Another great hotwife capture guys!


Paige is a hot, hot wife, one of my friends met at a Starbucks couple of months ago. She was there having her coffee and looking sexy and my friend approached her. He is also a photographer so they started talking and it turned out that she was married and also a swinger, so he eventually got to fuck her and took some pictures of her doing it. She got turned on by the idea of being “outed” as a slut wife so when she heard about my site thru my friend, she contacted me and we eventually met for a party. She told me her husband gets off on being cuckhold and that she is free to have as many lovers as she wants. She even goes out to swing clubs and fucks while the hubby stays at home watching the kids (what a husband).

So after fucking her a few times we finally got around to doing the shoot for my site. Paige is a very sexy woman and I just loved how she dresses up when we get together to fuck. She likes to wear heels and panty hoses because that makes her feel sexy and she enjoys being fucked while wearing them too. And this time, I invited my friend (not the one that met her) to help me fuck this hot wife. We went out to dinner first, had some good wine, and then took her home where she became our slut. After a few pictures, Paige was down on her knees sucking cock like a good slut wife and then we just proceeded to fuck her for a long time. We took turns on her pussy and mouth and she would had given up her ass too but she said she had not come prepared for that so we just stuck to her pussy. After fucking about an hour I came deep in her pussy and then we just kept on fucking her creamed cunt. We fucked and fucked until she made me cum again and my friend
as well. Paige is so hot and you will be seeing a lot more of her.

West Coast Gang Bangs

West Coast Gang Bangs

West Coast Gang Bangs

West Coast Gang Bangs

West Coast Gang Bangs

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February 26, 2007

Little Tale

Try not to look at the pic below until you’ve read the story, I found it recently, it did make me laugh, I thought I’d write a little hotwife tale based around it.



Ok, it’s 11pm again, the wife is still not home, ’she can’t be working late at the office again’ you think. You try calling and the cell phone is switched off.

For the 5th time in 2 weeks you reluctantly make your way to bed and fall asleep without your wife beside you.

The morning comes, you wake to the muffled sound of your wife talking on the phone downstairs. You get out of bed and make your way downstairs straining your ears to hear her conversation, you manage to get

‘hehe…. yes… no idea… sure I…. car park… later, same time and place’ and silence….

You walk in as she’s pouring coffee. She walks over and kisses you ‘So sorry I was late again last night. This audit is a nightmare, the accountant wants to see me tonight too, I’m afraid… Can you leave me the car again? you don’t mind getting the train again do you honey? You don’t want me out late at night without any transport do you baby?

‘Of course not’ you reply, ‘you can have the car my sweet.’

Half an hour later you walk out the front door on your way to the station, a troubled feeling in the pit of your stomach, for some reason your attention is drawn to your car sitting on the driveway. You turn back and look….

Hotwife Car


February 24, 2007

First Other Man

As a somewhat regular visitor to hotwifeblog.com, I thought I would take a few minutes and tell you about some of the escapades that the wifey and I have had over the last few years…

First off…we are a fairly ‘normal’ couple. we are both in our 30’s and it seems that we spend most of our time working. Any ‘hotwife’ or ’swinger’ type activities have only been engaged in when the opportunity presented itself…we don’t go looking for ‘notches in the bedpost’, to put it plainly. The stories that follow took place over several years…and when opportunity did (does) arise for some naughty fun - it makes it a little more erotic (since it is not something that we do all that often.

Anyway… Our activities started-out as I’m sure many other’s have - with talk of bringing someone else in to the bedroom for some naughty fun…Wifey and I would talk about things in the bedroom, and she would always seem to enjoy herself more when our ‘pillow talk’ would involve talk of other men doing something to her whileI watched, or her enjoying the attention of multiple men and/or women. We would also go to some local adult bookstores or strip clubs, and after a few visits wifey got a bit more relaxed…

Her level of comfort led her to doing some things that were more and more erotic. She would drop her shirt and show off her chest while dancing… she would ‘dance’ with other females in the club and before too long she was kissing & rubbing on other women, and letting men feel on her tits as she danced. The highlights of the club & theater experiences were pretty cool…. On one visit, we were dancing (at a Strip Club on ‘couples nite’), and she dropped to her knees and started blowing me in front of a bunch of onlookers… It was pretty intense to see her down there (with her tits hanging out) and see others around us doing similar things - or simply watching us go at it. At one point - I sat her back in a booth, and ‘returned the favor’ - I pulled her skirt up, and did all I could to make her cum by licking her pussy in front of the crowd… That made for an interesting ride home… She was half naked when we walked out of the club, and by time we got to the car she was all the way undressed… she played with her pussy almost the entire ride home and came at least three times. Then I got to finish-up my business when we got home (and she walked into the house naked).

Another interesting time was when we visited an adult bookstore…The bookstore had what they referred to as a theater in the basement. Their definition of a theater and mine are a bit different - as their version includes coffee table some chairs and a big screen TV… We thought we would check it out anyway - and were surprised to find a few other couples were in the room watching an adult movie. We paid attention to the action on the screen for a few minutes, and then noticed that some of the other couples were in various stages of undress - or were involved in their own naughty fun… This got the wifey all sorts of turned on… and she pulled her tits out of her shirt and told me to rub her pussy. She came louder than she had in quite a while - as I played with her clit and she watched another woman getting fucked from behind on the table. She returned the favor by dropping to her knees and saying (loud enough for the rest of the room to hear) that she wanted me to cum in her mouth.

Up to that point our activities would most likely have been considered exhibitionism, rather than ’swinging’ or ‘hotwifing’… That all changed when I told her that I was bringing a friend over after work - and that she was going to get to have two guys at once…At the time, she was was almost challenging me to do it… as she didn’t really think that I would follow-thru. When I called her and told her that we would be there in about 15 minutes - she said “Good, I am horny anyway”, and laughed. I knew that she couldn’t tell weather I was bluffing or not…and that made the whole thing a little more fun.

When I got to the house, I found her in the master bathroom getting make-up on smiling at me… When I told her that ‘Tom’ was out in the bedroom waiting she just smiled and said “yeah, whatever”… I told that I wasn’t kidding, and that she should finish getting ready and come see. A few minutes later when she finally came-out, she was visibly surprised to see that I had not been bluffing and ‘Tom’ was standing in our bedroom - she kinda hurried to the bed and covered herself with a pillow -since he was only wearing a T-shirt. “Tom’ was kinda smiling - we had kinda talked about this already, but I think that he had also been somewhat sceptical that anything would actually happen. I asked him “since you came all this way, would you like to see some boobies”? He said something like “sure, I am always up for seeing boobs” and when we both looked at the wifey - she slowly pulled her T-shirt off to show off her tits…but left the pillow covering her lap.

I slid onto the bed next to her and put one of her (unusually hard) nipples into my mouth… I then quietly asked if she wanted the other to get some attention too. When she nodded yes - I told ‘Tom’ to come and suck on the other nipple. As he came over, I slid the pillow off of her lap - and exposed her shaved pussy… He made a comment about how smooth it looked, and I told him to feel it as we both worked on her chest. By the time I got a few fingers down to her pussy she was already sopping wet… I rubbed her clit as ‘Tom’ fingered her pussy and we both sucked on her hard nipples. She began moaning, and positioned herself so she could rub his cock and pulled me up so that I could put my dick in her mouth. As this was going on ‘Tom’ asked wifey if she would let him lick her pussy, and after she replied with a “yes” - he went to work licking her while she continued to suck on my dick

It was quite a sight - I was up on my knees, so I got a great view of her rubbing her tits - while a guy that she had met only a few times before was licking her wet pussy. After she got to enjoy that for a few more minutes - I asked if she wanted to let ‘Tom’ see how good her mouth felt and she quickly turned and I got to watch her suck another mans dick for the first time. She sucked him until he was about to cum - and then he shot his load all over her tits…We sat there for a few more minutes - and when she went off to the bathroom - ‘Tom’ got dressed and thanked me for the ‘good time’. When wifey came back to the bed we had some of the best sex ever while talking (from experience) about how it felt for her to have the attention of two guys at once…

Well… this took a bit longer than I expected - and I have not even really broke the surface… Let me know if You would like to hear more…

Missouri Wife

Submitted by: Anon - Missouri


February 22, 2007

Meet Kelly

Some of your hardened hotwife fans may have had the fortune to already have seen todays hotwife in action. I just have and am quite simply amazed. This time next year I can predict Kelly Anderson is going to be a major star in the amateur website world.

I love her, just been looking through her site and blew a load in seconds all over my desk lol. There’s a lot of good blowjob and cum scenes with her husband Shawn doing POV, but what I really love is the videos featuring Kelly and other guys and what makes me laugh is on some of the movies Kelly apologises like, “Here is a clip of me fucking Matt. The lighting is bad because we never planned on sharing these videos.” but no Kelly this is what we love, real amateur hotwives showing us their home videos, camera in the corner of the room showing them fucking random dudes.

I’m pleased to say we’ve got loads of Kelly treats coming, including an exclusive interview lined up with Kelly and I can’t wait to get her feedback on her personal life and wildest experiences.

Kelly as in the Air song, watch the stars, because you’re gonna be a big one. As well as having very cute feet ;)

Kelly Anderson

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February 20, 2007

Cuckold Sub

We are a very happy dom/sub couple for 9 years now. Because, I always listen to her orders and do them asap. She is my lover, wife and dom. This is the way I treat her. I always help her with house work like, cooking, washing dishes, cleaning wash rooms, gardening, washing, laundry and ironing her clothes. This is the way I serve her and being a happy sub/slave husband. I am always caring for her health. I massage her feet, body, her breast and her pussy area every single night. She always asks me to massage her big nice breasts, 36D. This is my fetish. She is like a Goddess, very beautiful, perfect body, perfect butt and legs. She loves me very much and treats me like a slave. This way she is keeping me happy. My wife is 34. I am 38.

One day I asked her if you are not satisfied with my cock, I can arrange for a big one and you can have it whenever you want. She liked this idea. One day she asked me to find one. I went to a nightclub for few days running and finally found a person who was a white handsome man, 25 years old and called Steve. One day I invited him to my wife’s bithday party. Me and my wife were celebrating the party in our bedroom when we heard the door bell. I went to open the door and Steve was there. I took him inside and closed the door and asked him to sit our sofa. I went to bedroom and told my wife I have ordered a gift for you earlier today and asked her if she wanted to see it. She said yes. I took her through to the living room and there was Steve. I said this is my birthday gift for you. She was very happy and kissed me, then he asked me to sit on a chair and took Steve to our bedroom. She told me not to move until she called me. I did not move, I knew if I moved, she would not be happy and most likely spank me. So I sat on the chair for almost an hour, then Steve suddenly appeared and said goodbye and my wife sent him out and locked the front door and came over to me. She was in a very happy mood, I asked her what happened. She said it was a secret and we went to bed and straight to sleep.

Then every day after that Steve came to our house and straight into the bedroom with my wife I always had to sit outside of the bedroom. This went on for a full 2 months when one day Steve came to the house when I was already in the bedroom. She did not say anything but did not ask me to leave and suddenly I was watching what is gong on. She kissed him and removed his clothes one by one and started sucking his cock. Then he lifted her and put her on the bed and started to fuck her hard. So from that day on I was able to watch her fuck. I am a very happy husband now and I still love her very much even though I know I am no longer able to fuck her.

Now Steve is like our family member, I have to do all of the house work and massage her feet, lick her feet and pussy without touching my with my hands. When she takes a bath, I always help her wash. One time after a long sex session with Steve, I bathed her and washed her pussy and she asked me to save all the bath water. She then had me bath in her dirty water and then collect some water in a container for me to drink.

I love my wife and will serve her for the rest of my life.

Submitted by: John - Canada


February 18, 2007

Hotwife Images

About time we had some new hotwife galleries.

Check out our first gallery featuring Heidi from Sharing My Wife. It’s been a while since we’ve seen Erin Daye, She’s got such a dirty look, I’m so hot for her tattoo’s. Last up Harley plays some wife abduction roleplay in the fantastic Use My Wife

Hubby watched beautiful Heidi get it on - Movie Gallery

Harley has a break in


February 16, 2007

Fun in Rio

This story takes place in Rio Brazil, in the fall of 2004. I don’t know how to put the photos that I have into this post, as they are old Polaroid photos. My wife Bet and I went down for a two week vacation and to have some, let your hair down fun. We are in our early 40’s and both have been married before. Bet is a doll at 5′7′’, 130lbs nice large ‘D’ cup tits, long legs and built to last. She has light brown hair, full lips, and beautiful green eyes. She also has a pubic mound that I love. She has a pubic bone that curves way out, putting her neatly trimmed, pink vulva, way out in front. It really makes a man look, when she wears tight jeans or slacks. Although she was married before, she is still pretty short on sexual experiences. Bet loves sex and she loves the things that I have taught her. I am not saying that I’m an expert, but my first wife and I were in the swinging movement for four years. So yes I’ve taught Bet a lot. I am 6′2′’ 186lbs, slim, and have been told that I’m not bad to look at. Bet knows about my ex and our wife swapping lifestyle, and has asked some questions, and especially what its like to fuck someone while being watched by your spouse. I told her that it was fun and it made you horny for your spouse. She seemed to like my answer. I told her that she should try it. She said that she might one day. I sometimes talk trash to her while we are fucking and she loves it. I tell her to kiss me like she would if she were being fucked by another man. Boy does this make her hot. We also play a game, I sometimes blindfold her and tell her that I’m sending in another man to fuck her. This really gets her hot. She ask me once, if I could watch her fuck another man. I told her that if it pleased her then it would please me and I would love to see it and would help the fellow out in pleasing her. I told her that I love her and as long as she was having fun that it would make me happy.

Well, back to Rio. We were in a room that faced the beach. You could look out the window and get a hard on, just watching the beauties in their thong swim wear. Both the men and women were wearing those things they may as well been naked. Bet would point out the guys that she liked and I would point out to her the girls that I liked. The both of us were horny just looking. I would see a girl in a suit with it pulled up into her cunt and the lips would be bare on each side. Bet would point out a guy with a thin suit on that you could see his cock, head head-rim foreskin roll and all. She would say, boy this is hot stuff. We both enjoyed looking. I asked Bet if she had seen one that she would love to fuck. She smiled and said maybe. I said, Ive seen lots that I would love to fuck. She said as she took hold of my cock, you’ve got a hard on, you dirty old man. I told her that if she should see someone that she wants to fuck, to go for it and when we leave here we would have some good memories of this place.

We took a trip down the coast on a Friday. We were about fifty miles out of Rio. We stopped at this nice little motel, bar, cafe combo. It sat in a cove with a beautiful beach. We got a bite to eat and went out to the beach. There were not that many people, the place was nice and we decided to go get a room in the motel and stay for two or three days where it’s not so crowded. We then went to the bar and had a drink or two. I had tried to get Bet to get one of those thong suits, but she wouldn’t get one. Well, after a couple of drinks in this bar, she told me that she would wear one on this beach where it wasn’t very crowed. I was glad to hear the news that I said, lets go get you one before you change your mind. She said, you’ll have to get one too. I said Ok lets go. She said not so fast, I’m not going to shave my pussy to wear one of those things. I said, you don’t have to, I’ll just shave around it and you will be ok. Well we went to town, found a shop and went inside I picked out one for her, an orange one that matched her hair and eyes. I told her it looked sexy as hell on her and will look better when we shave around it. She picked one out for me, a brown one , thin as tissue paper, low cut in front just covered my cock. I said to Bet, what am I to do if I get a hard on in this thing. She said that I will make a lot of women happy when they see your big cock in that suit. We got some shaving stuff and a few other things and went to the room to get shaved and ready to go out onto the beach. Bet put the thong on and I marked around it with a ballpoint pen. I tried to fix the suit so it would cover up her vagina, but to do so it sat real low almost down to her clit, and I would have to shave most of her hair. Bet said, no-way, she pulled the suit up to where she wanted it to cover the most of her hair, it then left the whole bottom of her pussy uncovered with just a thin strap running through her cunt. I said, ok have it your way.

We had fun shaving and dressing. Both of us got horny as hell and sucked each other off and went out onto the beach. It was early evening and there were quite a few people out, laying in the sun or in the water and we both felt odd, first time for both of us to be out that naked. I told Bet that everyone else was naked so lets pretend that we know what we’re doing. She said, alright, I’m with you. We went on about our fun, playing in the water, walking on the beach, looking at all of the pussy and cocks and showing ours off. And all of the men did look at Bet with her big pubic bone out front pussy. She was as sexy as hell. Bet told me that she was hot as hell and was ready to fuck and wanted to go to the room. I said that we would go soon to just look at the cock and pick out one that she wanted to fuck. She said, you think that it’s that easy. I said It would be that easy for you, I see how all of the men are looking at you. She said, are you going to pick out one of these women that are looking at your dick and fuck her? I said, I might.

We walked over to some lounge chairs and sat down. The chairs were at an angle to each other but too awkward to move so we let the backs down and laid back. Now our heads were together, our feet were at about a 45 degree angle. We could talk with our voices low and watch the sexy people with our mirrored sun glasses on and no-one could tell what we were up to. Right across from Bet, sat three men. They were facing her and they were out of my line of sight. Bet was watching them and said that one of them had adjusted his cock while looking right at her, and it was semi hard and a brute. Two of them had on bikinis and the other had on shorts that came down almost to his knee. The one that had the hard on, elbowed the one in shorts and nodded for him to look at Bet. Bet was watching them all the while. Bet said to me, Hugh, don’t look now but I’m looking at the damned biggest dick that I have ever seen. The head has to be as large as my fist and then some. I am looking up the leg of his shorts right at the damned thing in all it’s naked glory it is the best thing that Ive seen yet. We talked for a while and I moved around to get a look and like she said it was big. I asked Bet if she wanted to get some of it. I ask her if it would feel good just inside her pussy. Bet said, just inside, I would want it as deep in my pussy as it will go. Man, that thing would tear my pussy up. You mean that it would hurt. No, dummy that thing would be fun to ride. Then Bet said, ooh Hugh, it’s getting bigger and throbbing. Hugh, I’m going to cum just looking at the thing. I said, Bet he’s looking right at your cunt, sure he’s getting a hard on. I pretended to get something in my eye and told Bet that I had to go to the room to get it out. I told her to wait on me that I would be right back, and I got up and left with a big hard on and some ladies staring at my cock, the head about half an inch out the top of my suit. I got in the room and looked out the window and watched as the man got up from his seat and went over to Bet and stood beside her and talked for awhile, then sat down at Bet’s feet so he could still look at her pussy. The man had his leg, the one with his cock down facing Bet and I watched as he adjusted his pants leg so his cock would be right in plain view for her. I also watched as she put her hand on his leg just short of touching his cockhead. Then I saw his friends walk around to them and the man got up with his dick sticking almost straight out. Then the three of them walked this way toward the rooms. Bet sat for awhile and got up and came to the room. She fell into my arms and said fuck me fuck me. We fell onto the bed and fucked like mad and both of came very hard and long. Bet said that Jorge, was his name, was telling her about a dance club about three miles from here and she wanted to go tonight. I guessed that Jorge would be there and I said without letting her know what I had just guessed that it sounded like fun and we would go. Bet said that we had to go back to where we bought the thongs so she could get an outfit that she saw there. We got a shower and got ready and went to get her an outfit. It was or it looked like linen, pleated skirt seventeen inch mini skirt, it had a med blue waist band and the halter top had a large collar that was blue also. It was very pretty. She also got a pair of white transparent stockings with light blue lace on the legs. We went back, ate and got ready and went to the club.

We went inside ordered up drinks and sat and talked for awhile. I said, Bet if you want that guy, go get him and I’ll be happy for you, I’m not afraid of loosing you, I know that you love me and I want you to let your hair down and have some fun. Bet said, that is the kindest thing that has ever been said to me, I do love you and I have watched you looking and if you see something that you want go get it. I said AOK. We danced a slow dance and I held her tight and told her again how much that I loved her. We watched some folks do the fast dances, I can’t do them due to a knee injury. The women were flashing a lot of pussy in their mini dresses. Some were humping on their partners legs with their bare pussies in plain view. The new outfit that Bet had on was very stunning, and very sexy. The halter was thin enough that you could just see the brown nipples on Bet’s tits it had two buttons but she chose to leave them undone, it had a wide tie band that tied under her tits. The skirt came down about 4 or 5 inches below her crotch. It had five buttons down the front and she had on white leather sandals. She also had a gold ankle bracelet and matching earrings. She was classy and sexy. Bet danced a few fast dances with a guy who came over and asked her, but I could tell that she was looking for someone else and when he showed up, boy she really came alive. He came over and asked her to dance and asked me if I mind. I give them my ok and they disappeared into the crowd on the dance floor. Jorge was dressed in slacks with his shirttail out, real cool. He is a large guy 6′2′’ 215 or 20 lbs black hair black eyes, neat and I guess ruggedly handsome. He’s quiet and polite, I liked him all right and Bet seemed to like him a lot. When they got back to the table Bet looked flush and ravishing I knew that she was hot as a firecracker. I whispered to her and asked her if she were all right and she assured me that it was. She also told me that she was going to Jorge’s table for a few min. They left and I sat alone for about ten min. and started to go to the bar, when a young girl came to the table and introduced herself as Myra, a friend of Jorges, and she would keep me company for awhile if I wanted her to. I said of course, sit down. Myra spoke very good English, had a pretty smile was pretty and she has about the prettiest teeth that I have ever seen. We sat talked, danced, kissed, played with each other’s crotches and were doing grate. I had my finger in Myra’s pussy and I looked up to see Bet as she scooted me over so she could sit down. I kept my finger in Myra’s pussy as I kissed Bet hard and with a lot of tongue. When Bet sat down, I noticed that her skirt was unbuttoned to her crotch and her top was opened to expose almost all of her tits. I said, wow babe you look hot. She said, I am hot, and I’ll bet you are too, with your hand in myra’s pussy. I smiled and said that I’m ok. I asked her if Jorge had got his finger into her yet and she said that he had. I ask her if she had felt his huge cock and she said she had. I asked if he had rubbed his cock into her clit, and she said, yes but my panties are in the way. I said, why don’t you pull them off. She said, nowhere to put them and I’m not going to throw away a pair of $50.00 panties. I told her to pull them off and I will put them in my pocket. She hugged me and said, you are a doll. She said, come on Myra go with me. They left to go to the ladies room. When they got back, Bet gave me her soaked panties that smelled of pure hot pussy and I put them into my pocket. Then I got a kind of suprize when Myra also gave me her pretty purple panties that were also soaked in the crotch. Bet said, come on lets dance. We got up and went to the floor. we held each other tight and I ran my hand through her open skirt to her pussy and put a finger into her very wet cunt, I then brought it out and stuck it into my mouth and savoured the taste of her nectar. She whispered into my ear that Jorge wanted her to go to his room and have a drink. She also said for me to take Myra to our room and have a drink with her. I kissed her hard and told her to have the time of your life do everything that you want to do. She kissed me back and said thank you so much for allowing me this.

Jorge’s room was only two doors down from ours. I told Bet that I would leave the door unlocked and she could come in any time she was ready. She kissed me again and turned and walked back to Jorge’s table and I saw them leave with Jorge’s hand around Bets waist. Myra and I had another drink and I asked if she would like to come home with me and she said she would love to. When we got to our room, I took Myra into my arms and kissed her hard for a long time. I slipped her dress off and savoured her body, young smooth size B tits, hairy pussy mound, large nipples. I just started making love, kissing and licking and moving down to her pussy and licking her juices. It was wonderful. She turned into a 69 and took my cock into her mouth and gave me a great blow job, and when I came she took it all and swallowed it all. We then turned around and fucked ourselves silly. We then fell asleep in each others arms.

I awoke a little before daylight when Bet came into the room. She came to the bed and asked if there was room for another. I pulled her down and we kissed for a long time with lots of love and a lot of tongue. She smelled, tasted and looked like a fresh fucked slut but it made my cock hard as a rock. I scooted Myra over to make room for Bet. Bet grabbed my cock and told me that she had been fucking for three and a half hours but she wanted my cock in her cunt right now. She then stepped out of her clothes and got into bed. I hugged her close and kissed her some more and asked her to tell me about her fun trip. She pushed me down into the bed and told me that if I would eat her pussy that she would tell me all about it. I scooted down to her belly and started kissing and licking my way to her well fucked pussy. It had a strong smell of sex to it that just made my cock harder, so I just dived in and started licking up the love juices that poured out. Her cunt had been covered with cum from her fucking and mixed with her juices it was delicious.

She said that she jacked Jorge off on the way to the room, and had tried to suck his dick but couldn’t get much of it in her mouth. When they got into the room and fell across the bed in an embrace, Jorge slid down and pushed her skirt up and started eating her pussy. She took off her clothes and lay naked on the bed and Jorge undressed and started to make love to her and was sucking on one of her ample tits, when the door opened and in walked three men. Two of them had been with Jorge at the beach and the other one, she said was Alex, she had not seen him before. She got up and started to leave the room. Jorge asked her not to go. He told her that no one would hurt her or do anything that she didn’t want. He said that they would do everything that they could do to please her and further more, his cock wouldn’t go into her without a lot of lube, unless it was used to large objects. I crawled up and kissed Bet and to gave her a taste of her honey from her cunt. We often, while fucking, insert our fingers into her pussy with my cock, gather the juice and lick it from our fingers. It’s a turn-on for us. Myra was now awake and listening to her story and rubbing my back while I ate pussy. Bet said that she and Jorge started petting again and before long the other guys didn’t alarm her and it made her hotter to be among all of these hard dicks. Jorge went back to eating her pussy. Alex was on one side of her with his cock in her face, so she took it into her mouth and started sucking.

His cock was long and thin enough that she had no trouble deep throating him and she loved her pussy being eaten and a cock down her throat at the same time. She also took one of the other cocks into her hand and jacked him off as they sucked her tits. She said, it was wild and I love it. Jorge moved away and one of the guys put his cock into her cunt, she was sucking a cock had one in her hand and someone was licking her clit at the same time. And then she started cumming and couldn’t stop. One of the guys shot a load deep into her throat at the same time that the other one shot his load deep into her pussy, boy it was great, I loved it. A guy shot a load onto her tits and she got some in my hair, She also had a cunt full of the stuff, She had sucked and fucked the three of them at least twice each.

Jorge laid on top of her and kissed her, he then moved down and licked her clit for a few min’s, then he started to put his cock into her. It took about ten minutes for him to get inside of her and for her to get adjusted to his size but when she did, she almost passed out from the pure enjoyment of it . The large cockhead would go in and pop up behind her pubic bone and make direct contact with her G-SPOT and she was in a constant state of ORGASAM the whole time that he fucked her. When he came it was about a fourth of a cup full she said. After he came in her they lay in each others arms for awhile and she came agin. I moved up to kiss her and told her that I was really happy for her that she had such a good time. I put my cock in her pussy and Myra licked my cock as I fucked Bet. I whispered to Bet and asked if Myra could eat her pussy. She responded with a kiss and said, I just got my first out of marriage fuck, my first oversized cock, my first gang fuck, and my first cum load deep into my throat and I swore that I never would do any of those things and I swore that I would never fuck another woman. Well, I’ve done everything but eat pussy in the last 8 hours, so I may as well see what it’s like to fuck a woman. I said to her, I think that you will love this too. I pushed into her deep and shot my load to add to all the others, and she came too. I pulled out and motioned to Myra to move in. Myra moved up and started to fondle Bet’s large tits. She took one into her mouth and Bet caressed Myra’s head as Myra got into sucking her tit. Myra then moved down and started licking Bet’s pussy, kind of shy at first and then she really went after it. Bet humped her pussy up to myra’s face and cummed really big. Bet then turned around into a 69 and started eating Myra’s pussy. Bet looked up at me and said, your cum tastes better mixed with her pussy juice. I leaned over and kissed her. We then all went to sleep.

We got up about three in the evening, took a shower together, dressed and went to eat and we took Myra with us to Rio, We went out and got Myra a new outfit, as she didn’t bring any clothes with her. It was getting late and Bet wanted to go back to the dance as she had a date with Jorge. The girls dressed really sexy, Bet in a backless mini dress, light green with light green sheer panties and sandals. She looked great as did Myra in her new low cut black mini sheath with red panties with black lace. The girls were putting on make-up fixing hair and Myra turned to Bet and said gosh, you are a beautiful woman. I really did enjoy eating your pussy, I have found another sex act that I will love. Bet said you mean that it was the first time for you too. Myra said yes and you looked so sexy that when Hugh asked me to, I knew that I wanted to taste you to make love to you. I am so glad that I did as I just loved the taste and the smell of it and it did turn me on big time. Bet then confessed to Myra that she was real glad when Myra put her pussy into her face, that she also loved the taste and smell and the sensation of a wet pussy in her face. I am glad that you were my first woman lover, they then hugged and promised to eat each other again soon. I went to the door to answer a knock and to my suprise, there stood Jorge and with him were two other guys, one of them was Alex and the other was a guy named Won. The guy’s sat and we got us a drink served all around and started talking about what a good time that we all had last night. A song came on the TV and Myra started to do a dance all by herself and got shy and sat down. We all said to her to get up and finish. She got back up and Won got up with her and they danced with Myra holding up her dress in front to her waist giving us a good view of her pussy through those panties. The next song came on, Bet and I got up and did a slow one and we did a lot of feeling around on each other. Jorge got up with Bet on the next one and they almost fucked on the floor. Bet took his cock which was now hard and held it out as far as it would, in his pants, to show us all what she was going to get in her pussy later on. Bet had bought a measuring tape earlier today and she got it out of a bag and said with a grin, take that thing out of your pants Jorge, I’m going to measure it. Jorge pulled his cock out and Bet took it into her hand and wrapped the tape around it and we all looked. Eight and one forth inches around the head rim, the head is two inches long and his cock is nine and three fourths long and five inches around the shaft. She then assured the rest of us, my cock is five and three fourths around the head rim five and a half around the shaft and seven and one half over all length. Alex, five around the head five around the shaft and seven long. Wan, five in around the head four around the shaft five overall length. Bet said, there is enough dick in this room to make any woman happy and with that she went to Wan and took his cock and dipped it into her drink and took a drink from it and leaned over and sucked the drink from Wan’s cock. Then she went to each of us and did the same thing. Then Bet put her arm around Myra and took her to the king size bed and started to kissing on her.

Bet helped Myra remove her clothes and laid on her and started eating her pussy. Bet got naked and she and Myra got into a 69 and ate each other until they groaned in orgasm together. Alex went over and started making out with Bet and I went to Myra and we fucked and came into their cunts. While Alex fucked Bet, Jorge was getting his cock licked by Bet and Myra was sucking Wan off while I fucked her. After Alex came in Bet, Jorge started to mount her, we all watched. It took about ten min for him to get it in her cunt all the way but when he did, Bet started comming and she couldn’t stop. Jorge was laying kind of on his side and Bet was on her back giving us a good look at the action. When Jorge would pull back Bet’s cunt would open very wide and her clit would stick out about three fourths of an inch. I lay down beside her and kissed her and told her to kiss me like she would if she were being fucked by another man. She asked me to lick her clit while she fucked him and I moved down and went down on her and Alex stuck his cock into her mouth. Wan was fucking Myra and this party lasted for half of the night.

Jorge, if you read this. I gave you the wrong email address it’s ——–13@bs.net Lets get back in touch.

Submitted by: Stephen - Anderson S C


February 14, 2007

Emma Starr in Vegas

A Vegas AVN update from the wonderful Emma Starr today. Can’t get enough of this horny wife.


Hi guys!

I had a great time at AVN. I did two pro shoots for a new company and had a great time. I got fucked so good it made me think, why would I want to get out of the business now? The company’s name is Green Eye Productions. I will be flying out in a couple weeks to shoot a few more scenes.

I also did a super hot gang bang with Bethany Sweet and the West Coast Gangbang guys. Let me just say it was the best! It felt amazing. I really got worked over the 5 days I spent there shooting several scenes with various talent. You will love what you see. It just keeps getting better and hotter…I love my job!

Just thinking about how I got pounded and all the cum I had in my mouth and all over my body is making my pussy wet. I am craving sex more than ever
and love to get wild and overheated like never before. Getting fucked is my favorite past time. What’s yours?

Emma Starr

Emma Starr

Emma Starr

Emma Starr

Emma Star’s Interview With Hotwife Blog Here

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February 12, 2007

Happy Hubby

My wife and I have enjoyed numerous sex exploits over the years. We swap, had threesomes both ways, and one on one dating. Over time our fetish turned more to her being fucked by other men and then me enjoying her when she came home. Getting a call at work from her, asking me if I am coming straight home after work, is a total turn on for me. She would call to see if it was ok for her to see her lover that night. I encouraged her to enter longer relationships rather than one night stands. I thought they would be safer than lots of unknowns. There where many of these lover relationships.

Here is just one of those relationships.

We kept our boat at a marina and had made quite a few friends over time. All were older than us by 10 years. We were about 30 at the time. This one night 6 of us had gone out for dinner. My wife had plenty to drink and was in just the right mood. I am driving with her in the center front seat and Paul next to her. The other couple were in the back with Paul’s wife. As we driving back to Paul’s house I feel my wife pressing up against me and making little maoning sounds. So I glance over at her and see Paul’s hand inside her pants. He is finger fucking her right next to me with all the other people in the back seat. Then I notice that she is rubbing his cock. Well she keeps getting louder and humping to his finger fucking to the point that I was worried that every one else would catch on. Finally she came. Now I made out like I was unaware of what was going on so that Paul wouldn’t stop. Finally we got to Paul’s house and every one just continues drinking and to party. At some point people started getting pushed into the pool. As time went on I noticed Debi ( my wife) and Paul missing. I went into the house because I was worried about them getting caught by Paul’s wife or some one else. I thought it was great and totally turned on that she was going to get fucked. I found them naked and Debi begging him to fuck her when he saw me. I told him it was ok with me but not to get caught by any one else like his wife. Debi had been the reason behind 3 other marriage break ups in the past. The girl just couldn’t keep her pants on with married men. That night ended at that point without her getting fucked by him.

Some weeks later at the marina we had all been drinking a lot at the club house. Paul’s wife had left for home to check on the kids. Debi had gone to our boat to get some sleep. She had to work the next day.

When I went to our boat to go to bed (2:00am) I found Paul sitting and taking to Debi. Paul went to use the bathroom and that’s when Debi told me how Paul woke her up feeling her tits. I decided to go to our cabin and let Debi have time to get fucked. When Paul came back Debi told him I was passed out and fell fast asleep.

After about 20 min. our son (age 4) started to wake up and make noise. The next thing I saw was my wife climbing into the V-birth to check on him. As she climbed in I could clearly see that her pussy lips had been streched open and this totally turned me on knowing she had been penetrated. She looked at me and told me to be quiet and that they had not finished yet. She climbed back out and went back to the salon and Paul.

I was trying to stay awake so I could have her myself after Paul was done. Finally after an hour I felt the boat move as Paul left and Debi came to bed. I couldn’t wait for her to tell me how it went and give me the step by step details. Debi knew it was a turn on for me when she told me how many times they shot cum into her pussy and every thing else they did. Paul had fucked her and filled her with so much cum. I had never seen her fucked so good and with so much cum before, even when she had been fucked 2 or 3 times by someone. She told me that Paul had been fucking her when our son woke up but had not cum yet. His balls must have been so swollen with cum after having to pull out of her and wait. She always has me lick her lovers cum from her pussy. I like eating my wife’s pussy and tasting the man’s cum. Just thinking of the hard cock sliding in and out of her and then shooting a hot extra large load into her is great. I think it is a turn-on seeing these other men days later and knowing they fucked my wife but they don’t know that I know. They also don’t know that I licked their cum from her pussy.

Back to my story. Several weeks later Debi told me that she was having Paul’s baby from the night he fucked her. I wasn’t kidding when I said he fucked her like I have never seen before. When I had her after Paul fucked her pussy, she had tons of cum running out of her. Debi had always been on the pill or something else. She had just stopped using birth control. I was extra turned on that night knowing she was fucking him bareback and knowing there was always the chance he would knock her up. We where both ok with Debi having his baby. It was bound to happen with her fucking all the men she did. Up until recently Debi usually was fucked by other men 2 or 3 times a month.

She continued to fuck Paul for 2 years. Most of her fucking with Paul was between themselves and she didn’t tell me much after the fist fuck session on the boat. About 3 months later we stayed down on the boat again. Paul nicely arranged for his wife to go home and slept on his boat. Debi asked me if she could get fucked by Paul on his boat. I was certainly ok with that. When she was off being fucked I would be so hard and want to jerk off. I knew I was going to have great sex fucking her when she was done getting her pussy filled with Paul’s cum. Sure enough she came back with her pussy fucked and dripping Paul’s cum. She had worn only a nighty with no panties to see Paul. I cold see cum on her pussy hair and lips. She told me that he fucked her 2 times. I went right down on her and started licking and eating her pussy. She was so full of hot goo cum mixed with her juices. She asked me If I could taste Pauls’ cum inside of her. Here I was licking Paul’s cum from my wife who was 3 months pregnant with his baby. I get so rock hard about him knocking my wife up to this day. Of course it is a secret that only a close few friends have been told about. All those people are ones we have had sex with, like our swap partners.

Paul never knew that I knew about them. Debi always told me every step, fuck, thrust, blow job she had with her lovers.

Paul’s wife found out about the affair with Debi. She was really pissed off about Debi having a baby with her husband. She left him and Debi stopped seeing Paul. Of course, with Eric (new) and I fucking her she lost interest in Paul. She did get fixed for Eric so he could fill her pussy with cum once per week.

You guys need to get your wives out fucking other men. Erotic and jealousy all rolled into one feeling. Encourage them to fuck and be open to you about their experiences. It is so arousing having your wife tell you that she got fucked at lunch. Watching her get dressed in super sexy clothes with no underwear for her date. You and one other guy fucking your wife together is blazing hot. Watch your wife cum for him and see his cum dripping out of her. Taste that hot cum while it’s still fresh in her.

Submitted by: Jimmy - Florida


February 10, 2007

Bachelor’s New Year

I’m finally back, settled and Jetlag free in the UK. I hope you all had amazing New Year. I’m going to be posting some trip details and images very soon. In the meantime here’s an update from the one and only Black Bachelor about his own New Year fun with a wife.


Monday 5:21 pm January 1st, 2007, what better way to open up the new year than to gang fuck a spunky, white wife!! Mariah was the first big booty white freak to get her pussy stretched by the crew. Life is so fucking good right now. This chick has a crazy ass, and a hot, wet pussy that craves meaty black dicks! I don’t believe her hubby knows how good he has it, never the less we fucked this hot Jewish gal from Jersey until her face was soaked with several loads of sticky black sperm.

I cant wait to celebrate Valentines day with this wife.

Black Bachelor






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