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January 5, 2007

Rich White Wife

Catch up with the latest Black Bachelor Diary Update.

This catch of his is hot…


Fuck it, I admit it. I love to hunt. But I’m not your typical hunter, I don’t chase deers, squirrels or birds. My game is different. I hunt, rich white wives pussy! I know that may come to a surprise to the average white American husband. But numbers don’t lie. Over the last eight years I have had more rich white pussy swallowing my black jizz, than Paris Hilton has had boyfriends. This week my story kicks off in full player fashion, with me hanging out at a local mall shopping for the holiday season, when my “Rich White Slut Radar” picks up some fresh ass on the black cock monitor!

This young married hottie was real nice. She smiled when she saw me. This is the first sign of a white freak letting a black man, know if he says the right things to her, the pussy is open for business! I smiled back. And even took it a step further and asked her how she’s loving the married life. She didn’t hesitate to tell me she has been married to a wonderful guy from Europe for 7 months! I knew this was going to be somewhat tough, but nothing a black player couldn’t handle!

Black stud pornstars eat your heart out.

I cannot lie, this hottie did give me her digits, but it didn’t take me as long as you would think for me to pop her sexy, silk panties! It was a once in a lifetime fucking with this hottie, but it was good, a picture is worth a thousand words. Check the pix for more information.

I love the single bull life!

Black Bachelor






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2 Responses to “Rich White Wife”

  1. MaxLang said:

    I’d drop my load deep in that hot juicy snatch. This bitch if a fuckin cum dumpster…yeee hawwww…

  2. Marc said:

    Love this “picture storyboard” format - where the initial encounter/meeting is set out etc.

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