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December 14, 2006

Hospitality Suite

One of the most consistent hot wife sites I’ve ever featured on here has to be the lovely Jackie from My Hot Wife. This woman is just insatiable and she has a husband who encourages her to ‘play away’ more and more. I also love the situations she puts herself in, like the one detailed below. Jackie’s boss set her up in a Hotel suite to entertain various clients of the company. Love it….


My wife’s boss set her up in a Hotel suite to entertain potential executives and new employees. My beautiful wife was offered as a perk to these guys.

He told guys she worked for the company and would serve as the hostess for the weekend, she was married, but her husband agreed to loan her out for the weekend. She would suck their cocks and they could fuck her if they wanted.

All weekend he kept my wife busy on her knees sucking dick and on her back with her legs spread taking one cock after another. A corporate whore! What a wife!

After the boss has his initial fuck with Jackie, Chuck was the 2nd guy to fuck my wife. Chuck loved fucking my wife’s face and really enjoyed shoving his big cock in and out of her sweet tight cunt. He told her boss he’d take the job if he would make my wife available as his personal whore!

Jeff was the third guy to fuck my wife. Jeff knew what my wife was there for and wasted no time in getting her down on her knees and shoving his big cock in her mouth. After fucking my wife’s face he pounded his cock in her cunt. My wife had done a good job!

Video Clip of Jackie Fucking Her Way Through The Client List

Read Jackie’s Exclusive Interview With

Visit Jackie’s fantastic site here

9 Responses to “Hospitality Suite”

  1. Marc said:

    Yes I love Jackie & her husband’s “cuckold stories” too. I’ve never joined her site though, does it get regularly updated - never can be quite sure???

    But the way the “cuckold stories” are presented (ie the free promo stuff you can read) just looks fantastic. Jackie looks so classy & elegant - and I especially like the way her husband films her getting dressed up to go out, then leaving him behind. So teasing! What a wife!!

  2. Trash said:

    Yes, it’s a great site, has loads of content Marc and the sign of a good one, the fact that it’s been around for so long. They are a great couple and a great advert for the hotwife lifestyle.

  3. Enoch van Jartan said:

    Her site does look amazing; it sure would be great if she would do an interview for you–I can imagine she’s got an interesting story to tell!

  4. Leon said:

    Incredible site - don’t know where to start… don’t know where to stop!

  5. Francois said:

    Hell what a site and story … Where can i apply for a job interveiw. Keep them comming

  6. Arvid said:

    I’m so glad that Jackie vil start with to take on more big black man in her new show, I always have looking for Jackie to get into Gang Bang with 3 or 4 big black man, but the show have to be classic with a nice foreplay, there she is dress up in nice clothing before the sex is starting, I also like that she is whored out to lots of big black man, you can see that Jackie need lots of
    good sex, she is so nice, so I hope to see it soon.

    Best regards


  7. Christine Brehm said:

    My panties are Soak & Wet,,,someday my fantasy will Cum true. Getting caught in bed with 2 Black-Stud’s, or the Shower,,my atty husband would ‘’Love that'’.

  8. cucky4me said:

    any time your company needs another company whore my wife is available even to travel.

  9. Frank said:

    Jackie you are so sexy, wow you have a good husband that will stand by and allow men to pound their hard cocks in you. You are my kind of woman I wish you were my lady. I would love to see you in and have a chance to be able to look down at your pretty face. WOW

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