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November 28, 2006

Wife Galleries

Any new wives you find on the net that you’d like interviewed or featured please let me know about them, Submit them here

Here’s some new galleries. First gallery is the lovely Amber from Amber At Home whose one lucky member got to see her get fucked in an ankle bracelet he sent her. Next up is my friend Poppy Morgan who we were partying with last week, taking a break from her husband’s cock by fucking this black stud on Wife Craves Black. Last for today we have the beautiful Hotwife Rio

Beautiful curvy Amber takes cock

UK babe Poppy takes some black cock

Rio plays with a nice toy

8 Responses to “Wife Galleries”

  1. john said:

    i like this site .This post is teaching me a lot as i am a true submissive husband to my dom wife. I want to have my wife make me a cuckold . Please advise how can I ask my wife about this my ideas. i am very decent tru sub husband. I serve all the way, like housework, cooking, washing, disher, laundry, also I always lick her pussy before i go to bed. i always sleep on the floor near her bed. this is the way i respect her and be submissive to her. also i love her. she is beauty and honest. but i want to see her when she has fun with another man. I’m scared to ask her about this. Please give some ideas how to reach her these ideas. tks john.

  2. Trash said:

    have a look at this John. It was submitted here last year and talks about grooming your wife for a hotwife lifestyle. Good luck with everything.

  3. george said:

    I’m sick and tired of this racist attitude about white women craving black cock only. Let me tell you the truth! Most women I know who are involved in swinging and the hotwife lifestyle, don’t want black men at all, They’re quite happy doing white guys, who in their opinion are more attractive men.

  4. matt & terri said:

    after looking at this web ,my wife date now only black men

  5. John said:

    Thanks for your reply.I read hot and learned lot how to reach my wife to bring her hotwife life style.I told her my ideas littlebit and show her your hot wife life style blog .Now She accepted my ideas. I am searching a male to introdeced to my wife to start this life style. She is ok to do that.I will be cockloaded soon.I will write you soon my success. tks Johna

  6. vannessa blacklove said:

    hi,thank you for these type of sites it helps me remind my man how little the white man is and why i need to fuck lots of young black men!!thanx vannessa

  7. johnanala said:

    Hi , Thanks for your advice. My wife read hotwifeblog and accepted my idas.Now, I had my first cockold experiance on jan-19-07. We met my fried on a birth day pary. after finsied the party, i invited him to our house.he came with us. and i asked him to go to our bedroom and watch when my wife undressing her party dress.he went to the room.i watched through the doorhole without knowing them .she was talking with him with very sexy .she was wearing bra and panty only. then he kissed her . i sloly went to our family room and sit on a sofa . after 30 minuted she came to me and ordered to me undress . i did and she asked me to follow her to bedroom. i could not see my fried overthere.she asked me to do her full body massage and suck her pussey. i did everything whatever she orderd. then she asked me to sit on a chair near the bed.and then she tide me with chair without moving. then she called my friend. he came from our bedroom closet.i thing,he was watching from closet when i was doing massage and sucking without knowing me.he went to bed and take off her bra and panty and sucking her nice 36 D breast and pussey. I always like her breast .i was angry .but i was feeling something diffrent > i thing i was happly . then he fucked her with his big and hard 8 ‘ cock every angle. she shouted me to watch them. and she was humiliating me like, look his fuck and cock. your cock is small and useless.she was very happy when he was fucking. i also happy because, she was cock was moving around.but my hand was tide up and could not toch mine.
    after finshe their fucking she remove my tide and she ordered to clean her pussey use my tonge. but my frind advised her not to ask me. then she ordered me to clean with wet and nice cloth.I cleaned her pussey and kissed her pussey after some one eat.she said i will do this way whenever i want. i said ok.after my friend left , she kissed me and asked sorry with crying. i said why. i like this way. she said not bring your friend next time. find some one .i said ok. but i do not know how to fine some one. can you give me some ideas how to find some one. in toronto area .25-35 white with big cock. we are very shy people to search ur self. thanks your help. my wife agreed this ideas after read the hotwife blog. now i am waiting for my 2nd experiance.i think this is the way we can be happy . i like this life style.

    john jan-20- 2007

  8. Teriterry said:

    hmm… nice ))

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