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November 13, 2006

Wife Craves Black

Desirae from Naughty At Home sent me another lovely email this morning to tell me about a new site she’s running. On the back of the success of Sharing My Wife they have created a brand new Hot Wife site for us all to enjoy.

Desiare and her husband are dedicated to bringing the hottest new hotwife material to the net. They are contacted by wives on a daily basis just gagging to get in front of the camera and fuck another man in front of their husband and Desirae does her best to make it the best sexual experience they’ve ever had.

The next carnation is called Wife Craves Black and focuses on wives that have a massive sexual need to fuck black men which as you all know is a huge theme on hotwifeblog.

Check out this preview gallery she has let me show you all, it features wife hot brunette wife babe Phyllisha fucks well hung black stud.

See Phyllisha Craving Black Cock - View Gallery Here

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20 Responses to “Wife Craves Black”

  1. Will said:

    Desirae needs a BBC. She only does white guys on her site. When the heck is SHE going to find the real deal.

  2. Greg & Sheryl said:

    Phyllisha Anne is one of the most underrated veteran porn stars in the business. It was great to see her get dicked by another veteran in Sean Michaels. Thanks for sharing!

  3. matt said:

    my wife sunny is also a fan of black men she is very sexy fleashia only blonde she gets more sex from black men now then ever we love this web sight everytime we watch it she wears her tiny short silk skirt and heels as we are watching the porn video she leaves the house gets in her car and travels throu a black naborhood and pretends shes lost and she ask for directions when the black men see her in her tiny silk skirt and she will also pretend shes had a few too many drinks and the black guy will talk advantage of her ,it works for her all the time

  4. matt said:

    my wife dont understand why more white women espeally if they are married dont have a black lover we all know the tiny dicks white guys have .my wife is out right now dressed slutty meeting her black lover

  5. mark malone said:

    white women sure go for that black cock.

  6. zues said:

    hey all i gatta say is i think its sexy as hell to see two monster black cocks ripping my wife apart

  7. jason said:

    Hey i love to watch my wife get banged by a black cock. she get her workmate and he gives her good in front of me. my cock is 6 inches noway close to his thick monster 10 inches . it has got us more close. i guess we caucasians should keep a black lover for our wives trust me its fun what do u guys have to say about this ?

  8. jackson said:

    Makes my white dick feel useless! Perfect!

  9. chris said:

    id love to have my wife get fucked by a big black cock and get her mouth filled with black nut. if anyone is interesed let me know!!

  10. Si said:

    I agree I only hope I can meet a girl who will fuck blackmen there cocks are better then ours we whites should bow to these cocks all women should suck and fuck black cock and be breed by them

  11. rad said:

    my wife would love to fuck a black man and says she will one day i hope so

  12. rad said:

    my wife has kissed and touched black mens cocks but not had 1 up her yet we cant wait

  13. john said:

    my wife got a date with a black man tonight hope she gets fucked

  14. john said:

    my wife is mad on black men and i love her doing this

  15. kev said:

    i want my wife to have a black man

  16. kev said:

    my wife has wanked a black man but not had 1 up her

  17. darin said:

    my wife is a sexy blonde ive been sending pictures of blondes with blacks to her she would be so sexy doing a black guy and me at the same time when she is in her heels and totally nacked oh what a body and that cum and get me ass then when she puts on her leather oh shit total sex machine

  18. darin said:

    i also told her that a big load of black mans cum on her shaved pussy and my cum all over her mouth would be dam sexy then we could change ends with her and do it all over again her reply was sounds sexy and some of the pictures i sent her showed this and she said looks real sexy and it was turning her on

  19. darin said:

    she hasnt came out and said she was ready to do it yet and doesnt talk to much about it she dated a black guy in college like i said though she has got a body out of this world

  20. darin said:

    i think she really wants to try it but doesnt know how to tell

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