November 30, 2006

Desperate Hot Wives

Top stud Brandon Longwood has just released a great new movie all about him fucking some horny hotwives It’s called Desperate Hot Wives and here’s a little trailer clip and some info;


Call it amateur. Call it indie. Just be certain to call it hot. Four sexy hot wives in hardcore interracial action with rising adult stud Brandon Longwood who gives these married ladies a healthy dose of his thick black cock in a DVD that is sure to delight all lovers of real life porn. Watch sexy Kat Noir get drilled on the couch and chair until her legs shake and her face gets plastered. Busty redhead Ginger is in heaven as Brandon pounds her senseless from one edge of the bed to the other. Lovely blonde slut Christy loves to show off for the camera in a scene so hot, the sofa had to be turned into the bed in order to finish up. Christina Noir gets worked over good by Brandon’s long wood. No plots. No scripts. Just pure, intense, black on white action. An instant classic!

Brandon Longwood

Brandon Longwood

Brandon Longwood

Brandon Longwood

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November 28, 2006

Wife Galleries

Any new wives you find on the net that you’d like interviewed or featured please let me know about them, Submit them here

Here’s some new galleries. First gallery is the lovely Amber from Amber At Home whose one lucky member got to see her get fucked in an ankle bracelet he sent her. Next up is my friend Poppy Morgan who we were partying with last week, taking a break from her husband’s cock by fucking this black stud on Wife Craves Black. Last for today we have the beautiful Hotwife Rio

Beautiful curvy Amber takes cock

UK babe Poppy takes some black cock

Rio plays with a nice toy


November 26, 2006

Truck Stop Whore

This is a true story, my wife and I have been married 2 years she is 20 and I am 21 she is slim, 5′6″ size C tits with long brown hair. I love her so much. Well, one day after we had been married for a year or so, I said something when we was in the middle of sex, something not too nice, and she replied with tears in her eyes “you want some guy to do me”. and I dropped the subject.

Then about a month later we was on a road trip we was driving to Texas and I had been playing with her most of the trip. She had a short jean skirt on and after about 10 hours into the trip I managed to get her panties off and kept playing with her. Every time a trucker would pass us she would close her legs and beg me to stop. I just kept on and on.

After we got to the border of Texas the car was acting funny and we pulled into a rest area. And the car would not restart.

There was this big trucker guy walking back from the restroom going back to his truck and I walked over to him and ask if he could give us a ride to the next town and I needed to get my car repaired. He said no and started to walk on and I said “sir my wife is over in the car and we really need a ride please”. And he looked over at the car and saw Shelly in the car and said ok.

I ran over to the car and told Shelly to come on we got a ride and he can get up to the next town. I said grab you bag and lets go. She said are you sure it’s ok. I said it will be ok.

We ran over to the truck and Shelly turned and looked at me like how do I open the door. And I opened the door. She grabbed the handle and pulled her self up and I looked up and oh shit she still didn’t have her panties on, I reached up and touched her ass and she turned and looked at me with a crazy look and when I went past her inside the truck she whispered in my ear, I forgot. I said it’s ok.

The guy started driving and ask where we was from and we told him. He said he had been out on the road for sometime and was headed home. Shelly was sitting in the hump in the middle between the driver seat and the passenger seat and she said wow there’s a lot of room in here. The guy said you can go in the back and look around if you want. She didn’t want to move around too much with the short skirt and the fact that she had no panties on. I looked over at the guy and caught him looking at her. He was looking at her legs and he even leaned forwarded one time to see if he could see anything.

I told Shelly why don’t you go look in the back and see what it’s like back there. Shelly had never been in a big truck before, And she just mumbled ok. And the guy was looking over at her as she moved around to go into the back and as she did he leaned over close to her and he didn’t care that I was seeing him looking at her. And I moved my arm to help her as she bent over to craw into the back, I don’t know why, but I raised her skirt up and you could see full view of her ass and pussy.

She just climbed into the back and never said a word. The guy said loudly, “dam that is a nice pussy”. The guy looks over at me and says I ain’t had a pussy in 3 months.

No one said anything for a while and I looked back and Shelly was looking at me with half mad and half, what am I doing look!! And she said “come back here PLEASE” The guy said “no just sit there I’m going to pull off and you can get up then.” The guy said he needed to pull over and check something and started pulling over and stopped the truck on an off ramp. He set the break and bent over to me and said in a whisper, “you showed it now im gonna find it.” And he climbed in the back. I could here him telling Shelly to stand up and I looked in the back and he took her arm and pulled her up, and said to her while looking at her in her face, “I want some, you know want I want!” Shelly looked at him and then she looked at me up front. And she said “what do you want?” He said “don’t look at him look at me”, and she got tears in her eyes and started to cry a little and he said “I need some pussy” and she didn’t move a muscle.

The guy quickly grabbed her skirt and pulled it up, it was up around her arms and he pushed her t-shirt up as well, both was bunched under her arms.

Then she says in a worried voice “HONEY” and I couldn’t say anything. The guy was wearing sweatpants and he pushed them down and pushed her back on the bunk. She goes “BABY” and he opened her legs and laid over on her and he made her put her arms over her head and pushed her skirt up over her head.

And all I could see was this guy between her legs and he had his head between her tits and she didn’t say another word. The guy was playing with her tits and he sat up for a moment and holy shit his dick as big about two times the size of mine. And he pointed it at her slit and he pulled her knees up and he put the head of it in her and said “oh dam it tight oh shit.” Shelly started gasping and saying in a whimpering voice “BABY” and he just pushed it in and grunted and she gasped and tried to raise up and he said “NOPE” and pushed her back down, he just put his head next to hers and started fucking her and after about 15 mints the guys was just going and going and

she started saying “oh oh oh” and she said “are you going to pull out? are you going to pull out?” and he goes “just fuck”. She goes I’m not on the pill, he goes whispering and he goes “just fuck make me cum fuck my dick”. And she starts Cumming and he keeps pounding, and then he started going fast and shoves it in and starts grunting and his ass cheeks start quivering. and he just kept it inside her. I could tell he was done. He rolled off her and she just stayed there with her legs open and her hands above her head. The guy goes looking at me, “that is a nice pussy, you should have not shown it to me boy.” Then, She went to sit up and he made her lay down and pushed her skirt back up over her head. He had his hand on her chest and was still looking at me and said “don’t say a word boy.”

About 20 mints past and there was some guy tapping on the passenger door on the truck and I opened the door and the guy said “Is mack in there?” I said yes he is in the back. He goes move over and let me in and Shelly closed her legs and went to sit up and the guy said “no lay down” and he opened her legs.. The guy that just got in looked at Mack and said “oh want do we have here.”

And Mack said “pussy”. The guy got into the back and undid his pants and Shelly started trying to move and see what was going on. Mack just pulled her skirt back up over her head. And the other guy got on her and he was a little rough. Mack moved away and sat on the floor. The guy sat up and said you got a rubber mack and he responed no and the guy goes “oh man I get to really fuck this pussy.” Mack says fuck the shit out of it. And the guy sticks it in and lays over on top of her. Shelly started saying in a whispering voice to the guy that she was not on the pill and the guy replies just be quiet and fuck,

and he just starts doing it to her. Mack looks at me and says “she has a good pussy boy, you need to take care of it.” He goes when he is done “I will get you to the next truck stop and you guys can go.”

We now have a little boy name Tim and that’s just the way it is.

Submitted by: Jeff - New Mexico


November 24, 2006

Creampie Gangbang

Here’s a classic collection from the superb guys at West Coast Gangbangs featuring a rare creampie gangbang from amazing hotwife Natascha. You don’t get to see much of this type of material these days. If anyone knows where I can find some more please comment below.


Natascha was in Florida when we were visiting last month and being the gangbang queen that she is, she wanted us plus members on West Coast Gangbang to cum gangbang her.

I unfortunately didn’t make the party because I was out with Allie but from what the guys told me, Natascha had about 10 guys in a hotel room near the beach and she fucked them until she drained all of their cum.

The only other girl that I can think of that likes cum so much is the famous “Bubbles” from Southern California. And is too bad they (Natascha and Bubbles) have not met because together they would put the gangbang of the century as these two gangbang queens can take on over 100 guys easy and like good cumsluts, would make sure all the cum is swallowed or inside Natascha. Anyway, Natascha will be having a gangbang party in Vegas in October and if you are a member who lives out there, send me an email and I’ll put you in touch with Natascha so you too can give her a load.

West Coast Gang Bangs

West Coast Gang Bangs

West Coast Gang Bangs

West Coast Gang Bangs

West Coast Gang Bangs

Visit West Coast Gangbangs Here


November 23, 2006

Mad Night

I have a story to tell about last night.

My hot girlfriend Daisy Rock was meant to do a bgbg scene at our place after she had an a shoot in the morning. She doesn’t normally book 2 scenes in a day but the first producer promised she would be finished by 1pm so she’d have time to get home and shoot the 2nd movie.

Anyway the performers arrived at our house at about 3pm and we waited for Daisy to come home (about a 3 hour drive back). We heard nothing and her phone was switched off. At 4pm I get a call saying she hasn’t started the first shoot yet because of tech problems, I talk to the other performers and they agree to wait and shoot the scene in the evening.

In the end Daisy didn’t get home until 10pm, by the time she’d showered and done hair and make-up and done the soft stills it was after midnight.

I settled down in the office to catch up on some emails and let them get on with the shoot and then Daisy comes in. She says one of the guys is so tired he can’t get a hard-on. They’ve tried everything. The scene had to be 2 guys because the producer wanted some DP, she then asks me if I’d do the scene…

My mind started spinning out with fear. I’ve never done anything like it before. Thinking Daisy would suffer in the end from the producer not getting what he wanted and maybe not use her again, I madly decided to agree. So going from completely relaxed to completely shit-scared in a second I try and get myself mentally prepared with thoughts flying around my head… the main one being… What if I can’t get hard myself?….

I mean playing on the swinging scene is one thing. But doing a movie in front of a camera is completely different. It’s work, it’s not sex for fun, you don’t choose you partners, you’re told what positions to assume, the set is brightly lit, you stop and start constantly, your female performer might not even like you and you have to cum when you’re told to.

Don’t want to drag this out too much but somehow I did it, everything, the whole works, acting, positions, dp, even cumming on cue. The producer said I was fantastic LOL. We finally finished at 7am and I am totally knackered today.

So living with a pornstar is certainly different and you never know what’s going to happen next, but I know one thing, being a performer is fucking hard work and for the money you get, these girls and guys really deserve a lot of respect.

Anyway thought I’d share my crazy night…. Until the next episode of Trash’s Mad World….

Much love,


November 22, 2006

Back from Erotica

The UK Porn Awards and Erotica made for a fantastic weekend. After having to endure sharing a changing room with 30+ pornstars, a limo ride to the venue and free champagne (sigh) we got back to the hotel where the real fun began. A night of very exciting hotel room hopping, ended up with me and Daisy fucking a hot young pornstar. She must have had a good time as she came back twice in the night.

Saturday night after Erotica some of out friends attended an exclusive swingers party in Mayfair, London. After a slow start, Daisy and Isabel got the party started by jumping on 3 guys. That set the tone for the evening with lots of horny people joining in.

The night ended with me giving gspot squirting demonstrations to willing females lined up to see what all the fuss was about. I apologise in advance to the organisers and the state of the bed sheets by the end of the night LOL.



November 20, 2006

Tempted Black

Hi my name is Layne, I am a 28 year old MWF. Before I was married I had sex with black men. I thought I was going to leave that in the past, but last weekend my husband was away, and I got the urge to play again.

I love black men I think they are hot. And even after being married I still have the urge to be with them.


Submitted by: Layne - Michigan


November 16, 2006

Busy Weekend

I thought it about time I post some pics of my very own girlfriend Daisy Rock which I snapped last night.

We’ve got a busy weekend ahead of us. Friday night we’re off to the UK Porn Awards where Daisy will be performing on stage and likely to cause a riot as usual. Can’t wait.

Then on saturday she’ll be at Erotica London signing photos on The Strictly Broadband stand from 7pm-9pm, so if you’re going to be there come and say hi.

I’ve also been chatting to Rick Lee who’s keen to shoot her (and fuck her) for Hotwives and Girlfriends. Would be very cool for Rick to have the girlfriend of hotwifeblog.com on his site. Stay tuned for more updates.

Daisy Rock

Daisy Rock

Daisy Rock

Daisy Rock

Check Out Daisy Rock on MySpace Here

Visit Daisy Rock’s Website Here


November 15, 2006

Behind His Back

Since I met my husband’s best friend (Lee) a few years ago, I have always wanted a piece of him. We live just a few doors down from Lee and visit frequently. My husband and I have an open relationship and he loves to watch me have sex with other men. But I’ve always wanted to have his best friend alone with out my husband watching. So, one night while we were at Lee’s house, my husband went back to our house to get some games and movies for the evening. When he left, Lee sat next to me on the couch. I have always noticed he liked flirting with me but I never imagined what was about to happen. Lee started grabbing my breasts and kissing my neck. I couldn’t resist myself, I knew my husband would be back soon but I had wanted this for way too long. I told Lee that I have always wanted his dick and would do anything for it.

After sucking on his cock, it got so big I had to have it in me. I told Lee his dick was the biggest I have ever had. He pushed me over the couch and just fucked me hard from behind. I couldn’t contain myself. I was moaning and groaning so loud. Lee kept saying my husband would be back soon. I told him to just fuck me and stop thinking about it. But I liked him saying it because he would slam me really hard and fast every time he mentioned my husband coming back. Finally, his big hard cock swelled in side me and I got so wet down there I knew he just came in me. My husband and I always agreed not to let a man fuck me without a condom and especially not allow him to cum in me. However, at this moment I didn’t care. Lee’s dick was everything I had hoped it would be. It was so worth the wait. We were able to get cleaned up and sit back on the couch before my husband came back.

To this day my husband let’s me fuck other men but he doesn’t know that I still fuck Lee without him. And damn Lee has a THICK dick.

Submitted by: The Dame - Nevada


November 13, 2006

Wife Craves Black

Desirae from Naughty At Home sent me another lovely email this morning to tell me about a new site she’s running. On the back of the success of Sharing My Wife they have created a brand new Hot Wife site for us all to enjoy.

Desiare and her husband are dedicated to bringing the hottest new hotwife material to the net. They are contacted by wives on a daily basis just gagging to get in front of the camera and fuck another man in front of their husband and Desirae does her best to make it the best sexual experience they’ve ever had.

The next carnation is called Wife Craves Black and focuses on wives that have a massive sexual need to fuck black men which as you all know is a huge theme on hotwifeblog.

Check out this preview gallery she has let me show you all, it features wife hot brunette wife babe Phyllisha fucks well hung black stud.

See Phyllisha Craving Black Cock - View Gallery Here

Visit Wife Craves Black Here

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