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October 28, 2006

Indian Hotwife

My hubby and I had always fantasized about me fucking other men. When we would fuck he would tell me how much he would like to for me to be fucked by four or more guys at the same time. In return I would tell him about the times I fucked before we were married and he would get really turned on hearing me describe how their dicks felt going in me and cumming in my mouth and pussy.

I still never fucked anyone else until 5 years ago, the day we went for a vacation to the beach. We had hired a 4x4 Pajero that we could go almost anywhere in and we always winded up going to a secluded spot on the beach where I could sunbathe without my top. One day while we were there we had forgot to stop and get ice on the way so my hubby said he would run back to get some. I told him that I would just stay there and sunbathe until he got back. It wasn’t long after he left that I heard some voices and looked down the beach and saw a number of guys walking the shore line. I had removed my top and being that I was so used to being without it I completely forgot about putting it on. As the guys got closer they saw me and I noticed they started talking among themselves and then they headed over my way.

They came up and stood around making small talk when I realized I didn’t have my top on. As I reached for it one of the guys said that I looked so good without it that it would be a shame to cover up such a fine set of titties. With that the other guys chimed in and they all started talking about how nice my tits were and they wished they could feel them to see if they felt as good as they looked.

I started to get into it too and finally told them to go ahead a see if they felt good. They were all over me in a flash and before I knew it they were feeling me up and rubbing their hands all over my body and I was getting hotter and hotter. I laid back and allowed them to remove my swimming suit bottoms and they began to finger me and rub my pussy. I was laying back with my eyes closed just enjoying it all when I felt a dick rubbing against my mouth. I opened my eyes and they were all naked with their big dicks ready. I opened my mouth and took the dick in it and then felt one sliding in my pussy. The other guys continued to play with my tits as I was getting fucked and sucking a dick. It wasn’t long before the guy I was sucking started cumming in my mouth and the guy fucking me seeing this shot a huge load in my pussy. As they slid out of me two more took their place and both shot loads of cum in me. Then I was told to straddle one guy and sit down on his dick as I did this another guy came up behind me and slowly started pushing his dick in my ass. Man I have never felt anything so good. I was completely full of dick in my pussy and ass, I didn’t think it could get any better until another guy came around and put his dick where I could suck on it. Every time the guys shoved their dicks in me I would take that dick deep in my mouth and let it slide out. It wasn’t long before they all shot loads of cum in me . By this time I was pretty sloppy with cum running out my pussy and ass and also all over my face. I thought I had fucked them all and maybe even sucked some off.

This one guy stepped up and the guys said this is the one we saved for you for last. He was huge. I have never seen a dick as long or as big around as his. My eyes must has gotten wide because he smiled and said don’t worry you have been fucked enough to really enjoy it now. I smiled back at him and said put that big fucking dick in me and fuck me till I drop. He started easing that monster in me and oh it felt so damn good I threw my legs around him and pulled him into me. As he fucked me the rest of the guys kept rubbing their dicks on me and I would suck some and jack them off so I was getting cum all over my body. When the guy started to cum in me he must have had a gallon of cum. I could feel it starting to run out of my pussy around his dick as he continued to fill me full.

When he climbed off all the guys told me I was fantastic and did I need anything. I told them no I was completely satisfied and I was going to make my hubbies day. They all thanked me and waded out in the surf to wash off and continued on down the beach. I lay there for a while and rubbed the cum around on my body thinking about how great it felt fucking all those dicks one after the other and then got up and waded out to wash off and let some of the cum drain out of my pussy.

About ten minutes later my hubby pulled up. Once he had settled back next to me I told him I wanted him to fuck me right there. He jumped at the chance and as he slid his dick in me I smiled at the look on his face and then I started to tell him all about what had happened. He got so hot that he was cumming in me in no time and then wanted to fuck some more as I continued to tell him about my adventure. Since that time I have had numerous times where I have fucked 3, 4, and 5 guys at a time, but never anything that topped that time on the beach. I won’t fuck one on one with no one but my hubby and we always talk about the guys fucking me and filling me full of cum in my mouth, pussy and ass. I’ll never forget that life changing time at the beach. Now I love gangbangs and can’t get enough of them. I always jump at any chance to go to a party, meeting or any get-together where I might wind up getting fucked by all the guys there.

Here’s a pic of me getting fucked.
Indian Wife

Submitted by: Ritiabby - New Delhi, India

15 Responses to “Indian Hotwife”

  1. Russ said:

    Sounds wonderful….let me know when you get to NJ

  2. Wagz said:

    GREAT story! Would love to hear more adventures and see more pics. . .you sound like you’re super sexy!

  3. HAIRYBEARS said:



    GREAT PIC !!!!!!!



  4. Raj said:

    Baby, you are awesome…………you are a real slut(randi what we call in hindi)…….tumhari choot ko padna chahta hoon……..would you give me a chance baby?

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