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October 1, 2006

Stacie Starr Creampied

Here’s an update from Bull Rick Lee at Hotwives and Girlfriends with an Australian hotwife called Stacie Starr. I love the way he always creampies his wives.


Stacie is a hot Australian wife that was visiting Florida few weeks ago and that I had the luck to meet up with. She came over to visit some family and her husband stayed behind for work, but she had the permission to party on her holiday. I found Stacie online on one of the hot wife sites and I told her if she wanted to get together on or off camera, she figured she would do something really wild that she wouldn’t do back home so she agreed to be on the site.

And on one of my last days in Florida I finally met up with her. She was very eager to do the video but she was also anxious about how it would come out. I talked to her for a while first and then I took her to the hotel where I was staying had an awesome time with her. Once my cock was out, she forgot there was a camera (and so did I) and she sucked my cock really good, she made my cock real hard with her mouth and that in turn made her more wet. I then got her on the bed and started to fuck her hard like she wanted it. At first we were going to use condoms but we got so out of control that we just gave in the natural feeling of my cock going in her very and horny pussy.

I fucked her until basically it was time for me to check out of the room where I was staying but I really wanted to keep on doing Stacie as she was so hot. But I had catch a flight too, so I ended up cumming all over her ass and pussy, making sure the cum would stream down her pussy. Just too bad I had to leave.. but maybe next time I am in Australia I’ll get a chance to fuck her again.

Stacie Starr

Stacie Starr

Stacie Starr

Stacie Starr

Stacie Starr

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8 Responses to “Stacie Starr Creampied”

  1. pielover said:

    It’s a great cumshot but that is not a true creampie. It must be shot internally & then ooze back out.
    A lot of those guys on do creampies often, good site.

  2. jimi dix said:

    I´d hit it.

  3. Studman9211 said:

    Love them creampies… Thats where the cum belongs…in & on the womans pussy…not sprayed all over her beautiful flushed face….(Well maybe sumtimes….hehehe)…I do love to splatter my cum on a pair of beautiful breasts…watch it drip off her nipples…

  4. Andy said:

    She´s without doubt the most charming and beautiful MILF I´ve ever seen ! I would pay a million to spend a night with that woman. Stacie, you´re husband must be very happy !

  5. Daniel said:

    Very Much likes that pic of you stacey, i work with you, but i would have nver guessed you to be such a hottie… im so jelous of these other men…

  6. Mike said:

    ive had the pleasure of spending 4 nights with this beautiful lady as we dated a little…very rewarding experience! =)

  7. Victor said:

    I’ve seen her at a big box retailer in duhnellon,fl…. not bad

  8. zala said:

    please let me know when i can try this in syd asap

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