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September 5, 2006

Indecent Magazine

I wanted to introduce you to a great new online magazine I’ve recently come across. Indecent is a great read, full of stories about slut wives. The stories are well illustrated and each one is coded with the subject matter discussed within. There’s also letters, interviews, movie reviews and even personals. It’s great.

Indecent Magazine

Check it out - Click here to download Indecent Magazine Volume 1 (9mb)

11 Responses to “Indecent Magazine”

  1. Dave said:

    Cool, I loved the interracial stories. If this comes out I will definitely be a subscriber. Thanks for the teaser!

  2. INDECENT said:

    You can download INDECENT using e-mule (just search for “Indecent slut wife”.

    There are also contact details in the mag if you wish to subscribe directly. Volume 6 was just released and we are taking contributions for Vol 7.

  3. Alex said:

    This magazine will be a huge hit! Love the priceless pics. Why not try adding a personals section where slut wives can meet bulls or clubs around town for action.

  4. Lupo said:

    What is going on here? I have not seen any more and e-mule is not work. So is there any more??

  5. INDECENT said:

    Vol 7 was recently released, Lupo.

    Write in to subscribe and you’ll be sent the links.

  6. DavidR said:

    I am also looking to subscribe, but I cannot find this online anywhere. If you could send me the link, I would be glad to subsribe.

  7. INDECENT said:

    Guys, download Vol 1 and you’ll find the details on how to subscribe.

  8. Russell said:

    I read this first issue and I have to say that your emag is great. Please send me the links to subscribe.


  9. Walter said:

    Great job,
    Please send me links to subscribe.


  10. rosario said:

    please i like to subscrive send me links and info how thank you

  11. nick said:

    love to know more about this magazine too.

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