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July 12, 2006

Cuckold Me Now

I remember Roman Video about this time last year advertising for cuckolds to appear in their movies.

They wanted some guys who would play the part of a sissy cuckold, guys that wouldn’t mind cleaning up the girl after another man had spewed his load in her pussy.

The movies, now released have come out pretty well. There is a variety of cuckoldry covered including talking about the fantasy, dressing the ‘wife’, cross-dressing, chastity, assisting the wife during sex with her lover (such as licking her toes and pussy while she’s getting fucked and licking her pussy underneath in a 69 with the wife whilst she’s having sex), there’s verbal humiliation, strap-on play (wife fucking hubby) and of course creampie eating.

It’s rare that creampie eating with regards to cuckoldry is covered on the net or in movies with a high quality output product so I’m glad Roman Video have been brave enough to cover the subject matter without being scared off by the usual consumer majority dismissing it as ‘gay’. Here the wife is the focus of the husband’s desire and with her ordering you to do it, gay is certainly isn’t, depraved and humiliating, it is.

Let’s hope their future releases play on the subject even more.

They have a new website where you can download the movies and see images. Check the samples below.

Cuckold Me Now

Cuckold Me Now

Cuckold Me Now

6 Responses to “Cuckold Me Now”

  1. Corninho said:

    Well… the pictures are hot… but you can see that arenĀ“t real cuckolds and wives… some “husbands” appear on various different pictures with dif. women…

  2. Trash said:

    Yes, as I said in my article the movies and made with actors as I remember them asking for willing cuckolds to play the part on various message boards. Still love them though, I think they’re very well made and it’s great to see creampie eating in professionally produced porn.

  3. adil said:

    he is lucky husband that he have a good slut wife if im in his place i will lick her shit

  4. 4.5inches said:

    my little cock gets so hard watching these videos…i wish she was telling me how much better another man’s cock felt in her than mine. how it filled her like i never could and touched her deeper than i could ever reach. would love if she asked me if my cock was even in yet as i fucked her.

  5. sissybabysusie said:

    I have bought 3 of their films and they are quite good unfortunately they all follow the same scenario.It would be nice to see a film where the wife dresses her hubby in frilly baby girl clothes.The cuckold actors all have averaged sized cocks and its a shame they have not found any with a tiny 3 or 4 inch penis.

  6. hungrybottom13 said:

    Well I do have a 3.5″ man clit and my girlfriend loves to dress me up I have not worn anything other than panties for a year and she loves to shove very huge dildo’s up me( 3″ x 14″) but she won’t bring home other men I would love to do a video for these guys. Also you never see the wive make the cuck cleanup the bull with his mouth. why?

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