June 27, 2006

Erotica LA Update

Sorry for the lack of updates, I’ve just managed to find an Internet connection. Didn’t have time to post before I went away. Me and Daisy Rock have been at Erotica LA since last Wednesday and we’re having a ball. Daisy is getting lots of interest and offers of work and we’ve been abducting pornstars and taking advantage of them in our hotel room. I love this town. I feel very at home here…

I’m gutted I haven’t managed to hook up with Emma Starr yet and still haven’t bumped into Christina Noir for the 2nd Erotica show in a row. At the moment I’m in Ariana Jolee’s apartment along with Isabel Ice and Daisy is doing a shoot today with 2 hot male pornstars Marcus London and Tony Desergio. I’ll try and get online again soon and give you another update. I’ve got some hot photos when I get back…

Bye for now,


June 15, 2006

Wife and Part-time Model

I first met Kate at the weekend college party. She was a teacher from Miami. Kate was married and had just started to work as a part time model to get money to be independent from her husband.

She answered an advert and had already done some nude photo work. The photographer told her that video porn would make her some good money. Kate agreed to try and went to the studio. She was asked to pose nude with two guys. She was then asked to have oral sex with the guys. Kate took both guys in her mouth. She was then asked to let one of the guys fuck her, and if she went all the way and let the guy ‘cream pie her’ she would get extra money. Kate agreed to do it. She went on all fours, was fucked, and was left with a load of hot cum drippng from her pussy.

Kate said that she will do one or two more porn movies before the end of the summer. Hope that Kate allows some of her photos on Hot Wife Blog.

Submitted by: Jamie - Miami


June 14, 2006

Emma Starr in Jamacia

The beautiful Emma Starr has just got back from a holiday in Jamaica, her husband Brad just sent me through a couple of holiday snaps.

I can only imagine the fun Emma got up to out there. I’m gagging to hear all about it.

Emma Starr

Emma Starr

Emma Star’s Interview With Hotwife Blog Here

Visit Ms Starr Sexy Teacher Here

Visit Emmas Wild World Here


June 12, 2006

Kat Noir Models For Us

I hope you’re all aware of Kat Noir. Any hotwife connoisseur should have heard of this fine lady. I love this woman, her sultry looks and wild appetite for black men. She has always been one of my favorite hotwives. You can almost taste the sex in her raw home-made movies. So you can imagine how thrilled I was when she agreed to model for hot wife blog.

Thanks for the pictures Kat, look forward to hearing about your latest adventures real soon.

Kat Noir

Kat Noir

Kat Noir

Kat Noir

Read The Kat Noir Interview Here


June 10, 2006

Wife’s Foursome

Bottom line, I loved hearing of my wife’s sexual slutty past, and I think I made that abundantly clear. I would make her tell me about all the guys she’s blown at frat parties, or behind bars, or while on Spring Break. How some guy would peel her bikini bottoms back after drinking all afternoon, and fuck her silly.

We are married now and those days are long gone, however in her early thirties she still looks like a little college slut. It has always been my fantasy to have my wife suck some strange guy off when she is out with a friend, and then come home and tell me about it.

On this particular night she went to go and meet a friend for dinner. She wore a short mini skirt; cream in color and a black strapless top that made here tits look huge. She had heels on, and her make up was perfect. She had that sexy, classy look about her. When she returned, her make up was smeared, she had no panties on, and her skirt was stained in several places. Her crotch was wet and sticky, and she had marks on her ass. I asked her what happened to her, and with a devilish yet apprehensive look this is what she confided.

She was to meet her friend at the Plaza Bar and Grille, and upscale bar located in the Plaza Hotel. She told me her friend called and was running late. She made herself comfortable at the bar, and was on her third drink. My wife rarely drinks anymore. She had nothing better to do. She said she had a major buzz going because she didn’t eat anything all day. These two handsome Italian men saddled up right next to her. They had beautiful business suites on, and where each well over 6 feet tall, with dark hair, and very distinguished features. They explained they were from Rome and were there on business. It would please them very much if they could buy a beautiful woman a drink. My wife acquiesced. She was now on her fourth drink, and was getting very flirtatious. She could tell the men were attracted to her because they kept looking down her shirt, which showed a lot of cleavage, and at her legs. She looked down to see what they kept looking at when she noticed her crotch and panties were showing, She forgot how short the skirt was. She immediately crossed her legs and smiled at the two Italian men. They both smiled back and winked.

At this moment her cell phone rang, and it was her friend. She had a flat tyre, and was too frustrated trying to make her way into the City. She asked if my wife would be upset if she cancelled. My wife smiled, and replied it was no problem at all she would make other arrangements. She hung up the phone and explained what had just happened to her new-found friends. They immediately asked if she would care to join them to meet a friend at a club downtown. They had a Limo waiting for them. My wife immediately accepted their offer.

I thought to myself as this story started to unfurl what was coming next. My wife when she gets drunk loves to suck cock. I thought all the ingredients were in place. Except that there were two men? Would she suck them both off? Was she drunk enough to fuck? How seriously did she take my fantasy requests? By the look of how she arrived home, it was very clear something happened. I was sitting at the edge of my bed with an enormous hard on waiting for the story.

She said she left the bar with the two gentlemen and sat in between them both in the Limo. She was debating whether to continue flirting with these two guys, or go for it, and come back with a crazy story to satisfy my husband’s fantasy as she put it. They arrived at the club in 10 minutes. When they arrived the two gentlemen explained that their friend was actually their boss in Italy, and he was there with a client. If she could be especially nice to their boss it would be very helpful to them.
The “boss” was waiting for them at a couch. The club had a lounge setting, and he was seated having a drink. When he stood to introduce himself, he too was over 6 feet tall. He was actually larger then the other two man who escorted her. They were 6,2” and 6.3”, the boss was 6.6’ and built like a truck. My wife said his size, and his light blue eyes made him almost irresistible to her. His name was Antonio. He put out his hand to her, and it was enormous. She saw him wink at his two compatriots, but she was not sure why.

My wife said they had several more drinks at the club when Antonio had asked he to dance. At this point my wife was clearly feeling no pain or no inhibitions. When she was dancing with Anton she said she felt his physical power and presence as he enveloped my petite little wife. She said she turned when they were dancing and stuck her ass in his crotch and started to grind. She didn’t even think about it, it was just something that happened. He smiled grabbed her hips, and started to play fuck her on the dance floor. She lifted her skirt to reveal her thong panties and asked him to slap her ass right there on the dance floor. He smiled and complied with a thunderous slap. She said she felt the sting for a half hour afterwards. The sound it made could almost be heard over the music. The two gentlemen who brought her there were laughing on the sidelines. Antonio now turned her towards him, and grabs her tits. He pinched her nipples with his fingers, and then reached into her shirt for a quick skin on skin feel. She said she simply shut her eyes and let him do what he wanted. She admitted that he was an especially attractive man, and she was drunk. I asked her if she wanted to suck his cock. My wife immediately responded with a resounding yes! I wanted to drop to my knees right there.

When they left the dance floor, and arrived back at the couch. Antonio bent down and whispered in my wife’s ear. She left, but quickly returned. I asked her what he said, and what she told me shocked me not so much for the request, but the fact that she complied. He said she was asked to go to the bathroom and remove her panties. When she arrived back at the couch she sat next to Anton who immediately uncrossed her legs, and showed his two underlings my wife’s sopping wet pussy. He them licked his fingers and started finger fucking my wife on the couch, in the middle of the club, in front of two other men. My wife in return started to grab his crotch, and stuck her tongue out, and looking down at his crotch suggesting that she wanted him to insert something in her mouth.

At that point it got too hot in the club, and all four left the club and crawled back into the Limo. The two big guys sat across from my wife while she sat with Antonio. She said Antonio grabbed her by the hair, and started kissing her forcefully. She reached down inhibited by the presence of the other 2 men and grabbed his cock. She unzipped his pants and removed the longest, thickest cock she ever bared witness to. She was absolutely enthralled. My wife said Antonio pulled her back from the kiss by her hair, look in her eyes, and told her to suck his cock right there. My wife, pretty well buzzed, thought to her self this was a turning point. It’s one thing to fool around, entirely another to start sucking cock in a Limo, with 2 male witnesses. She looked over at Antonio’s large bodyguards, back at Antonio, and thought, my husband would absolutely love for me to do this, and then come home and tell him all about it. This is exactly the situation he would love.

With that in mind, my wife dropped to her knees, pulled Anton’s pants to his ankles, and grabbed his giant cock and started to stroke it. She looked me in the eye when she told me this next part, which almost made me shoot my load right there. She said she lifted his massive cock, and started to give his balls a tongue bath. She sucked, and licked Antonio’s balls for several minutes. She said Antonio absolutely loved it. While she was doing that the two studs behind her lifted my wife’s skirt to reveal her beautiful tan lined ass. She told me she was on her knees on the floor of the Limo, skirt pulled around her waist with high heels, and legs all showing, she was sucking and massaging a total strangers balls, while 2 other gorgeous men waited. The two studs then reached around and started feeling her tits, popped them out of her dress, then sat back and watch her engulf Antonio’s large cock, eager to have at her.

My wife knew I loved dirty little details, so she made sure she was an especially nasty little slut with these men. She figured if she was going to do this, then she was going to go all out. She removed Antonio’s cock from her mouth and spat on it, looked Antonio in the eye, grabbed his cock, and started sucking fast and furious, while messaging his balls. Her audience of 2 were cheering her on, my wife told me these guys said they never saw a women suck cock like that ever, even in a porno! Soon Antonio could not take it any more. My wife was sucking for all she was worth. He soon pulled his cock from her mouth. She looked up at him and said,” come all over my face”. Antonio grabbed her by her hair, pointed his cock over her submissive little face and blew a huge load that extended from her forehead to her chin. She said it was everywhere. The 2 studs cheered. She looked at Antonio, scooped his cum from her face, and placed it in her mouth.

Mission accomplished, or so she thought. My wife thought that if she just did that, which was bad enough, it was a good enough story to satisfy her husband, without getting too, too crazy. She admitted to me that she was pretty drunk, and that her judgement was clouded. She then apologized to me for what happened next. “I wanted to stop right there, and get out of the car, but I was drunk, and very horny. I am so sorry.” I said sorry for what? She looked down, and then said, “I let them have their way with me after I blew Antonio.”
“Who, the other two guys”
“Yes, I didn’t mean for it to happen, it just did! They basically just took over and did anything and everything they wanted to me in that Limo, and I let them.”
My wife thought I would be disappointed in her because I let another man/men fuck her. In her mind sucking cock is one thing, but intercourse is entirely another. Privately I was enthralled that there was more. This had the makings of a classic. I was so fucking turned on I could barley wait for her to tell the story. I reassured her that I was not upset, and encouraged her to tell me everything.
With some relief she began to reveal that after she sucked off Antonio, and cleaned her face. Her two Italian friends pulled her over to their side of the limo. 1 of them said to Antonio, your turn to watch! With that he pulled my pretty little wife face down on the floor of the Limo. Grabbing her by the back of her hair. She told me so was so horny at this point, and wanted to get fucked so badly, she literally asked for it. I said “how”?

She said, “I started talking dirty. You like it when I do it, so I figured why not? I told them I was their little slut, and I need to be fucked very hard. Marcus grabbed me and forced my head to the floor while I was on my hands and knees. My ass was in the air. He then slapped my ass very hard.”

I was so fucking hard at this point I thought I was going to explode. I asked her how many times did he slap your ass. She revealed 5 or 6 times, very hard. Then he took my head and fed it into his buddy’s crotch so I could start sucking his cock. He then slapped my ass again, and then entered me rather forcefully. He started fucking me fast, and hard.

I asked her how it felt. Did she enjoy it, was it a situation where they just took control and started to fuck you with your consent. Where you scared?

Again, she was rather embarrassed by the answer because she did not want to hurt my feelings. She looked at me and told me she absolutely loved it! She revealed that after years of making love with me, that she wanted something different. She didn’t want to make love; she just wanted to get fucked. The fact that it was a total stranger, actually several was an even bigger thrill. Her actual words were, “I felt like a drunk little college girl who found herself in the basement with the frontline of the football team, bent over, skirt in the air.” She wanted to be taken, and she wanted to let these handsome Italian men have her any way they wanted, then come home and tell her husband what a naughty little girl she had just been.”

I then asked her what happened with Marcus and his buddy. She revealed that he kept on plowing her from behind, occasionally slapping her ass, and pulling her hair. When he finally came, he pulled me off his friends cock, stood over me, and shot his load in my face like Antonio, and then he made me lick his cock clean. His buddy, put me on the floor missionary style, jumped on top and started fucking me on the floor of the Limo. She said she didn’t even get a chance to clean the cum off her face. This guy kept plowing her, balls slapping against her ass, looking at her cum filled face. When he came he did the same thing. He pulled out and stuck his cock in my face, came in my mouth and on my face. She said it must have looked like someone poured a full bottle of Elmer’s glue all over her pretty little, blue-eyed face.

At this point, I couldn’t believe all this had happened in a few short hours. My lovely little wife was basically debased by three huge men, and she loved every minute of it. I asked if she was exhausted. She said no, she was still horny. I asked how she got home, and she said she was not finished with the story.

Antonio, then grabbed my wife off the floor, put her on all fours, pressed her face into the seat. Slapped her ass very hard, and asked her if she has ever been fucked in the ass ?

At this point I almost fell out of bed. I have never fucked my wife in the ass. I could not believe what I was hearing. Now I was shocked. My wife’s reply shocked me further. She said she was fucked in the ass once, in college when she was very drunk. She was a cocktail waitress at this bar, and the bar tender that was a gorgeous senior kept feeding her drinks all night. She told me later when he got her sufficiently drunk, he brought her downstairs in the cellar, lifted her short little cocktail uniform dress, peeled her panties to the side, and fucked her in the ass, standing against a brick wall. After he shot his load the other bartender bar came downstairs and caught them. She told me she gave him a blowjob right then and there. The kicker was her boyfriend at the time was upstairs at the party when these two studs had their way with her.

I could not believe everything I just heard. Now I was in shock, but my dick was as hard as it’s ever been in my life. I swore it would burst.

I asked her what happened next? She told me that Antonio smiled to his two buddies. Grabbed me by my hair, pulled my head back, slapped my ass hard, and told me he was going to stick his 10 inch cock in my ass and fill it with his cum. I asked what her reply was? She looked at him with those little blue doe eyes, and told him to fuck her. At that point Antonio stuck his cock in my wife’s beautiful, round, tan lined ass. She told me her head was on the Limo back seat; arms stretched forward, skirt still on but lifted beyond the small of her back, black high heels still on, breathing heavy as Antonio began to quicken the pace of his thrusts. She told me she “served it up as Antonio grunted away, balls slapping against her ass, grabbing her tits, and slapping her ass until he came. He shot what appeared to be another bucket of cum in her ass.

I was stunned, she told me when he was done, the other two Italian men each took her the same way, each taking turns fucking her ass, and her mouth until they both came in her ass. At that point she turned over in our bed, pulled her skirt up, revealing that she has no panties, and but a very red bottom from the slapping, and cum oozing from both her pussy, and her ass.

She looked up at me and asked if I was mad at her. I said no not at all, in fact I was especially horny, and will probably ask her to tell that story often in the future. She said no problem, I guess you won’t mind that next month when they come into town again on business that I will stay the weekend with them!

Submitted by: Met - New York


June 8, 2006

Meet Brooke

One thing I’ve noticed in the hotwife and swinging world is that generally people discover this lifestyle around the middle years of their life. We tend to spend the first half trying to do things the way we’re told to do, then realize, when we find ourselves unhappy and unfulfilled, that we’re just not made for life in the conventional sense.

So it’s refreshing to feature a couple who have found the wisdom in their earlier years.

Brooke Anderson and her other half Grant are a young couple that are new to the swinging lifestyle but they are just loving all the sexy adventures they are coming across and adore sharing one other with hot men and women.
Brooke loves threesomes, orgies, lesbian play, group sex and her personal favorite, cum shots!

They are a great looking, youthful couple that take care of their bodies. Grant loves to let Brooke explore her cravings for sex with other men as much as she wants!

They set up their website to share with you some of their steamy sexual adventures and to meet new couples and singles to help them explore the lifestyle further. They say they hope to meet many more new people to help satisfy their needs.

Brooke and Grant love talking to and meeting members of their site and have had fun on camera with some of them.

Check out Brooke’s blowjob talents below.

Brooke Anderson


June 6, 2006

More Weekend Fun

Another weekend of debauchery.

Me and Daisy Rock went to the local swingers club where she had 5 men while I watched. It was so cool, they were all waiting with their tongues hanging out and when she was asked by a guy if he could join in, Daisy said “You’ll have to ask my man.” The power was incredible, hand-picking guys to fuck her. We stayed all night partying, and she had 6 men by the time the night was through. Then the next day me, Daisy and a close male friend went back to ours to give some Daisy some close attention in a very sensual 3some session and then we all fell asleep together in our huge bed… ;)

Right onto some galleries. Thought we’d have some posing wives today. Firstly we have swinger Amber Lynn Bach looking lovely as usual. Then we have Sammy looking extremely hot in a see-through top. Last is the ever-beautiful Desirae in her purple check summer wear.

Amber looking stunning in sexy white outfit

Sammy looking sensual

Desirae is just stunning


June 4, 2006

Gina’s First Time

My wife Gina has a sexy body, 5ft 5in tall, 34b soft breasts, large erect nipples, and looks like Meg Ryan. We live in London. Gina gets a lot of attention from other guys who are attracted to her Meg Ryan looks. Last week Gina decided to have sex with one of these guys at our house. Gina asked me if she could and I agreed provided I could watch.

Gina took the guy into the spare bedroom and left the door half open so that I could see them. Gina looked nervous as she removed her dress this was her first time with another man. Gina then removed her bra and then her panties. Gina lay on the bed and opened her legs. The guy had a large erection and without using a condom rubbed the tip of his cock against Gina’s pussy lips, then pushed into her. He fucked Gina deep and hard and soon shot his load into her.

Although I was turned on watching my wife fucked and knowing that Gina had just received another man’s cum inside her body, I am concerned at the danger of Gina having unprotected sex. What should I do if Gina wants to do it again?

Submitted by: Steve - London


June 2, 2006

Meet Michelle

An amazing hotwife to introduce you to today. Michelle is a British born wife. She’s 5′ 5″ and is a yummy 32D-24-35. Just check out those tits and those lovely long legs. Yummy. She’s also a natural blonde.

Michelle was raised in a strict religious family, where sexuality was really frowned upon. When she got older she began began exploring her sexuality and one day her husband decided to pull out his camera and snapped off a few shots of Michelle posing nude. She really enjoyed being photographed and they decided to post them on the Internet to see what response they would get.

Michelle loved the feedback and the attention she received so she decided to take it a little further and started posing and modelling for websites herself.

Recently she’s opened her own website and gets to have fun all the time now both on and off camera. She really enjoys dressing up in very sexy lingerie and stockings and loves the fact that your eyes are covering her body and that you are imagining coming into her bedroom. That is why she decided on the name Michellesbedroom.com. :)

Her husband loves to share Michelle and she gets off on pleasing him. You can see the chemistry in her lovely blue eyes when she’s with another man on camera looking at her husband.

Check out this gallery of Michelle enjoying a hot 3some.


Visit Michelle’s Bedroom Right Here