April 30, 2006

Daisy’s First Porno

So much to tell recently and not enough time to tell it. Yesterday my hot girlfriend Daisy Rock did her first porn shoot. She got well and truly fucked by 2 guys. I didn’t attend the shoot as I had to catch up on some work but it was a hell of a thrill thinking about what she was doing while I was home all alone. My mind was racing thinking about it all. She’s on her way back now and I can’t wait to hear about all the horny details. As soon as the DVD comes out I’ll post the details here. She’s going to start her own blog soon as well with all her adventures on it, she is getting more outrageous every day. I feel very privileged to be her partner. Check Out Daisy Rock’s MySpace Page Here

Ok on to some galleries. First up we have the lovely Sasha from Sharing My Wife. Here her husband Ryan watched closely as Sasha get’s intimate with a horny stud. There’s a couple of bonus galleries of the shoot below the pic too including a movie gallery. The next gallery features internal cumshot queen Jean Swing getting a double helping of creampie. Our last gallery today features stunning hotwife Desirae posing in beautiful white lingerie and giving a blowjob.

Sharing My Wife
Sasha holds hands with hubby as she gets fucked
Bonus Sasha posing gallery
Movie gallery of Sasha

Jean Swing
Twin creampie loads for Jean Swing

Gorgeous Desirae posing and sucking cock


April 29, 2006

Fucked Without Permission

Hi my name is Gina, I am a suburban Mom living in the O.C. I am 36yrs old , 125lbs , 3-kids (Married 13 years) Long dark hair , long sexy legs and nice big Tities. I have always been sexual and uninhibited all my life and have received much appreciated attention. I do love attention!

My husband and I are truly happy and we have such a blast with toying with the Hotwife lifestyle. He honesty loves to encourage me to have some fun and I have to admit I love obliging him. I am like a guy I guess I do not need emotion to be sexual. I never have had an emotional attachment to any guy (during our marriage) other than my husband. I wanted to give you a background on me so the story I picked to tell you can be enjoyed even more. By the way we are your everyday couple who has this naughty secret. I promise you would never guess.

Ok so I have a few stories I can pick from because we have had some fun over the last few years but this one was so exciting.

Ok so the story goes like this. One morning my neck and back was out of whack and I was mentioning this to my husband. He suggested that I go see our friend Mike who does adjustments and deep tissue therapy. So I made the appointment for that day at 11am. This guy Mike has been a friend for some time now. He is 6-3 built and he is one of those ultimate fighter guys. He is a stud. He is good looking (Married) and is a player. He really is a nice guy and very helpful. He and my husband are good friends. Well my husband text messages him and tells him to make me pay for the treatment by bartering my services. Then he texts me and tells me that if I want the adjustment I would have to find another way to pay besides money. Well I text back, “Ok but are you serious?” Because I never do anything without the greenlight. He said ,”Sure” I was excited just at the concept of how naughty that was. I really did not know if this was going to happen but the talk of it excited me and I was wet immediately.

So when I arrive Mike and I do our standard hello’s and I get on the table and he gets to work on me. The talk was all basic talk and not much was said at all in regards to me paying the bill. Again I actually thought nothing was going to happen.

When Mike got done he went out of the room and had my neck on ice. I was on my back with my eyes closed. He walked in the door and just as I opened my eyes he leaned down and kissed me. I was actually stunned! My first reaction was to pull away but he persisted. After I got my bearings I submitted and returned the long tongue kiss he was giving me. I lay on my back moaning and twirling my tongue in his mouth. He kissed me for at least 5 minutes. It was deep passionate kiss and I was paralysed by it. As we kissed he put his hand up my shirt and messaged my breasts. He lifted my shirt over my head and I assisted him with the bra. He leaned down and started kissing my breast’s. I moaned with excitement. He stood up and when he did his jeans looked as if he had a small person in them. His hardon was huge. I said wow that worked for you huh? He nodded his head yes and unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down to his mid thigh area.I swear this is not a fabrication, his cock was handsome and sturdy. It was gorgeous and huge. I was now on my right side resting on my elbow. I actually said out loud,” Oh my God” He gave me a look like, “Your sucking my cock now honey” So I leaned forward and kissed the beautiful head. I traced my tongue down the sturdy shaft and sucked his balls. I was head back licking his balls like a school girl licking a popsicle. I came back up to the head and opened my mouth and took his cock in my mouth. My whole body tingled when his cock went in my mouth. I felt so friggin’ naughty. I sucked his dick nice and slow and took as much as I could. I could not get it all the way down but I tried. I used my left hand to grab his ass and pull him into my mouth farther. His cock was all the way down my throat.

He took my hand and helped me down off the table. He sat back in a chair and signalled me to continue my cock sucking, which I was all to happy to do. I sucked and moaned and licked it good. I gave him the sexiest looks I knew how. I was performing like a good little hotwife. He then asked, “Can I cum in your mouth?” Well this is the chink in my armour. I am just not good at this but I wanted to please him so bad. So I with a full mouth looked up and nodded yes to him. I was nervous and had a plan to take his cum in my mouth but let it drip back out slowly. This is a trick of mine I use in these situations. Well Mike’s cock swelled and he started to tighten up a bit and I sucked like a little whore for his full enjoyment and he shot his load in my mouth. The funny part is his cum in the heat of the moment went right down. I was shocked because I sucked every drop of it and cleaned his huge cock up with my mouth.

He leaned down and kissed me again and I submitted to another passionate kiss.

Well I thought I was done. I started to make nervous small talk like you do when you don’t know someone all that well but you just sucked him off like a whore. Ya you know what I mean right? lol! Ok so as I was fumbling around for my bra he takes my hand and places me on the table again. He then starts to take off my pants (They are still on at this point) I start to panic just a bit because my husband and I although we mess around we are careful when it comes to me getting fucked. I need full approval and verbal clearance for this. I deep down did not feel like I had this yet. So I said I need to check with my husband just to make sure if this is ok. He said ok no problem and kept taking my pants off. So I said ok you can get me naked but I need my phone. So he grabbed my phone and I started to dial my husband’s number. By now my pants are off and Mike is spreading my legs just looking at my pussy. The phone is ringing and I get voicemail. Fucking voicemail. My husband knows to be available when I am in a situation like this one. Well I tell Mike he can finger me and enjoy the sights but I really need to make sure its ok. Now listen by now my box was soaked. I was throbbing and needed some cock. If not Mikes I needed my husbands right after. That is normally how it works (normally) I suck someone off and we have sex right after. Don’t get me wrong I have had sex with others but it is mostly giving head.

So Mike says hey no problem but can I just rub my cock up and down your pussy. My juices were dripping down to my ass. I was making a mess on his table. I said oh I really don’t know let me try to call again. I promise I am loyal when it comes to our rules, well here is the grey area on this day. So as I am dialling Mike proceeds to rub his dick up and down the slit. I could hear the slurping of his cock on my juices. I let out a moan and lean my head back. It feels so good at this point. As soon as my head went back I heard that friggin voicemail again and right at that second good old Mike pushes his cock into my pussy. All at once! I am not expecting this and lean up as to push him out and the phone drops out my my hand and Mike holds me in place. Ok so now people here is the decision of a lifetime! All in a spit second my mind races and says, “Oh shit no!” Not without approval. But my loins said Oh yess! Mikes Cock felt so amazing inside me. I tried to wiggle away and made a half ass attempt to say no. But by the 3rd pump I was spreading my legs for this stud like a two bit whore. I couldn’t even look at him , I just laid down and spread my legs while he pumped away. I had no fight in me. I went with it and received his cock and pushed back at him and met every pump. By now we had a nice rhythm going and the sounds of his massive cock plunging in and out of my drenched pussy were amazing. Normally I need to have the right angle or my fingers stimulate my clit before I can orgasm. But about 4 minutes into this my pussy started to orgasm because of his size. He had me so full that he hit places without even trying. I started moaning and making noises like never before. I screamed oh my gosh baby Im cumming. I thrashed around like a fish out of water as Mike held on for his life holding me in place. I orgasmed to the point of almost passing out.

As I lay there shaking I started to cry because of the emotions that had just come out (and maybe because I had just fucked a guy without approval from my husband) Mike started to freak out and asked what is wrong. I just said nothing it felt so great I’m crying. He held my legs over his shoulder and slowly pumped me and caressed my legs. He then said is it ok if I cum inside you are you ok? I said sure Mike enjoy me ! He closed his eyes and pushed his dick in and out of me (with my sexy feet next to his head)(legs straight up) and pumped a nice studly load into my pussy. (My tubes are tied…FYI)

I could barely walk out of the office. I was dizzy , confused, scared and satisfied. I got in my car and the phone rang with my husbands number.

Well thats another story. I told him the truth to the T. We are currently working through the trust issue as we speak. He gets turned on and mad all in one emotion. He fucks me to the thought of it and after he won’t talk to me. Its only been a week but I know we will be fine.

I hope you enjoyed that story. It is 100% true and real

Gina from the O.C.

Submitted by: Gina - Orange County, California


April 27, 2006

Allie’s Husband

Naughty Allie has just sent me a hot update of her swinging weekend fun with her friends Julie and Anna sharing Allie’s husband Jake… Poor old Jake… lol….


I was hanging out with a couple of girlfriends last week when things got a bit erotic. The next thing I knew all three of us were laying in bed butt naked and the room was filled with moans of ecstasy. We had a lot of fun that night and even though we came more than a dozen times between the three of us we all still had a craving that had not yet been satisfied. The sun was coming up already and we had spent the entire night playing with each other but we still needed to get some cock!

I was laying there in a post orgasmic glow just day dreaming about getting some dick. As my mind was wondering in fantasy land I heard Anna say, “Damn that was great now all we need is a good stiff prick to finish off the evening.” Julie laughed and said, “I was thinking the exact same thing!”

She then turned to me and asked, “So when does Jake get back? Maybe he wouldn’t mind if we took out all our sexual frustration on him. What do you think?” I instantly had this mental image of the three of us going down on my husband and sucking him off until he blew his load all over us.

“Sounds like the perfect way to wrap up an already incredible night to me,” I replied. Just then, almost as if on cue, Jake came strolling through the door totally clueless as to what he was about to find waiting for him inside the bedroom. What a pleasant surprise that must have been for him.

He had been out all night with some of his guy friends and had absolutely no idea that I invited Anna and Julie over to keep me company while he was gone. Of course he put up no resistance at all when we told him about our diabolical plan to suck every last drop of jizz from his manhood.

One of the advantages of taking on a guy with the assistance of two other girls is that it takes no time at all to get him out of his clothes. The three of us had Jake stripped naked in less than a minute and we now had access to everything we needed to fully satisfy our naughty desires.

Once we had him naked he was totally at our mercy. The three of us dropped to our knees in front of him. I looked up at my husband and could see him grinning from ear to ear. Talk about a kid in a candy store, you should have seen the expression on his face, it was definitely priceless!

I was the first to wrap my lips around his already hardening cock. I glanced back and forth at Julie and Anna who were both sucking his balls as I bobbed up and down on his dick. The real cum slut in me came to the surface as I began to wonder who would be rewarded with Jake’s sticky load.

It was so hot seeing Jake with his hands wrapped around the back of their heads as all three of us competed for a taste of his meat. I was getting so worked up by the scene around me that I nearly came without even touching myself. I started to feel like I was being a little selfish keeping his cock all to myself so I released Jake from my mouth to allow one of the other girls to have a turn.

I should have known that Julie would be next to swallow his rod. She’s one of the few girls that truly enjoys sucking cock at least as much as I do and she sure proved it that morning. Hearing her purr as Jake’s prick slid past her parted lips toward the back of her throat made my pussy tingle.

She was really giving Jake one hell of a workout when he pulled her off of his cock and said, “Oh fuck, if you don’t give me a break for a second I’m going to cum right now.” Julie looked up at him and said, “Duh, that’s the point Jake, now give me your cock!” and she went back to blowing him.

I had to laugh when she said that however Anna wasn’t amused. She looked up at my husband and said, “Nobody’s cumming until I get my turn!” Julie then passed Jake’s cock to Anna saying, “Yeah, I guess I’ve had my fair share, just be sure to give him back when you feel his balls start to twitch.”

That’s when I again started to wonder which one of us was going to be rewarded with my husband’s sticky treat. I know I can have it anytime I want so I really should give this one up to my girlfriends but I just can’t ever seem to get enough. So then I figured I’d let Jake make the decision.

The three of us were all on our knees trying to get a bit more cock when I asked, “So who’s going to get your seed sprayed all over them.” Before he could answer Anna and Julie simultaneously made their claim to his man juice. I had to laugh again before making my own claim to his load.

I think Jake was a bit overwhelmed by having three naked women at his feet all vying for his sticky treat when he asked, “How about all three of you?” He then pulled his prick from Anna’s mouth and aimed it at her as Julie and I both moved closer so that we could get our fair share too.

His cock exploded all over Anna’s tits as the initial spurt hit her left nipple and splashed across her breast. He then turned towards me just as the second spurt erupted from his prick splattering my left jug. Julie was the lucky one as she received the final two spurts, one for each breast.

That was pretty much the end for Jake. After being out all night and then being sucked off by three sex crazed women he fell back onto the bed and fell asleep for a couple of hours. We all took a nap to recover and when we woke up let’s just say we called Anna’s husband to come over and we had one hell of an orgy but that will have to wait for another time.

~Kisses, Allie

Naughty Allie

Naughty Allie

Naughty Allie

Naughty Allie

You Can Visit Naughty Allie Right Here


April 25, 2006

Black Bachelor Vacation

A long awaited update from my man Black Bachelor. I love his site. Recently he’s been having fun on vacation in Miami. Thanks for the story and pics Bachelor. Keep up the good work.


I just had to share this story, I was recently in Miami on a short vacation and I hooked up with a cute little blonde who reminded me of Paris Hilton (without the big bucks). Her mother is a swinger. Her father used to bring home groups of men to play poker in the basement with his wife. All of this became valuable information to me when I decided to dominate this future hot wife in training!

Jessy is her name. She had never been with a dominant black man. I quickly introduced her to the art of licking a black ass hole. She complied. I then told her, if she wanted to be a good slut, she had to be my ‘black pet’, which meant all my buddy’s would get a chance to ‘tap that ass!’ Her eyes got bigger, right before she admitted to be a little nervous about that experience. Overall, Jessy was a good fuck. She sucked dick pretty good. Her pussy was tight and I had no problem breaking in her asshole!.

Check out the vacation pictures, they tell the full story about my black pet experience.







Read Bachelor’s Interview Here

Pay A Visit To The Black Bachelor Here


April 24, 2006


Finally moved into our new place and back live on the Internet. Had the most amazing weekend too. Didn’t sleep at all from Friday until Sunday night and had 2 separate amazing MMF sessions on Friday and Saturday night. Full details coming soon….. Trash x


April 18, 2006


Please excuse the lack of updates over the next few days as I’m moving house with my girl Daisy Rock. Our new pad is gonna be the place to party this summer…

Take this time to look into the hotwifeblog archives and all the horny hotwife material hiding in there.

And keep sending your stories and pics in…

Much love to you all,


April 14, 2006

Wife Sandy’s Adventure

The following is submitted by the husband who arranged a meeting between my hotwife and a guy who she had been lusting over. This took place on March 13th 2006 and is guaranteed to be true. The meeting took place at a friends house and is written by my wife. Names have been changed for anonymity. This was a private sexual encounter with another man without the husband being in the room with her.

Sandy’s Adventure

Mark and I got up from the couch and went to Chad’s bedroom. Chad lit a candle and left the room so Mark and I could be in private. We both laid on the bed and started talking about all kind of stuff like the Army and his school, people we both know. I started getting more comfortable being there with him and I think he felt so too. We both were still drinking our beers so of course we both had to use the restroom. We were looking at this huge tub Chad has and started talking about it how nice it would be to fuck in there, but we didn’t do it. I guess he felt so comfortable being around me that he even left the door open when he pissed.

When we were done we went back to bed for a little while and talked some more but then my beer was empty and he needed a new one too, so I went and got us some more beer and when I went back to bed we were both laying there face to face and he slowly started kissing me. First just lips, then I felt his tongue. So we kissed for a little while and then he was asking me what I thought and I said I don’t know, what are you thinking? And he took my hand and put it on his crotch. I was kind of surprised ‘cause I didn’t think that he would do this. But I liked it, so I started playing with his hard dick. He took his pants off so I would have more room to play with it. Then he pulled me on top of him and pulled my shirt up. That was the sign for me to take my shirt and bra off, so I did it. He started kissing my boobs and massaged them and sucked on my hard nipples. I was getting really excited wet and ready to fuck. He unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down as far as he could, so I took them and my panties off and got back on top off him, after he had put on a rubber. He put his dick inside my hot waiting pussy and I started to fuck him hard. At one time I hit my head on the headboard and we both started laughing. I fucked him hard and fast and he said “work it girl, work it”.

After a little while I got tired and I told him, so he rolled me on my back in Missionary and started fucking me really hard. I started moaning ‘cause I was really excited and dripping wet. He was pounding me hard. We both started sweating. We fucked like this for about 2 minutes and then he got tired and we changed position to “Doggy”. He put it in my hot pussy and then he wanted me to move, but his dick kept slipping out of my hole, so we stopped fucking in this position. I started working his cock with my hand and he told me that it felt good. I kept doing it for a good while. He asked me if I had ever done a titti fuck and I answered that I did but it was years ago but I told him that we could try it if he wanted. So he put some KY on his dick and my boobs and we started the titti fuck me laying on my back with him on top. He came closer to my face with his dick and I knew exactly what he wanted, so I told him that I would suck his cock but he had KY on there and he was like “Bullshit, what if I use a towel?” So I told him to go ahead and get a towel. So he wiped his dick off and he laid on his back and I was on his right side and I took his dick and I started sucking it. I massaged it with one hand while. He said that for somebody who doesn’t like to suck dick I was pretty good. That made me feel good and I kept sucking his dick. I was getting tired and my jaw started hurting too so I stopped sucking his cock and he pulled me on top of him without a condom on and jammed his cock in me. He did about three strokes bareback and then he pulled out and put a rubber on ‘cause it was to dangerous, since I can’t get pregnant right now. After he put his rubber on I went back on top and started fucking him hard and he said “Don’t, you’ll make me come like this” and I said “that’s okay” and he was like “you want me to? Quit.” When he said quit he had made his cum already. I pulled his dick out of me and rolled to the side.

I got up and went to the bathroom. When I was done I went back in the bedroom and got dressed. While I got dressed Mark went into the bathroom. He came back out and we both started searching for the condom wrappers. After we found them I was sitting on the bed thinking that I don’t want to leave the room ‘cause I knew that Tim and Chad would know what we had done in there. I felt kind of dirty because I had done this. But I couldn’t stay in this room forever, so Mark and me left the room.

Mark was a good fuck but he didn’t make me cum. I had fun anyway. On a scale from 1-10, Mark was a 7.

Tim’s comments: Both me and my friend were outside the bedroom for an hour and a half really hoping to hear some sex noise from the bedroom. Sandy had requested to have the TV playing loudly so she would not be embarrassed or worried what her husband may be thinking if I heard the pleasure sounds she was making. I think this made her more free enjoying Mark and what he was doing to her. Even though I was disappointed by not being able to hear it, my dick was rock hard anyway knowing she would act different in private for the first time. As soon as they were finished, I took her home and slid my cock in her pussy, just where he had been not 20 minutes prior. She was hot, wet and open inside from all that fucking and I came with no more than 10 strokes. It was one of the hardest comes I had ever made. I think I enjoyed it more than she did and still jack off when I think about it. She had a great time and I am happy for her.

Submitted by: Tom - S.E. Georgia


April 12, 2006

Hotwife Movie Galleries

Had a lot of good feedback on posting movies galleries lately so I thought I’d throw in some today.

Firstly it’s amazing cuckoldress Sara Swirls taking her usual round of black cock in front of Hubby. Second movie gallery is Raven from Sexy Couple. Check out the size of the black cock her married pussy takes. She then takes a massive creampie from her lover. Lastly we have a movie gallery of swinger Amber Lynn Bach, she had so many requests to see her be tittie-fucked she just had to oblige.

Sara Swirls
Sara knows her verbal humilation - Movie Gallery

Raven gets a full load inside - Movie Gallery

Amber Lynn Bach
Tit fuck for Amber - Movie Gallery


April 10, 2006

Mean Bitches

Another fine weekend. Spent Saturday night clubbing with my gal and then we made an impromptu trip to our local swingers club where we hooked up with a sexy couple for some fun and games and then chilled out well into Sunday.

Now on to today’s post… I wanted to make a brief point about Femdom and it’s role within the hotwife lifestyle.

A Dominatrix and a Cuckoldress perform very similar roles. They are women who are in charge, powerful, supreme and give orders to men. The male is there to serve, worship and facilitate their needs.

So I’m really pleased to see a number of Femdom websites that are embracing the cuckold theme into their work and productions.

One such site is Mean Bitches. What I really like about this site is that the Dom women featured are dressed in a natural and sexy way, not your typical head to toe leather, spiked over-knee boots, hair scrapped back etc.

The resident Mistresses are all beautiful, some are working adult models and the themes they cover include Facesitting, Ass Worship, Foot Worship, Cuckolding and more… They only put Mistresses on the site who truly enjoy being Dominant over men.

Check out this cuckold themed movie gallery. I love this sort of content and I hope to see more of it on the Internet as time goes on.

Mean Bitches
Cuckold Husband Learns His New Place

Visit Mean Bitches Right Here


April 8, 2006

Wife & the Car Mechanic

Are there any couples etc interested in some less graphic stories? Here is mine:

My wife and I became interested in opening up our marriage to add some spice to a long good marriage. As we began to discuss it I learned that she was more interested in having a relationship that started from a trusted friendship. I also learned that it was exciting for me to hear her discuss the men she might be interested in.

She said there was a guy at the auto repair shop who had been flirting with her. I told her to take her car in there for an oil change and we picked out some sexy clothes for her to tease him. She went and she enjoyed the attention. She told me she thinks she would enjoy it if I was sure I wanted her to do it. We agreed that for it to be good for her she needed to develop a “romantic fanatsy.” She began having lunches with him. They became friends and she invited him over to our house for dinner.

I told him that I knew they had an attraction and that it was OK with me if he acted on the attraction. I expected him to be surprised but he said he guessed that it was OK and that he had been with other wives with their husbands blessing.

They flirted during dinner and even kissed once after dinner right in front of me. We had a few drinks and talked about the situation. They began to kiss and seemed to forget I was even there. It was very hot to watch my sweet wife kissing and being touched by another man.

They made love right there in front of me. It was the hottest thing I have ever seen. Since then my wife has had two long term boyfriends. Our marriage is great and we have a lot of passion between us. I know she will never put one of her boyfriends above me. We have good communication.

If anyone wants to hear more of these kind of stories or knows of a forum that is less graphic and not so much about race please post and let us know.

Submitted by: Jim - Phoenix

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