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March 27, 2006

Hotel Pick-Up

Here’s one of my very own written stories from May of last year. Hope you enjoy it. I love to write, my sexual imagination runs riot when I let it… And I can really relate to it now, me and my girlfriend play such similar games…. like last weekend when we went clubbing. I’ll save that one for another time… T.


We look forward to our hotel visits so much. To begin with it was really an experiment, to see how easy it was. Now it is an irresistible addiction. My wife is 28 and stunning, she really has no problem turning heads wherever she goes. I am in my late 30’s and very lucky to have such a beautiful, young and sexually driven wife. I have always been involved in relationships where my partner strays. I usually make it clear at the start of any relationship I have that I prefer to date women who will sleep with other men. Usually that involves many women ending the relationship there and then but over the years I’ve become an expert in spotting the kind of women that will date me and then cheat on me. I just enjoy being with them and knowing they are sexually fulfilled in every way.

I’ve been married to Tina for 2 years and we’ve been seeing each other for 3. Tina has always been sexually active and she loves the freedom our relationship gives her. I earn a great deal through business interests I have and she’s been able to live the life she’s always wanted. Buying lovely clothes, driving a nice car, going on mini-breaks with her girlfriends and basically living the life of luxury. Of course this life includes sleeping with whoever she desires with my blessing.

We have a great code system we use for when Tina meets another man. If we are out together, she will often approach and chat up a guy. If she thinks he might freak out when she tells him she’s married and her husband gets off on it she sends me a text message. ‘100′ means she’s found a potential lover, ‘101′ means she wants me to keep my distance and leave her be. ‘102′ is to come close, watch or listen in, but pretend I don’t know her. ‘103′ is a clear green light for me to come and join in, this is usually the message I get when she meets a couple or a guy who doesn’t mind a threesome or me watching. ‘104′ is a message for me to go home and leave her completely. ‘105′ means she is leaving with the fellow she’s met and going elsewhere, usually to his place. It can be followed up by a ‘106′ meaning she’s planning to stay out all night and come back in the morning. ‘107′ is similar to ‘105′ except she’s going back to our place. I suffer with this one as I have to wait out somewhere until I get a ‘111′ all clear message to come home as she’s done. One time she did a ‘107′ quite late and after the club chucked out I couldn’t get into a hotel so I slept in the car across the street from our house all night. I saw the guy leave the next morning and then on cue got my ‘111′ message. It works really well rather than her having to come and tell me what’s she’s doing and spoiling the moment with the guy. It’s a real treat sometimes when she calls me covertly while she’s making out. It’s great, the phone rings and I get real-time sounds effects of my wife in action. I’m going to get her one of those video phones soon. I bet she’ll have trouble setting those up.

About nine months ago we started to fantasise more and more about picking up complete strangers, we’d done it in bars and clubs but we were now thinking more along the lines of trying a hotel. So we researched what hotels in London were holding conferences for mainly male dominated professions. There were plenty to choose from and we’d book in usually on the final night of a conference when most of the delegates would be in party mode.

The first time we tried it, we booked in, got ready and went down to the hotel restaurant. I got Tina to walk ahead of me as we went down to the hotel restaurant. The place was packed with men and 95% of then were distracted by my wife as she walked past. I could hardly blame them, she was wearing some lovely black heels, her soft blonde hair was tied seductively above her head and she had on a killer black evening dress with a huge split up the side showing a discreet flash of stocking top as she walked. She was lapping up the attention as she walked to the restaurant.

We had a smashing meal with all the trimmings, Tina flirted with the waiters which I loved. After the meal she said she was going to the bar which was in another part of the hotel. She said she’d get me a glass of wine. I said I’d follow on in a minute. I left it 20 minutes before making my way to the bar. I couldn’t see my wife so I just stood by the exit and surveyed the area.

The bar was large, really crowded and buzzing, champagne corks were being popped everywhere and groups of guys were sat together everywhere. I counted about 5 women in the whole room, the rest were all men. I suddenly saw her sitting at the main bar and was suddenly alerted with my bleeping phone - a text - my heart skipped, she ’s working fast I thought. I pulled my phone out and saw a ‘102′. ‘Approach with caution’. I made my way through the clusters of men to the bar and looked over and saw her engaged in conversation with a handsome dark-haired man. I pulled up a stool next to her and saw that she had nearly finished her wine and the guy also had an near empty glass in front of him. She’s given him my drink I thought. I ordered my own wine and listened in on her conversation. The guy was telling her about his job, saying he’d been staying in the hotel for a week and they talked about general things, weather, things to do in London etc. Tina was really turned in towards him and I saw her opened stocking leg was touching his trousered knee. Then Tina suddenly came out with a bombshell “You’re a really good looking guy. Are you here by yourself.” The guy nearly fell off his stool. “Errr, yeah” he managed to blurt out. “Are you here alone too?” she paused sensed I was there and listening and said “Yes but I’m getting so bored with it in here. Do you fancy going for some air?” He hastily agreed and they walked off together. I noticed he was tall, looked athletic and had a great body. Good choice Tina, I thought.

I stayed at the bar and was just finishing my 2nd glass of wine when my mobile bleeped again. I visibly jumped again and slowly looked at my phone ‘105′. Bingo, she’s scored! Now I was feeling very horny and thinking of her making her way to his room.

I waited another 15 minutes and made my way back to our room. I didn’t want to miss her if she was back after a ‘quickie’. The room smelled of her scent and I closed my eyes wondering what she was doing right now. Feeling fantastic and generally elated I got ready for bed, put on a robe and resisted attempts to masturbate. I did a pay-per-view on a movie and tried to relax.

Half way through the film my phone chirped into life. Not a text but a call. Oh yes, please let it be her. I slowly turned the phone to face me “Incoming - Tina” it displayed. Woo Hoo! I answered “hello” I got the faintest whisper back “hi baby, I’m in the bathroom in his room, thought you might want a little phone sex.” “Oh, good girl, go for it Tina!” I heard some muffling sound and everything sounded more muffled. She put the phone in her little handbag, I thought. Then the toilet flushing, I then heard the sound of heels walking, a door unlockin and then voices “Sorry about that, now where were we?” I then was treated to some great audio thrills. The best thing was trying to guess what was going on. Definitely kissing, smacking and sucking sounds, lots of rustling sheets or was it clothes? The odd moan from Tina. That lasted about 20 minutes. Then it was replaced by a rhythmic sound, Tina was chirping in with some “Oh… oh… oh…” in time, they’ve gotta be fucking now. More grunting, a man’s groaning voice now. Every so often I’d get “Oh yes… fuck me… that’s it baby… harder!” and then I knew for my benefit “Cum right inside me, come on, give it to me baby!”. A final amount of grunting and then a quieting subsidence of moans, heavy breathing and then silent. 10 more minutes past by. My ear was burning and it was all I could do to stop myself touching my dick. It was so hard. More kissing sounds and then sucking, slurping sounds, this carried on for about another 10 minutes and then I heard his voice again. “I’m cumming, ah.. ahh.. ahhhh!!!!” more slurping and then silence. “You’re amazing Tina” I heard him say. Are you sure you can’t stay?” “Not tonight baby, I’ve got some things to get together for tomorrow, I’ll give you a call.” I heard more talking, muffled sounds and then the phone hanging-up.

Oh my god, she’s coming back. I was so excited, but my excitement started to subside when she wasn’t back after another half an hour. I was just thinking of trying to call her when my mobile lit up with a message. I looked and there were 2 code numbers there ‘100′ and ‘105′. I couldn’t believe it she’s gone and picked up someone else.

No further phone activity happened. It was another 2 hours before I heard her knock on the door. I checked the spy hole and it was Tina. I opened the door and she came in “Hello baby!”. Her hair and makeup were really messed up. Her stockings were gone. Still looking incredible she sat on the bed and said “The first guy was a bit nervous and hesitant, that made me want him even more. We had great sex and then I gave him a blowjob. He couldn’t believe it when I swallowed! He was desperate for me to stay the night. But I couldn’t resist going back to the bar to find someone else. It took me 15 minutes from introducing myself to getting an invitation to the next guys room.” I put my hand in my dressing gown and started stroking my dick. It was too much for me “What happened with the next guy?” She got herself a vodka from the mini bar and continued “He was like putty in my hands, I gave him oral for a while and he said he couldn’t hold it and asked to go down on me. I thought that would be too risky in case he suddenly noticed he was lapping up the remnants of someone else’s cum. So I told him to fuck me. He laid on top of me and did just that. He kept saying how wet I was down there. We fucked for ages in different positions until he exploded inside me. He wanted me to stay the night too, but I made my excuses and left. Anyway baby, I’m knackered, come give me a kiss.” I didn’t need asking twice and eagerly pushed my tongue into her mouth. She did taste kind of salty around her mouth, it was too much for me. “I gotta fuck you Tina.” She smiled and laid back and opened her legs. She still had her panties on and I slowly removed them. They were soooo damp. I lent forward and entered her very easily. She was so hot down there. It was like fucking melting butter. I was in heaven. She pushed me over on my back and rode me, she bucked like crazy and came hard. Th only reason I hadn’t cum yet was the fact she was so wet and slippery there was no friction down there. She leant right back and bucked faster. I looked down my stomach and saw the base of my dick and pubic hair was soaked in expelled cum and looking closer I could see as she slid up and down that my dick was also covered in it. That did it for me, this was it, I exploded what felt like a gallon of cum into that lovely cocktail of a pussy.

Needless to say that was Tina’s first of many hotel pick-up’s.

Author - Trash

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  1. cuckwanabe said:

    Hot read!!!

  2. Dan said:

    What a hot story! How about a photo? Do you ever get out to Royal Oak? Birmingham? Clawson?

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