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March 15, 2006

Latina Hotwife

I’m a Latina hotwife… and I wouldn’t change it for nothing!!!!! About a week ago I was with my lover, a fine ass black man names Migule that knows how to fuck me… 4 REAL! We fucked for hours in ever way possible.. I was sore but loving the strokes and wanting it more & more… After fucking for about 3 hours it was time for me to go home.. hubby had been txt messaging me and I finally responded “I’M DONE FUCKING IT WAS GOOD AS HELL..ON MY WAY HOME”.

Once I was home shit got even hotter for me as hubby started licking me, cleaning me up after my night out of fucking. We talked about my fuck as I demanded him to lick my sore pussy clean… Did I mention that my hubby is a fine ass Irishman with a thick fuck dick that from day one tore my pussy up. From the moment I fucked him I knew I had a good cock!!!

Well on that night after he licked me from front to back I got my loving white cock up me too!

Needless to say I slept like a baby that night. A spoiled ass baby!!!

Tomorrow I’m planning on doing all over again with my blak lover and looking forward to coming home to hubby.

Submitted by: Cassandra NYC

2 Responses to “Latina Hotwife”

  1. Jim said:

    Damn, woman . . . it makes my thick white dick so hard to hear how much fun you’re having

  2. jwagz said:

    Sure would love to hear more stories. . .with pics perhaps! Don’t leave us hanging for long!

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