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March 14, 2006

A Black Baby

Great comments on my girl Daisy Rock. Thanks guys, she’s loving the feedback…

Today’s post is an exclusive to hotwife blog. I feel honored and privileged that the Bull Machines at Black Bachelor have decided to use our site as a means to share their hot insider news… Thanks guys.


I cannot tell you how upset I am about my recent adventure with Kira, my white slut in training. Over the last three years I have invested countless hours in teaching this hot freak the facts of life on how to service her superior black master! Deep-throat lessons, black cock gagging, fisting, double anal fuck parties, etc, etc. Kira was taught well and served under my command every step of the way, including after she married a little dick white boy from Toronto Ontario.

Now what I’m about to share with the world is exclusive inside information that I would NEVER share with anyone. Not even the clowns at, they would never post this type of shit anyway, but since the folks at have shown us some much love and support, it was right for me to share this with their network.

About a year ago, I received an email from Kira stating that she needed to see me immediately, she was somewhat upset. I agreed to see her as soon as possible and meet her in my place downtown in the city. Hours later Kira showed up (smiling ear to ear as usual), we went upstairs to my place and then she hit me with it. “I’m pregnant with a black baby and I don’t know who the father is)”!! Now my first response was “What black motherfucker have you been fucking OUTSIDE of our family?” She replied “Nobody, nobody, it has to either be one of your friends, whom we fuck in 3somes all the time. Or. Yours.”

To make matters worse, her husband was NOT happy about this! He had already slapped her around. “He felt this would be the laughing stock of the neighborhood if his ‘white’ friends found out his pretty wife was going to have a **black baby!! What are we going to do?” is what she moaned. It sounded so sexy, so I told her to give me a few seconds and let me clear my head. I grab a cigar, light it up, sat on the couch, unzipped my pants and pulled my black horse dick out. Kira knew what that meant. She started sucking my dick, while I smoked and thought about if I wanted this white freak in my life for the next 18 years.

A baby by a black sperm loving freak from Canada? President Bush, would not be happy about that shit! So as I was about to blast my load in her pretty face, the solution finally hit me! (Get a fucking blood test, find out who the father is) and then have a fucking ABORTION! I’m fucking brillant, I knew God would not let me down in my moment of need. I quickly told Kira about my brilliant new scheme and she agreed, lets find who’s the father and then we can move from there. The next problem was, I personally pimped Kira out to all my black friends, so there could be a small problem finding which black dude out of 300 or so wants to have a baby by a cute white girl from Canada. Shit, I guess we are going to cross the bridge when we get to it.

So at this point, I feel much better, Kira has stopped crying because we have a set plan to work with. I then asked her, how did her white husband feel about this, and she told me he was so upset he stopped talking to her! When they communicated with each other, it would only end in shouting matches. So I told her he needed a good shoulder to cry on, and she should do something for him to get his mind off this nonsense. So I told her to pick up her cell phone and give him a call. She agreed and called him.

As she started talking to him, I unzipped her pants, her face turned as white as a ghost! I pulled her panties off, and started finger fucking her! I could hear her husband on the phone, clearly upset and dumbfounded about the situation. Kira is trying to hold back all her moans, which is only making her sound weird on the phone. My black monster dick is so fucking hard at that moment, I open Kira legs up on the coach as she tries to push me away! I slide my raw, black meat inside of her wet pussy and start pounding away as the cell phone drops, while her husband is on the line. He begins to yell, “I’M LEAVING YOU BITCH, I HOPE THAT NI***A IS GOING TO TAKE CARE OF THE BABY, BECAUSE I WON’T STAND FOR THIS ANY LONGER!” Kira ignores the cell phone and starts to ooze white cum all over my black dick! I guess it didn’t really matter at this point, Kira has converted over to a 100% black cock slut. She was willing to risk her marriage, life and everything for the love of a huge black dick in her ass!

I saw Kira, Sunday March 5th, 2006 for the last time. Her husband told her he was moving out to the West Coast. The bags are ready and the car is packed, if she wants to save her marriage, she is welcome to leave with him and start over. She came and saw me and cried, for hours. Then we made love, then she cried. I told her to follow her heart, we have humiliated her white hubby enough, go and try to put her life together. She left and whispered in my ear.

“I will see you in another life.”





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5 Responses to “A Black Baby”

  1. MissKurage said:

    How about a replacement for her?! WINK

  2. said:

    This is absolutely amazing.

    I’m not sure where to begin praising this story or this guy. What a great way of coming up with a solution and of treating white women.

  3. j said:

    Wow, if that were my wife I’d suck her lover’s cock as I begged to raise his black baby.

  4. cuckwanabe said:

    That was amazing. Please post some more!!

  5. gerry said:

    More of this, wife likes to freak with ebony

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