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March 1, 2006

Husband Into a Cuckold

This is the story of how I turned my adoring husband into my cuckold slave.

We met almost 8 years ago on a blind date in Chicago. John was sweet and handsome and was very attracted to me. We hit it off from the first moment we laid eyes on each other and we started to date almost exclusively from that moment forward.

John was an excellent lover when we were dating. He was so attentive to my needs and really enjoyed giving me pleasure. He was always putting my needs before his and during some of our first love making experiences he would make me cum¬†multiple times with the best oral sex I had ever had. My husband wasn’t the most endowed man I had ever been with in fact he probably had the smallest penis of any of my sex partners, but at the time that didn’t matter to me at all. I had fallen in love with him and he was the best man that I had ever been with so I convinced myself that his shortcoming wasn’t an issue.

I was fooling myself though and looking back on the days leading up to our marriage I should have known that despite his best efforts in the bedroom his small penis wasn’t enough to satisfy me. What I needed was a real man’s cock to pleasure me with.

It all started about a month before our wedding day. The stress of planning a wedding was taking its toll on our sex life. Despite my husbands efforts at the time I just couldn’t get off and I needed to so badly. One afternoon while I was working out at our health club I saw a fit young man working out across from me. At first I kept my eyes to myself continuing my workout, but with the aid of the mirror in front of me I was able to check him out completely. He was wearing sweat pants and laying down on a bench. I could tell his cock was enormous, much bigger than my husbands. He must have sensed that someone was watching and he looked up caught me in the act. I was completely¬†embarrassed but I didn’t divert my eyes. I just smiled and he smiled back.¬†

As I was leaving the club he walked up to me and introduced himself. His name was Mark and he was sweet and funny and he gave me his phone number. I felt a little bit guilty but I kept his number in my purse and called him about a week later. My husband was out of town that day on business. He wasn’t due in until very late in the evening so I told Mark to come over for a drink around 7pm. I made it clear to Mark that I wasn’t really interested in a relationship I just wanted something physical. He didn’t seem to mind and we met later that evening.

I couldn’t concentrate the rest of that day. I kept thinking about the bulge in Mark’s sweat pants . I got home from work early and got myself ready. I put on the sexiest lingerie that I had at the time - it was a black corset with matching panties and thigh high stockings. Whenever I wore it for John I could pretty much make him do whatever I wanted. The doorbell rang and I then threw on a long see through robe before I greeted Mark at the door.

My memory of the next three hours were a blur. All I remember is that my entire personality in the bedroom changed with Mark. Instead of being in control and feeling like a goddess I become a cock hungry slut. I did things I would have never dreamed of doing with John and it was all because of Mark’s enormous cock. I wanted it so badly and wanted Mark to take complete control of me. He fucked me hard and made me cum many times. Whenever it seemed like he was too tired to fuck me again I would do or say something so nasty that I would get him hard and ready to fuck me again. I worshipped his cock and got so lost in the moment that I completely forgot that John would be home in an hour. I gave Mark a deep kiss and squeezed his cock one last time as he walked out the front door of our apartment. He asked if he could call me, but I told him that it would be best that we kept it just to this one time.

John came home an hour later. I had just enough time to shower and straighten up. I was exhausted but did my best to give him a nice welcome home. John was obviously horny but I politely turned him down because the thought of sex at the moment seemed impossible.

We got married a few weeks later and I did my best to put my experience with Mark behind me, but things between John and I started to change. I became less and less patient with his performance in the bedroom. Even though John was an excellent and enthusiastic pussy licker I needed more. When I was desperate for a good fucking I would climb on top of him and try my best to get off, but John’s small cock wasn’t enough to satisfy me. Even when I would rub my clit while he thrust into me he would come too quickly and I would end of frustrated. To his credit though he was always willing to go down on me even after he came to try and please me. Despite being frustrated by his small cock it did turn me on that he would go down on me as his cum oozed from my pussy. Without getting the hard fucking I craved I started to get more and more aggressive when John went down on me. I would grind against his face very hard and rub from my ass to the top of my vagina against his nose. John didn’t seem to mind and even seemed to enjoy my assertiveness. Whatever it took to get me off John was a willing participant in and I seemed to enjoy putting him through his paces.

Over the next couple of years I forgot about real sex with a real man. I settled for what John could offer me in the bedroom and without realizing it I started to take my resentment out on him. Because John was so attracted to me and so desperate to please me and I was so disinterested in his cock I turned him into my cuckold slave without realizing it.

Because John’s cock was too small to get me going I started to deny him the pleasure of putting his dick in me. I pretty much lost interest in getting him off too. I guess I felt like since his cock was of no use to me that his sexual pleasure was his problem not mine. I also noticed that the less attention I paid to him and his worthless cock the more control I had over him. John was so hard up I could make him do anything I wanted. Sex with John was more an exercise in pleasuring my pussy and ass with his tongue. John would try to rub himself up against my legs or feet while I sat on his face. My favorite thing to do was to sit in a comfortable chair or sofa naked and have John eat me out while I read or watched TV. John would be naked on the floor and I would rest my feet on his shoulders. Occasionally I would squeeze his cock and balls with my feet. John was so desperate for any attention I could give his cock and I enjoyed tormenting him and keeping him on edge.

I started to say nasty things to him whenever I was giving his tongue a work out. It started innocent enough with stuff like “you’re such a good pussy licker.” Eventually I started to tease him about his cock and how it wasn’t getting any attention. I would say things like I don’t need that cock of yours when your tongue feels so good on my clit or your cock looks so hard and frustrated, but then I got more blunt and told him that his cock was too small for my pussy. John didn’t ever mind my comments and it even seemed to encourage his more submissive behavior. He stopped begging to fuck me because he understood that his cock was too small.

Once John was eating me out while the TV was on. I had him laying on his back on the couch while I sat on his face with my hands leaning against his chest. I was working his tongue up and down my ass when a tv commercial showed a cute guy in briefs. You could make out enough from the bulge in his underwear that his cock has big. I was so in lust I just said out load without realizing it “god would I love to have a cock like that in me!” John didn’t seem to respond negatively so I grabbed his cock and said “this little thing isn’t half as big hard as that studs cock is soft.” To my surprise John seemed to be turned on to my comments or perhaps it was the attention I was finally giving his dick. I was rubbing it between my fingers imagining I was holding a nice big dick. John started to thrust up and down, but I kept the tempo slow. I kept talking dirty to him while his tongue went in and out of my ass. I said to John “Honey, you know your little dickie is too small for me, right? John muffled something in agreement. I leaned over his cock and spit on the head and got it well lubricated. I rubbed my saliva up and down his dick to get him hotter. “Honey I need a nice big cock…if you want me to have one you can cum for me okay?” At that moment I new I could have exactly what I wanted the skilled tongue of my husband and the nice big cock of some stud of my choosing. Without surprise John and I came at the same time. It was so intense.

I could tell afterward that John’s ego was a bit wounded. I was very tender with him, after all I loved him very much, but I wasn’t about to give up on the opportunity to have my cake and eat it too! I suggested at first that rather than we start looking for a well hung stud that we make a few changes to our love making routine. I ordered a few things from an online sex shop including a few large dildos and some pornographic movies.The idea of having a stud in the bedroom was very appealing to me but I also wanted my husband to be an active participant in the whole process. I spent sometime online at various group sites that catered to cuckold marriages and femdom relationships. I learned that a lot of men who have cuckold fantasies in reality have too large of an ego to really go through with it. I needed to gradually introduce John to the realities our marriage would take. I also learned that while most cuckolds are not gay they can be convinced to participate in sex with the stud. This could include preparing the stud for sex with the cuckolds wife my giving the stud oral sex. The thought of my husband giving my stud a blow job was enough to make me cum many times on my own when I would play with myself. Given my husbands enthusiastic pussy and ass licking I didn’t think it was too much of a stretch if he was given the proper incentives.

I implemented a reward system for my husband to encourage very submissive cuckold like behavior. Since he enjoyed giving me head so much I started to restrict his access to my pussy and ass. I would have him strip down and masturbate for me. I would let him touch himself but not get off. When I thought he was highly aroused I would have him take off my clothes and kiss my body avoiding my favorite parts. Then I introduced my favorite new dildo which I nicknamed “Mark” after the last stud I slept with before our marriage. I asked John if he would get “Mark” ready for me. I gave John my dildo and he fondled it in his hands. I raised it to his lips and John kissed the head. “That’s my good little slave,” I said “get my lover’s cock nice and hard for me.” To my surprise John was very into it. He opened his mouth and gave “Mark” and excellent blow job. I giggled and said “Don’t make ‘Mark’ come yet!”

Then John handed “Mark’s” cock back to me and I spread my legs and slowly slid my dildo deep inside me. The dildo is easily twice as long and perhaps three times as wide as my husbands cock. John looked on in amazement as I slid “Mark” in and out of me. I told John how this stud was fucking me so good. I told him it felt incredible to have such a big dick inside me. I let John play with his little dick but I told him not to come yet. Because he was such a good boy that when I was ready he could put his little dick inside me and cum. All of this was so erotic I came faster than I had ever in my life. As soon as I came down from my orgasm I told John he could put his little dick inside me and cum, but he would have to eat me out when he was done.

John didn’t hesitate at the opportunity to fuck me. It probably had been 6 months since he was inside me and too tell you the truth it felt good. It made me want to move beyond the dildo phase we were in and go get myself a real cock to fuck. Anyway, John came inside me very quickly and I pushed him down to my cum soaked pussy. I told him to clean me and my lover off. I took the dildo and brought it down to my pussy and had him alternate between cleaning his come out of me and licking “Mark.” I came again the whole experience was so hot.

When John was done I gave him a lot of affection. I told him that he was the best lover I had ever had and that I hoped he understood that while I wanted to fuck a man with a nice big cock that he would always be my true love. John appreciated what I said and understood. He admitted that he enjoyed doing dirty things for me and when I was ready he would do whatever I asked to help fulfil my fantasy.

I didn’t waste anytime. The very next day I looked up Mark in my address book and called him. I left him a very provocative message on his voicemail and awaited his call. That night I was hornier than I had been in years. The thought of fucking a well hung stud while my husband watched and waited on our every need was such a turn on. I made sure that my husband didn’t have any second thoughts by keeping him in a constant state of arousal. When he came home from work I had him strip naked at the door. I had him wear a studded collar around his neck that had a small loop that would come in handy later. I told him too shave his cock and balls and then meet me in the living room. John got a hard-on from my instructions and wasted no time following them. While he was getting ready for me I went back to my dressing room and put on his favorite lingerie. I wore black stiletto heals, black thigh-high stockings, a black lace garter belt and a black corset. I intentionally wore no underwear so that John would have a good view of my pussy and ass.

I heard John come down to the living room and I made him wait for me. I took my time getting ready. I had never been so turned on in my life. Now I knew what my husband felt like being in a constant state of arousal. Just as I was about to come down and start mentally preparing my husband for his new role as my cuckold, Mark called the house. I saw Mark’s number come up on the caller ID so I called down to John to ask him to pick up the phone. This was my first test to see if John was really willing to participate. I heard John answer the phone and ask who it was. There was a long pause before I heard John speak again saying “Please hold on, Mark.” It was then that I knew my husband realized that our dildo that we used to carry-out my fantasy with was named after my real stud and in effect John had already become a cuckold to Mark.

John called up to me and I picked up our cordless phone. I walked downstairs and into the living room. My dutiful husband was kneeling on the floor completely naked with his freshly shaven cock and balls at full attention. I wanted to make sure he heard the entire conversation so I sat down on the sofa in front of him and spoke to Mark.

Mark was in disbelief from the message I had left him earlier, “Yes.” I explained “I need you to come over here tonight and show my husband how a real man fucks. I haven’t had a nice big cock in me in a long long time and I want you to show my husband just how hot I get when I get a good fucking.”

Mark was in shock but was quick to accept my offer. I explained that my husband would be present through the entire evening and that he would be our sex slave and follow any of our instructions. Mark didn’t seem to mind that my husband would be present and even found the idea very kinky. Mark and I got off the phone and I went to work preparing my husband.

I placed my bare foot on his hard cock and balls and pressed them firmly to the floor. I explained that he had better be a gracious host to Mark since he would be doing my husband a favor by providing me with the sex I so desperately needed. If he didn’t follow my every instruction then he would have to spend the rest of the night locked in the garage or worse I may have Mark discipline him.

My husband was just beginning to realize that he was in for more than he bargained for, but I wanted to make it clear to him that it was too late to turn back and that his position in our relationship was going to change forever tonight. Judging from the firmness of his erection pressed between my foot and the floor the idea of being cuckolded turned him on. I explained that tonight would be a test for him and our relationship. If I was going to take Mark as my lover into our bed he would be required to demonstrate his appreciation and respect for Mark. In other words my husband would not only be cuckolded by Mark, he would also be required to service Mark in anyway to my satisfaction. My husband looked very nervous and also very aroused. Despite the treatment I was giving his cock it felt harder than ever. The view up my stockings, past my garter belt to my exposed pussy must have been getting to him. I hadn’t noticed but the phone call with Mark has made me incredibly wet and my husband couldn’t help but lick his lips wanting a taste of my wet pussy.

I attached the leash I was holding in my hand to his collar and pulled his face toward my pussy. I said “this will be the last time you’ll taste my pussy without Mark or some other studs cum inside me so enjoy it now.” John went to work on my pussy and I enjoyed the attention while I thought about Mark’s big cock. My husband would see me in a way he had never seen me before. Once he saw Mark naked and saw the fucking I would get he would fully understand his new place in our relationship.

I was now on top of my husband pressing my full weight down on his face against our hardwood floor when the door-bell rang. I was on the verge of cuming but stopped rubbing my clit against my husbands nose. I stood up and straightened by outfit. I headed for the bathroom and turned to my husband and said “Go now and answer the door. Welcome Mark in, take his coat and kneel down in front of him.” My husband turned red and didn’t move. “Would you prefer to spend the night in the garage? Or would you like to watch your wife getting the best fucking of her life?”

My husband got up and went to the door while I went into the bathroom. I heard him open the door and then Mark say “What the?” and start laughing. John stuttered a “Please come in,” and “May I take your coat.” I took a look at myself in the full-length mirror, straightened my stocking and walk out to greet Mark.

The sound of my heels clapping against the tile floor made both Mark and John turn their heads in my direction. Mark’s gapping mouth made it obvious he was pleased with my appearance. My husband looked pitiful kneeling on the floor naked with his little hard on. I walked past him and gave Mark a deep embrace. He kissed me deeply as I leaned hard against him. I could feel his soft member coming to life as we held each other close. It felt bigger than I remembered and I was eager to get him inside me. I reached down and rubbed his cock through his pants. Mark whispered in my ear that he missed me and that he wanted me so badly. Without stopping the attention I was giving Mark. I instructed my husband to go upstairs, kneel down next to the bed and await further instructions.

John made his way upstairs while Mark and I continued to make-out in the foyer. Once my husband was completely out of sight I led Mark into the living room. Mark looked excited, but a bit bewildered by my husband’s behavior. He couldn’t believe that my husband would let another guy near me. I explained that my husband didn’t have any choice if he wanted to continue being my husband.

I fixed Mark a drink and we continued to make-out. He kept trying to advance things in the living room but I kept him at bay. I told him that if he wanted to stay and have sex with me all weekend he could but he would have to agree to do several things for me. I told him that once we go upstairs my husband would be present for all of our love making and that whenever I wanted Mark must allow my husband to suck on his cock. I was a bit nervous that Mark would balk at that request, but to my surprise he seemed very comfortable with it. Mark explained that since high school several men including his freshman year college roommate have offered, even begged to give him head. Most guys who saw him naked couldn’t help noticing his cock and some of them seemed obsessed with it. He always turned guys down as he was a bit homophobic, but one night when he was drunk he woke up to his college roommate sucking him off. His roommate gave him the best head he had ever had and why not? Who would know better how to give head than a another guy? Several times since then he has had other guys suck his cock without Mark having to return the favor. Mark added that he thought the idea of my husband sucking while I watched was really hot!

I continued to tease Mark with deep kisses and soft strokes on his now very firm cock. Mark started to slowly remove my lingerie and I followed his lead and undressed him while we continued our foreplay. In addition to his huge pole Mark’s body was ripped and beautiful. I asked Mark to carry me into the bedroom. Mark picked me up in his strong arms and carried me upstairs and into our bedroom. My husband looked like he was regretting that he ever let me talk him into this moment, but I wasn’t about to turn back. Mark lowered me gently onto the bed and sat down beside me. I grabbed his cock and continued to rub it up and down. John was shocked to see us completely naked and I could tell by the looked on his face he underestimated how much bigger Mark’s cock was compared to his.

“Isn’t it beautiful?” I said to my husband. John nodded hesitantly. He looked like he needed some encouragement so I motioned for him to kneel in front of us at the foot of the bed. John crawled over and kneeled down with his face just inches from Marks enormous pole.

“Mark has a beautiful big cock and I want you to show your appreciation for having him come over here tonight to give your wife the hard fucking she hasn’t had since we got married.” John looked mortified by my humiliating words, but I noticed his cock was as hard as ever and he couldn’t keep his eyes of Mark’s cock.

I kept rubbing Mark’s pole up and down the entire length. Mark seemed to be enjoying the attention he was getting as he relaxed and leaned back on the bed. He spread his legs apart to allow John to move in closer.

“I want you to make Mark feel at home in our bedroom. Since Mark has been so nice show you how a real man fucks a woman I want you to suck his cock until he is satisfied. Is that understood?”

John nodded at me. “I said is that understood?”

“Yes, Mistress.” John replied.

“That’s better, now show me how good of a cock sucker you are.” With that John moved between Mark’s legs, grabbed his cock and began sucking on the head. Mark began to moan in encouragement and put his hand on top of John’s head to guide his mouth up and down his pole. I was so aroused watching Mark guide my husband’s mouth up and down his cock. John really seemed to be enjoying it too as he now had one hand on Marks balls and the other massaging the base of Mark’s cock. I leaned over and gave Mark a deep kiss. We both laid back on the bed and continued to kiss and explore each others bodies while John continued to suck on Mark’s cock.

Mark started to talk dirty to me, “Oh Baby your husband is a real good cock sucker, but I’m saving myself for you.”

“Oh, yeah?” I replied.

“Yea, the more he sucks me the harder I get for your hot sexy body.”

“God, I’ve needed your cock for a long time.” I told Mark, “Just look at John’s little dick it could never satisfy me the way yours always did.”

“Baby, I’m going to give it to you like you’ve never had it before.” Mark replied.

The talk was getting to be to much for me so I used my foot to push my husband down from Mark’s cock. “That’s enough, you’ll get more of Mark’s cock later.” And with that I mounted Mark’s cock.

I had forgotten just how big it was and I let out a huge mown as he stretched out my tight pussy. Mark fucked me hard and deep and it felt incredible. He had so much stamina too! I gave my husband a great show sliding up and down the entire length of Mark’s huge tool and then grinding in deep. Mark talked dirty to both me and my husband. He told me that my pussy was his whenever he wanted it and I screamed out “YES!” He also called my husband his little bitch and said he better clean his cock up good after he nailed me or he would never be allowed to watch us fuck again.

More to come…

Submitted by: Joanne Does - San Francisco

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    I really, REALLY enjoyed reading this. Thanks for posting it Joanne. :)

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    Hot story thanks. Please continue……………..

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    lucky man wish i were your husband

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    Wow! This story really did it for me! One of the hottest I’ve read yet…

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    l feel very excited about reading your site especially the wimp plays the important part of the cuckold scence by sucking your lover cock and lick your fucked pussy clean

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    Very hot!!! I’m jealous

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    Hello!! Ms.Joanne,Your this story is very exciting and please move on the second part of your story.l am very please to hear from U …….thanks

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