March 31, 2006

Wife Infidelity Trend

High Infidelity
Why Monogamy Is Soooo Passe.

by Meredith Lindemon

Married people can’t seem to keep it in their pants these days. People are swinging, swapping, plain-old cheating and letting their spouses bone anyone, willy-nilly. Has “forsaking all others” become some trite cliche you mumble right before you head to the reception to get loaded? Is monogamy dead? Since the Bush administration is obsessed with the sanctity of marriage, we figured we’d look into the state of some unions right here in Philly. And what better time than the annual gag-inducing, hearts-and-flowers clusterfuck we know as Valentine’s Day? We decided we wanted to know who was screwing who, how they went about it and why. Funnily enough, there’s plenty of reasons to hand your wife the keys and say, “See you in the morning, honey. Do you have enough Trojans?”

Victor is a 44-year-old white Republican middle manager for the local branch of a national communications corporation. He has a “gorgeous” 29-year-old wife he pimpsunbeknownst to herover the Internet, mostly to well-hung Arab guys.

“My wife likes Arabic men. Don’t ask me why, she just does,” explains Victor. Some of the guys she goes home with are men that he has sent her way, not all of them Arabic. The fact that his wife sleeps around is cool with himthey have an open marriage; Victor just wants to help out. And since he says he wanted to marry her when she was 19, he figured he’d allow her to “go out and sow her wild oats.”

A few months ago, he set up a profile describing her on an adult Web site. When he gets responses he tells inquirers he’s actually her husband and picks guys to send out to meet her at whatever club she goes to.

“If they seem to match up with my wife,” Victor says, “I guide them in her direction.” He acts as her middleman, orchestrating some of her liaisons, although she gets laid plenty on her own. “I tell them exactly what to say or do to get my wife’s undivided attention. It’s like hitting a home run every time.

“The guys think it’s fantastic. But I say listen, here’s the deal: This is not a guaranteed bang. You have to put effort in.”

While not exactly your typical sacrosanct marriage, Victor’s works outsort of. He says he’s happy, and feels that his wife has the “best life ever.” The fact that he’s trying to pull strings behind the scenes may have something to do with his belief that on some level, his wife wants to be controlledthe reason he feels she has a thing for what he calls “extremely jealous” Arab men.

Dr. B. Hibbs, a psychologist and licensed marriage and family therapist at Philadelphia’s Center for Contextual Therapy, says, “A lot of people studied open relationships when they first started [getting attention] in the 1960s. The [findings] were not very good for these relationships. When couples come to me, one partner is in high distress and it’s destructive [to that partner].”

Brian is a paramedic instructor. He lives in the Northeast with his wife of nearly two years and their 6-month-old daughter. Two years after they started dating, he and his wife decided to become swingers, and have been doing it for nearly a year and a half. “We wanted to try something new and adventurous, as long as we didn’t hurt each other,” he says. “It’s a neat idea, but it’s also lousy jealousy is a risk. If one person’s weak, it collapses, but if you have mutual strength, it’s all right.” Brian has watched other men have sex with his wife. “I’d be lying if I said [I wasn’t jealous], but when you see someone with what you have, you want it more.”

Once they had their child, Brian says the swinging quieted down. “[Since] we had the baby there’s been no sex swapping. She wants to, but we’ve kind of parked it,” he says. “When you have a child, it’s a sensitive situation.”

As far as swinging goes, Dr. Hibbs says, “It can work for a while, but one partner [can] become attached to the third party, and then they become the affair partner.”

Donna has been married for 29 years and has never entertained the thought of cheating on her husband. “I wouldn’t even look another man in the eye in the grocery store, I was that respectful of my marriage.” Recently, however, due to severe health problems, it became physically impossible for her husband to have sex. “I felt at 50 years old, I was way too young to give up sex. I went to him and told him what my intentions were. I wasn’t going to sneak around, I wasn’t going to be made to feel like a pervert or a slut.”

When she initially approached her husband about it, he wasn’t happy. “I asked him to step into the situation,” Donna says, “to kind of live it before I did. He had to give his blessing before I did anything.” She says she uses her open marriage primarily as a social outlet, with a small emphasis on the sexual.

John is 35, in sales, and an old-fashioned cheater. His wife doesn’t know what he’s up to; she’s at home in Reading watching their two kids. Over a crab cake lunch, where he sticks his ABC gum to his plate, he makes it abundantly clear that he loves to give oral. He loves to give oral over long lunches in hotels to women he meets online. He would love to give oral to his interviewer (who politely declines). John cheats because he’s not getting enough sex since his wife had children. He says he could have sex three times a day. He feels that eventually, he’ll approach his wife about an open marriage, which he feels she’ll go along with mostly because he wants to.

Technically, the only cheater here is John, and that’s because he doesn’t adhere to the it’s-not-cheating-if-you-tell rule. But is there really a difference if you know your spouse is having sex with someone else or not? Or are in-the-open trysts actually helping to save our most precious institution?

“I believe the majority of marriages fail because of jealousy [over the feeling of] ‘the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence,’” Victor says. “But if you take down the fence and let them roam, if they love you, they’ll come back home.”

Daphne Gottlieb, a San Francisco-based author, and editor of Homewrecker: An Adultery Reader, an anthology of personal essays and fiction about cheating and infidelity, says, “I believe that infidelity is wrong, but I also feel that lifelong monogamy may be an unrealistic and unfulfillable ideal for most people. Controlling someone else’s sexual desire is wrong, which monogamy tends to do.

“I think there is a certain glamour and drama surrounding infidelity that is seductive,” Gottlieb adds. “I know that certain affairs are fed on the secrecy and discretion that they’re engendered by.”

According to Hibbs, “Infidelity is not an epidemic, but it’s pretty prevalent. In 50 percent of marriages, one partner ends up having an affair, but that is a high estimate. [Infidelity] doesn’t feel ordinary, even though the statistics are high. It feels devastating.”

Hibbs cannot say exactly how many couples experience infidelity; people don’t tend to tell the truth when asked. But maybe this is why we see people opening their marriages. Do people figure that since their partner is going to sleep around anyway, they might as well do it in the open? Or is it just another way to commit to the idea of monogamy, but not the actuality?

“I wish that America as a culture would recognize maybe monogamy is not what we think it is,” says Kathy, another swinger interviewed for this article. “Monogamy is not what you do with someone, but how you feel about them.”

Victor says, “I think marriage is heading in that direction now. You can’t stay with one person that long. If people were smart, they’d get on the bandwagon.


March 29, 2006

Giving Up The Wife

Some galleries today 4 ya. First up features Rayveness from Sharing My Wife. Watch Mark bring his hot little wife Rayveness over to get two black men off. Check out the movie gallery too. Last gallery today comes from Slut Wife Training. Here cum swallowing wife Rebecca gets to learn how to be a real slut and hotwife. Don’t forget to check the bonus movie gallery.

Rayveness gets much more than she bargained for
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Slut Wife Training
Rebecca gets slut wife trained
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March 27, 2006

Hotel Pick-Up

Here’s one of my very own written stories from May of last year. Hope you enjoy it. I love to write, my sexual imagination runs riot when I let it… And I can really relate to it now, me and my girlfriend play such similar games…. like last weekend when we went clubbing. I’ll save that one for another time… T.


We look forward to our hotel visits so much. To begin with it was really an experiment, to see how easy it was. Now it is an irresistible addiction. My wife is 28 and stunning, she really has no problem turning heads wherever she goes. I am in my late 30’s and very lucky to have such a beautiful, young and sexually driven wife. I have always been involved in relationships where my partner strays. I usually make it clear at the start of any relationship I have that I prefer to date women who will sleep with other men. Usually that involves many women ending the relationship there and then but over the years I’ve become an expert in spotting the kind of women that will date me and then cheat on me. I just enjoy being with them and knowing they are sexually fulfilled in every way.

I’ve been married to Tina for 2 years and we’ve been seeing each other for 3. Tina has always been sexually active and she loves the freedom our relationship gives her. I earn a great deal through business interests I have and she’s been able to live the life she’s always wanted. Buying lovely clothes, driving a nice car, going on mini-breaks with her girlfriends and basically living the life of luxury. Of course this life includes sleeping with whoever she desires with my blessing.

We have a great code system we use for when Tina meets another man. If we are out together, she will often approach and chat up a guy. If she thinks he might freak out when she tells him she’s married and her husband gets off on it she sends me a text message. ‘100′ means she’s found a potential lover, ‘101′ means she wants me to keep my distance and leave her be. ‘102′ is to come close, watch or listen in, but pretend I don’t know her. ‘103′ is a clear green light for me to come and join in, this is usually the message I get when she meets a couple or a guy who doesn’t mind a threesome or me watching. ‘104′ is a message for me to go home and leave her completely. ‘105′ means she is leaving with the fellow she’s met and going elsewhere, usually to his place. It can be followed up by a ‘106′ meaning she’s planning to stay out all night and come back in the morning. ‘107′ is similar to ‘105′ except she’s going back to our place. I suffer with this one as I have to wait out somewhere until I get a ‘111′ all clear message to come home as she’s done. One time she did a ‘107′ quite late and after the club chucked out I couldn’t get into a hotel so I slept in the car across the street from our house all night. I saw the guy leave the next morning and then on cue got my ‘111′ message. It works really well rather than her having to come and tell me what’s she’s doing and spoiling the moment with the guy. It’s a real treat sometimes when she calls me covertly while she’s making out. It’s great, the phone rings and I get real-time sounds effects of my wife in action. I’m going to get her one of those video phones soon. I bet she’ll have trouble setting those up.

About nine months ago we started to fantasise more and more about picking up complete strangers, we’d done it in bars and clubs but we were now thinking more along the lines of trying a hotel. So we researched what hotels in London were holding conferences for mainly male dominated professions. There were plenty to choose from and we’d book in usually on the final night of a conference when most of the delegates would be in party mode.

The first time we tried it, we booked in, got ready and went down to the hotel restaurant. I got Tina to walk ahead of me as we went down to the hotel restaurant. The place was packed with men and 95% of then were distracted by my wife as she walked past. I could hardly blame them, she was wearing some lovely black heels, her soft blonde hair was tied seductively above her head and she had on a killer black evening dress with a huge split up the side showing a discreet flash of stocking top as she walked. She was lapping up the attention as she walked to the restaurant.

We had a smashing meal with all the trimmings, Tina flirted with the waiters which I loved. After the meal she said she was going to the bar which was in another part of the hotel. She said she’d get me a glass of wine. I said I’d follow on in a minute. I left it 20 minutes before making my way to the bar. I couldn’t see my wife so I just stood by the exit and surveyed the area.

The bar was large, really crowded and buzzing, champagne corks were being popped everywhere and groups of guys were sat together everywhere. I counted about 5 women in the whole room, the rest were all men. I suddenly saw her sitting at the main bar and was suddenly alerted with my bleeping phone - a text - my heart skipped, she ’s working fast I thought. I pulled my phone out and saw a ‘102′. ‘Approach with caution’. I made my way through the clusters of men to the bar and looked over and saw her engaged in conversation with a handsome dark-haired man. I pulled up a stool next to her and saw that she had nearly finished her wine and the guy also had an near empty glass in front of him. She’s given him my drink I thought. I ordered my own wine and listened in on her conversation. The guy was telling her about his job, saying he’d been staying in the hotel for a week and they talked about general things, weather, things to do in London etc. Tina was really turned in towards him and I saw her opened stocking leg was touching his trousered knee. Then Tina suddenly came out with a bombshell “You’re a really good looking guy. Are you here by yourself.” The guy nearly fell off his stool. “Errr, yeah” he managed to blurt out. “Are you here alone too?” she paused sensed I was there and listening and said “Yes but I’m getting so bored with it in here. Do you fancy going for some air?” He hastily agreed and they walked off together. I noticed he was tall, looked athletic and had a great body. Good choice Tina, I thought.

I stayed at the bar and was just finishing my 2nd glass of wine when my mobile bleeped again. I visibly jumped again and slowly looked at my phone ‘105′. Bingo, she’s scored! Now I was feeling very horny and thinking of her making her way to his room.

I waited another 15 minutes and made my way back to our room. I didn’t want to miss her if she was back after a ‘quickie’. The room smelled of her scent and I closed my eyes wondering what she was doing right now. Feeling fantastic and generally elated I got ready for bed, put on a robe and resisted attempts to masturbate. I did a pay-per-view on a movie and tried to relax.

Half way through the film my phone chirped into life. Not a text but a call. Oh yes, please let it be her. I slowly turned the phone to face me “Incoming - Tina” it displayed. Woo Hoo! I answered “hello” I got the faintest whisper back “hi baby, I’m in the bathroom in his room, thought you might want a little phone sex.” “Oh, good girl, go for it Tina!” I heard some muffling sound and everything sounded more muffled. She put the phone in her little handbag, I thought. Then the toilet flushing, I then heard the sound of heels walking, a door unlockin and then voices “Sorry about that, now where were we?” I then was treated to some great audio thrills. The best thing was trying to guess what was going on. Definitely kissing, smacking and sucking sounds, lots of rustling sheets or was it clothes? The odd moan from Tina. That lasted about 20 minutes. Then it was replaced by a rhythmic sound, Tina was chirping in with some “Oh… oh… oh…” in time, they’ve gotta be fucking now. More grunting, a man’s groaning voice now. Every so often I’d get “Oh yes… fuck me… that’s it baby… harder!” and then I knew for my benefit “Cum right inside me, come on, give it to me baby!”. A final amount of grunting and then a quieting subsidence of moans, heavy breathing and then silent. 10 more minutes past by. My ear was burning and it was all I could do to stop myself touching my dick. It was so hard. More kissing sounds and then sucking, slurping sounds, this carried on for about another 10 minutes and then I heard his voice again. “I’m cumming, ah.. ahh.. ahhhh!!!!” more slurping and then silence. “You’re amazing Tina” I heard him say. Are you sure you can’t stay?” “Not tonight baby, I’ve got some things to get together for tomorrow, I’ll give you a call.” I heard more talking, muffled sounds and then the phone hanging-up.

Oh my god, she’s coming back. I was so excited, but my excitement started to subside when she wasn’t back after another half an hour. I was just thinking of trying to call her when my mobile lit up with a message. I looked and there were 2 code numbers there ‘100′ and ‘105′. I couldn’t believe it she’s gone and picked up someone else.

No further phone activity happened. It was another 2 hours before I heard her knock on the door. I checked the spy hole and it was Tina. I opened the door and she came in “Hello baby!”. Her hair and makeup were really messed up. Her stockings were gone. Still looking incredible she sat on the bed and said “The first guy was a bit nervous and hesitant, that made me want him even more. We had great sex and then I gave him a blowjob. He couldn’t believe it when I swallowed! He was desperate for me to stay the night. But I couldn’t resist going back to the bar to find someone else. It took me 15 minutes from introducing myself to getting an invitation to the next guys room.” I put my hand in my dressing gown and started stroking my dick. It was too much for me “What happened with the next guy?” She got herself a vodka from the mini bar and continued “He was like putty in my hands, I gave him oral for a while and he said he couldn’t hold it and asked to go down on me. I thought that would be too risky in case he suddenly noticed he was lapping up the remnants of someone else’s cum. So I told him to fuck me. He laid on top of me and did just that. He kept saying how wet I was down there. We fucked for ages in different positions until he exploded inside me. He wanted me to stay the night too, but I made my excuses and left. Anyway baby, I’m knackered, come give me a kiss.” I didn’t need asking twice and eagerly pushed my tongue into her mouth. She did taste kind of salty around her mouth, it was too much for me. “I gotta fuck you Tina.” She smiled and laid back and opened her legs. She still had her panties on and I slowly removed them. They were soooo damp. I lent forward and entered her very easily. She was so hot down there. It was like fucking melting butter. I was in heaven. She pushed me over on my back and rode me, she bucked like crazy and came hard. Th only reason I hadn’t cum yet was the fact she was so wet and slippery there was no friction down there. She leant right back and bucked faster. I looked down my stomach and saw the base of my dick and pubic hair was soaked in expelled cum and looking closer I could see as she slid up and down that my dick was also covered in it. That did it for me, this was it, I exploded what felt like a gallon of cum into that lovely cocktail of a pussy.

Needless to say that was Tina’s first of many hotel pick-up’s.

Author - Trash


March 26, 2006

Meet Alysha

At least a couple of times a week I log on to see Alysha’s clip of the week. Most of the time we’re treated to her husband filming her with one of her pre-arrange hook ups! But every once in a while we’re treated to Alysha picking up some random stranger at a casino, in a bar, at the swimming pool, or in one case out in front of a restaurant while her husband was getting the car! Not to mention her ability to handle dildo’s the size of your fist! So keep up the good work Alysha! And thanks for putting the “grrrr” in swinger!

Naughty Alysha

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March 25, 2006

Sub Slut Wife

Hello, It’s been a few months since we wrote you but had a story that just had to tell you along with a pic.

My slut wife has been meeting guys on line for a while now. She has been my sub for just a short time when she asked permission to meet this black guy she had been talking to. I of course said ok, there is nothing I love better than to see my slut being used by a big black cock.

I decided to go with her to make sure she is safe since this is the first time she had met him. She dressed with barely nothing on, black lace panties and a see through bra. Over it she wore a top coat as we had to be discreet because of our neighborhood.

We met him at the thruway and decided right away to get a room. He checked in and we followed him to his room. We did a little small talk as he and my wife got comfortable with each other and then he started touching her and she started rubbing his cock through his pants. Before long he had his pants off and she was going down on him. There’s nothing like seeing some stranger stuff his cock down her throat and seeing her lick and make sucking noises. I couldn’t take it anymore and I just had to fuck her as she sucked his cock. I stuffed it deep into her and she sucked him all the farther down her throat. Before long I was busting a nut all over her ass and he came into her mouth.

We talked a little more and he asked me if he could do something really kinky. I asked him what it was. He said he would love to piss on her. She looked at me with wide eyes and he asked her. She told him that it was up to me. I told her that he paid for the room so if that’s what he wanted… well then she would allow him to do it.

With her bra still on she headed to the tub and put a towel down to save her knees…. I stuck my cock into her face and she greedily sucked it more and made me harder than I was. It was then that I saw the first splash of piss hit her. It started slowly, then into a nice stream. She didn’t miss a beat and seemed to enjoy the warmth of it and after he finished she took his cock into her mouth and sucked out what had remained.

While she was still wet with his piss we took her back into the bed and fucked her again. She was drenched and she was loving it. We flipped her over and she went from one to the other sucking us. He got in between her legs and fucked her hard again as she sucked my cock. He fucked her hard enough where she couldn’t suck me and I jacked myself off and splashed it onto her face and into her hair.

We repositioned ourselves and she began to suck me as he stroked himself. He came a little bit on her face as she went down on me but not quite the load that I had given her.

We are both hoping that we can repeat this again with others.
hope you enjoy the pic.

Submitted by: Chuck - New York


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March 23, 2006

Meet Jessica

We haven’t had a new Internet wife introduction for some time so I was glad to come across (yum) the lovely Jessica Evans.

Jessica from Illinois is 5′ 7″’s, 36C and loves anal sex, she also has a kinky side and loves gothic fetish… Welcome Jessica.


Hi there my name is Jessica Evans. I am just another housewife who has just reached her sexual peak and loves to have sex. Yet, decided to share it! I am a sexy, slinky, naughty little housewife; don’t let my innocent eyes fool you. I have many fantasies fulfilled; many to look forward to and of course tons to share including hot encounters with other horny, sexy women. Im sure you will agree - a woman’s body is so curvy, so sexy — so SOFT. I just love to run my fingers, tongue all over their bodies. I like to play with women, with toys and undoubtedly with myself.

I also have many erotic fetishes. Its funny when one fetish is uncovered, others seem to develop! I guess it’s just natural as one explores their sexuality that it might then be taken to a whole new level of extreme. I consider myself a Vampire Slut and love playing out the erotic act of gothic sex, it a huge fetish of mine

When enjoying time with my husband, we attend many theme parties as well as nights out on the town. We each equally enjoy role-playing, other women…LOL, and sharing each other with others. As much as we love being in front of the camera we equally love to watch. Voyeurism - Exhibitionism either way it still gets us off.

Jessica x



March 21, 2006

Saw the wife get fucked

I was at a bar in St Louis several years ago, one that I frequented often. The owners daughter Nancy tended the bar on Saturdays and she was a real hotty, she had an ass to die for, very nice breasts and wore tight fitting jeans so tight that you could see a nice cameltoe.

After drinking and chumming with her and her boyfriend all evening at closing time David asked me If I wanted to come over to their house for a bit more partying and I said I’d love to, David being Nancys boyfriend. There were 4 of us who went over there after closing time, I really just went to drink and talk and have some fun. Everybody was having a great time and the girls were dancing and joking around. The other girl who was there was Barbara, she was a real sexy blonde with another sweet ass, always kinda flirting with you and she would dance around and make your mouth water.

After a couple of hours Barbara and I were sitting on a couch talking and every now and then I’d get a glance of her boobs, I’m sure she was leaning over on purpose and it was having the right effect on me because I had a raging hard on and she knew it. She let me kiss her and feel her up and I think David was watching and he must have gotten horny because he asked Nancy to go get him a beer. She got up and I seen that sometime during the night she had taken off her bra, her nipples were hard.

Almost as soon as she left the room David got up and went toward the kitchen where she went, I figured this was my chance to get in Barb’s pants and I began running my hand down her and as soon as I touched her wet pussy she let out a loud moan and as I kissed her she said she was cumming, I was so hard and ready for my dick to be sucked. Barb started rubbing me through my pants and I told her “Honey, I have to have your lips around my dick”, She said she didn’t want to do that right there in case somebody came into the room she would be too embarrassed, I pulled my hand out of her pants and licked my fingers, Oh my how she tasted, that sweet musty smell of a very hot moist pussy was almost more than I could handle.

I told her I was going to get me another drink and let myself settle down until we had a chance to be alone, then I was gonna fuck her for all she was worth. As I walked to the kitchen I heard a moaning sound so I stopped and slowly eased into the Kitchen. Off to the side there was a storage room and as I approached the door the sounds got louder and I knew that slurping sound of a cock being sucked, I peeked in and David was sitting in a chair with no clothes on and Nancy was on her knees Sucking his cock. He had to have had a good 9 inches and she was doing her best to get all of it in her mouth, well needless to say my dick didn’t have a chance to get soft, seeing them had me ready to cum all over myself, I took my dick out and started to jackoff right there in their kitchen. Nancy would take her tongue and lick his balls and then lick up his shaft, kiss all over the head and she would rub his Cock all over her face like she was making sure every inch of her had his cum on it.

She was also naked and her pretty ass was staring right at me. A guy couldn’t ask for a better seat to watch them, I could see her pussy lips were glistening, her lips were real red and I could see around her lips her pubic hair was wet with juices, but that asshole of hers was doing me in. I didn’t think I could hold out much longer and then a hand came around me and grabbed my cock and began jacking me, Barb had come into the kitchen and I was so into watching Nancy suck David that I didn’t hear her. I guess like David and Nancy didn’t hear or care that I might come in.

Barbara’s hand felt so nice as she stroked me, I was about ready to cum when Nancy raised up and I thought oh shit they’re gonna be mad, but she never looked at us, she just turned around facing us and eased her hot wet pussy down On Davids big dick. I watched in awe as she slowly took all of him, there was no cock left to be seen she had all of him and she cupped his balls with her right hand and she fucked him and when I say fucked him I mean she FUCKED him, slow, then fast, then hard. That big dick of his was doing a job on her. She would come almost all the way off and then slam down on him. Her eyes were closed and as her breathing got more rapid I could hear her telling him to fuck her. She was saying “Fuck me David, oh David fuck me please fuck me, I want you to fuck my ass, ram my ass like you always do”. When I heard her say that I began cumming, I was squirting cum all over Barb’s hand and on the wall beside us, I didn’t think I’d ever quit cumming, then David told Nancy he was cumming and Nancy told David he felt like a big knife and was cutting her apart but she never stopped fucking him until he was drained. Barb was still jacking my Dick and I was still very hard.

She said we better go back Into the other room before they see us. But I had to stay until I seen Nancy let David slide out of her totally wet fucked pussy and then I saw gobs of his cum leaking out of her pussy and as it started to run down her legs she turned around and planted a big kiss on him, with that Barb and I went into the other room and about 5 minutes or so David came into the room and handed us a beer and said he was sorry to be so long that he and Nancy had gotten Into a little argument but everything was fine now that they already made up and I’m thinking that must have been a helluva fight to make up like that.

Nancy finally came back into the room and she sat across from us, She had put her house coat on so I figured she was ready for bed so I told them it was about time we left. But before I got up Nancy reached over to the side of her chair to get her beer and as she did she spread her legs and let me have one more glance at her freshly fucked pussy.

I took Barb home, we sat and kissed and played around for a while. I never did get Barb to suck my Dick that night but I had seen the hottest suck and fuck show I could ever dream about.

To make a long story short about 6 months later David and Nancy broke up and I started dating her. We moved in together for 14 years and then we got married. To this day I have never told her I watched her get probably the hardest and hottest fuck of her life. I do love sucking her pussy and ass and her cunt is always hot and ready. I fucked her ass one night and I told her that was the first time for me and she said that David had fucked her ass before but he was so big that it hurt and I’m thinking no doubt.

I love thinking about watching her being fucked by him again while they let me watch or maybe join in. Heck if it meant I would have to suck his dick while we played that would be even hotter, the thought of licking their cum off him as soon as he pulls out makes me so hard to this day..

Hope you all enjoyed this true story… couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy…

Submitted by: Bobby, St. Louis


March 19, 2006

Another Fun Weekend

Just finished another wild weekend. Me, Daisy Rock and friends all went to an adult party, the theme was 1940’s German caberet, we all got dressed up and had a fantastic night fucking and sucking. We finally stopped partying at 4 this morning. A few days sleep is needed for me I think…

Some galleries for you today. First up we have the amazing cuckoldress Sara Swirls with a black boyfriend. Next up is lovely Desirae getting her hands on another new man. Lastly is lovely Candi from Cum on Candi getting one of her famous facials.

Sara Swirls
Sara can’t get enough of black cock

Desirae fucks her lover

Cum on Candi
Facial glaze for Candi


March 17, 2006

New Emma Starr Pics

Wonderful Emma Starr has been in touch this week telling me her latest plans and as always some lovely new pics. Thanks Em. x


I just wanted to tell all you what I am up to. I will be in LA shooting next week. I am doing two pro shoots and some super hot and wild shoots for my websites. I am very excited about one shoot in particular. It will be a 15 guy gangbang. I want to be drenched in cum from head to tail. Yummy…

Emma Starr

Emma Starr

Emma Starr

Emma Starr

Emma Starr

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March 15, 2006

Latina Hotwife

I’m a Latina hotwife… and I wouldn’t change it for nothing!!!!! About a week ago I was with my lover, a fine ass black man names Migule that knows how to fuck me… 4 REAL! We fucked for hours in ever way possible.. I was sore but loving the strokes and wanting it more & more… After fucking for about 3 hours it was time for me to go home.. hubby had been txt messaging me and I finally responded “I’M DONE FUCKING IT WAS GOOD AS HELL..ON MY WAY HOME”.

Once I was home shit got even hotter for me as hubby started licking me, cleaning me up after my night out of fucking. We talked about my fuck as I demanded him to lick my sore pussy clean… Did I mention that my hubby is a fine ass Irishman with a thick fuck dick that from day one tore my pussy up. From the moment I fucked him I knew I had a good cock!!!

Well on that night after he licked me from front to back I got my loving white cock up me too!

Needless to say I slept like a baby that night. A spoiled ass baby!!!

Tomorrow I’m planning on doing all over again with my blak lover and looking forward to coming home to hubby.

Submitted by: Cassandra NYC

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