February 26, 2006

Cheating & Evil Pleasures

A superb thought-provoking article from Hotwife Queen Slut Extreme Raven…


Have you ever fucked another man’s wife just because it made you hot to know you were taking something away from her and fucking with his head? To know you were screwing around with their relationship? To know the next time he fucked his wife, he was probably going to be thinking about you and not her? He’s going to lie to the woman he loves because of the woman he lusts after. Maybe he might fall in love with you – not that you want him permanently – just a bit of borrowing forbidden fruit and leaving something spoiled. Maybe you end up destroying him through his lust for you… hot or not?

I have. Many times. I admit it; I went after it on purpose because it made me hot and I wanted that kind of fix. I wanted a man so fixated on me that he is driven to distraction and on the edge of ruining his “happy” home.

The poll I ran asking woman questions about cheating on their mates showed a lot of women like to cheat. 53% said they cheated. And of those, more responded it was hotter cheating with another woman’s man than with a stranger. Why? I can only answer for myself, but I can make guesses about others. It feels hot to take something that “belongs” to another. It feels hot to know it’s more than just sex for them – it’s dangerous – it’s not just sex, it’s “wrong”. Men set themselves up for their own downfall. It’s exciting to watch them do it – they can’t help themselves and I glory in coaxing them over the line and ruining them.

Being a slut doesn’t just mean I’m an easy fuck. I’m the bad girl everyone always warned you about. Honest… not just in a fun way – I’m the bad girl who will fuck up your life. That’s why all my relationships failed – I cheated and enjoyed it tremendously. Cheating was always more exciting than being with the guy I was involved with. It was something inevitable after a few days or weeks at most with anyone I promised to be faithful to. And cheating was something that was always more fun with another woman’s man.

It happened over and over again. I went to my best girlfriend’s birthday party when I was 17, took her boyfriend by the hand to the basement and fucked his brains out, then back upstairs to the party. I remember smiling at my girlfriend and wishing her happy birthday with her true love’s cum running freshly down the inside of my thigh. And I never touched him again. But he wanted me – oh how he wanted me - from that point on it haunted him.

A couple people out there seemed to have the idea that because I was a proud slut that there was something wholesome about me. So, all you guys who have a great relationship, wouldn’t you like someone like me to ruin it? Deep down inside, isn’t there something that craves that kind of destruction?

Author: Slut Extreme Raven


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February 24, 2006

Amber’s Girlfriend

A latest update from beautiful swinging wife Amber Lynn Bach


Check out my girlfriend Jasmine and I in some hot sexy lingerie. She and I always have so much fun together while shooting…but the real fun is afterwards when we get to lick each other up and down until cumming all over each other. We’ve made some really hot movies. I get so excited when I know she will be coming for a shoot. Check out this gallery of Jasmine and me.

Amber xox


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February 22, 2006

Sharing My Wife

Got a lovely email this morning from none other than delicious Desirae from Naughty At Home. She mailed to tell me about her new site she is running. In true tradition it’s all about hotwives and it’s called Sharing My Wife.

Desirae says it’s dedicated to bringing the highest quality wife swapping content available on the net. Couples contact her to help them fulfil their fantasies and her and her husband do their best to make it the best sexual experience they’ve ever had. They hook these hotwives up with a Bull who is ready to fuck and please them like never before. She tells me that sometimes things get a little out of control and their husband’s get a little more than they bargained for. Sometimes the husband gets so excited that he has to join in, and sometimes the wife wants him to just sit in the chair and watch her get really fucked….

Check out this preview gallery she has let me show you all, it features Kraig and his wife Michelle. Kraig has always had a fantasy of watching his sexy and beautiful British wife Michelle get fucked by another man. She was a bit nervous at first, but really wanted to please her husband and fulfil his fantasy. They were both open to trying this new experience and it turned out to be incredible. Michelle started talking dirty and getting wild with her hot stud while Kraig watches on.




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February 20, 2006

My Buddy and My Wife

Let me start by saying that while I am not a true cuckold yet, I just may be on my way to becoming one. Let me explain..

About a year and a half ago, I befriended this guy at work. He seemed pretty cool, we were a lot alike, and we hit it off pretty well. He’d always give me a ride home from work, stop over and have a few beers. We always sat outside on the porch, until it started getting cold outside, and one day I asked my wife if he could come into the house and party a bit. She has always been very shy, and she agreed to that but she never came out of the bedroom.

After a couple of weeks of this, the sounds of us having a good time in the living room must have been too much. I’ll admit, I had been trying to get her to join us for quite some time, and finally she did. Well whattya know, these two hit it off right away. There are many things that they have in common that my wife and I don’t share. That kinda bummed me out. But still, seconds after he walked out the door of my house from meeting her the first time, I rushed outside to ask him what he thought of her. “She’s beautiful!…” is all he could really say, and I knew that he was attracted to her immediately.

After his first meeting with her, I started asking her if she liked him. I kept on until finally I asked her, in a joking way, if she’d like to suck him off. To this day I’ll always remember her words: “I wouldn’t mind.” The next day, when I saw my friend at work, I began hinting around, suggesting that maybe she’d show him a lot of cleavage the next time he came over (she’s got pretty big tits). Well, she showed just a little the first time, because I never made it clear that I kinda wanted her to show more, but still, my buddy was excited.

The next time he came over, I made sure to let her know that I wanted him to see more. Boy, did she ever! I was kind of saddened by how quickly she had both her tits out in front of him, without even checking with me, but she was clearly enjoying herself, and so was he. Dude was sitting there on my couch, rubbing his dick through his pants and staring at my wife’s big milky white tits. Nothing much happened that night, but once she knew that he was attracted to her, it was like I had unleashed a beast inside her.

Well, soon enough we invited him over to our house on one of our days off work (her “boyfriend” and I share the same work schedule) and it finally happened. No fucking, mind you, just oral. I mean, get this, I actually told him to save up a big load for her, I told him that she loves getting it in the face (which is no lie) and I told him to plaster her good!

OK, well, it was her first time sucking him off, so it started off a little bit awkward, especially considering the fact that obviously I wanted front row seats. I got to watch for about five or ten minutes while I jerked off, and I sensed that maybe he needed to be alone with her for a couple of minutes before he could bust his nut. So, I headed off to the bathroom, actually saying out loud that I wanted him to blow his load all over her face! I just stood there in the bathroom door, well within earshot of them but out of sight. Obviously things were getting a lot hotter and heavier in there since I had stepped out of the room.

It was all I could do to keep from spewing on the hallway carpet as I listened to her slurping on another man’s dick. She started making “mmm” noises as she bobbed her head up and down, something that was totally new to me. And oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that I had talked this out with him beforehand, and he was clear on the fact that I wanted him to cum in her face. Surprisingly, he had never done that before to any woman, and he was really excited at the prospect of doing so.

So keep in mind that it was I who asked him to save his cum for her, it was I who made it clear that she wanted it shot in her face, and it was I who left the room so he could get some relief from his tormented state.

So here’s what happened… As I stood around the corner from them, listening to my wife’s suckling sounds and the sounds of him getting off, I heard him say “OK, now!”

The next sound I heard was a very feminine, very delighted “Ooh!” when he gave her the first big spurt. I heard her licking and smacking her lips all around his shooting cock, and I walked in about two seconds later so I could see her face. Keep in mind that neither of us had ever done anything like this before, and it was the first time another man’s jizz had touched her since we had been married twelve years before.

She was smiling, she was truly happy. She looked right at me as I walked into the room, her cheeks, mouth and nose all glistening with his huge load, as if to say “Gosh, Eric! Look how much he shot off!” without even registering the fact that I might be just a teensy bit upset.

And I was the one who encouraged him to save it all for her. He even mentioned to me, well, both of us really, about how he felt like he shot off like a cannon in her pretty face, one blast after another. I thought that was kind of disrespectful to me at first, but then I realized that somehow he knew that it turned me on big time.

There have been a few weeks where I would not allow anything to transpire between them, at least in front of me. We’ve just been sitting around after work, smoking and drinking a little while we all just talk. Yesterday, I may have changed my mind again.

Well, the wife and I have been having some issues lately, and surprisingly this turn of events may have saved our marriage. I know that she is my wife, I know she loves me, and this has given me the courage to allow him to use her in my house while I watch, once again. It makes her happy, she has said that she’d like to sit next to him again and let him feel her tits, which I know will lead to her sucking him again and who knows, I might even let him fuck her in my bed… I want to let him fuck her the way I used to do, before sex became so ordinary between my wife and I. I want my buddy to see how good her sweet pussy really is.

Submitted by: Eric - Charlotte, NC


February 18, 2006

Lovely Hotwives

Some lovely hotwife galleries for you today. First up is the beautiful Desirae. This woman knows how to fuck, check out her fun fucking in this hotel room. The next gallery features stunning hotwife Envy getting a hot serving of creampie courtesy of my friend and bull who loves fucking wives at hotwives and girlfriends. Don’t miss the movie gallery as well. Our last gallery today sees us catch up with hotwife veteran Tracy from Watch Our Wives. Here she is entertaining a new black stud.

Desirae meets her boyfriend in the hotel room

Stunning Envy just loves to fuck other men
Bonus Movie Gallery Here

Tracy loves strangers cocks


February 16, 2006

Hotwife Initiation

My wife, Julie, is a total slut and whore. She is very highly sexed and very horny and wants to be fucked daily. I cannot give her the satisfaction she needs so frequently and so we decided that she can take on some lovers to satisfy her sexual hunger.

Her chance came when we attended a dinner and dance party at a hotel. There was this black guy who kept eyeing her and making passes at her. Julie was visibly thrilled at the attention she was getting from the guy. She responded by smiling and flirting with him. He came over to our table and introduced himself as James. He and my wife seemed to click well and they were soon talking and laughing with each other.

James asked her for a dance when the band started and soon they were dancing close on the floor. I could see both his hands on her butt as they moved over the floor to a slow music. She was grinding her loins against his cock. He held her close and soon his hands were roaming all over her body , from her butt, up her bareback dress and finally onto her braless breasts. When they came back to the table after the music ended I could see her hard nipples jutting out against the thin material of her dress. Her face was flushed and she looked appealingly at me and then whispered into my ear, “Can I have him?” I smiled at her and nodded my head.

I asked James if he would like to come over to our house for a drink after dinner was over. He was delighted as he looked at my wife and smiled. Both of them were at the backseat of my car as I drove home. James was all over her , kissing her nipples and fingering her pantyless cunt. She was also as busy as her newfound lover as she stroked his hard cock and bending her head down and sucking it!

Soon we arrived at our home and my wife led James into our bedroom. Oh yes, I forget to say that James was a six footer. They were now completely naked , kissing and hugging each other. My wife was breathing heavily in sheer lust. She threw herself onto our bed with her legs wide open and her cunt was glistening with slimy juices. James was soon on top of her and she guided his huge black cock into her willing cunt. He rammed and pounded her with his almost 9 inch cock and the sound of sex liquid filled the bedroom punctuated with the groans and moans of an adulterous wife. Her eyes were closed and a peaceful smile played on her face and her mouth was wide open in sheer raw lust.

The naked bodies of my wife and her black lover moved, shivered and trembled in pleasure as both of them savoured the wonders of illicit sex. Their bodies were covered with sweat as they moved vigorously in sexual actions. Julie as usual was getting multiple orgasms and she uttered so many obscene words when she cum. She would never use these words under normal circumstances. My wife was a picture of a woman who was truly a slut and a whore when she was sexually aroused. When James exploded his cum into her womb she screamed like a mad woman as she too came at the same instance his sperms entered her womb. I let James spend the night with her in our bedroom while I used the guestroom. I could hear my wife groaning and moaning in pleasure later in the night. She told me later that James fucked her five times that night.

My wife was a changed woman now both in her behavior and her dressing. She looked very radiant and she began to wear lowcut blouses and micro mini skirts. As usual she wore nothing under her clothes. James was now a frequent visitor and during the weekend he would be in the bedroom fucking my wife and she enjoying it.

Submitted by: Charles S - Canada


February 15, 2006

Christina’s Friday Night

The best thing about the start of a new week is the hot stories I get sent through about the weekend’s fun and games.

We haven’t heard from the lovely Christina Noir in a while so I was thrilled when she sent through a story of her latest sexcapade.

Thanks Christina x


WOW! I had a fantastic Friday night!

It started off with a Pleasure Party my girlfriend was throwing. She invited several fun girls and their guys. The girls got to attend the actual Pleasure Party while the guys had to hang outside in the garage and do their own thing. We girls had a lot of fun right away making jokes and giggling nervously at some of the conversation. I was amused by it all, sitting there - your friendly neighborhood slut - in a room of mostly middle-aged women, who had no idea of my vast knowledge and experience with self-pleasure and seduction. My two neighbor girlfriends know about my lifestyle, and we constantly flirt and feel each other up whenever we can ;)

So the Pleasure Party ends and lots of people stay to dance and drink and have a good time. I ended up going home with a neighbor couple that I had been dirty dancing with and having sex with them in their bed!

She had left the party around 1 or 2 am. Her husband comes up to me and asks me if I want to go home with them. I really want to fuck her, and her husband knows it, so I say yes! By the time I got to their house, she was already in bed and he arrived hot on my heels. I climbed on top of her and straddled her. She starts reaching up and rubbing my tits just as I’m putting my hands down her shirt. He climbs in bed next to us, naked, so naturally I reached over and stroked his cock. The lights were out; I couldn’t see a thing, which only heightened all my other senses. God I was getting HOT! By this time, she and I were kissing and trying to undress each other. I quickly stripped down and climbed back on top of her and helped her take off her clothes. Then I lay on top of her and kissed her; then him as he lie next to her; then her again. I could feel her hand making it’s way to my box. It felt so good to kiss while she slipped her fingers in and out of me. I sat up so she could really get deep inside me, then leaned over and sucked and licked his hard tool. She kept saying, “Honey, I want you to fuck her!” and he, bless his heart, kept worrying about what my hubby would think! I told him my hubby would think it was HOT and would want me to give him FULL DETAILS! That I was going to tell him just as soon as I could! That was enough for him, so I climbed off her and onto him and sank down onto his waiting cock. I rode him on top for a long time, enjoying every minute of it, He kept telling me to cum for him, cum for him… “I want you to soak me!” …and so I did!! All he could say, over and over, was “You’re so HOT!!” It was just TOO MUCH FUN!

My girlfriend and I had both made some purchases at the party earlier, so I told her to break out one of her toys so we could play with it. She chose a battery-operated vibrating egg but we had to have her husband steal the 9-volt from the smoke detector ;) Chances were the fire we were creating, while smokin’ hot!, wasn’t going to set off the detector that night. I immediately went to town on her with it! I rubbed it all around her pussy and stuck it deep inside her, holding it in all the right places, doing my best to get her off! At times I would pull it out and go down on her, lapping up her sweet juices with my tongue. God she was beautiful! And she tasted so GOOD! The whole time her husband is spooning me, fondling my breasts and kissing my neck; stroking my arm and back. It wasn’t long before he entered me from behind and slowly fucked me while I fucked his wife! After she came, I couldn’t believe how wet and delicious she was! I buried my fingers in her and rubbed her mound, and then I turned over and stuck them in his mouth. I said, “Here, …taste your wife!” I thought he was going to cum all over again! He called for his wife and I got pulled in close in a hug while they fucked each other slowly. I ran my hand and fingers all over his ass, back, and arm, then moved on to her soft neck and breast. I’d suck on her nipple as I helped guide his cock in and out of her - it was amazing! Before I knew it, she was going down on me, sucking and pulling at my pussy lips and sticking her tongue deep inside me. He kept my mouth busy and caressed my skin from head to toe. I felt so relaxed and good that it was easy to cum again, this time RIGHT IN HER MOUTH, which she eagerly slurped up and shared with her husband in a wet Christina-juice kiss! I didn’t miss out, though, because he immediately leaned over and kissed me full on the mouth. We all ended up spent and satisfied, and in slight disbelief that our neighborly relationship could be taken so far.

I had such an erotic and sensual night - a perfect finish to a Pleasure Party experience!

Oh, and I can’t wait to show you the toys I bought during my CamZ shows!!

xxx, Christina

Christina Noir

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February 14, 2006


I really think we don’t get enough lifestyle articles and observations on this blog. I love talking about it, hotwifing is such a fascinating subject and sometimes it’s great to look into the depth of thought, actions and psychology of the people involved.

Here’s a great article on Cuckolding from last July written by my good friend and lifestyle expert Ms. MacComb.


The word cuckold means “the husband of an unfaithful wife”. Broader implications in “our” world mean something different and so much more. Unfaithful? Yes. But that seems to imply cheating behind his back. While this does occur, I can not condone it. I believe that what makes cuckolding special is the very fact that the husband does know, does approve (or not) and often is either willing or ordered to assist his wife in her dating other men. While she is not faithful to him in the biblical sense, she is in that he is fully aware of it and either approves or tolerates it, or he would obviously divorce her and go on his way. Within the cuckold world you have those that range in activity from the very rare dalliance with no husband participation, to those where the husband helps to arrange the frequent dates, helps her prepare for her date and assists in every aspect before, during and after. I would fall somewhere in between. First off no one can avoid the unpleasant but very important topic of STDs. Everyone must go to great lengths to protect themselves and their partners. I have found the best way is to take one very carefully screened lover at a time. A guy who is intelligent enough to be able to recognize the pros of being in a relationship where his only responsibility is to make love to another mans wife. No child support, no spouse support, no nagging wife, no screaming kids, no pressure to get married. He comes, he cums, he goes. For many men this is the ultimate arrangement for them and the wise ones take great care to maintain it.

It’s no great secret that the male species likes to have sex. The man that provides this, commonly known as the “bull” as in a reproducing stud, has a simple job. To have sex with the wife. The cuckolded husband, commonly known as a “wimp” has an enormous job before him. He may be responsible for setting dates, helping his wife bathe, dress and prepare for her date. He may be required to serve food or drinks to the couple. He may be required to watch them having sex, he may be required to participate. For many cuckold couples the defining moment may be after the bull has ejaculated inside the wife. The common term for this is a “creampie”. It is a signal of power for the bull, he has just come inside another mans wife. It is a great sign of humiliation for the husband, another man just had sex with his wife and the evidence is leaking out of her. It is a pleasurable moment for the wife, she has just been royally and properly fucked and in front of her husband. Quite often at this point the husband is either ordered, or expected to eat his wife’s creampie. For her, the oral stimulation’s of her post coital activities can be very pleasing and may allow her to achieve additional orgasms. For the husband the truth of the moment, the overwhelming blatant reality of having to lick and suck another mans come out of his freshly fucked wife can be both repulsive and humiliating and extremely erotic at the same time. Many submissive husbands view this as the ultimate in proving submission and devotion to his wife. It also is perhaps the single most horrific thing a straight heterosexual man can be ordered to do. A very odd love/hate dynamic can develop within the husbands mind. He is degraded and disgusted with what he does for his wife, and strangely aroused by it and eagerly awaits the next time he is ordered or allowed to repeat the performance.

One aspect of cuckolding that seems to have been blown out of proportion on the Internet is the issue of penis size. According to the common opinions, all bulls have a huge 12 inch penis, and all wimps have a thin 4 inch penis. I can say this is very far from true. First off to settle the debate over average penis size, let me say this, it is 5 inches. A very recent study was performed by a team of scientists (they could have just asked me) using a laser “ruler” for measurements, determined that 5 inches was the average. End of story. Some would want to go into the “mean” versus the average, and take into account millions of other pieces of information, genetics, body mass index, level of arousal, age etc, but in my mind the question has been answered. In truth, none of this matters as the average cuckolding wife wants something considerably larger than the average. And by “larger” I don’t mean just penis size, but technique and skill. At the same time, not all wimps have 4 inches, nor do all bulls have 10. In some cases the wimp might actually have a penis of equal or even greater proportion than that of the bull. The basic instinct of a person determines more what role they would prefer to play or are destined to be in than penis size alone. Having erectile dis-function, being a premature ejaculator, having bad technique, or just being of an overwhelming submissive nature could compel a man to be in the wimp role. The opposite, a very dominant guy with great confidence and stamina could fulfill the role of bull with just an average size penis. The mental and emotional aspects of this outweigh the physical attributes but most people tend to focus on the physical alone as being the reason.

Article by: Ms. MacComb

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February 13, 2006

Emma Starr Gangbang

Just got another hot update from Emma Starr that she sent me last night. She just fucked 4 guys for a warmup gangbang on Saturday night without her husband there and sent me some pics straight through, how lucky am I.

I did say warmup as last night she was due to have a 15 guy gangbang. Wow. Thanks Emma, hope it went well and read more from her below.


I am here in LA doing some hot new shoots for my websites. Last night, I did a pre-gangbang with 4 guys (to get warmed up) that lasted through this morning. It was so entertaining!! We just put down the camera and went into the bedroom and the next thing I know it’s 8:00am on Saturday and I have four guys in my bed. Well, I will see them soon I have a 15 guy gangbang tonight and they are coming back for further satisfaction. I am so thrilled about it!!! The greatest factor about this is it will just be a party and you will be able to see it on all of on my websites.

I have 6 members of my websites that will be doing their first scene ever tonight. These guys are winners of my contest. Their names were drawn so I contacted them and they are meeting me at the hotel in LA tonight along with 9 other guys that may fuck me til the sun comes up. Brad is flying in today to film the Big GB. It was so nasty here without him but I will get him instantly hard giving him the play by play from last night. I had so much cum all over my body and inside me just dripping out. It was so naughty. I can’t wait for much more tonight. The only thing is, I can’t even imagine the huge loads of cum that I am going to take everywhere. I will let them cum wherever they want. My guess is it will be bukk style fun. But who knows? The anticipation is making me wet! I have never done a GB this massive before. The count down begins.. 10 hours til my pussy starts to get fucked by a slew of strangers!!

Emma Starr

Emma Starr

Emma Starr

Emma Starr

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February 12, 2006

Valentine Vicky Vette

Amazing wife Vicky Vette has just been in touch to tell me about her Valentines Cam show coming up on the 14th. She’s been very busy dancing recently. We wish you well Vicky.


I’ve decided my next camshow will be on Valentine’s day - it will be part solo (to start) and part hardcore. I’ve got a new cameraman that I’m testing out, hehehe…… would love to hear your comments on it! So come check out the fun! It will be Tues, Feb 14/06 at 11 pm eastern on the member page of vickyathome.com. I’m also planning an intimate chat session with my members very soon, with all the recent events I know there are a lot of questions and things to talk about, so that will be a more personal chat with less sex, well somewhat less sex, lol….

Click here to see a trailer of one of my recent shows!

Vicky Vette

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