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January 24, 2006

Meet Oasis

Time to say hello to gorgeous hotwife Oasis. This wife has taken the hotwife internet lifestyle to the extreme. She has one of the best free areas for non-members I have seen on a amateur wife site. Check it out.

The fantastic news is I have an exclusive interview with this sexy woman coming next week.



Hi, my name’s Oasis and I’ve been getting totally nuts online now for more than six years … that makes me one of the original web amateurs, and all my fans still think I’m the best! My site is more than just a collage of pictures, its a real excursion into my real life, which I share with everyone and invite everyone to share with me. I’m definitely a swinger and a partier and in addition to going to all the cool events like Mardi Gras, Spring Break and Fantasy Fest, I host events of my own where I invite web friends and fans out to party with me! I LOVE to have fun, and if you come hang out with me you’ll definitely have some too :-)

On my site there are over 400 free pics giving everyone a preview into my life, and more than 10,000 member’s area pics sure to satisfy even the most discriminating voyeur. My life is totally sexual, and you can watch me having a blast doing all sorts of nutty things! I flash all over the place, have sex in as many dangerous situations as possible (including on the pool table in a bar and on the stage once during a BIG rock concert!), munch on girls, suck on guys, and fuck, suck, lick and finger everyone in full-on orgies! We travel all over the place and try to meet as many people as possible … I even have a contest where everyday net-izens get to go out on a date (and usually fuck) me :-)

If you want in on all the fun, come by my site Cum2Oasis.com and say hey! The following pics are just a few samples of the crazy things I do! Come to my site to see them all!


Everyone’s gotta get naked sometimes … I just do it more often than most, and I generally don’t care where I am when the mood hits!! I have indoor and outdoor nude shots, and I have a monthly photo feature where members get to vote on the next outfit I strip out of! (The cheerleader above was a really popular recent winner!)


Every year we hit the major events like Mardi Gras, Fantasy Fest and Spring Break, but I wouldn’t have earned the title “Queen of Exhibitionism” if I only flashed in the easy spots! Look for my bare tits and ass all over the place - flashing in front of national monuments, at sports events, in the local bars, or just driving around town!


Whether its with girls or with guys, in private or in a public place, one-on-one sex always has that intimate feeling that us girls like … so I make sure to get as much of it as I can! Fans can even enter my win-a-date contest, where I take you out and treat you like a million bucks!! (and then fuck the hell out of you when we get home!)


But there’s DEFINITELY something to be said for group sex, orgies and gangbangs!! I regularly host house parties that almost always end up with me naked-in-the-middle, and I have as many gangbangs and bukakke’s as we can find fans to participate in! And lets not forget the double-team … as you can see, that’s one of my favorites!!


The online video clip section of my site is the part that we’re working the hardest on right now, and you can see clips from win-a-dates, slut days, gangbangs and exhibitionist events like Mardi Gras, with lots more coming online every month! We also have VHS Video and CD-Roms for sale, and we’ve just finished our first DVD project - 90 minutes of pure gangbang fucking from the L.A. Slutday Gangbang!

To see ALL my photos, check out my site today!

Over 6,000 exclusive, original images of me at my sluttiest! * Updated every few days! Party Pics * Slut Day & Slut Week * Win-a-Date * Cum Shots * Exhibitionism * The Oasis Live Cam * Sex in Public * Video Clips * Interactive Erotica * Message Forum * Requested Galleries * Art & Toons * Live 24/7 VideoSecrets Cam Shows and more!


Visit Amazing Hotwife Oasis Here

7 Responses to “Meet Oasis”

  1. keng1a1@hotmail.com said:

    How wonderful that you got Oasis on the blog. To me, she’s almost like the George Washington of Hotwives. Just wonderfully friendly, incredibly sexual, enthusiastic, explicit, warm, intelligent, slutty, body for sex, and maybe the greatest, dirtiest grin in the world. She’s got it all.

    I’ve belonged at times to her site (in fact, I was just visiting the public part yesterday). And believe me, it’s worth it.

    Here’s the thing about hotwife sites. Most of them are about making a wife stop being a wife and start being a porn star. And I find those to be a drag. But Oasis seems like she and Lance are best friends and truly happy as a married couple. It’s just that she’s totally unashamed about the fact that she’s a total slut. Totally unashamed? Try unapologetically proud!

    Some of her pics are just hysterical, like when she’s walking around with signs and T-shirts that say things like “free blowjobs” (and she means it!)

    But like I said, she just seems really cool. Like she’d be fun to have a beer and watch T.V. with. Or she’s the kind of wife who’d see a book that she thought you’d enjoy and pick it up for you (God, when I meet a single woman who likes to read and wants to be a hotwife…). Or maybe you’d go to the movies and she’d give a handjob… to the handsome stranger sitting next to her!!! You almost find yourself thinking, I’d like to be her best friend. But then you look at the way she smiles with her eyes when sucking a cock and you think, there are some better things I could do with her.

    Anyway, she’s a blast. Check her out.

  2. Trash said:

    Thanks for your comment. Yes I agree, I’m very excited to have her part of the blog. She’s an amazing example of what an internet hotwife should be like. Do not miss her interview next week, it’s very hot!!!


  3. Adrian from london said:

    trash are there any british interracial housewifes that you know of

  4. Isla Edwards said:

    Oasis, OMFG (!!!!) I have been a huge fan of yours since back in the days of the Ynot Network and their Top 100 Thrilled to see you here on the blog, too. You are truly an inspiration to hotwives everywhere and it’s so clearly evident that your heart is in/on your site. You are the quintessential slut in my book and always will be.

    Just sending LOVE your way!

    Mwah, MWAH!

    Love and licks, too! ;-*

    Slutty Wife

  5. Cary said:

    just the best, always

  6. ariel said:

    Nice touch…now anybody comming from the opposite direction we have a guaranteed head on collision…im guessing two maybe three fatalaties…in other words an ass worth dying for…thats how i rate them.

  7. harley said:

    i wanna win a fuck date with her but im in uk

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