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December 26, 2005

Meet Kat Noir

Meet Kat Noir

Sometimes you can do a post on here with a hotwife and you get a huge explosion of sexual stimulation and interest and I think I wish this could stay on the front page for a bit longer rather than fall down into to the archives lol.

So I wanted to bring your attention back to the delicious Kat Noir who I’m very keen on ;) She has that alternative style and look that I’m a complete sucker for.

Too many big corporate porn sites rule the internet and that’s why I’ll continue to promote the hell out of amateur girls like Kat and Emma Starr. Their hard work and lifestyle choice deserves success… Keep it up girlz!…. So here’s Kat…


Really, I’m just a regular person. A wife and member of the local PTA by day but by night I turn into a sexually charged wild Kat. I realized quite sometime ago that I just adore being photographed and videotaped having wild sex and just showing off. I keep myself shaved smooth, and take care of my figure through lots of exercise and tons of sex! I also have quite a few body piercings, a total of seven, and that doesn’t even count my ears. There’s nothing more fun than being in front of the camera, dressing in hot fetish clothing, showing off my body and having great sex.

One of my newest obsessions are wild and passionate sexual encounters with hot and sexy black men. For some reason they just bring out the wild animal in me and I just can’t seem to get enough! I have been very lucky and have met many wonderful guys over the past year. I say lucky because not only do they also love hot sex as much as I do but they also don’t mind one bit that I want to photograph the action for my website. I am truly excited to be able to share with you my encounters and experiences.

I am always asked, “Kat, are you bisexual?” Well, I have always loved the touch and feel of another woman. I have had many relationships over the years with women and enjoy the sensual side of a female. Recently, I’ve had some really hot times with a few very sexy ladies. I hope you enjoy the pictures of me enjoying my bisexual side as much as I did when the photographs were taken. There is one special girlfriend that is just the most adorable woman. Bet you can’t guess which one!

If you were to ask me my favorite sexual activities, Oh my there are so many! Right now I’d have to say that I just love anal sex most of all. There is no better feeling than having my ass teased and used. I really just adore anything to do with sex and things that make me feel sexy. Here is a list (in no special order) of activities I enjoy and that you will be able to see me enjoy. Group sex, Men exploding all over me, Bisexual women, Toys and things that vibrate, Fetish clothing (leather and rubber are two of my favorites), Female ejaculation (Oh yes, I have a very active g-spot), Bondage and watersports (blushing). I love the sexual chemistry I experience with my partners as well as giving them a mindblowing orgasm. I am multi-orgasmic and find that when someone is relaxed and comfortable with me, they can be too!

Kat Noir

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2 Responses to “Meet Kat Noir”

  1. uksexymona said:

    Oh…Kat is very nice lady and very gorgeous and sexy horny one.She used to be in all my yahoo groups and we exchanged couple of emails before.We both share a great love for real big black cocks and I hope one day I will be able to meet her and we work together.
    I love you Kat.
    kisses & hugs
    Sexy Mona

  2. bossiernut said:

    She is one of the best in the business. I love u Kat. U continually make me hard.

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