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December 7, 2005

Meet Marion

Marion is just wild. A 29 year old, 34D, Central European hotwife with a passion for gangbangs and cum. Here’s Marion herself telling us about her life.


I don’t like the concept of planning fuck parties or organizing gangbangs weeks before I’m horny. When I feel naughty I’m just go out to look for some guys to bang me. Most of the time my husband escorts me when I cruise through the streets, bars or discos. But sometimes I’m alone on the road, looking for one (or more guys) to have fun with.

Some years ago me and my husband started to live this kind of lifestyle. My husband loved it to watch and I loved to have sex with other guys. So we were the perfect couple. And that’s what we still are. I really love my sweetheart, he’s a very tolerant guy, he forgives me everything.

For some years I tried out organizing gangbangs or bukkake parties, but some day I had enough. Organizing big parties means to wait a long long time to get some hard dicks. It’s July and I must plan for a party in August or September to get enough dicks for my sexual appetite. After all this it was no longer my favorite thing of doing it.

Today I just fly away when I’m hungry for men. Most of the time I look for guys at public places like pubs, restaurants, private parties or even anywhere in the city. In the streets, in the woods - everywhere. When I see a guy and when I like what I see I let him fuck me or suck him off. Okay - In most cases I tell the guys that I’m a web girl with her own site, always looking for guys to bang me in front of hubby’s cam. Usually the guys are interested and then we are going home or into a hotel/motel. Or we just fuck right there in the car or in the woods.

I also love to go to the disco. Sometimes alone, sometimes with my husband. I like dancing and I like men, so this is a good location for combining my two big hobbies. Most of my nightly dancing partners are my new lovers. Sometimes 3 or 4 guys during one night. I’ll bring them all home for a gangbang or suck them off in the parking lot, the car or even under the disco’s table…

It’s just that easy. 9 of 10 guys are saying “great” and give me their cocks. Doesn’t matter if there’s a cam or not. And when I want to have sex with more than one guy I just go to a group of guys or a gang that’s hanging around somewhere. For example at the disco. If I see a group of 5 guys with no girl sitting around at the table I just offer my body to them. A few minutes later we are at home (or in a motel-room) having a great spontaneous gangbang.

Furthermore I love to go to adult theatres or sexclubs spontaneously. I love glory holes. When I’m walking into those kinds of locations I’m always dressed very bitchy. I let all the guys there know that I’m a naughty cumslut and would like to suck them all of. And when I say “all” I mean “all”. So I’m going down to my knees and let them all cum in my face and mouth. Sometimes I swallow the loads of 20 or more guys during one evening. Sometimes I let them all fuck me before I start to suck them off…

I never look at the weight, height or age of a guy. To me it’s important that he’s a honest guy. And that he knows want he want to do with me. I need new lovers at least two times a week, sometimes two times a day, so I think I’m the prototype for a nymphomaniac girl…

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