December 30, 2005

Holiday Wives

Sorry for the delay in updates… Christmas backlog and then I’m off to Vegas next week for Internext so posts will be thin on the ground I’m afraid.

Anyway here’s some Winter Warmers to keep you going. First we have a movie gallery of lovely blowjob queen Genie, getting a fine dose of eggnog for Christmas. Our 2nd Holiday Hotwife is horny Julia. She shows us how busy she’s been this Xmas by taking multiple loads of cum from a gang of black studs. This is a movie gallery too. The 3rd wife of the last gallery of 2005 is my personal fave Emma Starr. No words can sum up how gorgeous and sexy this girl is.

Enjoy everyone…

Genie’s Christmas Night Swallow Delight - Movie Gallery

Julia Exposed
Julia gets Cum for Christmas - Movie Gallery

Emma Starr
Emma hotel room posing


December 26, 2005

Meet Kat Noir

Meet Kat Noir

Sometimes you can do a post on here with a hotwife and you get a huge explosion of sexual stimulation and interest and I think I wish this could stay on the front page for a bit longer rather than fall down into to the archives lol.

So I wanted to bring your attention back to the delicious Kat Noir who I’m very keen on ;) She has that alternative style and look that I’m a complete sucker for.

Too many big corporate porn sites rule the internet and that’s why I’ll continue to promote the hell out of amateur girls like Kat and Emma Starr. Their hard work and lifestyle choice deserves success… Keep it up girlz!…. So here’s Kat…


Really, I’m just a regular person. A wife and member of the local PTA by day but by night I turn into a sexually charged wild Kat. I realized quite sometime ago that I just adore being photographed and videotaped having wild sex and just showing off. I keep myself shaved smooth, and take care of my figure through lots of exercise and tons of sex! I also have quite a few body piercings, a total of seven, and that doesn’t even count my ears. There’s nothing more fun than being in front of the camera, dressing in hot fetish clothing, showing off my body and having great sex.

One of my newest obsessions are wild and passionate sexual encounters with hot and sexy black men. For some reason they just bring out the wild animal in me and I just can’t seem to get enough! I have been very lucky and have met many wonderful guys over the past year. I say lucky because not only do they also love hot sex as much as I do but they also don’t mind one bit that I want to photograph the action for my website. I am truly excited to be able to share with you my encounters and experiences.

I am always asked, “Kat, are you bisexual?” Well, I have always loved the touch and feel of another woman. I have had many relationships over the years with women and enjoy the sensual side of a female. Recently, I’ve had some really hot times with a few very sexy ladies. I hope you enjoy the pictures of me enjoying my bisexual side as much as I did when the photographs were taken. There is one special girlfriend that is just the most adorable woman. Bet you can’t guess which one!

If you were to ask me my favorite sexual activities, Oh my there are so many! Right now I’d have to say that I just love anal sex most of all. There is no better feeling than having my ass teased and used. I really just adore anything to do with sex and things that make me feel sexy. Here is a list (in no special order) of activities I enjoy and that you will be able to see me enjoy. Group sex, Men exploding all over me, Bisexual women, Toys and things that vibrate, Fetish clothing (leather and rubber are two of my favorites), Female ejaculation (Oh yes, I have a very active g-spot), Bondage and watersports (blushing). I love the sexual chemistry I experience with my partners as well as giving them a mindblowing orgasm. I am multi-orgasmic and find that when someone is relaxed and comfortable with me, they can be too!

Kat Noir

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December 25, 2005

The XXXmas Present

Here’s a Christmas themed hotwife story from my good friend Sport. Thanks Sport and enjoy everyone… Hope you’re all having a lovely day… A very Merry Christmas to you all… Trash xxx


I had been chatting with a lady friend for a while regarding the possibilty of meeting for an adult evening of fun. We had been many places together recently and even kissed and heavy petted during these visits, but they were all out in public and with other people, so we couldn’t find an excuse to slip away and enjoy each other’s company. Just before Christmas, we made plans to meet at a nice little resort, that had private cabin rooms with fireplaces. Since it was close to Christmas, the Resort managment had even put a Christmas tree in each room to add to the holiday decorations throughout the lodge.

My lady friend, Terri, got to the cabin first and checked in. She called me on my cell phone and gave me the cabin number and told me she would be waiting for me when I got there. I was only about 10 minutes behind her getting there, but as I walked up to the cabin door, I could tell that Terri had started a fire in the cabins fireplace from the smoke coming out of the chimney and I knew that this was going to be a memorable visit together. I openned the cabin door to find Terri laying next to the Christmas tree in the cabin, wearing a red “Nasty Santa” outfit, which was basically a red satin bustier with white fur around the top, framing her incredible cleavage, red garter belt and red satin stockings, with matching red satin panties and she had a little Santa hat on. She looked sexy, cute and fuckable all at the same time. I felt my cock start to twitch in my pants as I shut the door behind me and walked over to where Terri was laying.

I knelt down and gave her a kiss and Terri pulled me down onto the floor next to her and we began to kiss, passionately, with our hands roaming all over each other, groping and feeling as we went. Terri broke off the kiss long enough to tell me to sit on the couch next to the fire. She crawled over to me and knelt between my legs and unzipped my pants and took out my cock and lovingly,took it into her mouth. Terri began to give me the most incredible blow job. She was still wearing her red hat and she was looking into my eyes as often as she could, while sliding her mouth up and down on my shaft. Terri was better at sucking cock then I ever had dreamed and soon I could feel the cum starting to rise from my balls as they started to tighten and I neared orgasm. I Let Terri know that I was going to cum and she reached down and started to squeeze my balls and soon she was milking my load onto her tits, covering her cleavage with a shower of warm cum…..

I changed positions and had Terri sit on the couch. Terri spread her thighs and I could see that she was really turned on. Her moisture had soaked through the red satin panties, leaving a little wet spot. I first started to lick her pussy through her red satin panties, rubbing my face against her mound, feeling her wetness and breathing in her sexy smell. She was a woman on heat and in need of a good fucking. I then started to lick the inside of her thighs, right next to the panties and Terri began squirming and begging me to eat her.

I pulled down her panties as she lifted her ass off the couch to help, with my teeth and hands… and there it was, for the first time…Terri’s engorged, horny, sexy pussy. I couldn’t wait any longer and I dove right into her sweet pussy and started eating, sucking and licking it until I had my face covered with her juice. Terri enjoyed what I was doing and she was moaning in pleasure for me not to stop and to suck on her clit and make her cum.

I took her clit into my mouth and sucked on it, feeling it grow in my mouth as her blood raced to it, and then I stuck my tongue into her hole. This drove her nuts and she began to grind her pelvis into my face. Terri put her hands on the back of my head, driving me deeper into her mound. She began screaming with pleasure and squeezing her thighs against the side of my head as she reached orgasm.

We both caught our breath and got ready for what we both knew we had wanted for so long. Terri reached down and gave my cock a few loving tugs to make sure that I was good and hard and then she laid back on the couch and opened her legs. I took a moment to put on a condom and then I leaned into her, and began rubbing my cock on the outside of her pussy lips, teasing her. Terri wasn’t in the mood to be teased, and she reached down and pushed my hand aside and took hold of my cock and placed against her pussy. She then put her legs around my waist and and pulled me into her. My cock parted her pussy lips and I felt myself entering her for the first time. It was heaven. Warm, wet, tight heaven. I began to pump into her and Terri started to grunt with each thrust into her body.

I could feel each of our passions growing hottter and hornier for each other, and Terri asked me to put her legs over my shoulders and “really fuck her good” I took her legs and put one on each shoulder and began to really pound into her. Terri didn’t last long in the position and soon her pussy was quivering on me as I fucked her and she came for the second time, while kissing my deeply and pulling into her and holding me tight and close.

I still hadn’t cum yet from fucking, so I had Terri get up on all fours on the couch, doggie style and I got behind her pushed my cock into her. I grabbed onto her sexy hips and began to really slam into Terri from behind…I paused every now and then to give her sexy ass a slap, which she really loved. Terri looked so sexy, and her ass looked even better, as I pumped into her and soon I was ready to cum….I thrusted deeply into her and felt my cock start to pulse as I came inside of Terri. Terri moaned out that she could feel me cumming and that sent her over the edge and into her own orgasm.

We laid beside each other on the couch and cuddled and rested for a moment. We kissed and talked about how incredible our first time together was. We also talked about how much more we wanted to do with each other still.

We moved to the bedroom and pulled the sheets down on the bed so we could get in. Terri handed me a card from the night stand and said it was my “XXXmas present”. I looked at it for a second and then went over to my bag and pulled out a little gold wrapped gift box and handed to Terri. Terri opened the box and found inside it a a bottle of lube and anal beads…Terri laughed when she saw it and said “You did listen…I’ve always wanted a set of these!”

Terri then told me to open my card and see my gift. In it is a picture of Terri on all fours, showing me her ass, and the following words :
Your gift is my body…..You are entitled to 1 of the following things….
1. You can fuck my ass without a condom and fill me with your cum
2. I will give you a blow job and swallow your load as you cum…..

Terri and her husband have an open marriage, and she is allowed to play with whoever she wants to, but she does have the following rules with her husband. She will not have sex with out a condom and she will not swallow another mans cum during oral sex, so this was a pretty big gift from her…

I wasn’t sure what I want more from her…Terri could see that I was a little unsure and told me to take a minute and decide, but she needed a little help with my gift. Terri got up on all fours and wiggled her butt at me and looked over her shoulder at me and said “LUBE please!” I opened the bottle and and put some lube on her puckered ass began to rub it in a little. Terri next said “MORE Lube and also lube your finger up!” I followed her instructions and knew what she wanted. I slipped my lubed finger into her ass and began to play with her ass, moving my finger in and out of it. Terri started to moan and asked for me to start putting the beads into her. I took my time and soon all of the anal beads were inside of Terri, with just the string and pull ring sticking out.

Terri looked over her shoulder and said “Put a condom on….I want fucked with these inside of me!” I put on another condom and got behind Terri and started to fuck her from behind. We fucked for a while and then Terri asked me to start pulling the beads out as we fucked. I pulled on the string and the first bead popped out. Terri squealed as it it came out and begged for me to pull out another. This contiues and Terri is on the verge of cumming again and as I pull the last bead out, she erupts in the most intense orgasm I have ever seen. Once Terri is done cumming, she sits up and kisses me and thanks me for the great present. She then asks me if I have decided which present I want. I told her I hadn’t thought about it,and was too interested in watching her cum as we fucked.

Terri shoved me back on the bed and said “Hell with you choosing your gift…I’m giving you both! Just don’t tell anyone….ever!” She then reached down and ripped the condom off my cock. She leaned down between my legs and started to suck on my cock like a possesed woman. This wasn’t a loving foreplay blow job, where Terri was taking her time and trying to get me hard, this was the “I want your cum NOW type of blowjob” and soon I was on the brink of exploding. I started to push my hips into Terri’s mouth as she sucked on me and she could tell from my breathing that I was about to cum. She began to suck even harder and I lost it, filling her mouth with my warm cum. Terri starts to moan and swirl her tongue as my cum floods into her mouth. She clamps her mouth down on me and drinks down all that I have to give…It’s incredible and I almost pass out from the pleasure she’s giving me. When she is finished, Terri cuddled up next to me and asked me if I enjoyed myself….All I could do was smile and mubbled something about heaven….

We napped for a little while and then Terri woke me up, jacking me off. Terri noticed that I was awake and she said “I’m just getting you hard so you can fuck my ass…” She continued till it was firm to her liking, and she got up on all fours and asked me to lube her ass again, which I did….I then got behind her and took my cock and firmly push against her asshole, letting my cock head sloooowly squeeze into her ass just pasted her ass ring … I then let go of my cock and let Terri adjust to the feelling of my cock in her ass, not moving…but keeping a slow pressure as my cock stretches her ass. I had about 2-3″ of my cock in her by now. I started to push into her with a slow fucking motion. Terri start to returned my thrusting by pushing her ass back against me.

I could tell Terri liked the way my cock felt in her and began moaning for me to “Fuck her ass and to fill her up with my load”

Terri’s ass was incredibly tight and I couldn’t last long as her ass squeezed and milked my cock with each thrust into her. I grabbed onto her hips and shoved my cock into her ass hilt deep and began to empty my balls into her. It seemed like I came for hours, as my cock pulsed inside her body and my cum flooded her insides…
Terri just kept saying things like “Oh YEA….Give it all to me baby…..YES fill my ass with your cum….”

I finally felt my balls reach empty and I had no more cum left to give her….We decide to take a shower and cleaned up. We took a nice long loving shower, where we washed each other and then return to bed and cuddled and slept.

When I woke up, Terri was gone…. I thought I drempt the whole thing until I felt my cock ache from all the fucking. I looked over to where Terri had been sleeping and saw her Red Santa hat and red satin panties on the pillow next to me. There was a note also on the pillow. I opened the note and read:

“Thanks for the great XXXmas gift…Please take my panties home with you and jack off into them…. remember how good my pussy felt wrapped around your cock as you came. Cover them with a good 5 or six loads of your cum, then send them to me, so I can remember how good you felt inside of me…. I will take the cum covered panties and rub them against my clit till I cum and squirt on them myself..Once they are soaked with both our love juices, I will take the panties and throw them into my fireplace and watch them burn as a symbol of our great love making…thinking about how I can’t wait till next time I can feel your cock pounding inside me….”

My cock instanly got hard from reading the note and I took Terri’s panties and wrapped them around my cock and began working on the first of the loads for her……

Submitted by: Sport - USA


December 22, 2005

Jenny Seemore Update

A seasonal update from hotwife blog’s good friend Jenny Seemore. Hope you and Walt and your new baby girl have a fantastic Xmas and New Year. xxx


Dear Friends:

Christmas is rolling around and the year 2005 is almost gone. Wow. We have achieved a lot this year. You all know about the baby girl I delivered 2 months ago, right when hurricane Wilma hit. We didn’t name her Wilma, though.

As you can see, a lot has changed at the Come Depot. We upgraded our already fast servers, reorganized the page, and went from small movie clips to large movies, something that many members appreciate, since most of you do have high speed DSL by now.

But there is more: I have an X-Mas present for all of you. I am proud to announce that from December 18, 2005 on, all Come Depot Members get a FREE membership for my Canadian girlfriend Chance’s webpage. This complimentary membership is in addition to the already free membership for gangbangjenny.com Some of you may already know Chance. I am not exaggerating by saying she is probably Canada’s biggest slut. A housewife and mother by day, she is a 100% slut and whore by night. If someone deserves being called a “Slut Wife” it is her. And the best thing is, you can mail her now and MEET her in person if you ever get to Canada.

And yes, I am still planning on doing my US gang bang tour. Because of the baby I get many questions about that. I think even with the baby it is still managable. I just have to hire a nanny. The main problem is still to get a sponsor. Hubby and I can take a year off work and take the hit with the loss of income. We can also pay for gas and gang bang locations, but there is just no way we will invest 6 figures in a camper, so we need either a sponsor or someone who borrows us a camper for a year. All the other options, like flying the airlines to 50 States and staying in hotels have turned out to be unaffordable.

We’ll see what 2006 brings. I am sure it is going to be better, hornier, and wilder than ever.

I wish all of you luck, happiness, a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.

Your # 1 Slut,

Jenny Seemore

Jenny Seemore

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Visit Jenny’s Wonderful Come Depot Here


December 21, 2005

The Beach

Thanks to everyone for the feedback on my first post, it’s given me some encouragement to share more of my experiences with my hot, ex-wife Jane. I hope you all enjoy this reminiscence…

I had thought to do a kind of chronological (from 1988 to 2003) run through of events but it’s so hard to get everything in sequence. Instead I’ll write things up as I remember them and try to make it flow. This is “The beach”.

We’d moved to the coast in 1994 and had found a pretty secluded place at the beach to enjoy summer days. Although only a mile from the main beach our rocky cove was ideal for chilling out, drinking beer and getting a tan. It wasn’t so remote that no-one ever passed by but it was small enough that once we were there no-one else joined us.

After doing the dreaded Saturday shopping we decided that we’d have a beer in a bar and then take a look up the beach and see if we could get a couple of hours lazing in the cove. It was mid August, hot and sunny and Jane was dressed accordingly – a short skirt and a white blouse (she rarely wore a bra). I liked her looking sexy but she had a habit of over-doing things, primarily to humiliate me but also because she enjoyed the attention it attracted from other people. In the bar she sent me to get the beers and she went to the toilets. I got the drinks and sat down to wait for her. When she returned she’d opened two more buttons on her blouse and she showed me her panties - in her bag! She made a point of leaning over to let people see her breasts; I made every effort to get her to finish her drink and leave. It was very sexy but quite worrying that there were people there we knew.

Thankfully she drank up quickly and we left to walk along the beach. She made a point of flirting as we walked but not anything I wasn’t used to and we were soon at the cove and alone. We’d taken our bathing gear with us so we changed and had a dip in the (always cold in England) sea. Walking back to our towels we passed a guy walking along the shore, he carried on and we went to dry off and take some photos.

After a few minutes I became aware that the same guy we’d seen on the shoreline was sitting on a rock outcrop maybe thirty metres away. Although he was feigning nonchalance it was pretty clear he was looking at Jane as every time I looked up he looked away. Pretty soon Jane noticed me looking and asked what was happening. When I told her she turned, giving him a perfect view of her naked breasts, and looked directly at him. I expected (more hoped really) that she’d either wave him away or just lay back. She did neither; instead she picked up the sun lotion and proceeded to anoint her breasts. When she’d finished she told me to carry on with the photos and ignore the watcher. I tried but I couldn’t and each time I looked up he’d moved closer, until in the end he was sitting on a rock at the entrance to the cove – about ten feet away. Jane began posing for him rather than the camera and was clearly enjoying it.

When Jane told me to go and have a swim and come back in 5 minutes I was both horrified and extremely excited, I knew what was about to happen. I went off for my swim, not daring to catch the watchers eye, and returned five minutes later to see he’d joined her. I could see they were chatting and as I got closer I heard their conversation was pretty raunchy. Jane introduced me and then told me to go and sit (keep watch) at the entrance to the cove whilst her and the new guy “got to know each other”. It took a further 30 seconds for them to get to know each other! As I sat on the rock they were kissing wildly and his hands were all over her oily breasts. I’d become the watcher.

I had great difficulty looking out for ‘visitors’ and watching what Jane and the guy were doing. In the end I abandoned my duties and enjoyed the show. It lasted ten minutes maximum but they were a frantic ten minutes. He had her every way imaginable, underneath, on top, from behind, standing, against the rocks; I wished I’d picked up the camera and taken it with me. Jane is multi-orgasmic but prefers to come by having her pussy licked. She’d come twice when I heard him say he was ready and should he pull out. She replied, saying that she wanted to feel his hot cum inside her and at that he emptied into her.

He left very soon afterwards and I returned to her. She allowed me briefly to feel her wet, sticky pussy then told me to leave it alone. I was so hard and horny but she always told me that when I was watching her I wasn’t to touch myself until she said. No matter how many times I asked, today it wasn’t happening. She put on her skirt and blouse and we left for home. As we were walking along the beach I noticed that his cum had leaked from her and was visible on her legs. There wasn’t a lot but it was very noticeable. I was now so turned on that I didn’t mention it to her but just enjoyed all the looks she was getting as we returned to the car park.

As we left the car park she opened her blouse buttons and gave the attendant a fantastic view as she paid. I had to wait until later that night for mine but when it came it was worth the wait. A great end to a truly fantastic day.

Submitted by: Mike - UK


December 19, 2005

Emma Starr Update

Another update from our resident hotwife Emma Starr. She’s getting a very busy girl. And it’s not hard to see why. Thanks to all of you that have signed up for her site. She deserves the success… I’ll be meeting Emma in Vegas in a couple of weeks and I’ll be sure to pass on all your love.


Hi guys,

I just thought I’d tell you that I have been working on some very hot projects. I was in LA this week shooting a b/b/g scene in this amazing house. I shot for Naughty America on that one. Let me just say that I got fucked so hard and in so many ways that every muscle in my body hurt. That is a good hurt for sure!! Then I woke up the next morning and filmed for my site. We filmed with a hot girl named Deja that will certainly make you blow your load. She filmed with a male performer, Gavin, who showed us that this was not his first rodeo. It was very hot. I got into taking pictures as she was playing with toys but I couldn’t stay away. I wanted to jump in. So, I did.

We also filmed a very hot girl/girl scene. I think that is the hottest one I have done to date. I can’t wait to shoot with those two again very soon.


Emma Starr

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December 18, 2005

Hotwife Galleries

Is it Sunday again….?? One week until Christmas… Wow where has the year gone? More experiences but no time to write them up :( Should get some time over Christmas. The highlight was last Thursday night where I had an altogether new experience and some kinky play with a fantastic brunette wife and her partner.

New galleries for you today, first is the delicious Hotwife Rio getting ready for a bit of hotel fun. Lastly, and what a delight to see these 2 swinging wives together is Amber Lynn Bach with my lovely friend Sammy

Hotwife Rio
Rio’s getting ready for a hot date

Amber and Sammy together YUM


December 17, 2005

Carl’s Hotwife

I’m a 50 year old man with a VERY beautiful and sexy 40 year old hotwife. She has been with several other men and it has gone pretty well. One other guy and I did her in a 3some which was the best for me. She is currently seeing a 34 year old guy and I know she really likes screwing him. He has agreed to a 3some including me next time. I am pretty confident that she loves me and I try to be a good husband to her, but sometimes I wonder if I’m not playing with too much fire. She started out doing this only because I was so insistent, but I think she’s is really getting into it. I love it - but I’m wondering if anyone else can shed any light on how common it is for a hotwife to leave her husband for one of the ‘other’ men.

Submitted by: Carl - NY


December 15, 2005

Swinging Dos and Donts

My gorgeous sexy friend L has sent me an essential list for all those of you that feel like you’d like to get started in swinging and going to adult parties. Thanks L x

do…….flirt a lot

do… be as sexy and natural as you can

do… be as normal as you can

dont……… perv

dont……… join in without being asked. Ever. Full stop.

dont….. keep going if someone says no

do…. accept that No means No

do…… listen to the people that you are with. They will indicate what is ok or not

dont……….. try too hard, pushy single guys are not accpeted and branded

do…….. respect others boundaries

dont… be scared or it will scare people off.

do…….. be confident without being cocky

do… perform well

submitted by: L


December 14, 2005

Julia Webcam Fun

Just a quick one today. You might remember the webcam story with hotwife Julia who our resident poster Sport has had some encounters with. Well he has managed to find me a short video clip of their encounter and what Julia’s husband Tim got to see while he was at work.

Thanks for sending Sport…

Hotwife Julia
click here for video clip

Read Sports encounter’s with Julia here:

Julia’s Web Cam

Night of the Ballgame

Check Some Pics of Julia Here

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