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November 28, 2005

Elaine’s First Love Affair

My dear friend and regular hotwifeblog poster Elaine has sent me through another of her ‘life’ experiences.

This is a story that has touched me deeply about Elaine’s first love affair with another woman.

It is beautifully written straight from the heart and I thank you Elaine for sharing it with us. T.x

Please show her your appreciation by commenting below.


I am a bit of an introvert and considered bookish. I was very close with a number of girls at the all girls Catholic high school I attended in Bayamon, PR. It was not and is still not unusual for us to kiss and hug when we greet each other. I remember many times in high school that my friend Ruth and I would be sitting listening to music or doing homework and not think a thing about touching each others shoulders or cuddling in a bed together. I had such a great desire always to touch her or taste her. But I lacked the courage.

I married with my parents blessing 2 weeks after high school to a boy 3 years older than me and already a graduate of the Catholic University of Puerto Rico. He was well liked by my family and was the smartest boy in the Urbanization (like a neighborhood) we lived in. He had a wonderful future and had already been accepted into the Boston University College of Medicine. The summer that we were married he studied and I worked, are you ready for this, as a mechanic in my fathers auto garage to save money. That fall we left Puerto Rico and moved to Boston. I was a good student and was able to get a scholarship at Boston University School of Nursing. We started college and even with loans, grants, and scholarships we were having a very hard time.

A girlfriend told me I should look into being a model; I laughed because I am so short but she told me not too short to be an artist model. She explained that for artist models they look for complexion and form. She told me that she had been modelling for a couple of years and that the fees were pretty good. She gave me a number to call at Radcliff College. I called and got an interview. At the interview, I discovered that I had to disrobe completely for Susan, the female professor who was interviewing me. I had counted on wearing a bikini but I had never been nude in front of anyone other than family as a child. I needed the job and with shaking hands I over came my fear and removed all of my clothing. Susan looked up from her crowded desk and told me I would work out. I noticed that this beautiful white woman seemed to enjoy looking at my teenage body and form. She looked at me like my husband looked at me when he wanted my body. True to her word Susan gave me a good bit of modelling work at Radcliff and I was later told by a dykish student that I was the Professor’s favorite model. From working at the college and through contacts with Susan, I got a lot of work at other colleges and with Bohemian artist from Boston to Providence to Cape Code.

I started making enough where Carlos and I did not have to eat popcorn for dinner any more. Susan, the professor, used me often and I always liked, even adored her. She was very different than me tall, heavy breasted, and red headed. I adored her as did my husband who I never actually told that I was standing in-front of classrooms of art and photography students nude three times a week and privately with artists a couple of times a month. She was married, had been a hippie, was very talented and seemed to care about us. She even found my husband odd jobs around the art community and got him to pose once for her to paint. He never told me that he was nude but she did by commenting on his huge penis.

Well to make a long story short one evening Susan asked me to model for her husband, a profession photographer, at their home. Oddly enough I believed that I knew where this was going and did not mind. I was certain that Susan and her husband were going to seduce me into a threesome. I had been with only one man up to that point and would have been more then willing. She drove me to her home and she had me disrobe in a guest room. I always took a robe with me so I casually disrobed and chatted with her as I slipped on the robe. I began to look in the mirror and apply make up. I could see Susan gazing at me in the mirror. She saw that I had caught her stare which she dropped and said she would go see if her husband was ready. I could hear her talking to him in hushed tones and what she said was something like, “Chuck there is a change of plans, don’t you have someplace to go, I will reschedule this but I really want her.” I came out of the bedroom and he asked me to disrobe and to make myself comfortable. He examined my hips looking for clothing marks and snapped a couple of photos in the family room. Susan told me the shoot was to be in her bedroom so I walked to the master bedroom which was set up with professional lighting. I approached the bed and turned to face Chuck to await movement instructions when I saw him discretely touch a pager on his belt which immediately began to beep. Chuck excused himself and Susan entered the room and we began to chat. I watched her husband go through the motions of picking up the telephone and dialling a number.

Chuck re-entered the bedroom and said that he had to return to his studio as something unexpected had come up. I was disappointed (I needed the money) until he said he would still pay the modelling fee and we would re-shoot during the following week. A deep part of me said run and part of me said stay here with Susan. I choose the stay option. She helped me into my robe and we sat in her coffee nook sipping coffee with Amaretto until she simply told me that she enjoys females and had always liked me. I confessed my admiration of her and how I would do anything to please her. She led me trembling to their bedroom holding my hand. She pulled the covers back and I simply dropped my robe and got in the bed. She slowly undressed and I was amazed as I had never seen a grown woman before like that. I don’t know what I expected but I was delighted at how ripe her body looked. Although slender she had a figure and she was the first person I ever saw that trimmed her red pubic area for allure rather then to look clean in a bikini.

She hugged me and rubbed my body all over, we kissed and kissed and kissed (hey we are girls we love this type of thing). After enjoying my breasts Susan glided down to my vagina and hers were the first lips to touch me there. She touched me so wonderfully and I had my first orgasm that was not a product of my fingers. I then tasted her and I loved the taste but more I loved giving her pleasure. The feeling of her shudders against my mouth or fingers as she reached her orgasm. Her honey tasted so rich and I could not get enough of her mouth on mine or my pussy.

We stayed lovers for the next three years until we left Boston. We always managed to get together a few times a year when business took me to Boston or she travelled to my city of residence. I adored her more every time we met. My dearest Susan died of breast cancer 4 years ago at the age of 53 and I still miss her presence on this earth. I cried with Chuck when he call to tell me the sad news and for days after.

There that is my story. Although other girls have come and gone and I only had one man until about 14 months ago I still cherish the wonderful memory of my Susan. I had a teary night at a gallery in San Juan the other evening. One of Susan’s students has become a well known artist and was having a showing. I always liked this girl so I went to remember the days I lived in Boston and my Susan. While looking at the showing I peered at a 16 year old painting of me. The face she painted was content, young and had just recently learned how to love a woman, how to cum and how to enjoy her own body with others. I have attached a photograph of myself that Susan’s husband took of me teasing him after a sitting.

Elaine at 19

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14 Responses to “Elaine’s First Love Affair”

  1. Elaine said:

    Thank you for letting me share my story with you. Thank you Trash for publishing my story and for always being a loving friend.


  2. Cary said:

    wow, all that and hot shot at end of story….mmm…thank you

  3. Ms MacComb said:

    That was a beautiful story and I’m very sorry about the ending.

  4. kurage said:

    I am absolutely in love with you!!! Are you girl-oriented too? hehe

  5. Ken said:

    Wow, that is just touching and erotic. You were adorable at the time. And your nervousness and affection for Susan are really cute.

  6. Elaine said:

    Thank you for reading my story and your comments.


  7. Mike said:

    Hey Elaine,

    Thanks for sharing your story, I hope you’ve read and enjoyed mine as mcuh as I enjoyed yours. I’m truly sorry for the loss of someone you clearly loved.

  8. Ken said:

    Elaine, I’ve read all of your postings several times. They capture the spirit of the cuckoldress queen. Your voracious appetite for sex, your self-confidence, the way that you seem to really like people, your intelligence, your expressiveness, what more could a man want from a wife?

    You seem, of course, to be more of a hot ex-wife rather than a hotwife. But no sane person would complain. Do you wish to be married to a cuckold? To have all the love and affection of a marriage and the sex life of a slut? Or are you content to play the field?

    The look in that 19 year old’s eyes says everything. All I can think is that it’s a shame that you had to wait fifteen more years to be the slut goddess that you wanted… needed… to be. But you got to the promised land. I see a lot of orgasms in that 19 year old’s future and a lot in yours too!


  9. Elaine said:

    Thank you for the compliments. I don’t know if I am all of that, but thanks just the same. No I don’t believe the cuckhold lifestyle would work for me. Thank you again for taking the time to write a comment. Love,

  10. Ileana said:

    This was so beautiful and sad. She never told me about this. Love, Big Sister

  11. eddie said:

    Dear Elaine –what a beautiful sensitive story. You are a poet at heart, and in a sexy body.


  12. Jen said:

    Dear Elaine, Parts of your story are so familiar. thanks for sharing,Love Jen

  13. Sean said:

    Love your blog. So honest and fresh. Wish I could get my hands round YOU!

  14. Elaine said:


    Thank you. That would be nice!

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