November 30, 2005

Hotwife Bisexual Nurse

My wife’s a 27 year old bisexual Nurse, she loves threesomes with men and women - also with couples. Recently has had her second MFM with a black man and myself helping, she loved being the center of attention. We enjoy a variety of adult adventures, but do explore them as a couple. We’re both a full contact couple, I’m always present and a full participant in the group action - unless I’m the photographer.

We prefer to swing together and have been in the lifestyle now for about 4 years, we enjoy sharing the adventure together - besides I love it when she gets with another hot bi female :) The wife loves straddling another woman while I or another man fucks her from behind, because she is so difficult to bring to orgasm - we have found that this works best. People men/women don’t believe me when I say how much work goes into pleasuring my wife, she’s had men with 8″ plus cocks try to bring her off with no luck - it’s a combination of the rubbing/licking and a hard cock pumping inside of her that gets her off.

She’s still new to BBC and this last MFM session was great till he decided to go too deep - no patience. So know we’re looking around for another select male for private adult fun. My wife does prefer me to participate, she feels more secure and I must admit I prefer it as well. I’m not your typical white boy, LMAO! I may not be hung like a stallion, but do have a good package and lots of stamina.

We have a Yahoo profile and group, would be interested in meeting potential playmates for explicit fun - with select men and women.

naughty young couple

naughty young couple

naughty young couple

naughty young couple

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November 29, 2005

Cuckolded By The Wife

I thought I’d share my experiences with you. My hotwife Jane cuckolded me from the day we met, although I didn’t find out right away.

I found out she was seeing other guys when she had to confess to me that she was pregnant by another man. After I got over the shock we talked through and agreed that it was best if she had a termination. Although I was upset at what had happened I couldn’t help getting turned on by the thought of someone else’s seed inside her.

Jane told me that it was a one off and that it wouldn’t happen again. Being young(er) and in love I believed her. Right up until I found a used condom under the bed about 6 months later! I asked her about it and it was then that she told me that she had been and would continue to see other men and I had to either put up with it or leave. I didn’t tell her immediately that I found it a huge turn on and I agreed to let her carry on.

One Saturday she told me that I had to go out in the afternoon as someone was coming round. I was very busy in my workshop and said that I promised to stay out there while she entertained.

I went out and she came and told me when the guy arrived and that I shouldn’t come inside. I managed about an hour then I had to sneak inside. They were upstairs, I stood at the bottom and listened. When they’d finished I went back outside and stayed out of the way until she came out. Jane was very flushed and looked totally worn out - which she was. She said that she was going to lay down for a while and told me to get dinner ready. That was the start of it I guess…

The following week she told me the guy was coming round again and that he wanted to meet me. Major embarrassment for me, huge satisfaction for her! Jane was in the bath and I was to let him in and make him welcome until she was ready. It was about as humiliating as it gets. He was only 19 or so (10 years younger than me). When she came down stairs I could have died of embarrassment. She was wearing a pair of sexy panties and a totally see through shirt. She walked up to the guy, kissed him full on the lips and told me to go out to the workshop.

After a while she shouted of me through the open bedroom window. I looked up and she was clearly naked. She told me to get her and him a drink and take it up to them. I protested but she won. As I was making the drink my mind was racing with anticipation. As I went upstairs everything was quiet but when I walked in the room it was the most sexy, amazing thing I’d ever seen. She was on top of him with him deep inside her. I put the drinks down and made my excuses to leave but she wasn’t so keen for me to be gone and insisted I watch them. After only a couple of minutes I had to leave. I was incredibly embarrassed but also really turned on. I went back to the workshop and waited for her to come out to me.

A while later she called me again from the bedroom and told me to go up. Her guy had left and she talked to me about how things were going to be going forward. I could still have her but I had to share her with anyone she chose, whenever she chose. I agreed (of course!!!).

That’s how it started and for the next 12 years things were, errrm, interesting! Eventually we split up (not to do with our lifestyle). If there’s any interest I’d be happy to share her other adventures.

Happy cucking everyone.

Submitted by: Mike - UK


November 28, 2005

Elaine’s First Love Affair

My dear friend and regular hotwifeblog poster Elaine has sent me through another of her ‘life’ experiences.

This is a story that has touched me deeply about Elaine’s first love affair with another woman.

It is beautifully written straight from the heart and I thank you Elaine for sharing it with us. T.x

Please show her your appreciation by commenting below.


I am a bit of an introvert and considered bookish. I was very close with a number of girls at the all girls Catholic high school I attended in Bayamon, PR. It was not and is still not unusual for us to kiss and hug when we greet each other. I remember many times in high school that my friend Ruth and I would be sitting listening to music or doing homework and not think a thing about touching each others shoulders or cuddling in a bed together. I had such a great desire always to touch her or taste her. But I lacked the courage.

I married with my parents blessing 2 weeks after high school to a boy 3 years older than me and already a graduate of the Catholic University of Puerto Rico. He was well liked by my family and was the smartest boy in the Urbanization (like a neighborhood) we lived in. He had a wonderful future and had already been accepted into the Boston University College of Medicine. The summer that we were married he studied and I worked, are you ready for this, as a mechanic in my fathers auto garage to save money. That fall we left Puerto Rico and moved to Boston. I was a good student and was able to get a scholarship at Boston University School of Nursing. We started college and even with loans, grants, and scholarships we were having a very hard time.

A girlfriend told me I should look into being a model; I laughed because I am so short but she told me not too short to be an artist model. She explained that for artist models they look for complexion and form. She told me that she had been modelling for a couple of years and that the fees were pretty good. She gave me a number to call at Radcliff College. I called and got an interview. At the interview, I discovered that I had to disrobe completely for Susan, the female professor who was interviewing me. I had counted on wearing a bikini but I had never been nude in front of anyone other than family as a child. I needed the job and with shaking hands I over came my fear and removed all of my clothing. Susan looked up from her crowded desk and told me I would work out. I noticed that this beautiful white woman seemed to enjoy looking at my teenage body and form. She looked at me like my husband looked at me when he wanted my body. True to her word Susan gave me a good bit of modelling work at Radcliff and I was later told by a dykish student that I was the Professor’s favorite model. From working at the college and through contacts with Susan, I got a lot of work at other colleges and with Bohemian artist from Boston to Providence to Cape Code.

I started making enough where Carlos and I did not have to eat popcorn for dinner any more. Susan, the professor, used me often and I always liked, even adored her. She was very different than me tall, heavy breasted, and red headed. I adored her as did my husband who I never actually told that I was standing in-front of classrooms of art and photography students nude three times a week and privately with artists a couple of times a month. She was married, had been a hippie, was very talented and seemed to care about us. She even found my husband odd jobs around the art community and got him to pose once for her to paint. He never told me that he was nude but she did by commenting on his huge penis.

Well to make a long story short one evening Susan asked me to model for her husband, a profession photographer, at their home. Oddly enough I believed that I knew where this was going and did not mind. I was certain that Susan and her husband were going to seduce me into a threesome. I had been with only one man up to that point and would have been more then willing. She drove me to her home and she had me disrobe in a guest room. I always took a robe with me so I casually disrobed and chatted with her as I slipped on the robe. I began to look in the mirror and apply make up. I could see Susan gazing at me in the mirror. She saw that I had caught her stare which she dropped and said she would go see if her husband was ready. I could hear her talking to him in hushed tones and what she said was something like, “Chuck there is a change of plans, don’t you have someplace to go, I will reschedule this but I really want her.” I came out of the bedroom and he asked me to disrobe and to make myself comfortable. He examined my hips looking for clothing marks and snapped a couple of photos in the family room. Susan told me the shoot was to be in her bedroom so I walked to the master bedroom which was set up with professional lighting. I approached the bed and turned to face Chuck to await movement instructions when I saw him discretely touch a pager on his belt which immediately began to beep. Chuck excused himself and Susan entered the room and we began to chat. I watched her husband go through the motions of picking up the telephone and dialling a number.

Chuck re-entered the bedroom and said that he had to return to his studio as something unexpected had come up. I was disappointed (I needed the money) until he said he would still pay the modelling fee and we would re-shoot during the following week. A deep part of me said run and part of me said stay here with Susan. I choose the stay option. She helped me into my robe and we sat in her coffee nook sipping coffee with Amaretto until she simply told me that she enjoys females and had always liked me. I confessed my admiration of her and how I would do anything to please her. She led me trembling to their bedroom holding my hand. She pulled the covers back and I simply dropped my robe and got in the bed. She slowly undressed and I was amazed as I had never seen a grown woman before like that. I don’t know what I expected but I was delighted at how ripe her body looked. Although slender she had a figure and she was the first person I ever saw that trimmed her red pubic area for allure rather then to look clean in a bikini.

She hugged me and rubbed my body all over, we kissed and kissed and kissed (hey we are girls we love this type of thing). After enjoying my breasts Susan glided down to my vagina and hers were the first lips to touch me there. She touched me so wonderfully and I had my first orgasm that was not a product of my fingers. I then tasted her and I loved the taste but more I loved giving her pleasure. The feeling of her shudders against my mouth or fingers as she reached her orgasm. Her honey tasted so rich and I could not get enough of her mouth on mine or my pussy.

We stayed lovers for the next three years until we left Boston. We always managed to get together a few times a year when business took me to Boston or she travelled to my city of residence. I adored her more every time we met. My dearest Susan died of breast cancer 4 years ago at the age of 53 and I still miss her presence on this earth. I cried with Chuck when he call to tell me the sad news and for days after.

There that is my story. Although other girls have come and gone and I only had one man until about 14 months ago I still cherish the wonderful memory of my Susan. I had a teary night at a gallery in San Juan the other evening. One of Susan’s students has become a well known artist and was having a showing. I always liked this girl so I went to remember the days I lived in Boston and my Susan. While looking at the showing I peered at a 16 year old painting of me. The face she painted was content, young and had just recently learned how to love a woman, how to cum and how to enjoy her own body with others. I have attached a photograph of myself that Susan’s husband took of me teasing him after a sitting.

Elaine at 19

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November 26, 2005

Allie Naked in Public

Another blog entry by the lovely Naughty Allie today. When I first met her in Amsterdam you would never believe that this sweet, charming lady was such an outrageous exhibitionist and swinger. Love ya Allie x


I went on another trip to Miami just a few weeks ago. Jake goes there on business at least once a year and I’m usually able to shuffle my work load so that I can go along. Since he has the evenings free we treat the trip as kind of a working vacation and try to squeeze in as much play time as possible. We heard that there was a really great band playing at one of the local night clubs so we went to check it out!

You won’t fucking believe who we saw that night! We weren’t even there 20 minutes when we ran into our old friends Sammy and Brett! They had moved to Florida about a year before but I would have never thought we’d run into them at a club. What are the odds? Anyway, my juices really started to flow as I began to recall the last time we had hung out together. I think you’ve probably seen the video, lol.

Unfortunately Sammy and Brett had to call it a night kinda early because they had plans first thing in the morning. We exchanged numbers and a promise to get together later in the week before Jake and I headed home. That’s a story for another day but don’t worry I have some really great photos and video of that encounter too! As you can see I wasn’t wearing any panties and I could literally feel my juices running down my inner thighs. Damn, I really wish I could have fucked them that night!

I was so fucking horny by now that I kept flipping up my skirt flashing my pussy at Jake (and anyone else that cared to have a look). I was practically begging him to fuck me right there in the club. I said, “C’mon baby, just slide it in right here. We can lean up against the wall and it will look like we’re dancing. No one will even notice.” Luckily, Jake resisted my pleas otherwise the night may have ended with the two of us in jail. I just figured I’d have to wait til we got back to the room that night to get my pussy pounded.

As we headed back to the hotel Jake began to mention how late it was and that he had to get up for a morning seminar in just a few hours. In other words, I wasn’t going to be getting fucked that night. Still, I kept teasing him by lifting my skirt and exposing my bare pussy as we headed up the escalator toward the hotel lobby. There were a couple of guys behind him that got a pretty good eyeful as well. I told him that if he didn’t promise to fuck me when we got back to the room that I was going to get myself off right there in the hotel lobby.

Thinking I was joking, he laughed and said, “Great, I’m glad I brought the camera, I wouldn’t want to miss this.” It was almost as if he was challenging me. As we continued through the lobby I looked over at the front desk clerk and gave him a little wink and a wave. He was really cute, probably in his early 20’s and I was thinking he might enjoy a little show anyway. Besides, I wasn’t about to let Jake get the best of me on this one.

I think he was a little surprised when I sat down on the couch right there in the lobby, lifted my skirt and spread my legs in full view of the desk clerk and anyone else who happened to be walking by. You should have seen the look on the clerk’s face! I think he was torn between calling security and jerking off. Needless to say, he didn’t call security and I never did see his hands come up over the counter during my little performance.

I was really getting wet as I put on a little show for Jake and the guy behind the front desk (oh yeah, and a few others who happened to walk by, some of whom decided to stop and get a better look). I don’t think any of them could have possibly been enjoying it as much as I was.

Although it started out as just a little playful pussy flashing I was really getting myself worked up. As I continued my exhibitionist charade a small handful of voyeurs had assembled in the lobby to watch. I would occasionally slip my finger into my pussy, which was hot as hell and dripping wet by this point.

Each time I would touch my pussy I could feel a little electric chill run up my spine. I knew it wouldn’t take much to get me off since I was already close anyway. All these strangers standing there watching had me in such a state of arousal that I probably could have came without even touching myself!

It was just about at this point that I thought to myself why not just go for it right here and now. I mean what the fuck! I’m sitting here with my pussy wide open anyway. I started furiously rubbing my clit back and forth stopping only to finger fuck my throbbing cunt. I had three fingers deep inside me when I began to cum.

I threw my head back and began bucking my hips up and down, lifting my ass completely off the couch. I was whimpering, moaning, and squealing as quietly as I possibly could so that security didn’t come running to see why some woman was screaming in the lobby of the hotel. As the intense feeling of an orgasm began to leave my body I opened my eyes to a crowd of about 30 people (including one hotel security guard) standing in front of me clapping and cheering. Jake was obviously quite impressed with my performance because he grabbed me by the hand and led me to the elevator. We went straight to our room where he proceeded to fuck the living hell out of me for at least an hour. So much for his early morning seminar!

~Kisses, Allie

Naughty Allie

Naughty Allie

Naughty Allie

Naughty Allie

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November 24, 2005

A Bad Taste in her Mouth

Amy had a bad taste in her mouth. It wasn’t from the mediocre spinach and artichoke dip getting cold in front of her as she picked at it. It certainly wasn’t from the third glass of Pinot Grigiot that she was nursing either. No, the wine was Amy’s attempt to wash away the unpleasantness that lingered in her mouth left by one of her arrogant coworkers.

“Would you like another glass, Miss?” The bartender brought her back to reality as Amy was mumbling under her breath, going over the day’s events in her mind, trying to rehash what she should have done better, and saying the things she wished she had said to make her position perfectly clear.

“No thank you, I think I might have had one too many as it is.” She reached for her purse to pay the tab and collect her senses. She glanced at her watched and then around the bar and noticed that the late hour had left her the last person there. Tuesday nights weren’t particularly busy at Avanti’s, it had more of a noonday crowd as it was located in the heart of downtown and most people headed to the chain restaurants of the suburbs on weeknights to stay close to home. At 9:00, it was relatively deserted except for the few random busboys that shuffled around, filling up salt and pepper shakers and a few waitresses that were counting tips and talked about the best and worst customers of the night. She fumbled with her wallet, not really wanting to go home and unsure of what to do, where to go. She sat there, dazed and confused.

“Here, this one’s on the house. Looks like you could use it.” The bartender poured another glass of wine to her relief and went about his duties of breaking the bar down. Amy picked up her cell phone and called her husband to tell him that she was fine; she just needed some time to herself. He questioned her, asking if everything was okay, if there was something she wanted to talk about, and she kept repeating that she would be fine, she just had a bad day at work and it was something that she was going to have to work out on her own. She said the obligatory, “I love you’s” and “see you later’s” and hung up the cell phone before he asked too many more questions. This wasn’t something her husband could help her with; it was outside of his realm of expertise.

“In my years of experience, I’ve found that your local bartender/therapist is the best person to talk to when your husband won’t understand. I didn’t mean to eavesdrop but I’m here for you if you want an objective ear.” The bartender didn’t stop wiping down the bar, but made it clear that the troubled lady at the bar could unburden her heavy load if she so chose.

Amy stumbled, “You wouldn’t understa . . .,” her voice trailed off as she looked at the bartender. For the first time in three hours, she realized that the bartender was a black man. She hadn’t even paid attention to him before, or perhaps she did but it didn’t register in her consciousness. She felt funny, faced with her particular dilemma, and not even sure how to express it, especially to the man that might be able to lend some insight into her situation but the words wouldn’t come out. Amy wanted to ask for his help but she felt paralyzed.

The bartender noticed her discomfort and backed off. “Take your time, finish your wine, I’m scheduled to be here until midnight whether there are customers here or not. We probably won’t get another person in here for the rest of the evening.” Amy looked at him hard, studying him for the first time. He was more than twenty years younger than she, easily in his late 20s or early 30s and she noticed that he was very good looking. His eyes sparkled with warmth and charm and his dark skin of his forearms looked like velvet in comparison to the stark white shirt he wore. The muscle definition in his chest was apparent even through the material. He looked to be about 5’10” from her vantage point but even that was a good 10 inches taller than her 5’0” petite frame. For a very brief second, her mind flashed to all those interracial porno movies her husband had “hidden” in the family room, and how many times she sneaked a peek at them on Saturday mornings when he was out playing golf. She had always wanted to ask her husband why his collection of erotic material always consisted of black men with white women but she was afraid to confront him with the fact that she knew about his secret stash so she kept her mouth shut.

“I’m not racist,” she blurted out, regretting that she hadn’t tried to start the conversation in some other way as she heard the words come out of her mouth.

The bartender smiled, as if amused, and went back to his duties of counting liquor bottles without acknowledging her comment.

Amy felt flush, she picked up the glass of wine and held it to her lips and took a big slug. She had a slight buzz but she wanted more. She wanted to get this off her chest and it was now or never. She set the glass down and stared at it as she began telling her tale. She had been raised in a very typical Southern home without much intimate contact with anyone of color except those people she encountered at a distance in her daily transgressions. She told of how her mother always told her to treat people equally and always quoted Martin Luther King’s words to her about judging people by the content of their character and not by the color of their skin. Her father wasn’t so visionary. He didn’t like anyone that didn’t look or think like him and he didn’t hide that fact. Fortunately for her, she didn’t have to deal with him that much because he was always at work so his influence on her perspective was minimal. When she went away to college, she was exposed to more people of color but she never really befriended any Black people or got to know them on a very intimate basis. By the time she was married and in the work force, she realized that Black people had the lowest paying jobs and it registered somewhere in the back of her mind that that was probably unfair, but she never questioned it, that’s just the way things were and she couldn’t do anything to change it.

She downed the last little bit of wine and continued with her story. The hospital had just hired a new head cardiologist, a woman in fact. She was known to be the best in the business and was sure to bring a lot of positive publicity to the hospital, and good PR meant more money. More money meant better care for the patients, so Amy was excited to welcome her to the staff. All Amy had wanted to do with her life was be an RN and she prided herself with that fact that she had the best reputation for her bedside manner of any nurse in the hospital. During her first encounter with the new doctor, Amy was caught off-guard. Amy had been emptying a bed ban for one of the elderly African American patients on CICU when the doctor walked in and said, “Why are you cleaning the bedpan for a Black, get one of the orderlies to do it. Whites shouldn’t be cleaning up after a Black. Why do you think their skin is that color? So you can’t see the . . . .” Her sentence fell off to laughter, apparently thinking her joke would be funny to all.

Amy was sick. “A Black.” The words rang in Amy’s ears. They sounded so empty, so dehumanizing when she heard the words fall from the doctors lips. Why couldn’t she have said a black patient or an African American? She was outraged that the doctor would say something so cruel, so blatantly racist, in front of a patient and she was appalled that the doctor hadn’t had any sensitivity training to know that those sorts of comments were inappropriate. Amy was speechless and she looked in the eyes of the patient and saw the hurt and pain that the words had caused. The doctor apparently didn’t notice the discomfort of either one of them and she checked the charts and went about her business. Amy continued on with her duties, taking extra care to provide comfort to the patient and even to sing to her to distract her from the pain, both physical and emotional.

“What do I do? If I report her, I might lose my job and if they find out that she is racist and she’s fired, then the money that she might bring to the hospital will go with her. Maybe it was a joke. Doctors just aren’t supposed to say that sort of thing. What if she treats African American patients differently than white patients?” By the time Amy had finished spilling her guts; she was breathless and in tears and rambling on in disconnected sentences.

The bartender had made his way to the other side of the bar and sat himself next to her. He listened intently to the story and made copious notes on a napkin. He placed his hand on Amy’s shoulder and promised her that everything would be okay. Amy looked at him with a puzzled look on her face.

“Let me introduce myself. My name is Akil Galanta, I’m in medical school, and I just work here at nights because it’s so slow it’s like getting paid to study. I’m going to take care of this so that this woman is dealt with in the most appropriate way. Let me do some research, contact the other hospitals that she used to work for, speak with some of the other black nurses and doctors she’s worked with to find out the real deal and I’ll make sure that your name isn’t involved in this at all. I’m going to contact the appropriate governing bodies of the hospital and you won’t have to worry about this anymore.

Amy felt relief for the first time in hours. She took a deep breath and felt the weight of his hand on her shoulder. She was electrified by his touch and the strength with which he seemed to know exactly what to do. Instinctually, she wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him, grateful that she felt like she had told the right person to handle the situation. Her joy, her relief, came out in her enthusiastic hug. He hugged her back it was more than apparent that there was some sort of chemistry going on more than just two people sharing a common agenda.

Akil let the wait staff out and locked the door behind them. He turned down the lights in the bar and returned to Amy. He turned her barstool towards him and, without notice, he kissed her. Amy didn’t fight it for a second; she let herself go in his kiss, seduced by the feel of his full dark lips against hers, his soft tongue dancing against hers. She closed her eyes tightly and blamed it on the wine and her highly emotional state. She was allowed to have a minute of bad judgement in the arms of her sexy hero.

Akil broke off the kiss and apologized. “I know you’re married but I was so moved by the sincerity of your feelings and your desire to do the right thing. Often times, white people let this sort of racism go, ignore it, or agree. The fact that you were moved so strongly but her outrageous behavior means you are willing to dismantle your perception of white superiority. That’s sexy. At least to me it is.”

Amy only heard every other word; she was so turned on that she couldn’t grasp all of what Akil was saying. She was caught up in the fact that her son was older than Akil and that her husband was probably waiting for her to walk through the door any second, maybe even watching his porn collection in her absence. She was distracted with this lack of morality she felt and how much she wanted him to take things further. She couldn’t get over the fact that this very sexy young Black man found her attractive. Sure, she knew she was attractive for her age and that she kept herself in good shape, but she never expected that she would be the object of desire from a gorgeous black man, let alone one young enough to be her son.

Amy wanted him to know that his advances were welcome but she didn’t want to appear too eager. She was trying to reconcile in her mind that thirty years of being faithful to her husband were about to erased in an impetuous act of lust. She tossed her hair back, thrust out her chest, and licked her lips. It had been a long time since she’d seduced anyone other than her husband so she wondered if she was doing it the right way. Her nipples were hard and her pussy was already tingling with excitement. Amy couldn’t remember the last time she had been so turned on, so driven by pure, animalistic intentions.

Akil, fully cognizant of the telltale signs of her arousal, said, “I’m in med school, I don’t get many chances for sexual release because I’m always in the books. Are you sure you want this because it might be a little more than you can handle? With that, he took Amy’s hand and put it on his growing erection. Amy’s eyes widened, thinking of what it would be like to have it inside her and reflected momentarily if she would become a “slut for black cock” like she had seen so many white women profess themselves to be on the internet. She responded by moving her hand to his belt and unbuckling it.

Akil grabbed her hand and said, “Slow down, it’s not often that I get a chance to fuck a hot MILF, especially a white one, so I’m going to make sure you and I both remember this. You sure you’re okay with this?”

Amy nodded frantically. There was no turning back. She rationalized that the stars had created the events of the day in such a way that this was her right, her duty to strike out with a statement of racial equality like this. “Do me,” was all she could say.

Akil took Amy’s legs and spread them wide. He took his hand and rubbed it against the crotch of her pants, feeling the heat emanating from her core. Amy responded by rubbing herself against his hand like a stripper half her age would do. She placed her elbows against the bar and leaned back to give him better access. She wished he would just rip her clothes off and take her like an animal. She could sense that Akil was far from an animal, he was in control of the situation, overpowering her with his sophistication and natural ease.

He carefully undid the buttons on her blouse as she watched in amazement. He slid the sleeves of her shirt down her arms and tossed it on the floor. Her breathing grew heavier. Next, he undid her pants and discarded them with ease as well. She was before him in her sensible bra and panties. She was feeling like the grandmother that she was, nervous that she wasn’t attractive in her semi nude state.

“Turn around,” Akil whispered. She followed his orders without hesitation and he removed her bra. He reached around her and began to fondle her breasts sensuously. Amy was in a trance, looking at the contrast of skin color as he pulled at her nipples and played rather roughly with her tits. She loved every second of the sensation, rubbing her ass on him to make sure he knew she was enjoying every second of his attention. Her husband would never have made her feel like this. Having sex with her husband wasn’t erotic, it was routine. This was living on the edge. Akil grabbed her by the hips and pulled her panties down to her thighs. He pushed her body forward, so her upper body was lying against the leather padding of the bar stool. He took his strong fingers and inserted them in her wet cunt. Amy let out a loud moan. She reached around and held the cheeks of her ass wide open, giving Akil the view and the access he needed to finger her sopping wet pussy.

“You like that?”

“Amy started spewing obscenities like the women in the porno’s would do. “Finger that white pussy; get it ready for your black cock. Make me cum like the slut I need to be.”

Akil withdrew his fingers and Amy cried out like a wounded animal, panting, begging and screaming for him to finger fuck her some more.

“Relax,” the calmness that he had and the power he had over her made her that much more aroused, punctuating the sexual tension in the air.

Here she was, married, tipsy, naked in front of a fully dressed black man, and bent over with her ass in the air like she needed to be fucked by whoever came along. Amy wished she was being watched. She wanted someone to see her in her predicament; she wanted men to jerk off looking at her being intimate for this young black man. Her words were coming in incoherent babble. Every sentence was punctuated with something to do with black cock and white pussy. Akil started spanking her lightly, well, not so lightly but not enough to leave marks that her hubby would question either. Amy started chanting, “Yes, yes, yes, oh yes,” and fingering her own pussy, desperate to get to the fucking part.

Akil pulled Amy up by the hair and forced her to her knees. She knelt submissively, looking up at him waiting for him to give her instructions. He pulled his zipper down and reached in his pants to pull out his cock. Amy’s mouth watered, anxious to taste it. Akil took his dick and rubbed it over her face, smearing precum on her lips. Amy licked it like a kitten licking milk. She grabbed his cock in her hands and stared in disbelief at the contrast. The diamonds in her wedding ring shone in dimly lit room and made her pussy gush even more knowing she was being so naughty. She wrapped both of her hands around his cock and started stroking it. Akil began fucking her hands like it was a pussy, thrusting back and forth, getting the tip even wetter with precum.

Amy couldn’t wait anymore; she had to have that cock in her mouth. She closed her eyes and went for it. She could barely get her mouth around the head. She had to use her mouth and hands together to get it wet and suck it and stroke it at the same time. She was like a crazed woman, starved for black cock. She licked and sucked and tried her best to deep throat it but there was no way she could. Akil pushed her head down and made her lick his balls and she took to the task like a pro. Sufficiently satisfied that she was hungry for cock, he grabbed her head and started fucking her mouth. The way Amy was sucking it; one would have thought she needed black dick to live.

Akil, noticed movement out of the corner of his eye. Outside the front door were spectators. One of his regular customers, an attorney who often worked late, was watching the entire thing and next to him was a black homeless man that often came around at closing to get some food. The two were both stroking themselves through their pants and having some sort of conversation. Akil tapped Amy on the shoulder to alert her of the spectators and she looked up from her cocksucking responsibilities and went back to her job with even more renewed enthusiasm. She began fingering her pussy and pulling her nipples while she was sucking, licking and blowing the ebony meat in her mouth.

Akil grabbed her by the hair and bent her over the bar. She braced herself for the fucking she was about to get. He took aim with his hard cock and rammed it in her in one stroke. He rammed all he could get inside her that is. Amy cried out, in pleasure and in pain. She turned her head so that she could see the men watching her. She made sure that they could read her lips as she said, “fuck me” over and over again. Akil grabbed her hips and rammed his cock in her wet cunt over and over again. He pulled her tits and slapped her ass, no longer caring if her husband saw evidence of the nasty fuck he was giving his wife.

“Make me a slut for black cock, Akil. Make me never want white cock again.” Amy was surprised by the words coming out of her own mouth. It was as if she was releasing some long held inhibitions and beliefs that she had never wanted to acknowledge before. Akil was taking out his frustrations on med school, reveling in his exhibitionism, and even getting off on the fact that he was fucking a married white woman.

“Oh shit, I’m going to cum,” he said.

“Noooooooooo,” Amy called out, please not yet, there’s one more thing I need you to do. Akil slowed his pace and tried to concentrate on molecular biology to hold off his ejaculation. Amy looked back and took her finger and placed it in her mouth. She sucked it seductively and put it to her ass. She pushed her finger in and winced. “I only give this to my husband on very special occasions. I want to give it to you tonight. I want your black cum dripping out of my asshole so I can feel like I really belong to you. Fuck my white ass please.”

Akil grabbed his dick and squeezed it tight to keep from being too aroused. He knelt behind Amy and put his tongue to her puckered hole. He tongue fucked her asshole and got it lubricated with his spit. Amy was moaning, practically screaming about how good it felt. Akil took one finger and put it in her ass. It felt like her asshole was going to cut off the circulation in his finger, there was no way he could fit his dick in there. Amy went into sexual overdrive. She was fucking his finger like crazy, begging for another finger, for black cock “back there.”

Akil spit on her asshole and stuck two fingers in her ass. Amy was grunting and groaning like an animal. “Do it, do it. It feels so nasty, it feels so good.”

Still wet from her pussy and the precum he was practically leaking on the floor, Akil took the head of his cock and took aim at her tiny pink asshole. He didn’t want to hurt her so he let her control the penetration. Amy was not to be denied. She had her fingers in her pussy, fucking herself like mad and she was backing up on that cock until the head was firmly planted in her backside. Her hair was wet with perspiration and she was breathing erratically. She began a gentle motion of rocking back and forth, and working more and more of that magnificent black cock in her asshole.

Out of concern, Akil asked, “Are you okay,” and she responded by saying ‘fuck me, fuck me” over and over again.

“You want this black dick, I’m going to give it to you. I’m going to cum so deep in your ass, you’ll be shitting my cum for a week. Is that what you want?”

“Stop talking and just do it.” Amy was pissed, horny and crazed.

Akil grabbed her by the hips and started to fuck her. He fucked her hard, without regard for her safety. He pumped his long black cock in and out of her bowels relentlessly. His balls were slapping her wet pussy and he was long stroking her. Every time he would pull out to the head, Amy would cry and scream for him to put it back in deeper. There were red marks on her skin where his hands were gripping her so tightly. He glanced over at the windows and saw the two men had taken their cocks out on the street and were trying to discretely stroke them without drawing too much attention to themselves.

He couldn’t hold back any more. He felt the cum boil up from his nuts. He fucked her long and hard, he fucked her deep. Amy was cumming from getting fucked in her ass and the convulsions of her muscles were milking the cum out of Akil’s dick. Akil screamed out as he felt the walls of her ass coated with his thick seed.

Exhausted, he fell back against one of the barstools and tried to catch his breath. The men watching left evidence of their participation on the window as they parted ways in silence.

Amy felt more alive than she had in years. While Akil made efforts to clean up, Amy reached for her cell phone. “Yes, I know what time it is. Yes, I’m fine, relax. I’m sorry . . . I’m sorry . . .” She slid her panties on as she spoke to him. “Honey, when I get home, I want to watch one of those movies you have hidden in the family room. . . Yeah, one of the interracial ones. And I have something to tell you that I think you might like to hear. If you’re lucky, you might get a special treat as well.”


Copyright 2004 - AfroerotiK


November 23, 2005

Candy’s Gangbang

Lovely sweetbox Candy Curvaceous has just sent me a couple of pics of her recent gangbang… Thanks Candy ;)


Here a couple from a Florida Mandingos party. Had 4 studs and it was heavenly. This one was off the chain. Gangbang, anal, and fisting. Hot!


Candy Curvaceous

Candy Curvaceous


November 22, 2005

Trash Cammin With L

Well well well…and it just gets better. I have met some fantastic people through this lifestyle and industry and then there is L….

Wow what a woman. She mailed me via the SDC site saying her and her partner might like to play but fancied a chat first. She was so hot that on a normal night out, I just had to ring her to say hi even though I was surrounded by women at a party, there was no-one even close.

L is hot. 5’10, slim, blue eyes, blonde hair. A great looking and very sensual woman. When I heard her on the phone I could hardly contain my excitement, visualizing the things that I may have to come if I played my cards right. We chatted for a while and I went to bed that night with a huge smile on my face.

The next day she mailed me saying her and her partner would love to meet up and did I have a webcam for further chat…oh god yes I do! That night I was nervous and a little hesitant waiting for the call that was going to show me in person what she was like as I had only seen photos before. When the chat screen opened there she was, blonde and hot just like her pics. Great smile, really bubbly and fun and oh I wish I was her partner wow! We chatted for a while, L telling me about the things that she and her partner do when they are out to play. He loves watching her in a mmf or ffm situation and L loves entertaining him, and although in no way a sub, she loves to show him what he wants and the exhibitionist in her takes over after a while. L asked me if I would like to play with them at my nearest adult party venue and I know I am going to jump at the chance.

After a couple of glasses of wine and I was feeling braver, L asked me to show her my body so I stripped to the waist. Don’t think Im scared but believe me being on cam with someone that is so confident and sexy is unnerving!

However this wasn’t enough for L and she really wanted to see my cock. As I lowered my trousers I could see L getting turned on as she stripped to her bra. ‘Lower’ she said, so I took everything off and stood there naked in front of her with a really hard cock as she played with her nipples, turning herself on at the sight of me and playing with her breasts……….

She then told me to play with myself and I started gently stroking my cock, I was so turned on, watching her touch herself. L disappeared from the screen for a moment and when she came back I was greeted to a full view of her sexy underwear and incredible body. I then saw her pull her panties to one side and she started to play with herself. L told me to masturbate harder as she pushed her fingers inside her.

I then saw her grab a sex toy and she slowly inserted it into her beautiful pussy. We then were locked into intense visual experience of watching each other pleasure ourselves.

She said she was close to cumming, I knew that I was. L looked into the camera and asked me to cum for her and I speeded my action and literally exploded. It was such an intense orgasm and I’m glad to say for the 2nd night running I went to bed with a huge smile on my face.

L and her partner will hopefully be coming down in a couple of weeks. I can barely control my excitement. Stay tuned…



November 21, 2005

Emma Starr Models For Us

How lucky am I, this is a post I’m very proud of. You may have noticed that I post a lot of Emma Starr entries, well it’s simply because I think she has to be the ultimate hotwife. She also always keeps in touch and lets us know what she’s up to.

Emma we love you… it’s a major honor and privilege for you to wear the hotwifeblog shirt. A massive thanks to you for taking the time to do this. Looking forward to seeing you in Vegas. I may also have someone very sexy with me to introduce you to.

Your friend,
Trash x

Emma Starr

Emma Starr

Emma Starr

Emma Starr

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Visit Ms Starr Sexy Teacher Here

Visit Emmas Wild World Here


November 20, 2005

Hotwife Galleries 4 U

Hey, sorry delayed post today. I was chatting/playing with a gorgeous girl on cam last night and lost track of time and space. It was great, I’ll tell you about it later this week.
Next up we have a special treat of 2 former interviewees of hotwife blog, Talia and Angie, together!!! Yum.

Talia and Angie
Cute Latina Talia with party girl Angie


November 19, 2005

Wife’s Black Orgy

This is my first time ever writing a fantasy on a website like this. I have been reading the articles and each day I check the new articles or pics, I find myself imagining what it would be like to see my wife getting banged hard by other men, particularly well-hung black men. So far I have only hinted at her having sex with another man, but that is received as though I must be gay or not love her anymore. So, I have backed off.

Anyway, I would like to take the time to relate a fantasy that I would love to have come true some time in the near future. My wife is a beautiful Puerto Rican with an hour glass figure. She has the type of ass that most black men love with nice big dark nipples that stand straight up in the air when sucked and played with. Her pussy is closely shaved and has a great set of labia lips. So she gets plenty of extra looks and that really turns me on, knowing that other men are thinking of fucking her.

I have imagined lately that I would have a group of at least five or six black men come over to my house without my wife’s knowledge. As she is taking her shower, the men go upstairs into our bedroom and get completely naked and stand around our king size bed. While they are getting in place, I would take my wife’s hand and lead her from the bathroom that is connected to our bedroom with only a towel covering her. I know her reaction would be of shock and hesitation, but after a few seconds of reassuring that I am ok with this and with her eyes seeing what was lying ahead for her, an evening of complete satisfaction and submission to 6 no less than 8inch dicks to fill every hole. She looks at me and smiles, kisses me and tells me to leave, because she would feel too uncomfortable. I agree, but knowing that after the men begin to have their way with her she won’t realize or even care that I come back in the room to observe the 6 men enjoying what I have enjoyed for the last 8 years. After several hours of getting balled by the six studs and unloading their semen! in my wife’s pussy, asshole and mouth, she sees me watching her being the complete slut that I wanted her to be to them. She gives me a half smile and I can tell in her eyes that she has never been so satisfied sexually that now she is going to want this type of activity at least once a week.

Hopefully, one day I can write to all the readers and give you a real story that is similar to my fantasy.

Submitted by: Mitch

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