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September 12, 2005

Interracial Wives

Too much text to read recently??

Here’s some visual stimuli. Interracial is the theme of the day.

First for today we have a gallery from the Screw My Sexy Wife series. An anxious husband looks on as his wife tastes black cock for the first time. There’s a bonus movie gallery of this series too.

Screw My Sexy Wife
Wife has a treat of 2 black lovers
Bonus Movie Gallery Click Here

2 Responses to “Interracial Wives”

  1. monique said:

    lost my old address have new one yahoo suckssssss

  2. ricky said:

    my wife has a black lover and I very much enjoy watching them fuck. I even get to eat my wifes pussy when he is dune,usualy after he has fucked her three or four times!I’m no homo, but I do like licking another man’s cum from my wife’s pussy!

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