September 30, 2005

Action not Dreams

I often think about the fact that a lot of people just seem to glide through life not really doing anything exciting at all. I see them every day and it astounds me, people just in such a routine that their life is gone before they know it.

I can’t believe that so many are really satisfied with the life they have built and their own sexual lifestyle.

But it is so easy to get trapped. You seem to find yourself down a street you don’t want to be down, you end up pissing your precious time away for someone else’s gain just to exist and you long for some excitement and variety in your life. You ask yourself how did I get to this place? But it’s hard to avoid this trapping of life. I feel we are pushed into this place by the same people that hold us back in so many ways of life. The people who force their puritanical, brainwashing attitudes upon us all, they attack sex, sexuality, drugs, pornography, prostitution etc. They promote controlled living, censorship and usually use children to support any weak argument they can’t quite defend. “We live this way, think this way, so should you!”. And most of these people are complete nutters, with deep psychological problems themselves. They have a huge drive to control other people’s lives as it makes them feel better about their own.

So fear of being labelled a deviant, freak, slut or general misfit of society holds us back from spreading our sexual wings. It’s better to be quiet and go along with the rest of them… Make the best of it.

I really would like to know how many people are happy with a long-term monogamous relationship because I just don’t think humans were built to live up to it. Studies have shown over 96% of all mammals are non-monogamous. So many marriages end in divorce and so many relationships break down because we realize that we want more than one partner and one vocation. Humans needs variety, we are suckers for having our brain stimulated. We are pleasure junkies.

Not so long ago my own long-term relationship broke down, we still get on very well as friends and people I talk to just can’t understand why we’re not still together “You look so happy together” “You are the perfect couple” It’s simply because we just came to our sell by date, the end of the line, we were both tired of each other, there was no where else to take the relationship. I was even cuckolded (something I’ve always wanted to experience) but it didn’t turn out as I expected it would. There was no huge sexual awakening for me. The truth is that most women that have affairs do so because they’ve grown tired of their regular partner and certainly don’t want to have to involve that partner to satisfy his own kinky fetishes. They’d rather not be involved sexually at all with them. so cuckolding was a let down and was certainly not enough to make me want to stay with this one woman.

And because my partner was able recognize the disintegration of the relationship and had the guts to act on it and end this herself, we were both able to taste the freedom again we had desired. If she hadn’t brought it up we may be still together now, plodding along, making the best of it. I don’t know if I would have had the same courage to end it. Her actions have also set off a chain reaction amongst her girlfriends, 2 of them have done the same and ended their monogamous relationships. And the one’s that haven’t I know are jealous of her and her new freedom and lifestyle.

That is why the swinging lifestyle is so perfect for couples to enable them to experience the freedom and variety they crave but allow them a stable backbone of home life and support.

You must have the courage if you desire change. I’m still young and I plan to live every day to the full from now on and I’m never getting myself in a trapped situation ever again. If you feel the same, you only have one life, make the change…. today.



September 29, 2005

Hotwife Adventure

My wife and I have a really good sex life, especially when compared to my first two wives (a whole other story there!). We’re John and Jocelyn. I’m a 44 year old male, and she’s a 33 year old female.

When I first met Jocelyn (through match.com), we dated without having sex for a while, but she was very direct and to the point - either this was going to be a fully committed relationship, or it wasn’t. I was ready to commit, so we progressed on, and the first time we made love, she was too shy to take off her panties when she got undressed and got in bed with me.

At the time, I was 41 and she was 30. She was very hot looking, and had great legs and a very supple back, largely due to the fact that she had been an athlete when in high school (gymnastics and softball).

It took 30 minutes to get her out of those panties.

It didn’t take long to discover, to my surprise as well as hers, that she was multi-orgasmic - she can cum quite easily with me, and they vary in intensity as well as rapidity. Occasionally, we now get what we call, “rolling thunder” - where she is going from one hard orgasm to another with little or no delay between each one.

She also found it quite erotic for me to talk to her while we made love. Not outright “dirty” talk, but indirectly suggestive comments - including my appraisal of how close she was to the next orgasm.

And later, we progressed to watching porn together. She likes the films where women are actually having orgasms, and where men are cumming directly in the women. While we watch, we play with each other, and I talk to her.

An hour of this, and we progress to more realistic things.

It was after watching one film this summer, and after a few hours of incredible sex, that we discussed the idea that we could make such an event really happen. After all, we shared the same fantasy of multiple men (including me) on one woman, and the fantasy of a cum-filled woman.

So we got a membership on Adult Friend Finder, and started looking for men….

Yes, we got our start on Adult Friend Finder (actually, SwapFinder, but it’s the same company and database of people).

When we first conceived of the idea of having men fuck my wife, we had no idea that the community of swingers was so large. At first, we thought that we might try to find a swinger’s club, but my wife found that too intimidating. We even thought we might go to the local Border’s bookstore and try to approach a suitable man - but we thought that people might think we were weird. So we were about to give up on the idea, when I did some google searches.

We ended up putting an ad up on AFF, and within a few hours(!!!) we had MANY men sending us email. We hadn’t even gone to a chat room, or set up the IMC chat that comes with your AFF membership. Many were rude, and many seemed to have the idea that women exist just to be fucked, and that they should think of the men as God’s gift to sex.

So we stopped for just a minute, and gathering our responses, went through and came up with the Rules - a list of non-negotiable responses from my wife and I. These answer the most common questions a man may have, and they also explicitly delineate our expectations.

Then we started using the Rules as a filter. It worked like a charm, and one day after posting our initial ad, we hooked up with a young man in Springfield, Virginia who had moved to the area but didn’t have many female opportunities. We went to his apartment, and he was polite, clean, and he had what my wife wanted - a cock ready to burst.

Yes, it was a nervous “first time” for us, and we knew in advance that he had little experience - that’s not what my wife is looking for. Her goal is for the man to have fun without having to worry about holding back, delaying his cum, or trying to prove something by performing. She just wants him to cum in her.

He ended up filling her pussy with a lot of cum - and although he tried to get it up again, he was just too nervous - it’s not an everyday event for most men to get their cock sucked by a woman while her husband is there. At that point, rather than join in, I decided that perhaps we should give him a little breathing room - after all, he might want to do this again.

So we drove home - flushed with excitement. We discussed the events of the night, and when we got home, I couldn’t wait to fuck her cum-filled pussy. When we got home, I slid right into her, and I was surprised about how hot she was inside - the cum seemed to be ragingly hot.

This experience prompted more changes to the Rules and the Process - most noticeably, it prompted a change to look for slightly older men with a bit more experience. She wanted them to last a bit longer than a minute - unless, as we discussed, there were far more men.

After the first time my wife was fucked by another man while I also participated, we made a few changes. First, we went for men who were slightly older. There were two reasons for this: one, the cock in question might last a bit longer, and two, the number of men who wanted to negotiate the Rules decreased with age. We also decided to do this at home - in our bed when possible.

So we began a series of 11 MFM sessions in three weeks. Very tiring, I can assure you! But also very hot, and at the same time, very friendly. We met a few very nice guys (Paul, I’m sure you know who you are!). During the breaks in sex, and in the immediate aftermath of everyone getting off, we talked about the usual suburban things - and my wife and I learned that people who are “in the lifestyle” appear to be everyday, ordinary people. Computer programmers. Wine distributors. Department managers at Target. Government bureaucrats (no one high level yet…).

An example of how relaxed we are with MFM was last night, when we had one of our regulars over. He was a bit harried and anxious from his workday, and we all immediately stripped and jumped into bed - but he needed some way to unwind before he could really fuck. My wife said, “I’m sure you’ll relax as soon as you get off once.” She then proceeded to give him an incredible blowjob, licking and sucking his cock and balls. Now, she’s tried to get him to cum by blowjob before, but he had unfulfilling experiences with blowjobs before, so he never let her finish before. This time, he couldn’t control himself, and in a few minutes, he was erupting into her mouth. She swallowed everything, and then spent a few minutes teasing his now sensitive cock, and licking him clean.

He told us as he rested that he had never experienced a cum like that - his head was spinning and he said that it was far beyond what he had imagined he could experience from a blowjob.

She was right. After about 15 minutes, he was ready again. And this time, he and I took turns fucking her to many hard orgasms.

Afterwards, we returned to our “normal” lives. And I know that he’ll be asking for the occasional blowjob now that he enjoys them.

Submitted by: John and Jocelyn

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September 28, 2005

Brandi Love Shows Love

Oh what a beautiful morning….. especially when you get lovely pictures in your mailbox.

Hotwife Brandi Love is certainly showing her love here. The hard-bodied swinging MILF even brought along a rose for us.

Make sure you show her some love back and pay her a visit, she tells me she loves interacting with her members.

Right… I’m gonna try and get an interview… Thanks Brandi, love ya xox

Brandi Love

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September 27, 2005

Surprise Fuckin’ Weekend

We got an email Friday from an old friend that we hadn’t seen in a couple of years. Robert is actually an old boyfriend of my wife’s and the brother of a good friend of ours in North Carolina. Anyway, after Linda and I started dating, we had a few threesomes with Robert and really enjoyed it. I answered his email and sent our address and phone number and about 20 minutes later we got a phone call from him.

We found out he lives only two hours from us and asked if he could come up for part of the weekend. Of course we were happy to extend the invitation! I had to go to work at 8 pm but told Linda to call me when he arrived around 11 pm (he had to have dinner with friends before he could head out). He got here about 10:30 pm and I spoke with him briefly and told him “to have fun!” and I would be home about 7:30 am. Well, I have to tell you, my dick tingled all night long and I kept getting these terrific, rock-hard erections every time I thought about what they were doing! She told me on the phone that as soon as Robert got there, she got on her knees and unzpipped his jeans. By the time the zipper was down, Robert’s cock was rock-hard and ready. Linda began stroking it and before long was running her tongue up and down his shaft. She told me his legs started to shake from the excitement when she started sucking his rod so he said, “Let’s head for the bedroom.” Once in the bedroom, he stripped naked…Linda was already in that condition while waiting for him to arrive. They wasted no time getting on the bed - Robert on his back and Linda situated between his legs with one hand on his dick as she began going down on him. (She loves the taste of cum and doesn’t waste a drop). She told me she sucked him until he shot a load in her mouth which she eagerly swallowed. They got something to drink, turned on the TV and within about twenty-minutes Robert started stroking her pussy which was soaked with anticipation. He slid one finger in her twat and began to finger-fuck her. Before long she was arching her back, moaning and having an intense orgasm. Robert couldn’t wait any longer…it had been a while since he fucked her and he wanted to be inside her tight cunt. He rolled over on top of Linda and easily slid his throbbing staff inside her lubricated love-hole and began humping her. They fucked for a good 20 minutes in numerous positions until Linda was on top of him with her ass facing him and riding his cock fast and hard. The sight of her shapely butt and his cock going in and out of her hairy vagina was almost too much. She began saying, “Give it to me Bobby, cum in my pussy…let me have what I have been working for…shoot your load!” With each dirty phrase, Linda rode him faster and pumped his cum from deep within his ball-sack. He filled her until his jizz oozed from her hot cunt and spilled around his cock. She finished him off until his shaft went limp and then turned around and licked all his cum from his crotch. As she told me all this, I was playing with my stiff rod under my desk and nearly shot my load several times. But I wanted to wait until I got home so we could have an intense threesome.

When I drove home, it was with an erection all the way….it never went down! After I got there…it took a few minutes for Linda to wake up but Robert came into the bedroom, took his clothes off and climbed into bed on the other side of my wife who was lying there totally naked! We played with her for a while, massaging her breasts…rubbing her clitoris…and I must say she got so wet in such a short amount of time…her pussy was just dripping! Robert started sucking her nipples and Linda had my dick in her right hand and his dick in her left hand..playing with both of us. She was so totally turned on that she was almost hyperventilating! Eventually she started sucking his cock, giving him one helluva blow job…. Robert reached over and started playing with my cock to keep some of the action coming my way…(we enjoy getting really kinky and if its sex, we do it…especially in the heat of the moment)! We played like that for a good 45 minutes or more. He loves having his asshole played with so Linda was doing her thing with him…(having dated him she knows what he likes)…suddenly she asked me to suck his dick that she wanted to watch me and that he had asked her if I would. I have on a couple of occasions gotten into totally mixed and kinky sex parties although I don’t consider myself gay…perhaps somewhat “bi-sexual” …so, I started sucking Robert’s cock and Linda, again, got extremely horny. She then started sucking my cock and Robert was eating her pussy! We had a mini daisy chain going! He had brought his Polaroid and asked if he could take some pics…no problem…we got some good ones.

Anyway, on with our sex-tale. Suddenly Bobby said “I’m going to cum if you can keep that up”…Linda moaned and said “Lee, take it…suck him off and then share it with me!” With her talking like that it wasn’t long before he shot his load! Next I moved over to Linda and spread her legs wide…I spit his cum all over her pussy as I opened her crack a bit….then I hopped on and slid my dick inside her and fucked her like crazy!!! She loved it and had two intense orgasms while I was ramming my dick in her ‘wet’ pussy…then it was my turn…I shot a load in her cunt that overflowed down her ass. Then I collapsed unable to even stand because my knees were so weak.

Robert had to head home that afternoon because he had to go to work at 5 pm on that Saturday…but said he’d definitely be back for more fun and to keep Linda company Friday and Saturday nights while I had to work. I can see it now….me…with a hardon all night at work! This was a total surprise for the weekend….one that had not been planned in the least bit and those are the most fun!


Some info…Linda is 44 and has a petite and beautiful body. Everyone mistakes her for being in her late 20’s or early 30’s. She has auburn hair, size 32C breasts which stand out perfectly and an hourglass figure. She loves sex….almost craves it at times and loves using her “toys.” I am 18 years older than my wife, we have been married 7 years and together for 9. She loves going shopping without panties on wearing a short skirt so she can “flash.” And she loves the thought of handing out erections whether at the mall or in the car.

EDIT: 1st Oct 2005:
Lee has sent me some pics of the gorgeous Linda. Thanks Lee ;)



Submitted by: Lee


September 26, 2005

Meet Brandon

Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to a stud of the highest order.

Brandon Longwood from Maryland is a 33 year old, 6′ 2″ tall, wife pleasin’ machine.

He has an amazing 10″ length and 7″ girth weapon that’s ready to satisfy all you hungry wives. Brandon really came of age in his latter years of college when he started to notice that he could routinely bring his partners to multiple orgasms (the highest ever reaching about 30!!!) Needless to say, that realization proved to be a bit of a confidence booster in his later love life.

Brandon could even be called a ‘hot husband’ as he is married and has a very open relationship with his wife. She was actually the first one to plant the seed by telling
him repeatedly how much she would love to see him with another woman. Brandon’s wife is bisexual and they’ve never looked back since. The two of them have even shared girlfriends.

When Brandon first started meeting people online, he didn’t have much of a preference. Over the years however, he began to notice the large amount of married women looking to play with or without their husband’s consent. Sceptical at first, he eventually found this to be quite arousing and to this day, he tends to give preference to married women and hot wives in particular.

So far, the majority of women who he has shot with for his website have been married. He has found that the married women have generally been more responsive and serious about meeting than their single counterparts.

When couples come to hook up with him Brandon finds it highly arousing to know that he is enjoying another man’s wife right there in front of him.

Brandon is also a talented multimedia designer and developer as you’ll see from the high quality work within his website. Make sure you pay him a visit and for all you wives out there post your appreciative comments here.

Brandon Longwood

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September 25, 2005

Emma Starr in Spain

The beautiful Emma Starr has been in touch this week telling me all the lovely details of her trip to Spain. I can’t get enough of her… More please Emma.


I was in Spain this week and had an amazing time. We went to a swingers club and, just my luck, it was orgy night!!! I had some of the most exotic women in Spain eating my pussy while I had cocks of the most gorgeous men cumming in my mouth. Then of course it was time to SWITCH. Oh yeah! I began to have cocks drilled into my pussy as I was cum swapping with the girls. I had so much cum in me and on me but when I left, I couldn’t find a drop…thanks to the clean-up crew. I kept cumming…getting fucked so well and hard. My pussy is wet just thinking about it. I mean extremely wet! This was quite an experience…getting fucked for hours and the energy was so high the entire time. I can’t wait to fuck like that again. I’m sure on the plane ride back while I slept I was moaning and playing with myself. The girls are ones that I would like to put on my site. I have been working with some hot girls for my new site emmashotgirls.com I am bringing various faces and bodies into this site for your viewing pleasure. You can take a look and watch me and my girlfriends fuck!!!


Emma Starr

Emma Starr

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September 24, 2005

Brief Encounter

It was 5 o’clock when the plane landed at the airport. I was a couple of hours early as the seminar scheduled for the afternoon had been cancelled. I longed for a good bath and I therefore took a taxi and proceeded straight away to the hotel. A few moments later I was clean and refreshed, and came down to the lobby to wait for my friend Shekhar with whom I was going to spend the weekend. Shekhar and I had grown up together until I left for my studies a couple of years back and now he had invited me to his place to spend the weekend and catch up on the past.

I was still some thirty minutes early and decided to order something from the bar. A few couples were dancing closely on the floor. As I looked for an empty table I noticed a particularly attractive woman sitting alone. She looked divine in her red sleeveless dress and I could not help thinking this must be the most beautiful woman I had ever seen in my whole life.

I must have been staring at her because she glanced over at me quickly and then looked away. Moving closer to her table, I asked her whether the seat next to her was vacant. She smiled uncomfortably and removed her bag from my side of the table. “Can I buy you a cup of coffee? ” I said as I lowered myself to the seat facing her.

She shook her head politely. “How about a glass of coke? Glass of milk? …Water?”

“No ” she smiled, daring to talk directly to me at last.

“I guess it’s also, no you don’t come here often, no we haven’t met before, no you don’t often watch movies. What else do I say to break the ice?” I asked.

“Thanks but better not, I am a married woman.” she said and immediately avoided my eyes by looking out to the lobby. “Well, that’s disappointing. I was just getting to know you”, I said, following the direction of her eyes. “You could dance with me, though. It’s an invitation. I hate dancing alone.”

“My husband will be here anytime now”, she quickly said.

“Well, I give him till the next song to show up, else you are mine for the dance.” I replied.

A faint blush appeared on her face and I saw that she was now looking directly at me. She was quiet, just studying my face until the silence between us became a conversation. Still looking into her eyes, I stood up and took her hand in mind and lead her to the floor. As we started dancing she deliberately left a distance between us. I imagined her fingers trembling as she held to my back.

I couldn’t help but notice how incredible she smelled. I realized I wanted to hear her talk.” Now you must tell me about you. What is your name? “I said.

“You’ll have to settle for the dance,” she replied.

“If I ask you something will you answer me honestly?” I asked.

She raised her face and stared straight at me. “I was just wondering why anyone would leave his beautiful wife alone in a foreign place?” I said.

“Did you ask me to dance to talk about my husband?” she answered.

“No, I can think of a hundred more flattering things. You have a very lovely voice.” I said.

She smiled, appreciative of the compliment, but a little uneasy. “Thank you very much,” she said.

“Of course, I would expect such a lovely voice from such a lovely woman.” I added.

She didn’t smile this time. “Well, ” she brought her hand to her neck, subtly displaying her wedding ring, “I certainly am flattered by such praise.”

With the music playing in the background and the romantic lighting of the lobby I was completely drawn to this woman. I couldn’t help but think how incredibly sexy she was, and found myself wondering what kind of lover she was. “Are you married?” she asked after some time.

“No.” I answered.

“Well, some of these women are single. Who knows?” she said encouragingly.

“Oh, it is my intent to get to know one of them.” I said assuredly. My candour caught her a little off guard. Most men didn’t make such bold statements to people they just met, especially not to a woman.

“Oh really?’ she replied with a smile. “Do you know which one?”

“Oh yes. The most beautiful one.” Our eyes locked. “You.”

She turned away from me. “I’m sorry. I wish you weren’t married ”

I didn’t mean anything a turn of phrase with nothing implied, but I was pleased that she let it stand uncorrected. It was only a moment but I took in it the furtive pleasure of conspiracy.

I was realizing that this woman was very different. I had to admit to myself that I found the idea of coveting what belonged to someone else turned me on. “Why don’t you hold me closer?” I said as we kept dancing.

“I…just don’t want to attract attention us” she said shyly.

“You won’t. Everybody else is doing that,” I told her.

“I don’t want you to think…”she started.

“Shh.” I placed my finger to her delicate lips.

Finally she allowed herself to brought closer, close enough to keep eye contact. I could now travel my hand caressingly over her tender waist. I could feel her every breath. I could smell her skin. “Are you scared I’ll make a pass at you?” I said looking her in the eyes.

She looked into my eyes, “When did I say that?”

“You don’t have to say it, it shows. A man senses these things,” I told her.

She did not move. I could feel her warmth in front of me, our faces almost touching. We danced quietly for some time. “You don’t like the music, do you?” I asked her.

“I love the music. I just don’t like your stare. They are so intense. I can’t bear it. You watch me all the time” she replied.

“I am afraid you are to blame. Do you realize just how truly beautiful you are? How inspiring you are? I thought you were the most exquisite woman from the moment I saw you. I didn’t think you could be any more beautiful. When I see you in that dress, I realize there’s no capturing your beauty in a moment. I could stand here all my life to see you in this dress.” I whispered in her ears.

“Do you say that about every woman you see?” she smiled, her eyes sparkling like stars.

“Only when she makes me want to.” I took her hand softly.

“I believe in recognizing beauty. In appreciating it.” I lightly rubbed my thumb across her hand. Now she was uncomfortable. She could sense I desired her, but she didn’t want to be rude. She seemed to struggle for something, a reply, but couldn’t think straight.

My arms around her waist, pulling her gorgeous body tight to me was sensual and I loved how I felt. As we danced together I realized I wanted this woman. Slowly I tightened my arms around her waist as I pulled her closer to me. Her breasts were now gently pressing into my chest, and her thighs were pressing hard against me. I felt her nipples harden. To her that would not be acceptable, but for some reason tonight I didn’t care. It seemed to me that I had no control at all at this point.

“Looks like a nice group of people,” she finally said in between her breaths.

My fingers were sliding over his soft skin as I said “A friendly group of men and women and one very lovely woman.” I said looking straight at her. She seemed embarrassed.

“Why should I pretend I’m thinking of anything else? All I am really trying to figure out is how I can go about to steal a kiss from you.” I heard myself say.

She did not turn to look at me, as if nothing had been said, but the longer she was silent, the more real the words seemed to hang in the air between us. For an instant I thought I had frightened her, but I kept staring at face without apology, determined to play my way through. I stared at her, unable to read any expression on her face, not sure what I had done. I realized we had stopped breathing. There seemed to be no movement around, no music in the room.

“We must get back to our seats now” she at last said.

“Are you trying to change the subject?” I immediately told her.

“It isn’t that.” She managed to answer.

“Then why don’t you allow me to kiss you?” I said.

“We can’t. …Let us have something at the bar ” she said in a breathless voice, before she started walking away.

As we passed in front of the elevators I pulled her to me, unconsciously pinning her back against the door, and stared at her for a moment, my face close to hers, as if the distance would lower the sound of our voices. “You are lovely”, I said, moving my eyes over her face.

Finally she leaned back against the building and let me come closer. I leaned forward and moved her arms down to her side, and when she stood there, unresisting, I kissed her, gently pressing her against the wall, tasting her. “Don’t,” she said, but not moving away, letting me kiss her again.

“Why not?” I said, my words like kisses of breath now as I moved against the hollow of her neck.

“No good will come of it,” she said, a catchphrase to ward off a spell.

“Yes it will,” I said, still kissing her neck.

“No”. Then she opened her mouth to me, kissing me back, moving her tongue with mine, her arms now behind me, pulling me closer.

But I wasn’t listening; the words were a kind of chant, just a rhythm. Instead I kissed her harder, pulling her body next to me so that she could feel me. I could feel her own excitement as she twisted against me. I touched her hair as I stroked her, and shivering, she moved her face into my hand, bending her neck, calmer.

“Let us go to my room.” I said in her ears.

She hesitated. “I’ll let you leave if you want to.” I told her.

We entered the elevators and headed straight to my room. Closing the door behind us, I stood behind her and kissed her hair running my palm on her naked arm. She turned around and placed her hand along my cheek. “You are not fair”, she said, drawing me closer. “There is nothing fair about you,” she kissed me. “You are dangerous”, she said, kissing me again, lightly, as if she was drawing a breath between words, “and you are tempting”

“Tell me your name, ” I said, kissing her back. I kissed her hard then,pinning her against the door, my hands behind her, drawing her closer. I could feel the heat of her skin though the silk, as my hand moved down her back, pulling her toward me so that our bodies ground together. Then her dress opened and I moved my hands inside, feeling the skin itself hot, alive to my touch. She held the back of my head, her mouth everywhere on my face.

“Come to bed” I whispered.

“No,” she was gulping air “Not there”

My hand rounded her, moving toward the back of her thigh, she brought her leg up behind me, as if I was taking her right there, standing up. I rubbed my hand under her thigh until I felt her hair graze my fingertips, already moist, and the wetness made me pulse again, my erection almost painful now in my pants. My fingers moved up along the moist lips, back and forth, so that she began to ride them, her mouth making stifled noises behind the kiss.

Then I turned my hand so that my open palm held her, the heel of it grounded against the front of her as the wet fingers still slid back and forth, and she pulled her mouth to gasp for air, her lower body still moving against me. But I couldn’t stop now, the fierceness of it, the hurry within us.

I could feel her breath, ragged in my ear. I covered her mouth again, our tongues slippery, as I moved my hand away to unzip my pants, fast, so that when my cock sprang out it moved toward her at once to replace the hand. Sliding along the wet part of her until it slipped inside, I thrust up my cock to fill her, and she gasped, dropping her head on my shoulder. I thought for an instant I would come then. Still, her heat wrapped around me. There was nothing but feeling now, so complete I was afraid to disturb it. But then I felt the walls of her vagina grip me, making gentle spasms, and we were moving again.

“Oh”, she said, a low sound from her throat, her head back against the door, and the sound of it excited me, and I put my mouth back on hers, kissing her as I gripped her below, pounding into her with her thigh still drawn up beside me. I could hear us thudding against the door, oblivious as animals, then a sharp sound from her as I felt her grip me inside, and I knew she had come, so that I was released now too. After
a few jabbing thrusts it spurted out of me, everything in me shooting out, taking my breath with it.

We stood there for a few minutes, still locked together, gulping air, and I knew we must look absurd, our mouths smeared with saliva, standing against the walls like dogs, my pants down below my knees. But her face glowed, and when I looked at her I felt an immense gratitude. I had been so quick, but she had let me, not protesting, giving herself to me. I had wanted to make love; not it had been too intense to take
our time.

Now I kissed her gently and lifted her up, still hard inside her, and brought her down to the floor, my pants wadded foolishly round my calves. But the point was not to leave her. It didn’t matter how we looked, messy and awkward, so long as I remained inside her. When I laid her on the floor, still inside, she smiled at me, and this time we kept a different rhythm, moving slowly in and out, and the sensation in me spread outward so that my whole body was making love, every piece of skin sensitive.

My face was level with her breasts and I began kissing them, barely touching them at first, then as I felt the nipples harden, moving over them in a steady rhythm, pressing, so that she anticipated each stroke of my mouth. She closed her eyes. My mouth opened to lick the nipple, tasting her, still salty with sweat. This time my hands felt all of her, drawing along her breasts, kissing the side of her neck, until we both began racing and she wrapped her legs around me, urging me, waiting for me to come so that we could finish together, shuddering in the same jolt of pleasure.

We lay quietly for a while until, calm now, I sensed my weight on her and slipped out, my cock finally soft, and moved to the side, still holding her. She turned on her side to face me. She held the side of my head, looking at me. “Thank you” she said, her fingers tracing the shape of my ear.

We would have gone on like this, comfortable, idly touching each other, but we were distracted by the voices in the corridor. I held her arm as she prepared to leave. “I don’t even know your name. You keep not telling it to me, remember?”

“Shalini” she whispered just before she was gone.

“Shalini” I whispered to myself as I closed my eyes, still lying on the floor, basked in a wonderful feeling. Suddenly I thought of Shekhar waiting for me at the bar. Hurriedly I rose and got myself ready. A moment later I was in the lobby and spotted him just as he too noticed me.

“I hope I did not keep you waiting too long, ” I said as I greeted him.

“Actually I was early,” he said. “I left my wife here and went looking for you at the airport”.

“Your wife?” I asked.

“Yes, here she is. Let me introduce you to her,” he said.

I turned around to stare into the eyes of a lovely woman dressed in red.

“Meet my wife…Shalini”

Submitted by: Anshu - adovis@hotmail.com


September 23, 2005

Christy Interviewed

Another fine wife to feature tonight. Wonderful hot-bodied Christy ‘Slut’ as she likes to be known is a born man-pleaser.

She likes nothing more than to be the center of attention to a group of hungry men.

She used to be a practising hotwife without her husband knowledge. Every day she would seek to get fucked while her husband was at work. One day he surprisingly confessed to her that he would love to share her with other men. That was the start of their adventure together. She now brings home sexy studs to fuck in front of him and he thoroughly enjoys watching and filming Christy doing what she does best.

I’ve had the privilege of checking out her members area and I can tell you, it’s hot stuff. Great photos and video clips. Christy is also a member of the adult friend finder network as christy_slut and she’s certainly open to offers for guys to get in touch and hook up.

Thanks for your replies and contribution Christy to hotwifeblog. Hope to see you here again real soon.


hotwifeblog: Hiya Christy! Thanks for agreeing to be interviewed…. Where about’s are you from?
Christy: Maine

hotwifeblog: What is your age?
Christy: 37

hotwifeblog: What are your measurements?
Christy: 36 26 36

hotwifeblog: What is your height?
Christy: 5′ 5″

hotwifeblog: What colour are your eyes?
Christy: Green

hotwifeblog: Hair colour?
Christy: Depends, hehe

hotwifeblog: Any piercings or tattoos?
Christy: Yes, my ears and belly button are pierced and I have a rose tattoo on my breast and a butterfly and flowers on my lower back.

hotwifeblog: Describe your personality?
Christy: I am easy going and submissive.

hotwifeblog: What’s your occupation?
Christy: I am a desperate housewife.

hotwifeblog: How did you meet your husband?
Christy: High school

hotwifeblog: How long have you been married?
Christy: 22 years

hotwifeblog: How would you describe your marriage and lifestyle?
Christy: My marriage is very good and solid. He is my soul mate. My lifestyle is not so much a lifestyle but just the way I am. I have always been a slut and could never say no to men. I love to please men and my husband was attracted to me because I was a slut in high school.

hotwifeblog: Do you think you’ve always had natural hotwife tendencies, the need to be with more than one man?
Christy: Yes I have always been easy and men have no problem getting into my panties.

hotwifeblog: How did you get into the hotwife lifestyle?
Christy: For the longest time I was pretending to be a faithful wife while fucking and sucking multiple men behind my husbands back. One day my husband confessed that he wanted to see me fuck another man and he opened the flood gates, LOL! Ever since then I have been spreading my legs for any man who turns me on.

hotwifeblog: What do you like most about being a hotwife?
Christy: All the men and yummy cocks!

hotwifeblog: How long have you been an active hotwife?
Christy: With my husbands knowledge, 7 years. Without his knowledge, 15 years.

hotwifeblog: Would you call yourself an exhibitionist?
Christy: Yes, I love to have the video camera rolling and it makes me get even nastier than normal.

hotwifeblog: What type of men do you go for?
Christy: Muscular, bad boys who are rough and forceful.

hotwifeblog: What was your first hotwife experience like?
Christy: It was wonderful but they all are as good as the first.

hotwifeblog: How many lovers have you had since becoming a hotwife?
Christy: Many… I have not been counting LOL

hotwifeblog: Have you ever tried a gangbang?
Christy: Yes and I am anxious to have another.

hotwifeblog: How many men have you had sex with at one time?
Christy: 4 at once. There was also one day when I sucked off 7 men but they were all at different times throughout the day.

hotwifeblog: Does size matter to you?
Christy: Of course.. I like big muscles and nice thick cocks.

hotwifeblog: Do you have a preference of black or white lovers?
Christy: No preference, but my black lovers seem to treat me more like I want to be treated. I like to be mercilessly fucked and used like a cheap slut.

hotwifeblog: What clothes do you like to wear in general and in the bedroom?
Christy: I dress like a slut.. Short shorts, skimpy dresses, mini skirts. Satin leather and I always have sexy panties and bras underneath so my men can see my pretty satin undies.

hotwifeblog: Do you wear an ankle bracelet?
Christy: Sometimes

hotwifeblog: What is your favorite sexual act?
Christy: Sucking cock.. I drool thinking about sucking a nice hard beautiful cock.

hotwifeblog: Any fetishes you are into?
Christy: My husband has a panty and lingerie fetish so I am always dressing to please him.

hotwifeblog: What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve tried?
Christy: I have to think long and hard on that question. Perhaps another time.

hotwifeblog: Do you have any bisexual tendencies?
Christy: Curiosity is about it.

hotwifeblog: How do you find your lovers and partners?
Christy: They usually find me but the internet is a wonderful tool.

hotwifeblog: What role does your husband play in your lifestyle?
Christy: He is a true voyeur. He loves to film all my sexual adventures.

hotwifeblog: Does your husband swing or remain faithful to you?
Christy: He is allowed to play and has. He usually sticks with me and says I am enough though.

hotwifeblog: Do you enjoy him watching you?
Christy: Definitely

hotwifeblog: Are you sexually active with your husband?
Christy: Yes we have a very healthy sex life.

hotwifeblog: Do you ever compare your husband’s performance to any of the other men you’ve slept with?
Christy: No because with my husband it is lovemaking and a totally different emotional and physical connection.

hotwifeblog: Do you have a hotwife/cuckold relationship with your husband?
Christy: No he is very much a man, and I would not be married to him if he were not.

hotwifeblog: Do you prefer giving or receiving oral sex?
Christy: I adore sucking cock.

hotwifeblog: Do you swallow?
Christy: Depends on my mood and how the guys tastes.

hotwifeblog: Have you ever received a creampie from a lover?
Christy: Yes. I love having a man cum inside me. I love powerful high volume cummers that I can feel inside me.

hotwifeblog: Have you ever received a multiple creampie from different guys?
Christy: Yes

hotwifeblog: Have you ever had anyone clean you up orally after receiving a creampie?
Christy: No

hotwifeblog: Does your husband like to have sex with you just after you’ve been with someone else?
Christy: Yes.. He loves it when I feel used.

hotwifeblog: Does your husband like to eat creampie?
Christy: No

hotwifeblog: What’s your biggest fantasy?
Christy: I really do not seem to have any. I live out most of them and that makes them real and not fantasies.

hotwifeblog: Tell us about one of your recent hotwife experiences?
Christy: I had my first gang bang in July when I was on vacation. It was with 4 very well hung black men and they used me like a cheap slut and took turns using my mouth and pussy until they all dumped huge loads in my mouth and on my face. It was a great night.

hotwifeblog: What hobbies do you have outside of the lifestyle?
Christy: I ski, hunt, fish and work out regularly.

hotwifeblog: What advice would you give to couples thinking of trying out the hotwife and swinging lifestyle?
Christy: Be honest with your partner and make sure your relationship is solid.

hotwifeblog: What are you and your plans for the future regarding your lifestyle?
Christy: Keep having fun :)


You do that Christy, make sure you keep us informed about all your future fun!!!


Interview by Trash


September 22, 2005

Amsterdam Trip

Well what a fine trip to the Webmaster event in Amsterdam it was. Dutch girls are incredible, it’s official. They all look like models. I’m 6 foot and most of them were up at my height. I was walking around for 5 days with my tongue hanging out. I definitely noticed a lot more eye contact with girls just walking about than I get in the UK as well.

I met loads of cool people and webmasters including the wonderful Sammy from Sammy4U. She is a darling. Really cool and down-to-earth. I loved chatting to her. I got an outrageous pic of us together at one of the parties which I’ll post soon if I’m feeling brave. I also met Allie from Naughty Allie who is also a very sweet girl. I’m disappointed I didn’t get a photo with Allie or get to chat with her much. I ended up having too much fun, getting drunk, time passed by, forget business etc. There is definitely an element of being ’star struck’ when you meet the women you idolize, so there was a case of me getting cold feet on occasion. Hopefully I’ll catch her for the Vegas show and make amends.

But the good news is that Sammy agreed to do an interview and Allie was going to look at the site and get in touch so I’ll keep you updated.

There were 3 major parties, one on the trendy SupperClub boat, one at the beautiful Renaissance Hotel’s Domed Church Hall and the last event was the Sin Cineac party hosted by Interclimax. All were a blast but the last one was the most decadent. I met Dutch pornstar Bobbi Eden at this party and again she was such a lovely sweet girl, very friendly and grounded.

Also throughout the whole trip the girls from modelvilla.com were ever present and hanging around and I enjoyed flirting with them all ;)

Now to answer Ms. MacComb’s request to any action that occurred. *Excuses on their way* Generally I was very busy making contacts and was on the whole in awe of the hotwife superstars, models and pornstars I met, coupled with no sleep and too much alcohol my search for fun was limited. BUT by the slimmest of margins on the last night before I flew home I did happen to have an amazing sexual encounter with a Ukrainian girl. We chatted for ages and got on very well. Again she was a very tall girl with shoulder length blonde hair, a stunning figure and breasts from heaven. Yum. That pretty much rounded off a very enjoyable and satisfying trip.

- Trash

Not that I was close or anything

I’m sure she got cold as the night wore on

Guess who’s head that is watching Bobbi Eden?


September 21, 2005

In Praise of Sarah

Another great true story from our the delectable Elaine. She is becoming more confident and hornier by the day. I think she’s amazing. Show you aprrieciation in the comments below - Trash

The wonderful Elaine in her thong


Several days ago Sport, my friend and frequent hotwifeblog.com contributor, emailed me a fantasy that he had written. He described how hotwives excited him and how he pulled on himself just thinking of letting a stranger take liberties with me. Sport told me that I was the woman in the fantasy and he was the man. The fantasy, that he had submitted Elaine’s Fantasy centered around a Puerto Rican female (like me, perhaps) who is in a crowded bar with her boyfriend where she enjoys the fondling of her vagina by a stranger and ultimately surrenders her black panties to the stranger. I thought about it for several days and decided that I would test it. That is after all what Sport really wanted, and to have me tell him about being felt up in a public place, by a handsome stranger, while no one else was aware of the fondling.

Sport revels in my adventures and shares his with me. I decided that this was a simple fantasy and that it must happen all the time. I emailed him and told him I would live this fantasy. Since I sent the email to Sport letting him know I would attempt this erotic act for his, and of course my pleasure, he has emailed me seven times wanting to know if I met someone, if I gave my black panties away, and if I got fucked. He commented that he had visualized the episode and had jerked off a couple of times. This morning at 4:45 AM, I emailed him a picture of me in a t-shirt that had a representation of an egg on it and the notation that said “I JUST GOT LAID” He knows what the t-shirt picture meant.

I followed the plan that Sports had laid out but regretted that I did not have him there so watch me and enjoy my pleasure. Late in the day yesterday I called my friend Marta to act as a witness and also for some protection in the event the guy became aggressive when I left. I explained what I had in mind and asked her to go with me to the bar at the Rio Mar Resort, where I knew that there would be several European men. Martha is a sex machine, who long ago converted her husband to a submissive who lets her do about anything and seems happy with the arrangement. Marta has also worked very hard at converting me from downtrodden divorcee to a sexual woman. She agreed but said she could only stay for a few drinks. I left work early went to the gym and then dropped by a lingerie shop and selected a sheer black thong that would hug my vagina for this special occasion.. After a relaxing shower I got dressed. The cocktail dress I selected lay upon my round ass and hugged my breast, it fit perfectly. “The gym is starting to pay off”, I thought proudly to myself. I checked my make up and made my way to the Rio Mar Resort.

At the bar I was delighted to find it crowded and a large number of handsome well dressed men inside. Marta was at a table holding court with her new admirers young and old. It appeared that an evening of adult fun was about to begin. I gave her a kiss and told her I needed make a call. I sat on one of those high bar stools with my dress hem up and my vagina at everyone’s eye level. I figured I could start the evening out right as I fiddled with the phone and got my sparkling water. Each time I swivelled the stool I looked to see who was looking. Yes, I had attracted a few eyes. A few local men approached me but I told them I was waiting on someone, excused myself, and went to Marta’s table. She made a couple of sly comments to me in Spanish about the things we do and the show I had just given the bar.. I was a little embarrassed when a slender olive skinned woman of about 30 asked me, in Spanish, what it is we do. I noticed a twinkle in her deep brown eyes and thought that I sensed a girl- girl interest from her. I had been introduced to her when I sat down and I was told that she and her husband were from Denmark so I had no idea she spoke Spanish.

Sarah told me not to be embarrassed that as a child she had moved with her family from Madrid to Copenhagen. She was a Jewess originally from Spain and her husband, Pieter was a very handsome, very tall Dane. They along with everyone else at the table, except Marta and I, had been on a cruise ship and were now staying at the Rio Mar on a golf/beach/tour package. I studied Pieter and Sarah and recalled that neither had not even flinched when I caught them staring up my dress at my barely covered pussy on the bar stool. He simply gave me a knowing smile and she continued to gaze. I made small talk with Sarah and found out that they had been together for seven years had two small children and had come on the cruise to try and spice up their passions. “Call me cilantro”, I wickedly thought.

Sarah got up to go to the ladies room and every eye at the table followed her. I could see why she was about my size (5′2″) with a perfect body to say the least. She had on a halter top over a perfect set of medium breasts, a taunt tummy, and a pair of shorts that nicely hugged her Mediterranean features. Upon Sarah’s return I began to talk with her leaning over Pieter’s lap to better hear. Pieter, ever the gentleman, offered to change seats with me. He stood up and I noticed that his cargo shorts could not hide an erect penis of about 8 inches attached to his very tall frame. Marta continued the table conversation around light sexual topics and I was becoming mesmerized by this enchanting Jewess setting next to me. I asked what she meant by spicing things up and she very definitely told me that she had hoped to swing or at least have a threesome while in the Caribbean, but up to that point they had not had any luck. I collected my courage and gently placed a hand under the table on her knee and felt her legs spread slightly. At about that moment I felt Sarah’s firm hand on my bare thigh. Following Sarah’s lead I spread my legs slightly. Pieter said something in Danish to Sarah and she nodded yes. I figure he was getting his wife’s clearance that I was the one she wanted. As soon as she nodded her right hand moved up and was resting on the thin material that covered my vagina. I felt her perfect motion and timing and I was suddenly well lubricated. I ran my hand up Sarah’s leg and was rubbing her full vagina through her shorts. I then felt a hand on my other thigh and my thong being pulled aside. I followed Sarah’s eyes as she looked down at my leg and saw that her husband had pulled the material aside and had a finger deep inside me and a thumb that was massaging my outer lips. She whispered that she was sorry for her husbands actions and I felt deflated thinking it was over. Sarah whispered in Spanish that I should raise me bottom off the chair as I did and she very discreetly removed my thong and placed it in her purse. She said that she was sorry if her husband had ruined my undergarment. Sport’ fantasy was simple and completed with a minimum of effort. My fantasy with this olive skinned beauty was just starting.

Marta, who is 31, announced that she had to go and she and a Brit of about 20 years got up to leave the table. Marta is not one to sleep alone or with her older husband, if she can help it. I have no idea where Marta was taking the young man unless it was home or the beach as he had told me earlier that he was on this trip with his parents from London. But knowing Marta it could have been anywhere. Kisses were exchanged all around. But I was feeling that something could still go wrong, as now either Sarah or I would become the main object of attention for this sexually charge group of European men. I whispered in her ear that I have a place near by, but Sarah said nonsense we would enjoy ourselves in their room. We made our goodbyes and the three of us left the bar walking toward the elevator. Pieter told the others that he had better walk me to my car to insure that I was safe. Nobody believed him and two guys offered to see me safely away. We ignored the offer and continued walking to the elevator. As soon as the door was closed Sarah had our mouths together and was cupping one of my breasts in one dainty hand and pulling up my dress exposing my nude ass with the other. Her breath was fresh and her mouth was so inviting. Pieter stood there with a knowing grin on his face. He did not make any motion to touch Sarah or me.

We arrived at their suite and Sarah and I were nude before the door had closed. Pieter casually undressed while Sarah and I got into the king-size bed. Her lips were full and tender, her waste was small, her hips were perfect and her breast just smaller then mine but perfect and natural. I see why guys love us so much she even smelled inviting. I lay flat on my back as the beautiful Sarah licked and sucked my pussy. She was very good at girl worship although I am certain that she had not had very much practice. I stoked the back of her head and marvelled at the texture of her coarse thick hair. Her fragrance was very pleasurable. I had a very warm and pleasing orgasm and Sarah continued to suck on my pussy. I was amazed at this as I release a lot of fluid and I could already smell my pleasant and distinct sex smell. But I love it when a lover gently kisses and eats me after I have had an orgasm. I laid there a couple of moments enjoying that glow until Sarah lowered her vagina directly to my mouth. With my head on a pillow and her knees on either side of my head, I tasted the sweetest pussy I had ever had the pleasure of enjoying. I positioned Sarah on her back and I got between her beautiful legs where I could kiss and suck on here smooth vagina and clit. As I feasted on this beautiful and delicate woman’s olive colored vagina, I totally forgot about her large husband watching us. I was reminded of his presence as I felt him effortlessly raise my hips placing me in a doggie style position. Sarah asked if I would mind, I did not answer and felt Pieter slowly ease 8″ of Nordic cock into my small vagina. I could feel that gentle stretching associated with accommodating a new and large lover for the first time. The pleasure was intense as he pressed his fat member deeper into me until he touched bottom he then began to pick up his tempo until he was slam fucking me hard and I had a violent orgasm. I continued to enjoy Sarah’s flavors and watched her beautiful round face as she experienced a shuddering climax. I rested my head on her tummy enjoying Pieter’s continued attention. Sarah said something that I could not understand to Pieter who instantly came inside of me. Pieter withdrew and crumbled onto the bed. I watched mesmerized as Sarah pealed his condom off. I had never really examined or been with a northern European man before so I looked at his cock as it went to sleep. Actually, it resembled the darker penises that I had become accustomed to. It looked and felt in a word marvellous. While soft Pieter was about 5″ un-cut and the head was as big as any I had ever seen.

Pieter lay there watching as Sarah and I thoroughly enjoyed each others bodies again. After about an hour of play Sarah said that she could tell that I enjoyed myself and asked if I would like Pieter to Fuck me again. Living in Puerto Rico I don’t get to enjoy 6′4″ blue eyed Scandinavian men very often so of course I said “yes”. As Sarah gently woke Pieter I went about waking his peter. I gently fondled him and skinned back his foreskin. I slipped the semi-hard white penis into my mouth and began to suck life back into it. I could feel his penis becoming hard and I could not help but run my hands over his muscular legs and chest. Pieter’s wonderful penis hardened to its full size with the knob head in my mouth. Sarah had position herself between my legs and was enthusiastically slipping her tongue into my vagina and licking my ass. I love it when a woman gives me these wonderful treats. Sarah moved and began kissing me on the mouth I was delighted to taste my vagina on her lips. Sarah asked me how I wanted to do this. Doggie style is the only way I can achieve the pleasure of an orgasm while fucking, so that was my selection. Pieter who was now fully erect and awake stroked himself and listened to his wife talking to him in Dane. Pieter simply smiled and began placing a condom on his shaft. With great anticipation I positioned myself again with my round Hispanic ass in the air and my face in Sarah’s dark hairless pussy. I felt Pieter again slowly enter me from behind and work up his speed to a hard fuck. I love being rammed hard doggie style and it is the only position in which I can reach an orgasm which I did with great efficiency. Pieter again demonstrated his incredible staying power and remained hard and firm. I could feel my relief build as I experienced giving Sarah her third and final orgasm of the night, just as I reached mine. Sarah confident that I was pleased said something in Danish to Pieter and he again came and slowly withdrew his powerful cock from within me. Sarah and I lay there for a few minutes while Pieter discarded his condom and then lay on the bed dwarfing us two tiny women. I could not help but noticed that Pieter was grinning like a young boy. I enjoyed the after glow of sexual satisfaction as I held Sarah’s slumbering body very close to me.

In the early morning hours I kissed them both goodbye as they slept and put the black cocktail dress back on. I did not open Sarah’s purse to get the black thong as the fantasy was to give it away. I had given it away and received so much more from Sarah and her well trained husband Pieter. I contemplated their relationship as the cool morning air blew up my dress onto my naked vagina and in a dream like fashion I got into my car and found my way home.

I now have to answer Sport’s emails and let him know I had tested his fantasy and it worked and believed that I had satisfied a young Jewess wife named Sarah’s female sex fantasy as well.

Elaine with Sarah

Submitted by: Elaine

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