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July 28, 2005

Meet Anna

Featured in a couple of previous galleries, I wanted to do a full profile on this sexy hotwife. Anna is 21, a lovely 36D and stands at 5′ 9″ tall. She has lovely dark exotic looks with gorgeous brown eyes and a tight-bodied figure. She is a European girl from Poland now living in Canada.

Since 2003 her and her hubby have been swinging. They both actively partake in the lifestyle. They do it because they love to show off and meet new people. Anna loves to watch her husband with other girls and to have a threesome with him and another guy.

She’s very into her cum play and likes it when the men play with the cum too as she explains here. “It is a HUGE turn on for me when a guy cums in my mouth, pussy, or ass and then he kisses me or sucks his load or another mans load of cum out of my holes. Cum swapping is another MAJOR turn on for me. The feeling of him shoving his mouth against mine and feeling his tongue shove a load of hot gooey cum into mine just makes my panties moist!” See gallery below.

Anna really loves her submissive side too “This stuff excites me! I love it when a man takes charge & ties my sweet ass up & he has his way with me. I am a girl who knows exactly what she wants but, I love to be told to drop to my knees and start sucking, clean up my messes, and to serve my master well.”

Her other kinks include interracial, anal and double penetration.

She has a very active website, she often chats with her members via her live cam, email and message board.

Here’s a gallery of one of Anna’s interracial experiences. Notice how she insists on kissing her lover after he has cum in her mouth.


2 Responses to “Meet Anna”

  1. Mike said:

    Great! Those European girls like Blacks!

  2. Steven Loon said:


    I wonder why whitehotwives prefer black cocks ???
    Maybe the block cocks are huge and long to make hotwives scream like hell when they get their orgasms

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