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May 11, 2005

Secret Interviewed

An interview with a difference today. Here we chat with Secret, a wife with literally a secret side to her life. On the whole she leads a normal everyday life as a wife and mother, but every so often she transforms herself into an amazing incarnation. She becomes Secret, a sex hungry white slut wife with a passion for black cock fulfilment.

The best aspect of this interview has to be Secret’s complete honesty throughout. She tells it like it is, so thank you Secret for your time and your thoughtful, comprehensive answers. I wish you much success for the future.

hotwifeblog: Hi Secret and welcome. Where are you from?
Secret: We currently reside in N.C. (a couple of hours North of Charlotte, NC)

hotwifeblog: Where is your age?
Secret: Well, you don’t suppose to ask females that :) , but I’m 35

hotwifeblog: What are your measurements?
Secret: 38C x 26x 36

hotwifeblog: What is your height?
Secret: 5′ 7″

hotwifeblog: What colour are your eyes?

hotwifeblog: Hair colour?
Secret: Naturally a very light brown, or dark blonde (but it could be any color I needed to be, even on short notice!! *smile*

hotwifeblog: How did you meet your husband?
Secret: My husband and I met at a business function we both were attending. (non-adult/sex related function)

hotwifeblog: How did you get into the hotwife lifestyle?
Secret: Let me first begin by clarifying that what we (my husband and I) do with the video shoots and the website, is not something that we consider to be a “lifestyle” to us. It is more like what we would refer to as a “fantasy world” that we sometimes escape to!! To be able to answer that in the way that the question actually deserves to be answered…it would take up wayyyyyyy too much of our Interview space here. But if anyone who is reading this, would like specifics about how I became involved in the IR niche….I would suggest that you visit our online video store at : Once there, on the left click on “vhs”, follow the link to VIEW my Very First Interracial Video, which happened to also be, My Very First Interracial Experience, as well!!! At the moment, it is only available on VHS, but if you want to know ALL OF THE DETAILS of how I got involved this video will tell you the WHOLE STORY (in detail)!!! The video is a very UNIQUE “tell all” video, that leads up to all of the little things that happened and went on for about a year, which eventually leads up to (3) things, all of which were FIRST TIME EXPERIENCES FOR ME.
All of this, from the very beginning is on the video (over 90 minutes in length), Including the entire action footage of my first actual experience, which was filmed by my hubby.

hotwifeblog: What do you like most about being a hotwife?
Secret: Well, lets just say there are very few dull moments. I’ve always kind of liked acting, and things that are creative, and once I was introduced to this IR white wife “theme”…it was VERY TABOO to me as well. I enjoy most all of the aspects, but most of all, my favorite thing is after we do the video shoots, I love to go home and watch it with my hubby. That is what I like the most about the shoots…because as we watch it together, I can tell how good of a job I did by how much he is turned on!!! And that is the biggest thrill of all to me, to know that my performance turned my husband on!! If he were not into it, or I did not think he was turned on by the whole thing, I would not be involved in it….It’s that simple. This is an “us” thing, and not just a “me” thing.

hotwifeblog: How long have you been an active hotwife?
Secret: I did my 1st video shoot less than one year ago, about 10 months ago.

hotwifeblog: Would you call yourself an exhibitionist?
Secret: No, not really. In fact, my husband and I are not “into” the Hotel Meet & Greet Scene, or the Swinging IR Couples atmosphere. We do not do those types of settings. All of our video content shoots, are arranged privately and held privately. We don’t hold public events and shoots, where anyone and everyone is welcome to show up and participate. My hubby arranges all of our shoots, as well as chooses all of the BM participants, so we know who is gonna be there, long before the shoot is held.

hotwifeblog: What type of men do you go for?
Secret: Some could very easily be confused by my answer to this question, so I will try to answer it in a way that (hopefully) will make sense to the readers of this interview. First, It is most important for you to understand, that MY LIFE AS “Secret” ( ) is something that is totally separate from “My EVERYDAY REAL LIFE”, which happens to be a life that would be considered to be a VERY NORMAL LIFE, including being a wife and mother, manager of a business, and very family oriented.

When I am involved in the role of “Secret” this is something that is not connected to “my real world”. You see, as hard as this may be for some to understand, I have this VERY Unique ability to be able to transform myself from “My real world”, into this “Fantasy World”!! This “Fantasy World” is where Secret comes to Life!! I have a very vivid imagination, and when I enter into this “Fantasy World” I have the ability to allow my mind to drift deeply into “The fantasy World” so deeply that I ACTUALLY BECOME “Secret”…..The slutwife “Ho” who is starved for Big Black Cock!!

Once I enter “That WORLD”…..for all intents and purposes…I REALLY AM “SECRET”…However, I NEVER LOSE FOCUS ON MY MAIN PURPOSE AND OBJECTIVE FOR BEING THERE (which is to capture the very best amateur Interracial white wife video content that we possibly can).

Doing the video shoots requires a certain amount of “acting” in order to stay within the Overall Script outline for the content we are looking to get video footage of. When I say ‘acting’ I am referring to things like “being aware of where the camera is …..and staying focused on the overall theme, and trying to provide good angles that would provide the camera good access to get better video footage”.

However once I allow my mind to escape into the “fantasy world” and I transform into my “role” as “Secret”…….The one thing that does not require any “acting” on my part is the fact that I REALLY DO GET “TURNED ON” by the taboo aspect of the whole Interracial thing!! Just knowing there is a Well Endowed Black Male, who is anxiously waiting to enjoy my services, is a BIG TURN ON FOR ME. And the anticipation of knowing it is about to happen. Those last few minutes, just before the shoot is to begin, by then, I am ALREADY in my “fantasy world mode” and When the camera turns on, Secret is already “wet” and ready to show what a slut for black cock she really is!!

(I will NOW try to give a more direct answer to the question now, but I already think that the next couple of questions will require me to have to reiterate a little bit of what I have explained here in my reply to this question) :)

To reply to the Original Question:
As I stated before, My husband arranges all video meets and CHOOSES the BM’s that participate in my shoots. We do not hold these types of meets unless it is for the purpose of video taping them. My husband knows me better than anyone, probably including myself….so therefore, he has been able to pick-up on what type of qualities a BLACK MALE PARTICIPANT would need to possess, in order to provide the biggest turn on to me, both physically and visually!!! I tend to be very turned on by the “visual” aspect ….the whole “black-on-white” thing….The contrast of that is soooo Taboo!! So, here are some of the features and characteristics of Black Male co-stars, that would tend to provide the highest level of turn on for me:

1. The Security in knowing that he (the BM) fully understands his purpose for the shoot, which is to help provide some hot IR footage for my site. He MUST HAVE the ability to understand and stay within any confines or limitations (which are always discussed and agreed upon, prior to scheduling the shoot). Also, he cannot be camera shy, because we try very hard for our shoots to provide a relaxed and laid back environment, so the participants can relax and actually enjoy the Physical aspect of the shoot!!

2. A Black Male that can stay focused on the task at hand, yet still be able to really enjoy it and get into it physically. Previous experience usually helps in this area, but is not a MANDATORY requirement. I just completed a shoot with a guy who was doing the video thing for the first time, and he did a GREAT JOB and was very fun to work with, and we hope to work with him again VERY SOON.

3. A Black Male that understands that the shoot, is just that….a video shoot. A business arrangement, and not the beginning of some sort of “love affair”. My love affair is with my husband….so they need to understand that the video shoot is purely, “a physical thing”….with no emotional aspect involved.

4. I prefer BM’s 30ish to 50ish. Of course they must be clean D&D free, and conduct themselves in a professional , friendly and respectful manner. They need to be able to effectively communicate through email and messenger, on a consistent basis. This is an absolute necessity for arranging shoots and working out the details. “G” (hubby) and owner of DLV Prodcutions, does a great job co-ordinating things between the participants, and working out the details and arrangements of the shoot.

5. My biggest VISUAL TURN ON IS THE “CONTRAST” of skin colors…..which probably explains the fact that I definitely prefer DARK SKINNED BLACK MALES….(Actually, THE BLACKER….. THE BETTER!!!!!) That is a definite turn-on for me!! Especially during the late fall and winter months and early spring months, when I do not did any tanning. My light complexion against a Dark Skinned Black Co-Star!! Now, that most definitely gets Secret all worked up!!

6. I will not say that each BM participant must have a MONSTER DICK, but I do prefer well endowed Black Male participants 7 inches and UP (not too far up though!!!) LOL 7″ to 11″ might be a good target range :)

7. Some may not understand this one, but I actually am turned on by UN-Cut Black Cocks, too!!! Seriously, I really am!! It is not a requirement that a participant be un-cut, BUT LETS JUST SAY THAT THEY WOULD PROBABLY RECEIVE SOME EXTRA CONSIDERATION if they happened to have all the other qualities and were also ….UN-cut!!!!! *giggle*

8. A Black male who is good at ROLE PLAY, and can be Very Verbal during a shoot, if requested. In other words he has no problems providing dirty talk, or playing the role of BLACK MASTER OR BLACK DOM, as I play the role of submissive white wife. (Example: Would be a black male who would have no problems during the shoot looking down at me and saying ………” I said suck that mutha-fuckin’ Black Dick, Slut!!!” or “Yeh, back that Sweet white ass up on this black dick , Bitch!!” ) This ability is also a big +++++++ I like some dirty talk incorporated into my shoots

9. A Black male who tends to deliver large cumshots is something I enjoy very much also!!

10. A Black Male who enjoys receiving ORAL as much as I ENJOY GIVING it!!!

hotwifeblog: How many lovers have you had since becoming a hotwife?
Secret: ZERO!! Although I do understand the question….but it is important to me that the readers also understand my thoughts too. And the term “lover”……is just sooooo far removed from the way I perceive the Black Males whom I have worked with. What may be hard for some to understand is, This is not a “lifestyle” for myself, nor my husband. It is a “fantasy world” that we allow ourselves to enter into from time to time!! That is why I felt it so important to give the long explanation to the previous question. My intent was to give you a 100% Honest Interview here, and that is what I am doing!!

To answer the general question though…My answer would be: Not as many as you would probably Think. I have only actually worked with 5 different BM’s on our video shoots. This is because “G” requires each potential candidate to be willing to send in an initial online participants application, which by the way can be found here :

Once they have completed that, they have made themselves officially eligible to discuss with “G” what he is looking for in terms of BM participants for any upcoming projects he has planned. If they indicate a serious interest, he will then take time to get to know them a little better, and if through correspondence with him, they indicate to him that they FULLY UNDERSTAND what their main purpose and function would be, if they were chosen to do a shoot with us. Once he is comfortable that they do understand and are in agreement, then they begin to work out scheduling and cover “details” of the shoot, etc. So, actually, you could say that we are “very selective” in choosing participants for our shoots. But that really pays off, because for my part, “G” has did a great job in selecting the individuals that I have did shoots with!!! No complaints here!!

hotwifeblog: How many lovers have you had sex with at one time?
Secret: Again….Zero!! But I will keep this one short and sweet. I don’t do ‘love”…….I just do Hot and Kinky IR video shoots. If the camera is not there, then I will not be there either. Its that simple!! Do I enjoy the video shoots physically from a personal stand point though?? ABSOLUTELY!!!!

To respond to the intent of your question though, at this point I have only done 1 on 1 shoots with BM’s….but am actually in the process of trying to work out arrangement for my first BM/wf/BM VIDEO SHOOT!!!

hotwifeblog: Does size matter to you?
Secret: WELL, in one of my early responses I said it was my intent to give you a 100% truthful and honest filled interview here. So the answer to that question is a “no brainer”………..OF COURSE IT MATTERS!!!! Like I said…they don’t all have to be 12 inchers, but by the same token, I won’t be doing any shoots with any 4 inchers, either!!

hotwifeblog: What clothes do you like to wear?
Secret: In my normal everyday life….I dress very normally. I manage a ladies clothing store, so I have plenty of access to different types of clothing. In my “real life”…..I dress a lot , depending on the occasion. If im cutting the grass, I wear shorts…if I’m going to church, I wear a nice dress. If I’m wanting to impress my hubby, I wear “whatever it takes to get the job done”!!

For my video shoots , as Secret….Well, I tend to have a much more “slutty taste” in the clothing I wear in the video shoots!!! Big Surprise, huh?? LOL

hotwifeblog: Have you ever tried a gangbang?
Secret: No, I have not……………………………………………….. “YET”

hotwifeblog: What is your favorite sexual act?
Secret: ORAL !!!!!!!! ME GIVING!!!!!

hotwifeblog: Any fetishes you and your husband are into?
Secret: I would not consider any of the things that “G” and I are “into” in our “real life” roles of hubby and wife to be a “fetish”…..I guess you could just say that we are sexually uninhibited and will basically stop short of NOTHING to be able to Pleasure one another to the MAXXXXX!!! (Which is something that comes very easily to us…..mmmm!!)

hotwifeblog: Do you have any bisexual tendencies?
Secret: I don’t know if I have an bi-sexual tendencies, but I have damn sure had some BI-SEXUAL THOUGHTS ENTER MY MIND…..on more than one occasion!! Especially RECENTLY!!! But for me to act on that, it would require the right situation, with “the right female” in order for me to actually GO FOR IT!! But if the situation was right, and If I found the right person……….I HONESTLY THINK I WOULD LIKE TO GIVE IT A TRY!!!

hotwifeblog: How do you find your lovers and partners?
Secret: For how I found my lover, see the above question that says , “how did you meet your husband”……LOL *giggle*

I have my personal website: and Gary also has his DLV Productions website, which is a free site: Both get a lot of traffic, and both sites have links where people can inquire about doing a video shoot with us. We don’t do that much soliciting for participants at this point, they generally come to us.

hotwifeblog: What role does your husband play in your lifestyle?
Secret: MY husband is a professional photographer and has actually did some sub-contracted video work for a couple of bigger porn outfits when he was located in Cali for 2 years. He has also did the same for a year or so in NY. His role in what we do where the shoots are concerned, is that he arranges, co-ordinates, selects participants, writes script outlines for what content will be shot, and handles all of the video and photo work. And those who have worked with him will tell you the same thing that I tell you. He is the BEST….and works his ass off to try to make everyone’s experience an enjoyable one, while still accomplishing his goal of getting some of the best A$$ Kicking…Raw, Amateur IR video content he possibly can!!! My role in the shoots, is I play the role of “Secret” who is secretly , a married white slut that loves servicing Big Black Cock!!!! *giggle*

hotwifeblog: Do you have a hotwife/cuckold relationship with your husband?
Secret: ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! NOT EVEN CLOSE!!! Yet, to each their own…everyone has their own personal things that they enjoy sexually. So, basically , we don’t knock those that are turned on by that or participate in that, but NO….THAT IS DEFINITELY NOT ANYTHING THAT “G” AND I ARE ‘INTO”.

hotwifeblog: Are you dominant or submissive at all?
Secret: In my “real life” most who personally know me would tell you that I am a strong willed and strong minded female, and a good business minded female. In “fantasy world”……SECRET …”VERY MUCH ENJOYS PLAYING THE SUBMISSIVE MWF who wants to do her very best to PLEASE EVEN THE KINKIEST OF DESIRES OF HER BLACK STUD”

hotwifeblog: Do you swallow?
Secret: ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hotwifeblog: Have you ever received a creampie from a lover?
Secret: Again….MANY FROM MY LOVER (husband) in my “real world”…… Secret has had (4) Interracial Creampies from BM’s she has did shoots with!!

hotwifeblog: What are your views on men who like to eat creampie?
Secret: EVERYBODY HAS THEIR OWN SEXUAL LIKES AND DISLIKES! IF THAT IS WHAT THEY ENJOY….THEN THAT IS WHAT THEY ENJOY. AND IF THEY ENJOY IT, THEY SHOULD PURSUE IT. Personally, I can guarantee ya that My hubby would never participate in doing that in a million years, but he also understand that it is a huge turn on to some…so again, to each their own!!

hotwifeblog: What’s your biggest fantasy?
Secret: Probably to do an Interracial Bukkake Scene, where 4 to 6 Black Cocks would Cum all over my face and in my mouth……Back to Back….possibly even a couple of them simultaneously!!!! Any volunteers…..? check out that link I left above!!!! LOL

hotwifeblog: What hobbies do you have outside of the lifestyle?
Secret: Many…..very family oriented….enjoy the outdoors….family vacations….quality time with kids and hubby are at the top of my list!!

hotwifeblog: What plans do you have for your website for the future?
Secret: I kind of take that DAY TO DAY!!! “G” AND I set aside times to discuss the future plans and we make decisions weekly, monthly, etc. A lot of the future of my website is based on the “input” I receive from folks like yourself who are here reading my interview!!!! That has A LOT TO DO WITH IT!!!

hotwifeblog: What are you and your husband’s plans for the future regarding hotwifing?
Secret: Again, “G” and I are very much on the SAME PAGE where our “fantasy world” activities are concerned. This is not just something that we just jumped into, it was discussed in depth for probably a whole YEAR, before we actually did it. Both of us shared the only one CONCERN, which happened to be the SAME CONCERN. BOTH OF US NEED TO BE COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY ASSURED, BY EACH OTHER, THAT “THIS FANTASY WORLD” WOULD BE JUST THAT………..and would NEVER BE ALLOWED TO ALTER, OR INTERFERE WITH OR CAUSE ANY KIND OF DAMAGE TO OUR “REAL LIFE WORLD” IN ANY WAY!!! Once we were both convinced that it would not, that is when we actually did our first shoot!! And there has been no regrets from either of us. And needless to say, our “real life world” has not suffered any negative affects at all!!! If either of us said tomorrow, “Honey”, I don’t want to do this video stuff anymore, IT WOULD END RIGHT THERE!!! I would not do it without him….and he would not do it without me!!!

I know that my answers may not be the standard answers that you might receive from others involved in the IR Niche, and operating IR websites like mine. But I want you to know that the answers YOU got from me, were ALL, 110% TRUTHFUL ANSWERS!! I am not a pro…I am your typical MILF next door, that happens to have a little fantasy world, where I happen to turn into one of the Hottest and Kinkiest Married White , Black Cock Worshiping Sluts around. It might even be hard for you to imagine it, if you were someone who actually were a part of my “real life world”!!!

That makes it even more TABOO AND FORBIDDEN!!! Maybe that is what makes Secret CUM OUT TO PLAY!!!!!!!


Thanks again Secret xoxox

Secret Slut Wife

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