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May 7, 2005

Homegrown Wives

For those of you who haven’t checked out veteran site Homegrown Wives, here is a preview.

If you’re bored with regular produced porn, then you will find Homegrown Wives is a refreshing change. Wives and husbands, that are completely uninhibited to demonstrate their passion, make all the difference in the world. These folks are having a ball. You get to enjoy it all like you are a fly on their bedroom wall because this site is truly amateur. People send Homegrown Wives their home movies and they put them up for you to check out.

Homegrown Video was the original company to release the wildly erotic video taped escapades of wives and husbands from around the globe. Today it releases more new authentic home videos than ever before. In fact, Homegrown is “the longest running series in the history of porn” according to Newsweek. The speciality of the site is video of uncut archives and absolutely irrefutably live shows.

Homegrown Wives caters to married women who are normal and respectable women by day and totally crazed sluts by night. Homegrown has more exclusive slutty wife action than any site on the net because it has been collecting peoples home movies since 1983.

Check out one of their wife galleries of lovely Chelsea here


Visit Homegrown Wives here

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