May 31, 2005

Meet Tracy

You’ve probably seen Tracy on the Internet already. I’ve already featured a gallery with her in and have come across (quite literally) her photos many times. The reason is simple, she’s one of the most horny active hotwives you’re likely to see on the net. If you passed this green-eyed beauty on the street you would not believe her real-life adventures.

Tracy and her husband Wild Bill are a swinging couple from Chester County Pa. They have a Condo in a nudist resort in Tampa Florida where they spend a lot of time.

Five years ago Bill approached his beautiful wife Tracy with the idea of the swinging lifestyle and his fantasy of her with another man. She thought he had lost his mind. Well a few months passed and she told him that she had been fantasizing about it a lot and would give it a try if Bill wanted. Well she tried it and loved every single minute of it! Since then Tracy has fucked and sucked hundreds of men. Black men, white men, young men, old men, strangers, and over 50 members of her website. Tracy has member bar meets where she is joined by other hotwives, gang bang parties at hotel suites and swinger parties. She also has a members blowjob of the month contest. Bill has filmed her adventures at bars, swing clubs, nude beaches and their personal favorite place Hedonism II in Jamaica. A notable session for Tracy was a black cock gang bang where she fucked and sucked 17 guys.

Over the last three years Tracy has met, partied with and fucked countless men, women and couples on their travels. Many of the wives they have come across have ended up getting involved in a session for the website. Some have even had sites of their own built by Tracy and Bill. They remain close to all of them and most attend their monthly bar meets and parties.

Here’s a galley of Tracy having some typical fun away from home with some bulls.


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May 30, 2005

Dogging Night

Following on from your article about pick-up points I wanted to share our experiences at a local dogging area last night. We are a couple in our thirties and have tried swinging a few times. It’s certainly enhanced our relationship. We have sex together more than we ever did before we tried it. Recently we’ve got in on the dogging thing after hearing so much about it. A friend told us about an area close to us in a lovely deserted spot overlooking the sea. We’ve been three times so far. The first time my wife got groped through the car window, I was great seeing all those strange hands across her body, then we watched another couple having sex in a car.

The second time we were in a similar situation, my wife was getting felt up and then one of the guys by the window got his penis out and started to masturbate. My wife then grabbed it and carried on the job for him and was eventually rewarded with some spunk right across her top. We even saw a couple of women making out that night, that drew a big crowd around that car.

Last night we went a little further, after some usual groping, I got out of the car and took my wife to a grassed clearing toward the back of the area. Two of the guys followed us and proceeded to watch me fuck my wife. It was so hot to know we were being watched like that. When I’d finished my wife was still obviously very horny, she beckoned the two guys over and proceeded to give them both a blowjob. It an was amazing night and we’ll back there this weekend.

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May 29, 2005

Wife Trader

Beer, chicks, sex and bikes. Welcome to the world of Julian Kay and his professional wife shagging service.

Biker gone Pornographer. Julian is a Hardcore biker who loves having sex. You can see him at Mardi Gras screwing some wife in a bar, or getting blowjobs outside by amateur girls.

He’s even got a list on his site of girls he’s done and more importantly girls he wants to do. With over 50 wives and amateurs in the ‘Done’ list he is always on the prowl for the newest online hottie or neighborhood wife. He rarely turns down an opportunity to have sex.

Everything you see with Julian is wild. He takes his Harley Fatboy to Bike “Meats” and drags his camera along to make as many pictures as he can while having sex or getting a blowjob from some hotwife he just met in a bar or at a Bike Rally!

It is his belief that every woman should get the opportunity to have sex with him at least once. He has a contact link on his site for potentials to get in touch. If you want to see him fuck someone in particular he will start a petition and try to get her to have sex with him and fulfil your wish.

Here’s Julian enjoying himself with hot latina wife Violet.

Wife Trader

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May 28, 2005

Lovely Wife Galleries

Hotwife gallery day :) First up is gorgeous swinger and good friend Anna Miller looking amazing. Next up is Scarlet from Watch Our Wives having fun with a neighbor. Our last gallery of the day comes courtesy of West Coast Gangbangs featuring a lovely big-titted blonde hotwife Emma enjoying a creampie gangbang.

Hotwife Scarlet seducing her neighbour.

West Coast Gangbangs
Amazing looking wife Emma gets a creampie gangbang.


May 27, 2005

Meet Susan

I love hotwives with a black stud fixation. Meet a fine example here, lovely Susan Reno, a Northern Californian, 5′5″, hot-bodied blonde. She has a hotwife cuckold relationship with her husband who’s also her cameraman for her website. He loves to see Susan enjoying herself with men. Alongside her website and hotwife lifestyle she also runs her own desktop publishing business.

She’s well known within the lifestyle and has had 2 feature articles written about her in both the California Swingers Magazine and the online magazine Forplay.

She had her first taste of black cock 12 years ago at a club with 2 black guys. They got chatting to her, danced with her and both ended up fucking her in Susan’s car. The next week she went back to the club and had four black men. She now has a very big need for it. She’s always looking for men to have sex with and has a form on her website that you can apply through.

She loves encounters with strange men and often goes to glory holes or adult theatres for sexual thrills. Susan and her husband do try and capture as many of their sexual encounters as possible for their website and also for their own satisfaction watching it together afterwards. Susan has been gangbanged a lot of times. She loves anal, DP’s, facials, creampies, rimming, toe sucking even ass to mouth.

She’s one hot insatiable woman and a fine example of a wife. Stay tuned to future posts for an interview with this amazing woman soon.


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May 26, 2005

Pick Up Spots

Wanted to go through today a list of examples of the kind of places a hotwife can go to find single guys.

It is not so hard generally to meet men to have fun with but the difficulty comes from having to get across your situation without them running off scared stiff and doing cross signs at you with their fingers. You have to get across a lot of information, to tell them you’re married, and things like I’ll have sex with you but my husband has to be there, watch, join in, eat your cum from my pussy. You can see why this might be uncomfortable for the stereotypical heterosexual guy. Some hotwives prefer to hunt for men alone, have sex as if they were single. This eliminates the need to explain awkward lifestyle situations.

Some hotwives will wear an ankle bracelet on their right ankle to let people ‘in the know’ know that they’re a hotwife. But obviously there are a lot of women who wear ankle bracelets for fashionable purposes. Sometimes when I’m out and it’s a hot summer’s day and legs are on show, I find I’m looking down at womans’ feet to see if I can see a bracelet. When I spot one (a quick calculation to find out if it’s the right leg) my imagination is running wild, Could she be?, I try to imagine her taking a lover. If she’s with a guy, I’m thinking is this the husband who thinks like me? It’s a fun game but in no means any sort of proof that you’ve ran a across a real hotwife. So on to pick-up spots…

The Internet - Good for the novice and the world at your fingertips. The easiest way to make a contact is online. You’ve got dating websites, swinger personals and so many groups and forums that you’ll not know what to do first. Too many guys, too little time. A good thing about the web is you can build a relationship slowly online before you decide to meet.

Swinger Clubs - Some swinger clubs recognise the need for the single guy. Though not enough in my opinion. They are an essential part of the lifestyle and a hotwife must have plenty of suitors to choose from. Also when you do meet someone there is no need for long explanations about what your motives are.

Dating Agency - Again some are niche/bdsm/swinger specific for ease of introduction but you can find many dating agencies are filled to the rafters with single guys, a lot that join with a hope of getting their leg over. Contact or email before-hand is advised to avoid a lot of wasted time getting ready and trying to look good for someone who’s really looking for more traditional type of ‘wife’. :)

Single Club Nights As with the swinger clubs, being in a club environment is a relaxed one, people are there to have a good time, most are fuelled with drink too. A lot of the guys that go to single nights are on the lookout for a bit of no-strings fun. Approach with caution.

Large Conference Hotels A breeding ground for guys away on business. How many remove their wedding ring for the duration is another matter. Many men see a week away in a strange town on company expenses perfect for pursuing anonymous sexual encounters. Approach with severe caution.

Dogging Areas Beauty spots, car parks, woodland clearings - if you know where they are and where to meet up, they’re great. Everyone is there to have a bit of no-strings fun. A lot of voyeurism is involved and often more watch that get actively involved. Be careful you don’t mistakenly approach the innocent man walking his Bull Terrier.

Truck Stops Similar to conference hotels above, but if you prefer an alternative less glamorous location, prefer a truck cab to a hotel room and generally like it down and dirty, these places might be for you. Jenny Seemore interviewed recently here told me last week that she’d just got back from some truck stop fun and managed to ‘bag’ a couple of guys ‘on the job’.

Bars and Clubs Near Army Bases Smaller towns with a nearby army or naval base usually have a man to woman ratio of something ridiculous like 20:1 That’s a lot of saved-up cum that isn’t finding a suitable target. When they’re on leave they like to party, it’s an easy pick-up situation for a woman.

Nudist Areas Similar to Dogging areas above except you’re mixing with non-lifestyle naturists too that might not want to be offered your wife for the night. Again approach with caution.


May 25, 2005

My Cucked Hubby

My name’s Dawn and I’m married to a guy called Sean. About a year ago he confessed to me that he’d always had fantasies of becoming a cuckold. I didn’t know what one was at first. Sean showed me some websites and videos he had of wives basically screwing around and treating their husband like shit. I thought he was mad and told him so. I was a bit upset really and felt a bit awkward around him after that.

Three months passed and we didn’t speak about it again until one night when I was out at a friends dinner party. The were about 30 or so people there and Sean was working late at the office and couldn’t come. There was this one guy who throughout the evening had been looking at across the room at me a lot. He was very good looking and it was my usual reaction to seem disinterested when a guy notices me as I am a married woman. But suddenly a memory popped into my head, I thought about Sean and how he really wanted me to get together with other guys. I laughed to myself and still found it hard to conceive, but instead of ignoring the guy, I exchanged glances and smiles with him. The night went on and eventually he approached me, I decided I would play a little game to see how far I would take it. We chatted, mostly small-talk and the drink flowed. He was called Daniel. He eventually asked me if I’d like to take a walk around the gardens. I accepted and we chatted some more taking in the cool night air. We stopped near a bench at the foot of the house grounds where it was very dark and sat down. It was then he leant over me and kissed me. I was feeling very brave from my alcohol consumption and a little turned-on by now. I returned his kiss with vigour. We sat snogging like teenagers, exploring each others mouths and entwining our tongues. This was very nice I thought, I hadn’t been kissed like that in a long time. His hands were all over me, reaching up my top and across my bra. I was literally tingling with delight.

I suddenly felt him stiffen and stop while holding my hand. He looked down and felt my third finger “Are you married?” he said. I didn’t know what to say and felt very embarrassed. “Yes” I replied but followed up quickly with a “But my husband is fine with all this!” He looked at me like I’d just asked him if I could shave his hair off and immediately withdrew. “I’m sorry, but this is not right.” he said. He got up and went back to the house. I was left feeling very stupid and I suddenly worried that he might go tell my friends. I gave it 5 minutes and went back to the party. I saw the host Karen and her husband. She seemed fine with me and even asked if I saw when Daniel went. I told her we were chatting but I didn’t know where he was now. I didn’t see him again that evening and left feeling a bit sick and nervous.

Over the next few weeks I thought long and hard about what had happened and began to feel fine about it, even glad that I did it. Me and Sean had another cuckold conversation, this time I was more responsive to what he was saying and I think he was shocked I was listening and taking it all in. He told me of a friend he once knew at college. He once went round to this friend’s parents house and was introduced to his Mum, his Dad and ‘Johnny’. Thinking Johnny was a family friend he thought nothing more of it. One night he stayed over at his friends house and noticed Johnny was there and as he understood was also staying the night. His Mum, Dad and Johnny had headed upstairs to bed about an hour before Sean and his friend decided to call it a night. Sean went upstairs and went into one of the guest bedrooms he thought he was staying in and was a little surprised to find his friends’ Dad asleep alone in the bed. Sean now thought he was going to have to have to sleep on the floor or couch or something as Johnny must have the other guest room. Sean was a little annoyed, he went to his friend’s room to ask what the hell was going on with the sleeping arrangements. He friend looked awkward and said “No it’s fine Sean, the other guest room is free…. Johnny’s in with Mum.” Well needless to say Sean spent the nearly the whole night grilling his friend about his parent’s ’situation’. His friend told him basically his Dad loved his Mum and wanted her to be happy more than anything in the world and part of that happiness meant being intimate with ‘other men’ rather than his Father.

After that night he found he was fascinated with the idea and made excuses to go round as often as possible. He became good friends with the parents and Johnny and loved the idea of their lifestyle. There were sometimes other men round and sometimes his friend’s Mum would go out without her husband and usually be picked up in a car outside by a stranger. Sometimes Sean would stay over and in the morning over breakfast, she would come in from a night out. I think they were glad Sean approved and wasn’t judgmental of their lifestyle.

He was very upset a couple of years later when they moved out of state and found he was often left thinking about them and having fantasies of his own based around their situation.

I listened to Sean intensely and found I was very feeling very worked up and flushed at this story myself. I chose not to tell him about the party and Daniel and we really left the conversation positively.

Over the next few months the thoughts were swimming around my head, I found I was masturbating more when Sean was at work. Feeling more sexy in general, thinking about men finding me attractive. I brought myself a few toys of the Internet and every so often I’d look at a cuckold forum, website or Yahoo group on the subject. There were wives posting messages to meet other guys. Sometimes there were husbands posting messages to ask men to come and have sex with their wives. I couldn’t believe how much of this was actually going on. I was starting to get into it and thinking about it more and more.

One night over dinner with Sean I brought the subject up. “So, this cuckold thing Sean? You’d be happy if I became more dominant in our relationship?” he looked at me with excitable eyes and nodded. “And you’d be happy for me to have sex with whoever I like?” again he nodded “You’d also be happy if I deprived you of sex in favor of other men?” He didn’t answer this time but had stopped eating and was looking at me intensely. I was starting to enjoy the conversation “What about if I made you do things? What if I humiliated you in front of other guys?” He got up “Oh Dawn, you’re making me so hot!” he went to kiss me, I immediately pushed him away. “No, no, no! you’re not allowed to touch me without permission.” I teased and walked away leaving him all hot and bothered.

The next few weeks were filled with similar games. I wouldn’t let him touch me sexually. I forbid him from masturbating as well. I stopped making his meals. I made him sleep in the spare room. I started giving him things to do, like domestic chores, cleaning the house and doing my ironing. He was loving the new game and so was I.

It wasn’t too long before he confessed that he was desperate to cum. He hadn’t had sex with me for a month and was fit to burst. He said he was walking around every day with a permanent stiffy. I had an idea, I got him to fix us both a salad one lunchtime. When he’d prepared it, I made him watch while I ate mine first. When I finished I asked him if he still felt sexually frustrated, he said he was finding it very hard. “So what if I give you a little hand relief before your lunch?” He immediately looked keen. I stood him up, told him to close his eyes and undid his trousers and slowly started to rub his cock. He was moaning his thanks to me. I told him to let me know when he was about to cum. He didn’t take long, about 2 minutes later he gasped he was cumming, I immediately placed his plate of salad under his jerking cock. He tensed and released stream after stream of a months worth of saved up cum across his lunch. The lettuce and egg salad got the most of it, there was a hell of a lot of it. I placed the plate back down and pulled a napkin from the table. I asked him to open his eyes while I made out I was cleaning his cum off my hands. He thanked me again and said he felt so relieved after that. I then told him to sit down and eat his lunch. I sat opposite and watched him. He certainly didn’t notice by the look of it as he already had a lot of salad dressing on it. I put my fingers in my panties as I watched him eat. It was so hot to see him eat his own cum. He did look a bit funny as he was chewing, like there was a strange taste but said nothing. When he was half done I just said “Are you enjoying that?” he nodded with his mouth full. “Do you enjoy eating your own cum?” he stopped dead and looked at me. “I thought you’d like a little extra dressing on it. Now eat up like a good boy. You’re going to have to get used to that taste. Every time you feel like relieving yourself it must be in my supervision and only onto the food you eat.” He gasped “Wow Dawn, this is fucking great. I’m loving the new you!”. I looked at him bored “Well I don’t care either way, in fact I’m really enjoying this new role too, having less to do and getting you to do these things. I’m going to enjoy myself and it’s for me and if you get off on it fine.” Sean looked confused like he didn’t know if I was role-playing or what, he looked nervous as well, like he’d brought out the devil in me. I think he had.

It took me four weeks to find another man to fuck. A couple of weeks before I placed an ad on one of the Yahoo groups I frequented. I put a body shot picture up and got over 100 responses. One of the replies was from a black guy who happened to live in a neighbouring town. After emails flying back and forth (he called himself Big Mac - ;) ), explaining my situation. I agreed to meet him for a coffee, first on neutral ground and when I was sure he was ok and the man for me I asked him to call round for me the following evening when Sean would be home.

The night came and I felt sick with excitement. I’d got Sean to make me a lovely meal and buy some special champagne which I explained was for later. He looked excited. Then the door bell went. He looked at me, like he was thinking who the hell was that. He went to answer and I heard Mac’s voice saying he was invited, I called into the hallway “Oh let him in Sean, he’s a good friend.” Sean came back into the room with Mac looking very confused. I looked at him and said “This is Mac, he’ll be fucking me tonight Sean, now go and open that champagne for us will you.” I could see an instant erection in Sean’s trousers, he looked like he was completely knocked for six. He just went straight out and poured us some champagne. I told him to sit on the other side of the room while I sat on the sofa with Mac, who was completely relaxed and acted like this was a regular thing for him. I got cosy with Mac and we drunk our champagne and chatted generally. I kept glancing over at Sean and he was visibly sweating. “Hey, darling” I said “Don’t worry, this is what you always wanted isn’t it?” He nodded, not that convincingly. I met his eyes “Well as I said before that doesn’t matter to me now, this is what I want!” and with that I put my champagne glass down and leaned forward and kissed Mac. He responded fast and pushed me back kissing me hard and feeling my legs and breasts. He then paused and pulled my t-shirt over my head, I reached round and unclasped my bra. My breasts fell onto him and felt amazing naked against that mans foreign dark skin. I pushed him back, undid his belt, unzipped his fly and pulled out a monster cock. It was doubled over in his trousers but free from restraint it was massive. I got to work with my tongue and mouth and it grew even further. I glanced at Sean and he was rubbing himself through his trousers. I stopped and immediately told him that he was going to get a major punishment for that. He stopped and looked even more uncomfortable. I got back to sucking Mac, he looked over at Sean and said “You like seeing your wife sucking on some black cock yeah?” Sean didn’t respond. “Well you know what I’m gonna do now? huh? I’m going to take that white pussy and make it mine.” and with that pushed me to the floor and flipped me over onto my knees, roughly pulled my panties down and slid his cock into my cunt. I was in heaven, I’d never known it so deep. Every stroke was sending the most amazing tingling feelings from my pussy to my head. I was cumming big style. A few minutes later in a state of delirium I was aware of Mac grunting “There you go baby, have some of that. Hey fellow, I’m filling your wife right up. Every time you taste her pussy for the next month, you’re gonna taste my cock.” and with one final gasp he fell back on the sofa.

I was still shiivering with desire, coated in sweat and looked over at Sean, he looked like he’d died and gone to heaven, looking on and seeing his wife having just been fucked good and proper by a black man, the ultimate cuckold fantasy. Well I hadn’t finished with his fantasy come true just yet. I saw one of the champagne glasses just beside my knee. I picked it up and placed it under my pussy. I pushed with my muscles and managed to squeeze out three massive globules of cum. The cum dripped down the side of the glass and came to rest of the top of the alcohol. I gave it a little shake and it frothed up. I got up and gave it to Sean. “Here you go, let’s toast your new cuckold status.” I watched as he drunk it all down “Now Sean I want you to go upstairs to my bedroom and lay out your Armani suit on my bed. Then you can get to bed yourself in the spare room. Me and Mac are going to be having some fun tonight. I want you to wear that suit for work tomorrow. I’ll make sure you’ll get to see lots of messy evidence on it throughout the day tomorrow. Let’s hope no one notices.” I kissed him on the cheek and felt fantastic. What a great new life this was going to be, what fun I was going to have and how lucky I was to have Sean as a husband who would be behind me (well underneath me) all the way.

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May 24, 2005

Meet Cathy

Today we meet an incredible example of a hotwife. She has been at it for 14 years and is well known for her love of creampies. Let’s meet Cathy.

Cathy is natural blonde, 5′ 6″, 36C and has lovely blue eyes. She is a mother and wife who has a huge sexual appetite. Over the past 14 years she has been part of countless orgies, gangbangs and more. She and her husband Peter love to involve other people in their sex life and also love to share it all with us.

Since Cathy was a teenager she and Peter had several threesomes and group sex experiences with other couples and single guys. They then took a break from the lifestyle to raise a family but started again in the early 90’s having threesomes with a male friend. More guys followed and Cathy’s insatiable appetite for sex took hold and they ended up organizing gangbangs.

The internet came along and Peter sent in some photos of Cathy to a website devoted to women’s butts. The response they received was amazing. A few submissions later the response got so strong they decided to start their own website with the wealth of photo and video material they already had of themselves. Peter taught himself some programming skills and in 1999 launched CathysCraving. The rest is history…

Cathy absolutely loves sex - the sight, the sound, the smell, the taste. she loves it all and there isn’t a lot she won’t try at least once. She’s likes flashing, she’s made out with women, she’s also really into anal sex and insists before a man fucks her butt he must use his tongue to get her ready. Cathy also enjoys being DP’ed and even more loves double vaginal penetration. She often uses a vibrator when she’s just with the one guy to achieve a similar effect.

But one thing that really sets her apart from other hotwives is her complete addiction to the creampie. She absolutely loves the feeling of cum being spurted inside of her, even better if it’s her favorite two cocks in the pussy and they can cum at the same time.

In fact the main complaint she has with the men she meets is they usually cum way before she is satisfied or had enough.

Here’s Cathy meeting one of her black lovers in a motel room.


view gallery here

and here’s a bonus video gallery of Cathy taking home some cum-filled panties for hubby.

Cathy has a number of niche sites to cater for various fetishes. They are Cathys Craving her main gangbang and hotiwfe site. Creampie Cathy concentrating on the amazing creampies she recieves. Cathy Does Blacks her interracial site and love of black men. Cathy and Friends featuring Cathy and all her amateur friends.


May 23, 2005

She Did It: Update

I originally posted a couple of weeks ago about my wife’s extramarital fun with my good friend. It’s taken me this long to take stock and come down to earth and get to write this down.

She was due to go out to dinner with him on the Thursday night but on Wednesday he called and spoke to my wife and cancelled their date. She was upset and we both thought he’d got cold feet and backed out. We spent Thursday evening down in the dumps, we had really built up a lot of courage to finally do it and now it looked like we were back to square one.

Then around 9pm that night he called. I answered and he asked to speak with my wife (I love that), I passed the phone to her and she listened and immediately I saw a smile on her face and she winked at me. I heard her say that would be great and agreeing in general. She hung up and told me that he’d got tickets for a concert on Saturday night and asked her to accompany him. We were all excited again.

Saturday night came and he came to pick her up at 6pm, I told her to have fun and kissed her hard.

Last week she stayed out all night and I was hopeful of a repeat occurrence. They had sex last time and my wife had been teasing me all week about how big he was.

All I find I can do when she’s out is visit slut wife sites and that I did, getting myself more and more worked up.

I got a call from her at just after midnight. She was brief saying they’d had a great time and she was going to stay the night again. I hung up and felt so horny. This was just great, just what we’d always wanted.

She came home on Sunday afternoon, I again had to fuck her as soon as she walked through the door, she said she was a little sore as they’d been fucking this morning as well as last night. This drove me completely wild and I came in about 20 seconds.

Nothing further has been arranged at this point but we’re hoping he’ll be free on Wednesday. I’ll keep you posted.

Yours, “P”

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May 21, 2005

Extreme Hotwives

3 lovely hotwife galleries today who take the lifestyle to the extreme. Featuring the fantastic redhead Raven Black from Sexy Couple and the jaw-dropping creampie antics of wife Cathy.

Raven finds another ‘client’.

Cathy’s ready for her creampie gangbang.

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