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March 18, 2005

Meet Jackie

Today we say hello to a hot wife that gets me going every time I look at her, Jackie. She and her husband Jason document their adventures which mostly involve Jackie meeting men in hotel rooms all over Southern California. She really is lovely looking, long dark brown hair and a cracking body.

Jason nurtured Jackie to become a hotwife, he would rent adult movies for them to watch, brought her sex toys and started to take pictures of their own sexual activities. Things moved forward fast and they started frequenting amateur and wives forums.

Since trying adultery out of curiosity and eventually becoming a hotwife Jackie admits it has developed into a full-blown obsession. She says ‘Sometimes I wonder if possibly I’m addicted to fucking men other than my husband, men I barely know. There is such a rush of excitement I won’t even attempt to describe it’

Jackie, I worship you for being the ultimate woman and wife.


Visit her site here

6 Responses to “Meet Jackie”

  1. Paul said:

    Yum, yum, she is hot!

  2. Mike said:

    Yes, she looks good with those Black cocks. I like the way she described the rush of excitement being with a stranger.

  3. Dave said:

    More, MORE, MORE…

  4. Anca said:

    I am a slut and loving it

  5. Scarlets Cuckyboy said:

    wow jackie, you are in inspiration to a newcomer to the hotwife lifestyle, loving it!

  6. Rodney said:

    Jackie is a hotwife definitly in her prime.

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