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March 17, 2005

Good Idea at the Time

So your hotwife is established into the lifestyle. You’re enjoying seeing her with her lover, the regular ones and the odd new ones from time to time, even that threesome, that was great. But recently talk has been going further. She wants to go deeper, she mentions she wants to do a gangbang and she wants you to watch.

You’re feeling like this is your ultimate fantasy come true but the reality is another matter. How will you really feel when the time comes?

She places an ad looking for a ‘gangbang crew’ that can make this fantasy come true, and slowly but surely it all gets arranged. Time, date and address. The anxiety in you has grown further in this time and the lead up to the date is even more intense, your wife is excited, she can’t wait, but you’re not completely sure. The other big aspect is that the crew want to film the event and put in on their website for the world to see. Again it’s a mixture of excitement and reluctance.

The day of the gangbang is here and you’re sick with nerves. She’s got ready in a lovely lacey top and mini-skirt and you head to the ‘venue’, one of the gangbangers home’s. You arrive early and get a warm welcome from the host. There’s only three of the crew there at the moment, but one by one the guys arrive and introduce themselves, more and more of them. You have a drink, settle down in a chair. The time has come. The camera’s come out and your wife is surrounded by guys….

Although up to this point we are talking fiction and shouldn’t really be in the ‘True Stories’ section, the rest is actually a real event piece I came across courtesy of gangbang crew West Coast Gangbangs.

The hotwife here is Chelsea and previously she had never had more than two guys at once. As the gangbang went on the husband who wanted to watch eventually became more irritated than excited and this is really a good example of how the lines between fantasy and reality can be distorted. There is also the aspect of one side of the relationship wanting to try different things and go down different paths and dragging the other with them. Although you are a couple you are also two separate human beings with completely different genetic makeups.

I always think though if you’re both willing to try something then it’s worth it, hopefully it could be leading to something spectacular…


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One Response to “Good Idea at the Time”

  1. Jesus said:

    This is a really good post, my wife recently revealed to me that swinging made her feel dirty, but she is turnned on seeing me with other women. Honesty really is the best policy, and learning where your “line” is, is the greatest thing to share with the person you can trust the most

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