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March 14, 2005

Meet Holly

Our third addition to hotwifeblog is Holly. 33 year old blonde, blue-eyed Holly is the ultimate cuckoldress. She runs and is dedicated to her amazing site Wifebreeders. She can almost always be found on her webcam and loves the interaction she gets from her admirers. Holly lives the true hotwife interracial lifestyle, she loves fucking black men and gets pleasure seeing her husband’s helpless face as she cuckolds him.

I’ll leave you with her ultimate sexual fantasy: ‘Being tied down in a room full of well-hung black men doing whatever they want to me while I am blindfolded, while my husband watches, and then cleans me up afterwards with his tongue.’ - Phew!!!

10 Responses to “Meet Holly”

  1. Husband said:

    She is freaking hot!

  2. Grady Smith said:

    I have several of Hollie’s videos from and I must admit my dick stands straight up everytime I watch her, great body, sexy eyes. I would love to see her with Richard Mann, Mr 18 or BlackZilla, Jack Napier ect.

  3. Don said:

    Where did Holly go? Every link I see routes me to Jean Any news on this hottie? I want to see more of her.

  4. Trash said:

    Don I’m sad to say that Holly is involved in a custody battle and needed all her web content removed. She was so amazing, we’re sure gonna miss her on hotwifeblog.

  5. Don said:

    Hey Trash, Thanks for the info. When you said custody battle I am assuming a relationship breakup with child custody etc. Whatever the reason it was not good news. And yes I agree with you she was amazing. And I would like to add she had a perfect ass. Oh well all I can do is hope that she comes back. Thanks again for the info.

  6. Biff said:

    Any update on Holly? She’s my fave. . . =/

  7. nick g said:


  8. shad said:

    Is there any way to get some of her vids? blackbred dosent have em for sale anymore. Any suggestions anybody?

  9. jim :o said:

    Any news on Holly. Would love to get some vids.

  10. paulie said:

    last rumour is shes hooked up with a black bull

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