March 31, 2005

Foreign Exchange

This is a true story which took place in 1982. The names and the places have been disguised.

It was a Friday and we were sitting in the family room watching television. Our children were spending the night with friends and we were left to our own devices. Shari began with a question, as neither of us were paying very close attention to the TV. “You have been overseas many times.” She said. “Did you fuck any foreign women while you were over there?” I looked at her and saw that she was strangely serious. I decided to answer her as truthfully as she had asked the question. This new found truthfulness in our relationship was refreshing. I didn’t feel as though I needed to lie to her or attempt to deceive her in anyway. “You know the only one that I was with was Loraine and she was in England.” Shari said, “Are you telling me the truth?” In reply I simply nodded my head and said, “I have no reason to lie to you now. Do I?” She thought about it for awhile and she sat there in silence for about a half an hour. Then she said, “I would like to fuck a foreigner. I don’t have any idea who that might be, but I would like to find out how they fuck.”

I decided that sitting in front of the TV for the evening was not the thing for us to do. So we went up to our room and began getting dressed to go out. Shari put on a white filmy blouse, of course she was not wearing a bra. And she slithered her hips into a tight pair of black pants. Of course there was no room under them for panties. So she was totally natural underneath with her partially shaved pussy. When she shaved, she liked leaving the hair on her pubic mound. The pants accented her figure nicely. Her legs were one of her best assets along with an angelic looking face, topped with auburn hair. For foot wear, she put on a pair of three inch spike black sandal type shoes. Her blouse, being somewhat see through and low cut as well, drew a man’s attention directly to her chest. In the darker light you could make out the areolas around her nipples and you could see that her nipples were making tents on each side of her chest. I dressed casually in slacks and a shirt with loafer type shoes and we were off.

When we arrived at the club, she placed her ID in her hip pocket as she was always being asked to prove her age. She was 35 years old and still getting carded. I was jealous. She told me to go play some pool and hunt for a lady or two to dance with and she was going to see if there were any foreigners in the club that evening. Off we went in different directions to see what we could find to occupy our attention. I found a friend of mine playing pool in the restaurant area and I placed two quarters on the table to challenge. When it was my turn, I won the first game that I played with my friend and he had to go at the end of the game so I took on all comers. I had played about ten games when I realized that I had not seen my wife in quite some time.

At the end of the game I forfeited and went to look for her. It took me some time to find her. Finally I saw her sitting in a corner booth and sipping a drink while talking with a dark skinned man. I could see that his left hand was not on the table and as I looked closer in the dim light I could see that he was rubbing her pussy through the zipper of her pants. He had his hand inside the zipper and I could only assume that his finger or fingers were inside her vagina. As I approached the table, she looked up and saw me coming toward her and said, “Ah Paul, I would like for you to meet my husband.” With that he pulled his hand out of her pants quickly and placed it on the table. Too late. I could see the juices on his first and middle finger. He stood. I said, “What was the name again?” He replied, “Mohamed.” Shari looked at him curiously and said, “You told me your name was Paul.” He reassured her that he had said Mohamed. Shari wasn’t thinking about a name, she was wanting to get inside his trousers.

He was a foreigner, accent and all. I sat down and we had drinks and talked for a while. I found out that Mohamed (Paul) was in the Saudi Navy and he was there attending school with many of his fellow countrymen. Shari was sitting next to him and she would reach beneath the table and I could see her arm moving, but I couldn’t see what she was doing. I could but fantasize what she might be up to. It wasn’t long before she suggested that we leave the club for a bit more comfortable surroundings. Mohamed excused himself to go to the men’s room. When he had left the table, I asked Shari, “Where do you want to go with him? You know that it is not a good idea to take him to our house.” She simply smiled at me. “We could go to Gerry’s apartment.” She whispered. “And we can take him there as Gerry won’t be needing it again for another couple of months.” I had not been prepared for her to make a connection quite this quickly. I had not obtained any condoms or anything to drink. I also had not made any contingency plans regarding what would or should be done in the event that she did score. I was thinking like a man and not a woman. Many times subsequent to this night I made the same error.

The car that we had taken to the club that evening was a two seated convertible. It was also an evening that it was about to rain at any moment, therefore the top was up. Mohamed either didn’t have a car or had obtained a ride to the club with some of his mates and he had to be chauffeured by me. Shari put Mohamed in the passenger seat and then she sat on his lap facing me. There we were, all crammed into a sardine can. Away we went for our adventure. I had insisted on condoms as my wife was on the pill but I didn’t want any foreign bodies to invade her pussy. I had explained it to her that she was in fact on the pill, but the pill was not 100% sure. Where adding the condom was adding a little insurance. She seemed to accept this idea but she did not like the use of the things, because as she put it. “I like to feel a man’s hot cum spreading around on my insides.” I thought of driving to the pharmacy and buying a box of condoms, but she was afraid that we might be recognized by someone. I then ask her about the grocery. She said that the same thing might happen there as well. It was then that I realized that she was trying to get me to let her do it bare back. I remembered a bar that I had frequented on occasion, and the condom machine in the men’s room.

I drove rapidly to the Green Lantern Tavern. When we arrived, I left the two of them to get better acquainted in the car. I knew that there would be no hanky panky in that car as it was a 1980 TR-7. Upon entering the bar I remembered that there was a rule about the restrooms. Only customers could use them. I bought a beer and sat for a few minutes sipping on the beer. I then left my cigarettes and lighter next to my beer and headed for the men’s room. When I got inside, I locked the door and reached into my pocket for change. Imagine my surprise to learn that they cost $0.75 a piece. I could only afford to buy three of the things. I thought to myself, “No man could go more than that in a few hours.” Well I was wrong again. I returned to the car and found them much the way I had left them with the exception that his hands were not only inside her shirt, but inside her pants as well. She had her pants undone and he could reach her pussy and finger it. She was moaning and I could see that the crotch of her pants were soaked with her cum. I started the car and headed for Gerry’s apartment. We arrived and another surprise awaited me. She didn’t have the key as she had not carried her purse that evening. The key was at our house. I knew that I didn’t want him to know where our house was so I said that I would run and get the key. We only lived a few blocks from the apartment.

I left the two of them seated on the steps to the apartment and rushed home to get the key. I grabbed the key and headed back. When I arrived back at the apartment. I found that they had moved up the stairs to a darkened area near the top of the stairs near the door and had continued with their foreplay, obviously as her clothes were almost off of her. They stood to the side while I opened the door and turned on some lights. Shari scooped up her clothes and they came inside. Shari said that she needed to go to the bathroom, and headed that way, leaving Mohamed and I standing in the hall.

I decided to do a little exploring. She soon returned to the living room. I could see her pussy hair glistening with the cum that she had already emitted from her body with her pants on. Her feet were also bare and her blouse was unbuttoned, but she was wearing it. She took the condoms that I held out to her and the beer that I offered her from Gerry’s refrigerator. She then placed the condoms and the beer in her left hand and reached out to Paul and said, “Would you like to come with me to the bedroom?” He took her hand and they strolled off down the hall toward the bedroom. She closed the door partially so that I could hear but not see as Mohamed was very specific about that. I was not to see him naked and she wanted to fuck him so very, very much, that I allowed her to bend the rules a little. I sat on the couch in the living room and I had a straight shot view down the hall to the bedroom door. I suddenly heard her say “No! No!” I started down the hall. She heard me coming and she yelled out to me that it was all right in the code that only she and I knew. I retreated back to the couch. Unable to see a lot and very little to hear, I had almost fallen asleep on the couch when suddenly the door opened and she came out. She still wore her blouse and it was unbuttoned as before. As she approached into the light, I could see liquid looking very much like cum that was dripping from her pussy and running down both legs to her knees. Her hair was mussed and her pussy hair was matted. I waited for her to speak. “Do you have anymore condoms?” She asked. I looked at my watch and realized that it had only been about an hour and a half since she went into the bedroom. I said, “You couldn’t have possibly used all three of those condoms.” She said, “Yes we have and we want to do it again. Do you have anymore?” I shook my head no. She went back into the bedroom and came out with a used condom. It looked like it would fit a Donkeys cock it was so stretched. She took it into the bathroom and washed it out and then placed it over the neck of her beer bottle and re-rolled it. Her smile was telling enough that she felt like she had done well. Back to the bedroom she went.

It wasn’t long before I could hear the tell tale sounds of a male and a female cumming, almost in unison. I am almost positive that if Gerry’s downstairs neighbors were home that night, they got a real thrill of a sound and bounce show from their ceiling. I could have probably heard them better from the apartment below. It took them only about fifteen minutes from the last of the moaning and groaning to appear in the door of the bedroom fully dressed. She had the look of a woman who had been used and well fucked.

They came out into the living room and we sat and had some more beer together. I asked, “Did you find a comb in Gerry’s bathroom?” She looked at me questioningly until she glanced in the mirror that was hanging above the dining table. She smiled sheepishly and got up slowly and headed for the bathroom. In the meantime, Mohamed was doing his best to convince her to come to his place and meet his friends. “We are going to have to give Paul a ride to his place.” Shari said. She smiled at him as though there was yet an untold story. I noticed right away that his statements of invitation were not including me. I also was aware that if she were to get in a group of these men, she was going to get more than she had bargained for and of that I was almost sure.

We all loaded into the Triumph and headed toward the beach. Mohamed was telling me where to go while playing with my lovely wife as she sat on his lap. I could see that his member was once again straining to get loose from it’s captivity. From the apartment, it was but a short drive of about twenty minutes to where Mohamed said that he lived. When we got there, I parked some distance away at his insistence. He said, “I must go and let my brothers know that you are here and that I have invited you into our home.” Shari stood outside the car leaning on the door. She watched Mohamed ascend the hill toward the apartment complex. I stepped out of the car, leaned on the top and said, “Are you wanting to go up there with him and his friends?” She just smiled at me and said, “Yes. We can go up and have drinks with them.” “Drinks are not what Paul has in mind, I can assure you. You get up there in amongst his so called brothers and you will have your pussy fucked until you won’t be able to move.” At this point in her adventures, she wasn’t prepared for that scenario. I said, “We can just get in the car and drive away. I took enough turns and back tracks to come here that he couldn’t find his way back. And besides, all he could find if he tried would be the apartment. There are no leads to us from there.” She quickly got in and closed the door. “Let’s go.” She said. I got in, started the car and drove away leaving her Arab lover in the lurch.

As I drove home, to show her appreciation for the evenings fun, she laid across the console and unzipped my pants. She put her hand inside and worked my now swelling cock out into the nights lights. As it appeared and was growing rapidly, she placed it between her lips and began sucking. She sucked my cock all of the way home. I hung on to my cum until I pulled into the garage. She then sucked it in a way that only she knew how to and I gave it up in seconds. I asked, “Why did you do that now? Why not sooner?” She smiled as she swallowed all my cum and then said. “Because my Darling, I didn’t want you to kill us when you cum started to spurt. Suppose we were on the toll way?” She smiled and licked her lips.

Author: Close Encounters


March 30, 2005

Meet Sue

I love the Internet, every time I use it I come across a new uncharted area of cyberspace. Last week I stumbled across an amazing couple who are very much living the real hotwife lifestyle.

Say hello to Sue and her husband James, an incredible couple from the UK. James loves to watch Sue having fun and sex with other guys. They entertain men at hotels or even on their boat sailing up and down The English Channel. They enjoy dogging, gangbangs and interracial sex and much more. They have actually created their website to assist Sue in finding guys for her gangbangs and hotel fun.

Sue has a great body, loves biking and is also sophisticated and well-educated. So all you bulls looking for some hotwife fun, check out Sue.

She’s a fine addition to hotwifeblog.


*edit: Since writing this article Sue’s website has unfortunately been removed.


March 29, 2005

I Am Not Gay

I love creampies, I am fascinated with them, I think it’s the ultimate symbol of erotica. The ultimate cum shot. My obsession with them has grown and grown into the desire to eat them, to feast on them, I could eat away for days on end, pie after pie. I envy those lucky husbands who are fortunate enough to partake in this activity. The taste, the texture, the aroma, I’m getting hard now thinking of it. Thinking of how many creampies are being produced as I write this, all those pies going to waste.

Now, I know this is not a mainstream desire or thought for men to have. It’s even a minority fetish compared to BDSM and the like, but why do so many people think I’m gay because I love to eat creampie. Ok, I know it’s eating cum and that’s from another man but it’s so different because the end source is a pussy. Cum from a cock, no thanks. I have absolutely no desire to kiss a man, cuddle a man, be intimate in any way and as far as sucking a guy’s cock… I’ve gone limp now as I write this.

I have had girlfriend’s in the past I’ve told my fantasy to that have asked me if I have bisexual tendencies and I have read letters and forum posts asking similar questions when they’ve come across a mans desire to eat pie. Even some men who are swingers and have a MMF threesome or group sex, DP or fuck a woman after another man has come inside her, even they say eating pie is gay. I guess the majority of people just don’t get it and that’s why it’s an extreme fetish.

It seems the hotwife and cuckold lifestyle has the closest relationship with the creampie eating fetish and that’s what draws me to websites like this. But it’s really hard to find movies of creampie eating, but there is a market there, I know. Maybe I should start one up myself. I could star in them too :)

So the next time you dismiss a creampie eater as gay because it’s not your thing, just think about what it really is - a desire to be intimate with the most feminine part of the female body whilst in it’s most sexiest and erotic state, that being immediately after love making.

Paul - hotwifeblog member


March 28, 2005

Meet Allie

Today we meet gorgeous 24 year old hot busty swinger hotwife Allie.

Raised in a small town within a very religious family. Her sexually repressed background has exploded into her modern day swinging activities. Allie and her husband Jake have an unbelievable relationship that allows them the best of both worlds. They both believe that love and sex are totally separate from each other. They love each other very much and they also love watching each other having sex with someone else.

Jake slowly introduced Allie into her hotwife lifestyle. He took her to adult book stores and bought her sex toys to play with. He also got Allie into watching porn films. At first she wasn’t really sure if she liked them but the more she watched the more she got into it. Then one night Jake suggested that they might have a threesome with a bisexual female friend of his or one of Jake’s buddies. Allie freaked out and found it hard to conceive such a thing. They had the biggest fight of their relationship and they nearly broke up.

But a few months later the idea was becoming more prominent for Allie and she started to look at it with more of an open mind. She read up on it and looked on the Internet and slowly but surely she decided she might be interested, but only with another couple and she spoke with Jake about it. Jake was confused at first with the change of mind but excitement soon took over at the prospect of actually having a foursome. They talked it over and decided to go ahead.

They placed a personal ad on an adult website with some pictures of them both and the e-mails started flooding in from all these guys wanting to fuck Allie. They also got quite a few from some really hot couples. After about three weeks they finally found the right couple, who were both very attractive.

They finally met with them and it was the most incredible sexual experience they had ever had. Now Allie is hooked on fucking other men, she mentions this in her bio: ‘From that point forward I knew that I could never be satisfied being with only one man for the rest of my life.’ It wasn’t very long after that first experience before she was having sex with other guys, other girls, more couples, groups - she wanted it all the time.

Jake now is very understanding about her incredible desires and he really enjoys seeing Allie fucking other guys and girls. They decided that they would start taking photos and videos of all their future sessions so they could relive the experience again whenever they wanted to. They set up their website and Allie divides her time between running that and her regular professional office job. Jake does most of the filming and picture taking.

And Allie’s favorite sexual position is? ‘the famous “doggie” style. It allows me to take that cock deep and hard from behind while I suck on another hard dick or bury my face in a sweet juicy pussy - mmmmmmmmmmm!’

Check out this gallery of Allie and Jake swapping partners with another couple.


View her gallery here

Visit her site here


March 27, 2005

Hotwife Julie Interviewed

Today we have the privilege to publish an interview with a real hotwife from the UK. Julie is 37 and has been part of the hotwife lifestyle for 4 years. I’d really like to thank her for answering my questions so honestly. In fact many of the questions were dropped as she answered the other one’s so comprehensively. I hope we can have more input from Julie and other hotwives in the near future. If any of you are reading this, please register and start blogging with us. We want to hear your stories.

hotwifeblog: Where are you from?
Julie: England

hotwifeblog: What are your measurements?
Julie: 34B-22-30

hotwifeblog: What is your height?
Julie: 5′ 8″

hotwifeblog: What colour are your eyes?
Julie: brown

hotwifeblog: Hair colour?
Julie: brown with blonde highlights.

hotwifeblog: How did you get into the hotwife lifestyle?
Julie: I got married to my first husband at an early age and it didn’t really work out. He was very much on a different path to me in the end. We stuck with it as long as possible but it was hard, so in the end we decided to separate and divorce. There was no cheating involved we just grew into mature adults very different people, became distant and decided it just didn’t work. We were lucky there were no children involved. After being on my own again I really re-found my youth. I started going out again, got a good job at an Insurance firm, made new friends and started dating men. It awoke a passion in me, sex had been off the agenda for the last part of my marriage and I realised how much I missed it. I met my husband in 1999 and we married the year after. From the very start it was obvious this was no ordinary relationship. From early on before we were married my husband Jonathan encouraged me to dress sexily and to ‘go out with the girls’ if I liked. He was interested in what I had to say, a good listener, kind and generous and great in bed. He had mentioned he had tried a bit of swinging before with a previous girlfriend and asked what I thought. I was dismissive at first but the conversation kept returning to the subject and I must admit I was intrigued. We checked out some websites and forums on swinging and answered some personals. Things came to a head after about 10 months of marriage when we went to our first swingers party. We spent almost the whole night just chatting and just when we thought nothing would happen we started talking to a nice married couple from Kent and then things really went quickly. Before I knew it I was passionately kissing the husband (the drink helped) and then he was leading me upstairs to a bedroom. There was already a couple having sex on the bed when we got there so we just carried on kissing on the upstairs landing, it seemed like an eternity until there was a free bedroom as I felt like I wanted to be on my own for the first time. Soon enough there was a room free and we went in, closed the door and collapsed on the bed. We hardly even removed our clothes we were so horny. He undid his trousers, slipped on a condom and I pulled up my skirt and dragged my knickers down and then he slowly entered me. We fucked like crazy and he came pretty quickly. He then went down on me until I came too. After that I was hooked and we made swingers parties a regular part of our social calendar. I’d never really heard of the term ‘hotwife’ until recently, but I guess that’s what I am and have become.

hotwifeblog: How many lovers have you had?
Julie: In all about 30 different men from mostly going to parties but I have slept with the same partner many times. I have a boyfriend at the moment, I’ve been seeing him for about 9 months, he is not a swinger but accepts my lifestyle and knows I’m married and it isn’t a problem for him. My husband is really happy for me to have a long standing boyfriend. He has his own place and I sometimes stay over at his place usually on a Friday night when I don’t have work the next day.

hotwifeblog: Have you slept with more than one man at a time?
Julie: No, not yet. I have been groped by another man while having sex with someone. I have also been with another man with Jonathan in the same room but he just watches and doesn’t join in. I know my boyfriend wouldn’t be into the idea at all.

hotwifeblog: What type of men do you go for?
Julie: I’m attracted to the strong silent, well-groomed type, they’ve got to be good looking of course.

hotwifeblog: What role does your husband play in your lifestyle?
Julie: My husband is a real rock in my life. He is happy when I am happy. He is not submissive and we do not have a hotwife/cuckold relationship based on humiliation. It just wouldn’t feel right. I could never order him around as he is so good to me, it’s great he let’s me lead this lifestyle without any guilt or fear involved on my part. We are swingers but I am much more active than he is. When we go to parties or clubs he is happy just to talk and socialise, sometimes he’ll get a blowjob or handjob but rarely has sex with another woman. I have asked him many times if his reluctance to fully swing is a message for me to be more restrained but he is always telling me that it is my enjoyment that he’s interested in. Also he loves to make love to me when we get back from a party or if I’ve just come home from my boyfriend. When I see my boyfriend he often prefers for me to go out with him alone because he doesn’t have a partner himself to bring along and I think Jonathan feels a bit awkward with us together as a threesome when we’re out.

hotwifeblog: What’s your biggest fantasy?
Julie: To be flown to New York, spend the whole day shopping and being pampered then check in to a five star hotel and pick up a George Clooney lookalike in the bar to spend the night with.

hotwifeblog: Any hobbies?
Julie: Shopping.

Thanks again Julie.

For all of you reading this, I came up with the following questions off the top of my head. If anyone can think of further questions I can ask for future interviews please let me know by posting your comments.

Bye for now, Trash


March 26, 2005

Bored at Work

Julianne was totally bored. It was 6:15 on a Friday night. Everybody else had left at five, but she was stuck in the office waiting for the financial reports to FTP down to her PC from the mainframe so that she could paste them into an Excel spreadsheet and email it to all the department managers. The stupid geeks were having a problem getting the mainframe job to run, something about a misplaced “DD” statement, whatever that meant. She nibbled on her salad and sipped on her coffee while she tapped her fingers on her desk. The office was empty except for her and one of those computer geeks. She wasn’t sure what his name was but she didn’t care for him anyway.

She knew that she was hot, every other guy in the office had come on to her more than once. And she enjoyed it immensely to reply with a stinging put-down. However, that guy had never given her the pleasure. He never even seemed to notice her. Even today, when she was wearing her short denim skirt and sheer white blouse that you cold almost make out her nipples through, he always looked right past her whenever they passed in the corridor. She had begun to think he was gay or something, but she had seen him plenty of times in the company cafeteria having lunch with different women, plain, average, ordinary looking women at that! That galled her that he had no interest in her!

On top of all that, her husband was away on business for the weekend and it would have been a perfect time to spend the weekend with her boyfriend. But he was away on business too. She was feeling so horny, especially knowing that she wasn’t going to get any this weekend. She briefly considered asking her boss for another raise, simply as an excuse to get laid again, but Joe had left soon after five. Julianne checked her PC. Damn, the FTP still hadn’t downloaded yet! She took a pack of cigarettes out of her purse and walked outside to have a smoke while she waited.

She leaned against the wall just outside the employee’s entrance under the “No Smoking” sign as she tried, unsuccessfully, to puff away her sexual frustration. Her pussy was aching for some action, and all the smokes in the world couldn’t fuck her. She tossed the butt on the sidewalk and headed back inside.

As she approached her cubicle, she heard a yawn from down the corridor. She shrugged and took a slight detour through the cubicle jungle. She passed that geek’s cubicle and saw him stretching. He was leaning far back in his chair with his arms outstretched in the middle of a huge yawn. Acting impulsively, she reached down under her skirt and slid the crotch of her panty to one side. She walked up behind him, but not so close that he could see up her skirt, and said, “Can I show you something?” “What?” he asked as he started to sit up. “No, don’t sit up!” she said as she leaned forward, removed his glasses and set them on his desk, and placed her hands on his shoulders.

She pushed him down a little more in his chair, stood up on her tiptoes, and stepped forward. “Hey!” he gasped as she stepped over his face, squeezing his head between her thighs. He tried to wheel his chair in toward his desk, but she stepped forward as he rolled in. When she had him pinned, she lowered herself off her tiptoes, standing normally, while pushing his head down with her crotch. “What are you doing?” he asked into her naked pussy. “I’m making you eat me, that’s what,” she answered back. “No way! Get off me!” he gasped. “Not until you eat me,” she insisted. “I’m not going to eat you,” he said. She bent her knees slightly, pressing her pussy more tightly against his face. “I’ll just stand here until you do,” she said. “You can’t stand there all night,” he said. “Sure I can,” she said. She bent her knees a little more. “Come on!” she insisted.

She felt him relax and she gasped when she felt him slide his tongue up into her vagina. He slid it in and out and in and out like he was fucking her. It felt so good! “That feels good, but move on to my clit,” she said. He drew her clit deep into his mouth between his lips with the suction of his breath, and began to lick and flick it with his tongue. Oh, she wanted to push her clit so deep into his mouth that she bent her knees a little more, bearing more of her weight on his face. “Yes! Oh God! Keep sucking!” He sucked her clit like a lollipop drawing it even deeper into his mouth with his breath. He licked and flicked the nub with his tongue as she poured pussy juice onto his face. “God! You’re good at this!” she squealed as she felt her orgasm build. Her whole body began quaking as her knees weakened, placing even more of her weight on his face. “Oh God! I’m coming! Oh God!” she squealed over and over again. He continued to suck and lick as her orgasm rocked her body repeatedly until she fell forward with her hands on his desk.

She was still standing straddling and smothering his head, with his head between her thighs, as she leaned onto his desk. “Wow!” she said. “You’re damn good at eating pussy!” she then backed off him and smoothed her skirt. She placed the crotch of her panties back in place and then she turned and returned to her cubicle.

Finally! The FTP had come through. She copied it into her mouse and opened a new Excel spreadsheet. “Uhm,” she heard from behind. “Excuse me, Julianne.” She turned to see him standing at the entrance to her cubicle. “What?” she snapped. “After what just happened,” his voice cracked, “maybe you’d like to spend the night together.” “Fuck off, four-eyes!” she sneered. “What?” he asked in shock. “You’re not my type! Now beat it before I call corporate security and report you for sexual harassment!”

He walked away, and Julianne completed her task and got the reports out by 7:30. She headed down to her favorite nightclub after she left. Maybe she could pick up some boy-toy for a one-night-stand…

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March 25, 2005

Meet Sara

What a way to start the weekend! This is one of my favorite wives on the net - Sara Swirls. The reason I love her so much has to be her pure raw sex appeal, it simply oozes from the screen when I look at her. She has a fantastic body especially her ass and lovely dark hair.

Sara is an extreme interracial cuckoldress and it is rare to find this lifestyle being portrayed genuinely on a website but you get it all at saraswirls.com. She simply worships black dick and puts her hubby in his place whilst doing it. Sara is submissive to black men and dominant to white.

She started dating black men at a young age and was instantly hooked. She never had a shortage because her neighborhood was predominantly black. So as a young lady she knew there was something special about the black man white woman chemistry. She met and married her white husband but still had a black lover addiction. Eventually her husband confessed that he could only be with someone that would cuckold him and Sara was happy to respond ‘Good because I will be getting all the black dick I can get my hands on!!’ and the rest is history!

Sara loves to think up new ideas to humiliate her hubby, some past one’s include fucking his worst enemy, making him clean up, having 2 black studs drive her home at 11am on a Saturday morning when all the neighbors were out washing cars and mowing the grass, or going to the hip-hop club with him and Sara picking up a Black stud to go home with her and making hubby drive them.

I think you’ll agree Sara is a real goddess that deserves to be worshipped… Prepare to serve cuck boys.


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March 24, 2005


It was a chilly night in late November when my most desired fantasy finally happened. My wife and I had discussed it jokingly a few times before but I knew she thought I was just kidding around. She soon found out I was not kidding but really serious! Let me explain. My wife was 23 years old at the time and very beautiful. She was a model when I met her and decided to stop modeling since she did most of her modeling overseas and would be away from me for extended periods of time. She is 5′ 7″ tall and weighs 118 lbs. Her measurements are 36-24-36 and her skin is nicely tanned and smooth all over. She has blue eyes and blonde hair about shoulder length long.

I would talkdirty to her while I was making love to her and I noticed it would get her very hot. So I started talking dirty to her about two men fucking her at the same time. This seemed to really get her hot! Every night I would tell her how she would feel two cocks in her tight pussy and how their balls would be gently slapping against her buttocks as they fucked her! Her pussy would get so wet I would have to put a towel under her ass! I would tell her how one of us would fuck her mouth while the other one fucked her pussy and then we would change positions and keep fucking her until she came and came. I also told her of fucking her in her pussy and her ass at the same time! One night I stopped and told her I really wanted to live this fantasy and she said “Me too!”. I couldn’t believe it! She really wanted to get fucked by two men at the same time!! Boy was I hot that night!! I came three times in the course of two hours!! I even did what she likes best. I ate out her asshole! I plunged my tongue deep in her ass and pushed my tongue in and out as she squirmed all over the bed. She came a couple of times and then I fucked her in her ass! What a tight fit! If you have never tried anal oral sex or anal sex then you don’t know what you are missing!!

So anyway now came the prospect of finding someone to go to bed with my wife. She didn’t know anyone and wanted me to find someone safe. So I looked all over and gave it a lot of thought and finally decided on my next door neighbor and friend of mine. He was married too and and been for over five years and I knew he wanted to fuck my wife since I caught his eyes many times as she went outside in her string bikini to lay out in the sun. So after consulting with my wife on my pick she said fine and then it was up to me to talk to him. Now how do you go about asking your next door neighbor if he wanted to fuck your wife? It took me about two tries at asking him and many hints in our conversations before I took him to the side and said “Look, this is not a joke and I am very serious. My wife and I have discussed this and we would like to know if you would be interested in having a threesome with us?” He didn’t believe me at first but after assuring him I was sincere he was still not quite convinced. So I asked him if he would like to go to bed with her by himself to get used to the idea of all three of us. Of course he jumped at that one.

So I arranged it and they met in a local motel the next day while I watched the kids. His wife never found out and I guess hasn’t yet. The room had a jacuzzi and I picked out something quite sexy for my wife to wear for him. He arrived on time at 2:30 pm and the rest was history. She wouldn’t tell me much since I know she enjoyed being with another man after having me for three years. She did tell me that she sucked him off twice and he ate her pussy many times. She also said he came at least five or six times! I found that hard to believe but believed it later when I saw it for myself! So that was on Wednesday.

On Sunday we agreed to meet in the same motel at 11:30 am and try out my (their?) fantasy. He arrived promptly at 11:30 am and we already had the jacuzzi filled and hot, all ready to go. I had brought a vcr and some x rated movies and had one playing when he arrived. He was nervous at first and soon realized that it was o.k. I mean after all he already fucked my wife for three or four hours a few days earlier!! He brought some wine and opened the bottle quickly. He poured three glasses for us and then shyly removed his clothes. My wife and I were already in the jacuzzi sipping the wine he had poured. His body was quite muscular since he was active in many sports and quite handsome. My wife’s nipples were coming erect so I knew she was excited by him! He joined us in the hot water in the jacuzzi and sauntered off into the corner of the tub. I invited him to get on the other side of Debbie and enjoy the situation! He quickly came over and got on her right side with me on the left. We sat in the water the three of us and talked about everything except sex.

The VCR was playing “I Like To Watch” and the t.v. was turned so we could see it clearly from the jacuzzi. I glanced over at my wife and saw him rubbing her right breast while she was playing with his dick under the water. His cock was huge compared to mine! No wonder she was so willing to do this!! His dick must have been 10 inches easy in length and at least 3 inches in girth! A small fire hydrant! My own cock is only about 8 or 8 and 1/2 inches long and maybe 2 inches in girth. Anyway the action was getting hotter by the second (so was the water) and I finally said “Hey, let’s go to the bed.” We all agreed and clambered somewhat clumsily out of the jacuzzi. I could feel the effects of the wine and hot water in the jacuzzi acting on me.

We dried off quickly and climbed onto the bed. Debbie layed down on her back between us and we got on either side of her. She closed her eyes and just waited for us to begin. Pat was waiting for me to get started or give him a signal or something so I just said “She likes to be rubbed like this.” I rubbed her breasts and began massaging her long brown legs. I told him to get started and enjoy it. He started rubbing her tits too. We progressed down to her thighs and spread her legs to reveal her lovely pussy with very little hair surrounding the mound since she shaved it off for her G-String bikini. Debbie was moaning softly now and Pat went down on her pussy. I watched as his tongue darted slowly around her luscious pussy lips and gently touched them. Debbie was going crazy and wanted him to plunge his tongue deep in her pussy. Finally Pat plunged his tongue deep in her tight pussy and she let out a gasp of delight! I found myself so excited and hot like I have never experienced before! Debbie noticed me watching and pulled Pat’s dick to her mouth. She licked the bulbous end of his cock as it glistened with drops of his cum. She acted like she was starving for his dick and pulled his full length into her mouth. I watched as Pat’s body tightened when she started sucking his massive rod. They were both getting very hot! Pat moved his mouth from her pussy to her mouth and slid his overly large cock in her now very wet pussy! She let out a little scream of delight and reached for me. She wanted my cock in her mouth but couldn’t get it since they were deeply french kissing each other! My dick was so hard and wet and dripping all over the bed sheets when she finally pulled me into her mouth! Oooohhh!! It felt so good!! I was coming to a boil quickly and wanted to dump my load into her mouth but held off at the last moment.

Pat was moving his hips in a round circular motion as he fucked my beautiful wife in front of me. I watched as his large cock slid in and out of her pussy. I could see her tightening her pussy around his large cock to savor every moment of passion she could!! Finally they rolled over and she got on all fours doggy style. I slid under her facing up and Pat got on top of her from behind. Debbie took my 8 and 1/2 inch cock and slid it in her wet pussy first and then reached back and took Pat’s big rod and put it in her pussy with my cock!!! I never felt anything like this before!! Two cocks in my wife’s tight pussy with two sets of balls moving in and out of her cunt as we fucked her hard!! Debbie was going crazy with pleasure and it was all she could do to keep herself from screaming out loud!! I could feel Pat’s balls pounding on my balls and I could feel his big dick sliding directly against mine as we fucked her!! I’m not gay but I must admit it felt good!!

This went on for about 20 minutes or so until Pat and I both were getting very close to coming. I could feel his tight balls slamming against my hard balls and I knew we would come close together in Debbies tight pussy!! Debbie was yelling for us to fuck her harder and harder as we both pushed out cocks in her cunt at the same time!! We were now fucking her harder and harder and faster than before and I knew it was time to go!! Pat was holding her breasts in his hands from behind her as he fucked her and I was holding her ass as I fucked her from below. Finally we all tensed up at about the same moment when I could feel Pats cock spurting cum deep in my wife’s pussy!! His hard balls were slamming against mine and now I too was unloading my balls in my beautiful wifes tight cunt!! I thought I would never stop coming as I shot load after load into her pussy and on both of our cocks. I could feel the cum from both of us running out of her tight pussy and down on to my cock and balls and over my thighs as we slowly came to a stop. We all collapsed on the bed and didn’t move for what seemed hours but must have only been minutes. Our cocks slid out of her worn out pussy and she lay there as if she had died and gone to heaven. We finally got up and returned to the jacuzzi and relaxed in the soothing hot water. We sipped wine and talked of doing it again sometime soon. But it never happened again and what was great and wonderful turned from reality to being only a fantasy to wish for again.

Pat has moved away and so have we and to find someone to do this with again will probably take years or never happen…..But it was fun while it lasted!!

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March 23, 2005

Meet Sammy

Today’s post we get to meet lovely Sammy. Sam’s a happily married swinger, complete exhibitionist, bisexual and general sex crazed little nympho. She has taken being a hotwife on the Internet to the extreme, she has completely opened up her lifestyle to the world with 8 spy cams carefully placed around her home and an interactive diary that she updates daily. She’s stunning to look at too, a delicious little package, 4′ 9″, 34DD, blue-eyed and blonde.

Sammy met her husband Brett when she was dancing at a club in North Carolina, they got together quickly and equally swiftly she got Brett into the swinging lifestyle she was used to. Sammy has never been in a relationship where one partner is faithful to the other. She also enjoys seeing Brett with other women, a particular turn-on is a married couple swap, watching Brett screw the wife while he watches Sammy getting fucked by the husband.

I’ll sign-off today with her favorite sexual act ‘Being double penetrated by two guys while others are in the room watching.’


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March 22, 2005

Why so appealing?

What makes the hot wife so appealing?

It’s a aspect that often crosses my mind. Why so I find them sexier than celebs, models, pornstars and other women in general. I think firstly it’s the appeal of an insatiable woman, a woman who’s sex drive and appetite is so high that one man is never going to be enough. Secondly it has be the marriage aspect, this woman belongs to another man and this man’s treasured possesion is simply available to other men when she shouldn’t be. A third could be the taboo element of hotwifing. It’s sinful nature, it’s niche appeal, it’s general non-acceptance in ‘mainstream’ society.

Another aspect as far as Internet hotwives go is the ‘reality’ element, these women are doing what they do on screen what they do in their private lives, they are not actors, they are enjoying their sex and you know it. Having hotwives on the Internet showing themselves off to the world is a revelation and an amazing aspect of cyberspace. Even reading hotwife personals and forums does it for me. Unlike pornstars with fake personalities, you know these women are real, yes they really exist and it’s going on all around us. There’s hotwives getting screwed as we speak!

The husbands play a vital role as well, especially the one’s that watch their wives having sex and you get to see their own expressions and excitement and put yourself in their place and imagine what it must be like to be in relationship like that.

A man being unfaithful in a relationship is a completely different matter, this is a complete turn-off for me, the man’s own desires and sexual satisfaction should always come second, if at all, which leads me on to think that it could come down to the fact that it’s sexy for a woman being in control of a relationship, making the decisions, choosing who she will sleep with, maybe it’s a femdom thing. A strong woman is sexy. A woman should be worshipped.

The natural follow on from this is the hotwife/cuckold relationship, here the woman has total control, the man is there purely to assist the lady in her lifestyle, emotionally, financially and only when she desires, sexually. This is the ultimate thrill of a relationship.

But really I’m at a loss to why are these particular desires so appealing, who really knows? our feelings are such an enigma.

Oh to be married to a hot wife.

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(update 21st Sept2009 - It’s funny but I’ve only just re-read this first article I wrote for hotwifeblog.com just recently. In 4 and a half years not much has changed except the term “Oh to be married to a hot wife”.. I guess it didn’t take me long to find a perfect example of a hotwife of my own.. hehe)

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