January 11, 2015

I love my slutty GF

I Love My Slutty Girlfriend

This started several months after my girlfriend Lorrie had been dating. We were out at a local club dancing and Lorrie had noticed a black man looking our way. She always dresses very erotic and that night she was wearing a black mini dress that was very low cut showing off her huge breasts and her high heels that seem to make her sexy legs look very long and shapely.

Later that night we were playing around in bed and she started telling me her fantasy of getting fucked by a black man while I watched. Well, at first I was shocked because I had never kept it a secret that I’ve wanted this and she knew it, I’ve always wanted a black stud to fuck my girlfriend and Lorrie knew this got me hot and we played all night long! It wasn’t until 2 or 3 months later that one night Lorrie had brought up the idea again. Well, one thing led to another and we decided to put an ad in a local swingers magazine. It was a few weeks later when we received our first response from a guy that was 6′2″ and hung like a horse. Anyway, we decided we were going to video tape this. We thought it would be kinky to be able to watch this tape when we were playing alone later.

That night came and I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I was! Lorrie was very nervous but I could tell she was just as excited as me if not more. She spent a lot of time getting ready. Her date had mentioned how he liked red nail polish and she decided to do both her fingers and toes! He had also mentioned to Lorrie and I how it turned him on to see white women with only a small strip of hair up her pussy, Lorrie always kept her pussy that way but to get me a little more excited she had me help in touching up her pussy so it would be exactly like he requested. She had picked out a very tight fitting dress that showed most of her cleavage and decided to wear a sexy bra that held up her full breasts but left the nipples uncovered. Then she put on a garter belt with sheer nude stockings and a pair of her high heels. She’s a knockout when she dresses like a slut! This guy was in for a real treat.

We had arranged to meet at a bar which turned out to be filled with black men. We really got some looks when we entered and it wasn’t long before her date, Dan, arrived. He was taller than he had mentioned and had muscles like a bodybuilder! This guy was huge! I looked over at Lorrie when he introduced himself and could tell that she was instantly becoming weak at the knees. I could tell she couldn’t wait to get this guy in bed (And I knew that I was ready). Dan couldn’t keep his eyes off my girlfriend and was looking straight at her cleavage and deep into her eyes. We had a couple of drinks and Dan had asked Lorrie to dance. As I watched them on the dance floor I noticed how dark it was and he was leading her to the corner. As far as I could see he had his big hands down cupping her ass and squeezing her cheeks. I don’t think he thought I could see. Then I looked again and I couldn’t see them. I decided to use the mens room and to do this I had to cross over the dance floor to enter. As I got near the door I found my girlfriend in Dan’s arms. They were kissing and he had one hand on her tits. He had slipped his hand inside her dress and was rubbing one of her nipples and it also appeared that he had his tongue deep inside her mouth. I went back to the table with a hard cock from watching my girlfriend being handled by a black man. I’ve always loved interracial sex (especially involving my girlfriend) It began at an early age when my swinger parents introduced me to swinging, and I quickly learned why both my Mother and Father loved black men and why they had frequent all black pool parties (that usually included me). So ever since I’ve been 12 years old it has been a fetish of mine. So once they returned from the dance floor, I suggested that I go next door and get us a room which would give me time to set up the video camera. Of course, Dan thought that was a great idea. And as I left the bar, I turned back to see him holding my girlfriend’s hand and looking in her eyes. I got the room and setup my video camera; it must have been 2 hours before they arrived. When I opened the door, my girlfriend’s makeup was smeared and her hair was messed. I had known something was going on down at the bar. They asked me if my camera would work with the lights down low and I said sure. They moved over to the bed and sat down, holding each other and kissing.

Dan had moved his large hand up my girlfriend’s dress and it looked like he was rubbing her pussy. Then I saw him bring his hand out and lick his finger. My girlfriend was dripping wet! He then reached around and unzipped Lorrie’s dress and her full tits came into view. Dan lowered his head and started to lick and bite her nipples. She moaned and I noticed her nipples were as hard as rocks. She started pulling off his shirt and he stood up so she could undo his belt and his pants dropped! I could see his cock sticking straight up from his underwear. Lorrie pulled them off next and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Dan’s cock looked as big around as my girlfriend’s forearm. The head was as big as a doorknob. It was at least 12 inches long. The amazing thing about his cock was that it got thicker at the base. This would mean the deeper he would go into her the more he would stretch her. Lorrie had dropped to her knees and was licking the head of this giant cock, no way could she get it all in her mouth. She was only able to get the head into her mouth, and believe me she had her mouth full. Lorrie spent a lot of time licking his cock and balls, which looked like he had two hardballs stuffed in a sack.

I moved the camera in for a close-up and could see the veins sticking out from his mammoth cock. He knew what he had and knew how to use it. Before long Dan picked my girlfriend up and laid her on the bed. He looked over at me and said “Tom I want you to take your clothes off and fuck your girlfriend.” I didn’t understand what he was doing at first. Anyway I got out of my clothes and got on top of Lorrie as I was told. After all this guy was big and I didn’t want to get on his bad side. Lorrie was dripping wet as I began to fuck her and Dan started to whisper in her ear. I don’t know what was said but Lorrie smiled and they started to kiss as I fucked her. I could see his tongue enter her mouth and it looked like she was sucking it deep into her mouth.

All of a sudden Dan said “Let me take over.” I moved off and watched this big guy move into position above my girlfriend. He was rubbing the big head of his cock along her pussy slit and she was arching up trying to get him to put it in. He teased her for several minutes until he grabbed both of her legs and pulled them up to her shoulders. He than placed the giant head of his cock at her pussy slit. I knew he would stretch her. He slowly moved the head of his cock back and forth until it made its way inside and she groaned. He kept up the slow motion and kept sliding in an inch at a time. By the time he was halfway inside her she was having her first orgasm and bucked up against him which in turn made his cock go in deeper. It took several more minutes before he sank all the way in to his heavy sperm filled balls which slapped against her ass. Then he started a rhythm increasing his speed every few minutes. Lorrie was going wild by this time and she had several more orgasms. I could see her pussy lips were stretched out around his huge cock.

He kept driving his cock home and then he let out a loud groan and he was cumming. I saw him stiffen and then he plunged his cock deep inside Lorrie and I could see the underside of his cock as the hot seed was being planted deep inside my girlfriend’s pussy. Dan left his huge cock inside my girlfriend for what seemed like 15 or 20 minutes before he slowly pulled out. He was keeping my girlfriend’s legs in the air so none of his seed would leak out. I could see the large puddle inside her. Her pussy was gapped open and stretched out of shape. Dan told me to take a close look, this really turned me on. My girlfriend was now hooked on black cock!

This was our first encounter but we have played with dozens of black men since Dan. Yes we still see him and we still love to video our times with him to watch at a later time together.

by: anon


January 9, 2015

London Adventures

Dogging UK slut hotwife Rachel Reveals is off on a mission into London. Men beware hehe.

London Adventures

Headed off to central London last night on a right horny adventure!

Two brand new members to meet, both from central London and both in need of their balls draining. The first guy lived very close to Baker Street tube station, went round to his flat – walking in to find him hard and ready, I dropped my knickers, spread my legs and let him take me any way he wanted to. He screwed the arse off me and dumped a huge filthy load in my tight wet snatch.

Leaving his flat, jumped back on the tube and headed towards Preston Road to visit my next new member, sitting on the tube and could feel the previous guys spunk trickling into my gusset, sitting there with my freshly fucked cunt throbbing and oozing sperm was so fucking slutty.

Got to my 2nd member meet which was pretty much the same. He bent me over the kitchen counter in his place, pulled down my wet spunked panties, grabbed hold of my hips and pumped his full load deep in my cunt. Without wiping I just pulled up my already wet panties and hopped by on the tube and headed back to find my car.

2 fresh loads of strangers spunk dripping into my panties - lush! I’m such a filthy dirty little sex craved nympho.

Sadly these 2 members didn’t wish to be photographed but thought I’d share some naughty flashing pics of my antics and journey on the tubes.

Rach xx







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January 7, 2015

Wife has doggin fun

Wife has doggin fun

I had been having erotic thoughts for some years. Mainly they involved me watching my wife being molested sexually by other men and indeed fucked by them in some sort of gang bang scenario. This all may seem a little perverted but I guess the heart of it lies in me wanting to see her abandon herself to sexual pleasures that I cannot come close to providing. Naturally this includes huge cocks and durations longer than the usual 10 minutes of intercourse that 20 years of marriage generally evolves into. Thoughts were all they were until one night of unusual adventure changed things.

Getting my wife to explore sexual extremes has always been a challenge. Some years ago, perhaps at her height of sexuality she used to let me do the odd anal. Other times she quite liked me stretching her pussy by fingering to the point of almost getting a hand up there. Sometimes she would entertain large dildos which I found fascinating and very stimulating, providing some imaginary deviations thinking of her taking a huge cock of the same size. Sadly as years passed she became less sexually active and absolutely against anything that I found fun.

Recently we had become a little stressed over various things and had eventually come to a point where we needed some escape from the rigours of it all. We organised a weekend at a hotel not so far from where we lived but far enough to make it a change. During our stay I became quite frisky and suggestive and she was quite accepting of this and played along well. I would grope her in the lifts and then fuck her almost each time we returned to our room. The sex would stay quite regular and was by no means kinky bar the one time she did blow me a for a few minutes. What we did do was embark on story telling during sex, purely for stimulating each other as I had for some time realized that she did orgasm more frequent when this was done. All sorts of fantasies were covered but that was as far as we were taking them, that was our understanding.

On our last night during dinner it became apparent that she was pushing the boat out and sinking a few drinks. It had been quite a long time since she had gotten pissed and as I recalled she had in the past become quite sexually charged during those times. My mind started to race a little and having some left over idea’s from our earlier story telling decided to help her on her way. As the night drew on I was managing to get her well and truly pissed and seeing the glaze in her eyes suggested that I take her for a spin in the car, I had only had one beer, and go to a spot that I knew that was good for watching shooting stars. I whispered in her ear that if her luck was in she may even get fucked in the open air. She gave me a warm accepting nod and thus I offered my hand and pulled her up to leave. What she didn’t know was that the place I had in mind was a place I had read on a sex site that was a dogging location.

We drove off in my car and it wasn’t long before she was fondling my cock in my pants. She was certainly up for a good fucking and my heart was beating crazy with the thoughts of my plan. She had no idea that we may be in for some additional fun. It was only 20 minutes before we arrived at the location and I was surprised to see a few cars parked up. I drove to a space that was maybe 20 metres away from any other car as I had no idea whether the place was still a dogging location or whether these folk were indeed star gazers. It took my wife about 2 minutes only before she was back onto playing with my cock through my jeans. I jokingly told her to be careful as we wouldn’t want some other people to see what we were up to. She joked back ‘oh maybe they could join in big boy’ and then fished my cock out and started to give me head.

It was at this point I saw two cars flash their car headlights, a sign of doggers, and I instinctively reached forward and flashed mine back. A few minutes went by with no action and I had concluded it was a sign for us to join them. However just as I had thought that I noticed in the light available that the doors of the two cars swung open and 5 guys came walking in our direction. At this point I started to get a little anxious and yet there between my legs my wife was busy sucking away at my cock. Our windows were already down as it was mid summer, the breeze blowing through the surrounding trees damping out the sound of footsteps coming our way. I reached up and put on the least bright of our interior lighting, and as the fellows approached I put my finger to my lips to signal for them to stay silent. As my wife stayed occupied sucking away at my groin I reached around and made a grasp for her private areas. She sensed this and shuffled around to allow me access to lift her skirt out the way and to free her tits so I could get to them.

During this the five guys were all smiling broadly and looking in just a couple of feet away and I was smiling back winking. My wife was non the wiser as she was quite out of her head on alcohol and I was taking liberties flashing her tits and parts of her lower body too. I told her I wanted to finger her pussy and she moved around to allow me access but I was getting close to unloading so I asked her to stop, close her eyes and lay back. She accomplished this with ease as the drink was getting to her big time. I fingered her pussy and sucked on her tits, her juices flowing readily and not once did she open her eyes but just moaned pleasure and occasionally spoke dirty encouraging words to me. I nodded to one of the guys to touch her breasts through the window which he did , tenderly knowing that he mustn’t give the game away.

I entered into some light dirty talk with her about what she may do if all of a sudden we found we were accompanied by some young studs who were standing watching with their cocks out wanking. She responded by saying she would check them out and if their cocks were hard and big enough she would offer to wank them some and maybe blow one off. I asked whether she would let them touch her, she said yes as long as it was not rough or abusive. I asked whether the thought was turning her on and making her more wet, she replied it was.

The guys standing outside watching and peering in through the open window quietly released their cocks from their trousers and started to wank off, urging them to grow to their maximum. I was amazed that no audible sound by them was made, the gentle wind whistling, my breathing and talking and her groans and panting was all that was heard.

I signaled another of the men to reach in and play with her pussy which by this time was sopping wet with her fluids. I had no certainty that she had orgasmed but she was sure wet. The second guy strained from the awkward position but masterly he wet his fingers in his mouth warming them nicely to body temperature and slid a finger and then followed it with a second, squelching sounds proceeded from her cunt.

I sat there for a minute taking in the view, her face a picture of abandonment and the strange image almost of mechanical pleasure giving by these extra limbs reaching in from the outside. At that point I couldn’t hold back any longer, I wanted to see her fucked. I said to her that she should get ready for a surprise and open her eyes.

Drunkenly and from some ecstatic realm she emerged from she slowly opened her eyes. I could see her eyes slowly coming into focus along with an unusual facial expression of a mix of slight confusion and slight embarrassment. I was relieved as more than anything reassurance was all that she seemed to need. I said ’surprise! A fantasy being lived!’ and laughed aloud. The guys standing there also responded with great banter and laughter. They gave much appraising of my wife’s beautiful body and that they would love to stay if she didn’t mind and help provide whatever pleasure she wanted.

My wife by this stage had overcome her initial shock and hearing the lads were somewhat gentlemanly relaxed and took a good look at their cocks which they were still happily wanking away at. She smiled and made a gesture to the lads to come closer and reached out to fondle their genitalia. From this point on the heat of the event took over and she again took my cock in her mouth as other cocks were fed to her hands as they presented themselves. The pussy fingering got more ambitious and she opened her legs as wide as possible to accommodate it. I looked down and at one stage she was arranging three fingers from one guy to push deep into her cunt and positioning another hand to her clit. She was groaning in abandon and moving to the vigorous pussy pumping in a gyrating motion. We went on like this for many minutes and she came several times grunting like an animal.

Eventually she said she wanted fucking and that she wasn’t comfortable in the car. Outside was a low picnic bench and we man handled her out stripping away her clothes en route until she was naked. One guy with a pretty good sized prick lay on the table and said it was customary at this site that the lady rides the men on the table, so we heaved her up and placed her pussy over him. Then with great ceremony we lowered her down impaling her hole with his cock. She groaned in absolute pleasure and then started to ride him like a true porn star. Another guy got on top of the table and offered his dick to her mouth which she expertly took in and licked and sucked away at. Meanwhile the rest of us were touching her wherever we could lay our hands which included me scooping leaking juices and massaging her bum hole region. This action seemed to take her to the edge especially when I teased at pushing a finger in. I could see the attraction of this position on the table as her bum hole was at the perfect height for a standing guy to enter her bum hole easily.

We were all completely absorbed by the sensuality of the moment and soon another one of the lads was onto what I had started and was keen to have a go at entering her bum which had started to open and pucker invitingly. I moved my probing fingers and slowly thrust first one then two digits up her arse lubricating them liberally as I went. As she became more and more relaxed I took my hand away and beckoned the lad to push his cock in to which she slowed her movement to accommodate. I stood back and viewed the sight before my eyes, it was so erotic I nearly came without touching myself. I watched as she took 5 guys all at once, one each in each hole including her mouth and one each steadying herself by holding onto a cock each side. It was difficult from the amount of groaning to know who was cumming and who wasn’t but as they started to pull out and swap places the story began to evolve and here my wife was going to be gang fucked by the six of us if I included myself. After a few minutes some of the lads started to peel away and watch and I took my role in filling a place. The amount of fluids splashing around was amazing and that mixed with all the sweat created by the rigorous action started to make it difficult to stay on the table.

Eventually we were all spent even though one guy managed another go at fucking her pussy. I was impressed because some of the lads had some pretty big cocks and she never complained at all. My wife rolled over onto her back and nearly fell off the table. We all laughed at the event as a whole and the atmosphere was great fun, my wife giggling away between pants and gasps but I could see she was still game for a bit more as she was still rubbing her pussy which by now had took on the image of a gaping chasm with hanging flesh either side, dribbling with cum. It was a very erotic sight to see and the guys all agreed that it was the best pussy they had observed in all time. My wife realizing that we were spent looked disappointed and said ‘Is that it then?’. We all looked at each other with a shocked look and then realized she was joking which brought laughter to us all.

I gave her a few minutes to calm down and some of the lads headed off thanking us as they went. Eventually I dressed her and put her in the car and we returned to our hotel full of the fun of the night.

by: authorpete


January 5, 2015

Meet Taylor

I love it when a new true amateur Hotwife star enters our realm. This one is going to be huge. Say hello to the yummy Taylor Upton. We’ll have some hot galleries and pics of this gorgeous blonde having naughty extra-marital fun coming very soon!


Hi I’m Taylor Upton! I am a Midwest house wife that has moved out to California for some naughty fun. I have always loved adventures and wanted to show off my wild side. What better way to do it than on my very own website. This site is all me and my pics are all real. I love to respond to your emails and comments so hit me up! I also like to do private shows where we can get to know each other 1 on 1. I will post weekly updates of my adventures and if you are a member of my site I will send out personal selfies of ME just me having fun being naughty and enjoying life! Come share this adventure with me!

Taylor Upton

Taylor Ann

Meet the delicious Taylor Upton here


January 3, 2015

My girl getting fucked right now

Cuckold Place Update

My girl getting fucked right now

My 21 year old girlfriend is in a motel room right now getting fucked, he is sending me pics while he does it.

It is not her first time, we have done this a few times before.

He is her fifth guy outside our relationship.


She had a great time and is seeing him again soon, they only fucked the once because she was sore and he had to work in the morning.

When she got home I fucked her sore pussy while she told me all about it.

My fave part is when they got done fucking they went to a gas station to get a beverage and made out the whole time they were out.


By: Fritterbaker

More details and pics from that night here


January 1, 2015

Janet Mason Fan Facial

Some of you older readers might remember this Hotwife. Total blast from the past, the ever stunning Janet Mason.


As you know, I love, love, love having cum shot on my face, and there’s something especially kinky about it when the guy is a near-stranger. That is a kink I’ve had for as long as I can remember, and it has not faded with time. So that makes these “Fan Facials” so great! As the name suggests, these are opportunities for my fans to meet Steve and I in person, discuss our lifestyle a bit, and then live out their fantasy of being in a shoot with me by blowing a huge load right on my face without anyone knowing who they are! (All fan facials are shot between the guy’s waist and knees so as to provide total anonymity.)

Over the years, Steve and I have offered these Fan Facials in Las Vegas, Atlanta and Fort Lauderdale but the interest in Los Angeles has been something of a high point. They are tons of fun, too! Steve and I get to meet lots of great people mostly guys, of course, but sometimes a couple will come so the wife or girlfriend can watch and I don’t think we’ve ever had one turn out badly. And although it might be selfish of me, it’s a huge thrill to have a total stranger totally cream my face with hot cum and walk out the door soon after, with no strings attached! What better way for a girl with a huge cum fetish to get her needs fulfilled?

If you are a fan and live in the Los Angeles area (you must travel to me, I will not travel to you) and are interested in meeting me and giving me a “facial” yourself, please visit the Casting Call page of my site for details. I’d love to meet you! Meanwhile, enjoy these stills from a few recent shoots!

Janet Mason

Janet Mason

Janet Mason

Janet Mason

Janet Mason

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December 30, 2014

My Cheating Girlfriend

A post from cuckold Jason about his hot girlfriend…

My name is Justin I’m a 29 y/o ,very good looking white male I work in the city as a very successful stockbroker. The only thing I have ever been lacking is a decent sized penis. Mine is 5 skinny inches at its biggest. I?d never had trouble attracting good looking women, it was holding on to them that I found difficult. They would either lose interest in me, or as I would later find out, cheat on me. I came to accept the fact that women preferred bigger cocks and later learned to fantasize about my girlfriends fucking other men. Even though I would talk to them during sex about it, up until I met Kate last year, I could never prove it.

I had only been with Kate for 9 months when I first caught her cheating on me. I met her through a friend of a friend through work and thought I was the luckiest man on earth. Kate was a 23 y/o absolutely stunning babe with long dark hair, big green eyes, full thick rosy red lips and an hour glass figure (36 24 36). She had soft milky white skin, big full firm tits and what some would call a bubble butt. Hers was an extremely round pert ass that would stop traffic. She was a very confident woman and would always wear skimpy revealing clothes that accentuated her sexiness.

Throughout the course of our relationship our sex life had always been unfulfilling, and although she never complained, I had never been able to give her an orgasm. I had never seen her flirt with anyone until I introduced her to Devon at a work party. Devon was a very tall muscular black man with model looks. He was well known around the office to be extremely well hung and therefore a big hit with the ladies in and out of work. He had only been with our firm for two months when word got around that he had already fucked 3 women at work. One of whom was married. Devon fucking Kate quickly became my main fantasy which I would masturbate to as often as possible.

At the party and after a few drinks, I finally got to introduce them. The attraction was instantly obvious. He immediately moved within inches of her. Kate would look intently in his eyes while he spoke and laugh at every joke he made. At one point during the conversation, she placed her hand on his shoulder and let her nails slowly drag down over his chest. It was at this point they both turned to see if I noticed. Kate looked a little guilty as if to say “sorry darling” while Devon had a smirk on his face as if to say “I’m gonna fuck your girl and there’s nothing you can do white boy”. I quickly looked away and pretended not to notice. When we got home that evening after a few more drinks and some lines of cocaine (which she loved) she said that earlier that evening when she was chatting to a few of the girls from my work she had learned what a stud he was. I laughed “yes he is meant to be well hung” with that she said “shall we go upstairs to bed I need to be fucked”. My little dick twitched at her talking so nasty and I followed her up the stairs all the while hypnotized by her amazing ass.

As she got near the bed she lifted her dress up and knelt on the bed with her ass in the air, (doggystyle was her favorite. I took off my pants and was amazed at how wet she was. My small dick almost fell into her. I had known I couldn?t satisfy her with my cock since we first met but she would always let me have my two minutes until I came.

But this time she went to the bottom drawer of her bedside cabinet and pulled out a thick 8″ dildo. I was shocked but before I could speak, she said “put this in me baby”. She was behaving so badly that I nearly came there and then. Kate was usually silent when I fucked her but as I slipped the dildo inside her swollen pussy, she moaned as I had never heard her before. I had never seen her act so slutty as I started to thrust it into her harder and faster. I looked at her pretty face and just knew she was thinking of Devon. So I said ” I bet you’d like Devon?s big cock inside you right now wouldn?t you baby?” with that she quivered,let out a long moan and came in hot gushes which soaked the dildo and my hand. That was the first time I had seen her cum without me licking her pussy. It seemed to me that our sex life had improved.

If I would talk nasty to her about Devon while fucking her with the dildo, she would orgasm. With me watching her act so slutty while she fantasized about him fucking her seemed to be a pleasurable thing for both of us.

Two weeks of those games went by. I left work early one day to get some documents I had left at home that morning, when I saw Devon?s car parked in my usual space. I knew what I was going to find. My heart was beating fast and the anticipation of what I might find was overpowering. I managed to quietly sneak in the house. There was music playing softly on the stereo. From the staircase which led down to our rather spacious dining room/thru lounge I looked down to see Kate on her knees. Her head pulled back by the hair which was wrapped in Devon?s fist. Her big tits were swinging as she was following his order to push her beautiful round white ass back onto the biggest black cock I had ever seen. I could hear her pink shaved soaking pussy make squelching noises each time he eased his black meat in and out of my girlfriends cunt. Every now and again there would be a slapping sound as his hips would meet her ass cheeks, and she would make a guttural sound of pure animal lust.

At this point he roughly grabbed onto her slim waist with his massive black hands and started to pound her with a slow controlled motion. Kate met him with her own thrusts, gritting her teeth as her ass would wobble to each thrust of his body. She said with a loud moan “yesssssss right there baby, right there, please don?t stop I’m gonna cum”!! With that I watched my girlfriend twist buck and grind back on Devon?s cock with an explosive orgasm that seemed to last for ages. I?ll never forget the look of pure pleasure on her beautiful face as her orgasm gushed on this black studs cock. This was his cue to fuck her harder and faster. She was as helpless as a rag doll as his powerful black body kept on pounding my girlfriend with long deep hard strokes of his monster black cock. He told her he was coming and she reached back, clawing at his thigh to pull him deeper into her as he unloaded his hot cum in her. She seemed to let out a moan for each jet of thick cum that was shot inside her.

After a minute he pulled his softening soaking black meat from her swollen cunt. Kate stayed where she was, her ass in the air breathing heavily. He slapped her ass hard, stood up and said “clean me now baby”. As she got up big globs of his cum fell out of her cunt down her legs and onto the carpet.

As she was about to take him in her mouth I quickly and quietly made my exit. I parked my car a few streets away and waited for an hour with an erection realizing that I had just seen my fantasy unfold before my eyes.

by: Smallwhitecock


December 28, 2014

Marion Gangbang Party

Here’s come more pictures from extreme Cum drinking Euro Hotwife Marion.

I think every Cuck Husband dreams of having a wife like this. That lives and breathes taking new cock everyday. And she knows the best way of taking the most cock is a gangbang party.

Non-stop guys waiting to stick their cock into your wives mouth or pussy, one after the other. Many dream but few do. Marion is a true Hotwife in every sense of the word.

Marion Cum Drinking Wife

Marion Cum Drinking Wife

Marion Cum Drinking Wife

Marion Cum Drinking Wife

Marion Cum Drinking Wife

Marion Cum Drinking Wife

Marion Cum Drinking Wife

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December 26, 2014

Giving him Sloppys

Cuckold Place Update

Loads of views on one of the favorite fantasies of cucks. The wife bringing home the creampie

Giving him Sloppys and Pies.. your thoughts

It was the best. She came home, I heard her messing around down stairs. My heart was in my throat. She stepped into the door, just enough light from early morning light. Her hair was a mess. She stood there, her skirt in her hand, blouse undone and garter belt, stockings and heels were all she had on. She dropped the skirt and ran her left hand over her breasts and on to her pussy. She asked me if I was ready for my treat? She moved her hand that was between her legs to her mouth and said, “I taste so good, he came a lot just for you!” “Is your little dicky hard from thinking about your wife getting fucked?” She came over to the bed and pulled the sheet back. She fondled me saying how pleased she was with my selection of panties that she makes me wear. She leaned over me and kissed me. She asked me if I could taste him on her lips, if I could smell him on her. I think that is the most intoxicating scent in the world, the smell of fuck on your wife. She then got up on the bed and stood over me with her legs spread.

This is my moment, when she slowly lowers her used pussy to my mouth. She teases me about the fact she has to go outside of our marriage to get what she needs, what we both need. She gently rode my face telling me to be careful as she was tender. She rode my face to an easy orgasm, then rolled over and relaxed. I looked at her as she relaxed. I left the garter belt and stockings on her and she still smelled like sex, but she looked beautiful.

This lifestyle may not work for some but for us, it is perfect. She is a wonderful wife, loving, caring to me that just has to have more and she loves to tease me about that.

We love playing this game, and when we are out, we will both comment on the hot looking guys we see, especially black guys. I like saying how good that guy would look on top of her.

Enjoy the day. I will, when she wakes up, it will be all about taking care of her and she will share details of her night with her date.

By: indycpl4blk

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December 24, 2014

Rio Blaze 3some

More slutty behaviour from yummy Hotwife Rio Blaze

It’s great to see her back to her best in these new sets. Here she is taking on 2 cocks, fucking and sucking them all over her marital bed and making sure she extracts every drop of sperm from them. More please soon Rio!







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